ANANTHI SASITHARAN – how humanitarian is she?
Posted on February 21st, 2014

By Shenali D Waduge

 Her husband a terrorist leader was responsible for the most number of child conscription for the LTTE and her own role is questioned past and present.
(a child innocently asked ‘If Vegetarians eat Vegetables ….. what do Humanitarians” eat!)


Ananthi Sasitharan

Date of Birth: September 1971

NIC: 717541693V

Address: Vadakkampalai, Chullipuram

Caste: Vellalan

Last employed at: Kilinochchi District Secretariat

Spouse: LTTE leader Elilan

Children : 3 daughters

Ananthi Sasitharan has a job being cut out for her. She is the new face of charity and accountability and is taking pains to project life of Sri Lankan Tamils in post-conflict Sri Lanka. Her efforts is such that foreign embassy officials, foreign delegates and even the UNHRC head has personally had meetings with her to appraise them of the situation in Sri Lanka. So we ask who is this humanitarian and on what grounds is the West flocking towards her.The West was hunting for a man or woman to fill a void. Politically Wigneswaran has become their choice but he is still practicing his chords. The West is losing patience so now their focus has turned to choosing from the LTTE itself. Their objective is to stop Tamils from placing the zigsaw pieces to discover how LTTE have fooled them and the LTTE foreign wings continue to fool them.

The West’s choice has been Ananthi Sasitharan ” a woman whose association with a terrorist organization is being questioned, married to a terrorist, her resume is just perfect.

Who exactly is Ananthi Sasitharan the new-found darling of the West?

She is wife of the LTTE Trincomalee District Political Wing leader ” Elilan whom she married on 6 June 1998 in Mulliyaweli.

Ananthi’s fatal attraction to the LTTE is said to have begun while schooling at Chullipuram Victoria School. Regular visits by LTTE to schools to indoctrinate the youth resulted in Ananthi not only falling for LTTE lies but also ending up involved with LTTE leader Elilan. Having completed school Ananthi undertook an accountancy course. She stopped her course after obtaining employment as a clerk in the Kilinochchi district secretariat on 10 June 1992. She was located at the Valikamam West Provincial Secretariat office from 1993 to 1996. In 1997 she was working at the Mullaitivu District Secretariat. Elilan had to move to Vavuniya as he had been appointed political leader of the area.

Following her marriage Ananthi is alleged to have closely worked with LTTE female leaders compiling monthly promotional literature on behalf of the LTTE.

Elilan was head of LTTE’s Vavuniya political unit from 2003/2004. He was appointed LTTE political leader in Trincomalee from 2004-to 2006. Elilan transferred Ananthi where she was working for the State District Secretariate in Mulliativu to the Kilinochchi Secretariat in 2003 and even promoted her as Assistant Manager. That LTTE was able to influence transfers in State sector appointments and even secure her promotions goes to show the extent of fear psychosis that prevailed in the areas LTTE controlled.

Ellilan’s role as leader of the Policy Progressing unit included disseminating terrorist recruitment material amongst the Tamil public, indoctrinating Tamil youth, running bookshops (Arivamuthu), using music to make Tamils hate Sinhalese, organizing street dramas, recruiting children who were camped at Anbu base, Wattakachchi in Kilinochchi. Ananthi was working at the Government Agents office in Kilinochchi.

Ananthi’s younger sister Wasandhi was a member of the EPRLF slain by the LTTE in 1989 while Ananthi’s other sister who had also been a member of the LTTE had died in a confrontation with the Sri Lankan army.

She contested under the TNA at the Northern Provincial Elections held on 21 September 2013.

Her election campaign reiterated calls to fight for freedom (2 Sept 2013) when she addressed a gathering. Her promise was to campaign for the missing during the war ” what about the missing Tamils taken from their homes and turned into LTTE combatants? How many Tamils were taken forcibly by the LTTE over 3 decades? Can Ananthi answer this question and someone needs to ask this question repeatedly until it is answered.

Ananthi’s election promise needs to make more Tamils come out and demand from her where their children are today, what happened to their children plucked from their homes or from school or while playing and turned into child combatants.  

