The TNA, An Apparent Tamil Tiger Proxy Needs To be Dealt With Before Responding To Their Apathetic Clarion Calls!
Posted on February 25th, 2014

LankaWeb Weekly Editorial, February 24th  2014

TheTamil National Alliance (TNA)  clarion calls demanding that” war criminals must be punished for there to be real reconciliation in Sri Lanka following the end of the war.” seems  apathetic as well as never ending laced in bias as well as an emboldened audacity given the role they played towards supporting the Tamil Tigers.
To the discerning, it was their accountability towards supporting the most dangerous terror group in the world through their fronts and proxies that was blatantly obvious not only in Sri Lanka but in many other parts of the world where their accountability in all probabilities by far exceed those of the Government whose right it was to fight and overcome the terrorists with no thanks to the TNA and Tamil Nadu who now pretend they were not linked to the terrorists.

 They could in fact be  war criminals themselves if their role in supporting the LTTE could be proved tangibly where there is much evidence to support this where Sri Lanka in defending Sovereignity and Territorial Integrity did nothing provably wrong and protected  all citizens including the Tamils who were used as human shields towards the latter part of the insurgency which is often misnomered as a “war” to justify the mindset of terorist supporters where the Armed Forces played an admirable role as much as they could given the circumstances and the villany of the LTTE but an internal armed insurrection with help from outside it certainly was undeniably.

 In this respect it is totally misleading to portray the actions of the Armed Forces as war crimes as they were in fact fighting a combined force of war criminals which included any supportive groups including the TNA and in a broader sense the LTTE supporters based in Tamil Nadu. (including the IPKF)

Some of these deadbeats  have even gone as far as setting up an Eelam Government in proxy where it is a joke when such mindless morons ask for accountability which is truly theirs to show and none other! Their chorus is often echoed by  a long list of out of tune songsters of Tamil Nadu political infamy often presenting a pack of lies and cooked up innuendo similar to the compositions of the likes of Channel Four where some of the international community appear to be impressed(hoodwinked)  albeit perhaps towards their own agendas where the terms tangible evidence and proof seem to be unimportant as these presenters of falsified documantaries get away scot free although realistically their liabilities too could be and should be taken to task for criminal liability hinged on misrepresentation of facts and jeopardising the integrity of the credibilities of Sovereign Sri Lanka whose actions during the decades long insurgency continue to be commended by those without conflicts of interest or those vested towards sympathies of the global Tamil Diaspora now acting as it appears to be another front for the LTTE despite being defunct .

 The  Tamil media report  which has quoted TNA leader R. Sampanthan as saying that the Government must put forward a final political solution acceptable to all communities seems to have overlooked the fact that there have been more than one attempt to resolve the issues linked to displaced Tamil people in Sri Lanka where there appears to be a very positive move in the direction of closure although this would seem unfavourable to the likes of the TNA as it does not coincide with their objectives of secssion and the more turmoil they create it appears to be to their advantage in a very rational perspective from the viewpoint of many logically thinking and perceptive political analysts which does indeed attest to why the TNA are so adamant about their calls to indict Sri Lanka despite how meaningless it might be .

 What seems to be an overwhelming puzzle on this entire issue is why the Government of Sri Lanka has not confronted sources such as the TNA reminding them that all the issues including a response to the Truth and Reconciliation based on the South African model and investigations into the conduct and actions of the Armed Forces have been set in place regardles of their viability as what transpired in S Africa and Sri Lanka  comparatively were hardly related as Apartheid there was a monstrosity shameful to all humanity inasmuch as slavery and Naziism was earlier whereas the Tamil Tiger insurgency in Sri Lanka was one which needed to be responded to, dealt with and forcefully conducted towards wlimination despite the resulting casualties which to a greater part was incurred by the majority Sinhalese in defence of territory, sovereignity and national identity which appears to be now blown out of proportion by enemies of the State who have joined in a worthless attempt to discredit SrI Lanka!

The irony of it all is that, had there been no Tamil animosities against the Sinhalese which fomented and grew over time and had the Tamils responded supportively towards building a united Sri Lanka like some Tamils have decided to to in present day Sri Lanka the story would have been an entirly different one with Sinhala/Tamil Unity an indestructible one but sadly a mere dream at the present although what the future may hold towards this unpredictable as the tiny entity of Sri Lanka supportieve Tamils could grow in the best interests of the nation and an inherant right of all Sri Lankans..

   It is however heartwarming to note that despite unsurmountable odds created mostly by the insurgent attacks of the LTTE and the wretched attempts by global Tamils dispersed and scatterd during the Tamil Tiger insurgency to discredit and disrupt proceedings in Sri Lanka today, the Nation is flourishing in her incredible build up towards the future and posterity where despite the attempts of the TNA and the rest of her adversaries who have failed miserably she is fast becoming the showpiece of South Asia.

And all Sri Lankans do need to thank the present Administration and its leadership for this great acomplishment where the TNA must surely be seen as enemies of the State and an secession seeking LTTE proxy by virtue of all their actions and rhetoric towards impeding the Government.

They need to be dealt with accordingly and within international law as a source disruptive to Sri Lanka’s progress before any responses towards their worthless calls are taken seriously by a few blinkered Pro-LTTEnicks who even now are attempting to justify them.

Yet as the world has seen,  those who believe in mirages in quest of water in desperation  continue to push on for their Oasis often never finding it. 

30 Responses to “The TNA, An Apparent Tamil Tiger Proxy Needs To be Dealt With Before Responding To Their Apathetic Clarion Calls!”

  1. Lorenzo Says:

    TNA must be neutralized. But it cannot be done in LAW alone.

    IF possible, govt. could have done it already. TNA is headed by TOP LAWYERS who know how to avoid murder charges after committing cold blooded murder.

    e.g. TNA manifestoes do NOT talk about Tamil Elam creation by DIVIDING SL.
    e.g. TNA resolution doesn’t say genocide. It says possible genocide.

    These CUNNING terrorists have covered their bases from the law.

    We need OTHER means too to stop them.

    UNHRC wants GOSL to introduce tougher WITNESS PROTECTION laws. After these it will be TOTALLY IMPOSSIBLE to prosecute TNA.

    Sometimes the law is blind to reality.

    e.g. Sarath Silva as CJ decided to dismantle all checkpoints during the war!

    We need other means too to handle this GRAVE problem.

  2. Sooriarachi Says:

    Congratulations to Lankaweb for exposing these TNA frauds, many of whom were hand in glove with the LTTE terrorists during their campaign of destruction and massacres. Today the TNA, without contributing to the development of the North, are trying hard to pretend they were innocent and are foolishly calling for War crimes investigations, possibly with the belief or assurance, that the USA/UK regimes would help them cover up their crimes, the way India and LTTE diaspora are being protected by demanding an investigation of only the last few months of the 30 year conflict.