A woman whose husband transported Tamil civilians and allowed them to cross over to Government controlled areas for money (Iraittaivaikkal) but shot a Tamil woman at point blank range in the head while she begged to be allowed to cross to the Government side to provide her 2 children milk has no remorse. The crocodile tears for missing Tamils as she canvasses for them in Geneva are just a PR stunt likely to win a slot in Channel 4’s next paid documentary.

These documentaries never included how Ananthi’s husband Elilan kidnapped 300 children from Valainpadam and killed 4 children who refused to go with the LTTE? ANANTHI’S HUSBAND ELILAN IS RESPONSIBLE FOR ABDUCTING AND RECRUITNG THE MOST NUMBER OF TAMIL CHILDREN AS CHILD SOLDIERS.

Ask Ananthi what happened to these 300 children, where are they all, what are their names, what happened to them, where did they bury the 4 children they shot dead ” ask these questions until she answers. A mother of 3 daughters should be ashamed to be party to kidnapping other people’s children while her own enjoys life and continue to do so ” if these are mere allegations being made by different quarters the onus is on her to prove the allegations wrong. Tamil mothers must be encouraged to come out and file more cases against LTTE, Ananthi and all LTTE supporters even if they be politicians for that is the true rule of law that must prevail.

Vagaries of democracy has meant even terrorists can contest elections and Ananthi Sasitharan standing for election under an unregistered alliance at the Provincial Council elections held on 21 September 2013 and within a month she finds herself air bound travelling to America, Canada, Germany, Norway and Denmark. Her campaign cries revolve around the very crimes her terrorist entity committed in an attempt to divert them to the State.

The instructions are clear. Ananthi is being tasked to spearhead a campaign against Sri Lanka. That she is free to spew venom depicts the tolerance and freedom of speech and opinion which she alleges she is denied. Would a terrorist have such freedoms in the US or UK when even Edward Snowden and Julian Assange are hounded? We are well aware of the dangers ‘white widow’s are capable of committing as seen in the Nigerian mall massacre.

The Tamils themselves are beginning to now wonder. Every time Ananthi speaks of children, Tamil mothers remember their children kidnapped and missing. The West seems to be oblivious to the accountability factor here. Yet, we must insist on asking this question of the West ” what about the children LTTE kidnapped. How many were taken over 3 decades, how many are alive and how many are dead and how many are injured and how many does the LTTE kitty take accountability for to compensate these families? Ask this question repeatedly until answered.

Ananthi’s accusations of rape prompts any to ask why she or her 3 daughters were never victims themselves if such mass rape is taking place as alleged? This question needs to be directly placed before her and she must be forced to answer. Question her repeatedly until she answers. We want numbers, even the Human Rights Watch could come up with only 75 numbers of which the majority were rapes by Tamils upon Tamils and had nothing whatsoever to do with the military. Sri Lanka needs to come out with the facts and embarrass those making allegations.

Ananthi Sasitharan weeps for children post-conflict while her husband was in charge of recruiting thousands of children to be made into child soldiers. There is a silver lining somewhere and these families are now filing cases on their missing children and these court cases will lead to Ananthi who will need to accept accountability for her own involvement if so but the allegations are strong.

Ananthi Sasitharan weeps for children post-conflict ignoring that the children her LTTE outfit kidnapped not only lost their childhood years, but many died as suicide bombers and some of these boys and girls have even been used as ‘comfort boys’ and ‘comfort girls’ ” how many of these young girls would have ended up pregnant and within 30 years of a conflict were they churned into child soldiers through the orphanages that the LTTE ran?

Can Ananthi be trusted with such examples of abuses in the public sector, using terrorist influence to get transfers and promotions and then functioning as an embedded LTTE intelligence providing details of the movement of State officials to the LTTE for assassination and other terror activities?

The woman who the British and the Americans find the darling of democracy was taking a Government salary but is alleged to have been working for the LTTE ” so what type of morals and good governance is the West promoting by patting her on the back in support?

What kind of woman would work in Government but is now being accused of providing intelligence information to the LTTE, well aware that the GA vehicles were used to carry explosives for the LTTE. Is this a woman with morals sufficient enough for the public to claim as a leader even though these ingredients make her the perfect candidate for the West to groom?

Despite the allegations of associating a terrorist outfit and being married to a terrorist leader the UNHRC head Navi Pillay on her visit to Sri Lanka had all the time to meet her but could not spare a minute to visit any of the families of civilians killed by LTTE outside the war zone over 30 years who constitute the real civilians?

It is time the Tamils now start asking questions from Ananthi Sasistharan and these questions should be

  • While you and your children enjoy comforts of being a politician, foreign support that entails foreign travel and VIP treatment, do you want our children to return to the jungles to fight a pretentious cause?
  • Do you want to deny our children another 30 years of NO education, NO social development, NO rights and freedoms that a child is entitled to enjoy?
  • Do you know that we too have dreams for our children and these dreams do not include them functioning as combatants.
  • We may be poor but we do not want our children to be herded and turned into child soldiers.
  • Do you want to take our children to be trained as armed combatants while your children are sent overseas obtaining green cards and eventually getting permanent residency in foreign nations? How is the daughter of Nalini the woman accomplice in the assassination of Rajiv Gandhi living and studying in the UK? Who is spending for her education? Will our children ever enjoy such comforts?
  • What have these children whom you and your organization kidnapped from our homes, or schools and turned into killers ever got apart from a weapon and a cyanide capsule?
  • What has the LTTE provided these young children forcibly taken and turned into killers except to be called ‘martyrs” and what is the use when that child is dead and our families are mourning?
  • What have you and the LTTE actually given the Tamil people other than broken promises for 30 odd years? Have you and the LTTE developed a single road, improved a single hospital, provided even a school other than create orphanages from whom you plucked out children to be made into killers?
  • You and your Organization made USD300million a year in profit and what did you do with that money? Did you give a dollar to the ordinary Tamils? Were you and the Tamils overseas not enjoying this money buying mansions, going in 1st class travel and having a whale of a time while we foolishly struggled in the jungles with barely one meal a day?
  • Do you, Ananthi Sasistharan realize what it is like to lose a child, a child that mothers carried in their womb for 9 months and lovingly brought into this world? Did we give birth to have our children turned into killers? Who has given you and others like you the right to take only our children?
  • We also notice that from the children kidnapped why is it only the low caste and poor children that have been taken? Why have no children of Tamils in Colombo been taken, why have Tamil Diaspora calling for the struggle to continue not handed over any of their children to return to Sri Lanka and go into the jungles and fight in the battles (not sit in AC rooms doing propaganda work and enjoying the money being raised by fooling foreigners through the LTTE run charities operating globally?
  • We are not fools, we are beginning to realize that you, the TNA, the LTTE, the LTTE Diaspora have made fools out of us and we have had enough. We want no more part in this bogus charade of yours. We would rather listen to the Vice Chancellors of the Jaffna and Eastern Universities who are now calling on the Tamil people to move forward and rebuild their lives ” Ananthi Sasistharan you and your LTTE have much to answer for and we are now going to take you all to court and charge you for the crimes you have committed against our own people.


10 Responses to “ANANTHI SASITHARAN – how humanitarian is she?”

  1. Nimal Says:

    She is going to be a problem in SL and should be charged with offences she may have committed during the terrorist conflict. Likes of them free to roam street will upset the social cohesion that all communities that are enjoying now.SL must be mindful of agitators that might support protestors to cause chaos in the island. People in power must be mindful of this and run the country in the proper way acceptable to international standards. There are good institutions in UK that are the basis of a stable government and a very stable country, where everyone wants to settle. Therefore I would recommend the GSOL to recruit advisors from the British Police,Judiciary,banking and civil service to come to SL and train our people from the top to bottom, unless we put our own house in order, we will be branded a pariah state and we will be dealt accordingly by the IC.
    People like this woman would just be the catalyst to future trouble. Avoid it at any cost by adhering to the rules of good governance while there’s a chance, where Ukraine and Thailand and even Syria and Libya found it too late. World governments are hunting down the wrong doers of these mentioned countries where their movements abroad will be severely restricted and their assets, mostly looted from their countries will be frozen.Devolop countries think that rogue regimes undermine the well being of their citizens that would eventually undermine their own well being. Countries no longer will be allow to hide behind their right to their sovereignty while standard of governance is far below accepted standards and this is what we were made to understand.

  2. Lorenzo Says:

    The writer is CLUELESS about Tamil people.

    Tamil people WANT these Tamil terrorists.

    ONLY Vanni Tamils REALLY suffered from war. Others didn’t suffer much.

    Look at the numbers.

    Diaspora Tamils – 1,000,000 – BENEFITTED from war = pro-LTTE
    Colombo Tamils – 300,000 – BENEFITTED from war = pro-LTTE
    Vanni Tamils – 300,000 – SOME LOST life, limb, relatives in war. MOST didn’t. MOST came to safety and eventually gained from war. Otherwise they will be in Endia, deported. So MOST support LTTE.
    Jaffna Tamils in Jaffna – 650,000 – eventually BENEFITTED from war = pro-LTTE
    Batti Tamils – 350,000 – LOST from war. But racism is more important than suffering. SO pro-LTTE
    Upcountry Tamils – NO direct impact of war. Not LTTE supporters.

    During the war Tamils in war affected areas got medical, education, etc., etc. facilities unlike other wars in the world. So they didn’t lose much.

    So MOST Tamils support LTTE = TNA.

    NEVER forget Tamil PEOPLE whole heartedly voted for Ananthi, Sambanthan, Vigneswaran, etc.

    You can tell a tiger to become a vegetarian but don’t expect it. It will NEVER happen.

    The problem is mostly Tamil people who continue to vote for Tamil racism.

  3. Lorenzo Says:

    This is disgusting RACISM and interfering in SL affairs by Americunts.

    FORCEFULLY change the demographics in the north. That is the ONLY solution. Don’t give a damn about what Tamilians and Americunts say.

    “By Shamindra Ferdinando

    The government has alleged that the US was making an attempt to justify allegations propagated by the Tamil National Alliance (TNA) that Sinhala families were being settled in the Northern Province in a bid to change the demographic pattern in the region.

    Authoritative sources told The Island that US diplomat Michael A. Ervin accompanied by an interpreter had visited Navatkuli, a village close to the Jaffna town, where he interviewed some of those Sinhala families who had returned to the peninsula after the conclusion of the conflict in May 2009. They were among those driven out of the Northern Province in the early 1980s. Sources said that the interviewed were among about 30 families now settled at Navatkuli. The US Political Officer had asked them about the circumstances under which they had been displaced, who supported them now and details pertaining to Sinhala population in the Jaffna peninsula at the time they fled the area.

    The following day, the US diplomat visited Mullaitivu, where he received a briefing from TNA Northern Provincial Council member, Arumugam Ravikaran on what the provincial administration called ongoing attempts to change the demographic pattern in the Northern and Eastern Provinces.

    Asked whether the US official had met TNA members when he toured Navatkuli and Mullaitivu to investigate TNA allegations, a spokesperson for the US embassy told The Island: “As we do on a regular basis, embassy officials meet local government and civil society in provinces across Sri Lanka.

    This is part of our normal diplomatic work.”

    Government sources pointed out that the TNA-US project should be examined against the backdrop of the recent British Tamil Forum (BTF) organised event in the House of Commons, where the Sri Lankan military was accused of taking over land belonging to Tamil civilians. Those allegations are likely to figure at the forthcoming 25th session of the Geneva-based United Nations Human Rights Council (UNHRC) in Geneva.

    According to the 1981 census before the outbreak of war in July 1983, 19,334 Sinhalese lived in the Northern Province and the majority of them in the Jaffna peninsula.

    The Defence Ministry said it was the LTTE that had changed the demographic pattern in the Northern Province by driving nearly 20,000 Sinhalese and over 100,000 Muslims from their villages. The Muslims had to leave the Northern Province within 24 hours in late Oct 1990.

    The US official’s visit coincided with British High Commissioner John Rankin and Foreign and Commonwealth Office official Ms. Julie Scott visiting the Jaffna peninsula. They, too, expressed concern over land issues among other matters.

    And Indian parliamentary delegation in April last year raised the issue of the GoSL resettling Sinhala families in the Northern Province. The six-member delegation was speaking on behalf of the TNA. Responding to the Indian delegation, Defence Secretary Gotabhaya Rajapaksa emphasised that there hadn’t been a single such settlement since the conclusion of the conflict, while inquiring whether the Indian delegation was aware of any.”

  4. thurai Says:

    There is no Organisation among Tamils or among other communities take legal action aginst living
    LTTE Terrorist like this women. In vanni only poor Tamils dead during the war. The LTTE soldiers also
    from poor families. ALL TNA members have their families abroad. What is going on in Tamilnadu and India
    abot Rajeev Murderes? We have to cooperate with all people in Sri Lanka and in India who really
    aginst Terrorism and aiming to destroy the roots of Terrorism.


    Tamils never allow a Butcher to be Priest in Hindu Temple
    But in Sri Lanka accused Terrorist are allowed to particpate in Politics and in Govt.

  5. Nimal Says:

    If you can blame the painter then how about a goat herder, get my drift, you stupid people?Nip in the bud.

  6. Sooriarachi Says:

    A woman who worked hard for the LTTE terrorists, married to a terrorist leader Elilan who abducted Tamil Children, who are still amongst the missing, is now weeping for her missing husband. Foreign diplomats and politicians, have no shame in meeting this woman and trying to give her respectability, instead of demanding her to account for the missing Tamil children and other crimes committed by her husband.
    I repeat below, one of the saddest crimes committed by this woman’s terrorists husband Elilan, as revealed by Shenali Waduge, that should make anyone’s heart melt ..
    “…. shot a Tamil woman (by Elilan) at point blank range in the head while she (Tamil mother) begged to be allowed to cross to the Government side to provide her 2 children milk, has no remorse”.
    What are those Western diplomats doing, associating this woman?

  7. Mr. Bernard Wijeyasingha Says:

    Choosing Ananthi Sasitharam as a voice to criticize Sri Lanka demonstrates that these Western nations are losing the moral high ground (that is if they ever had one). This woman represents the desperation of these nations to find anyone who is capable of accusing Sri Lanka of human rights and finding none they choose a person whose husband was a member of the LITE.

    All this means to me is that the select western nations are losing their cause The worst thing they can do is to allow such a ill repute person to champion the human rights violations issue. Now Colombo is in the position of questioning the accuser. Before these Western nations used the head of the UNHRC who did not really have a history that is closely linked to the LITE terrorist group, Ananthi Sasitharam does and that will be her undoing.

    If one follows the direction this facade, this charade is taking the US to the UK are now looking desperate in their attempts to perpetuate their concept of human rights violations. If Ananthi Sasitharam fails then what? will these select group of Western nations choose among the rank and file of what remains of the LITE to continue their accusations. This is pathetic and Colombo should use this opportunity to negate Sasitharam and by that accuse those nations who gave her that power.

    On a side note Obama recently entertained the Dalai Lama in the White House to the supposed annoyance of Beijing who warned the US such actions will have a negative effect on Sino/US relations. Even though the Dalai Lama is no longer a threat to China since Tibet is officially Chinese territory blessed and sanctified by the heads of states of many nations, what the Dalai Lama does will not effect China but Beijing will use that to address future issues regarding the containment policy of China to the need of China by the US on geopolitical issues.

    China will use this dead issue to her maximum and Sri Lanka stands to gain from this friction.

  8. Lorenzo Says:

    This is going to be HELL for us.

    We MUST disrupt this somehow. On the positive at least these subhumans have a PLAN. We don’t.

    IF TN becomes the EPICENTER of power, any fool can understand it will be disastrous for SL. Already TN is influencing Endian policy without being the epicenter of power!!

    “Dropping a broad hint of her readiness to play a major role in national politics, Chief Minister Jayalalithaa on Friday said she has a vision for India in which Tamil Nadu will play a key role.

    The All India Anna Dravida Munnetra Kazhagam (AIADMK) leader, whose name is making rounds as a possible prime ministerial candidate, revealed her vision for a “resurgent India,” at a function where she unveiled various policies besides the second part of Tamil Nadu Vision Document 2023.

    Her vision, she explained, is of a “nation with an inclusive society and open markets; a nation of enterprise and creativity driven by knowledge and shaped by family values; a nation of growth with equity; a nation with peace stability and development; [and] a modern secular and prosperous India.”

    “I want to assure you all that this day is not far,” she said. “It is my firm conviction that within India, Tamil Nadu will emerge as the epicentre of such power.” Her “government is not a government that merely talks and puts out lofty ideals and policies; it actually gets down to taking hard decisions and staying the course.”

    On the Vision Document 2023, which has set a target of 14 per cent growth in the manufacturing sector every year, she said since the launch of the first phase in March 2012, the State government had signed 33 MoUs with various companies.

    The total investment envisaged in the projects was Rs.31,706 crore, and the employment potential was for over 1.62 lakh persons.

    Documents pertaining to 16 of the MoUs, for setting up various projects at an investment of Rs.5,081 crore were signed by representatives of the companies and Principal Secretary Industries C.V.Sankar in the presence of the Chief Minister.

    Ms.Jayalalithaa also unveiled the Tamil Nadu Industrial Policy 2014; the Tamil Nadu Automobile and Auto Components Policy 2014, described as the first such; and the Tamil Nadu Biotechnology Policy 2014. She launched the website of the Tamil Nadu Infrastructure Development Board.”

    – the hindu

  9. jayasiri Says:

    Thanks Shenali as always……….NOW Sri Lankan authorities have enough infomation to arrest THIS WOMAN & charge. Remember, it is USA Ambassodr at large..Mr. RAPP who said that GOSL should NOT rehabilitate them, TAKE LEGAL ACTION & PUNISH THEM (he was referring to LTTE & their sympathizers).

    So why are we or the GOSL waiting? ..waiting for WHAT??… First it was CHOGM, let that be over then we will take action, NOW there is something else, UNHRC resolution, and at this rate all LTTE past & present & their sympathizers are GETTING FATTER with ILLEGAL funds & HAVE ENOUGH support from Int. Community to MOUNT ANOTHER WAR against Sri Lanka.

    Anybody even FAINTLY connected with LTTE must be investigated THOROUGHLY & PUNISHED, IF FOUND GUILTY. DID LTTE afford any MERCY to Sinhalese in the North, School childrren killed like cattle, ADELE Balasingham who INTRODUCED CYANIDE capsule for Young soldiers(ACTUAALY CHILD soldiers ) to DIE, if captuered. WHY is UK allowing her to live there WITHOUT charging her for crimes COMMITED in Sri Lanka.

    IF UK & USA & many other countries are OBSESSED with PUNISHING 9/11 terrorists WHY NOT SRI LANKAN TAMIL TERRORISTS. How are they spared? & WHY? …These are the questions GOSL should ask & DEMAND ANSWERS from Mr. CAMERON, who worshipped LTTE RUMP in UK, befoe attending the CHOGM in Sri Lanka. For them associating with TERROR groups are MORE imporatnt than LISTENING to a democraticall elected, SOVEREIGN STATE called Sri Lanka.

    WE CANNOT wait any longer, as WEST will continue to HARASS Sri Lanka TILL NEXT MILLENIUM as that is the way TO KEEP UNO or sister orgaizations BUSY & SKIP ANY ACTION FOR ILLEGAL WARS in Middle East, Asia & Latin America. AS long as EU, USA, UK & INDIA are safe, THEY DON’T CARE much about other countries of the world. Appoint a puppet for UNO & ask him to delever. If not he will be history too.

    OUR people in Sri Lanka, & expat communities in all parts of the world, SHOULD DEMAND ACTION from the very people WHO DRAG innocent countries to UNHRC on a regular basis, JUST TO COVER THEIR OWN atrociies…Thank you all –WAKE UP Sri Lankans everywhere….NOW OR NEVER, get involved support GOVT: as well other methods to make the INT. Commnity listen……..J

  10. jayasiri Says:

    THIS WOMAN must be forced to UNDERGO REHABILITATION program devised by GOSL as others have done. LTTE is proscribed TERROR ORG, banned by 32 countries.
    Even she is NOW pretending to be a CIVILIAN, her husband’s aatrocities make her an accomplice to crimes in Sri Lanka. SHE must not aloowed to to go to UNHRC.

    GOSL must act SWIFTLY without any fear of INTERNTIONAL COMMUNITY.. They are guilty of war crimes in IRAQ, A’ganistan & many other ASIAN & MID EAST countries. PHILLIPINES is still trying TO DEFEAT TERRORIST in that country. WHO SELLS ARMS to Philipine rebels.. You have the answer. The so called Int. Community. That is how they make a living these days, TRYING TO COMPETE WITH CHINA……

    Any sympathizers, living in Lanka,North America & EU are also guilty of CRIMES in the last 33 years of TERROR. Even sympathiizers & any individual who support TERRORITS must be punished, so that SRI LANKAN peace will prevail…Thank you all……..FIGHT FOR THE PEACE IN SRI LANKA………….J

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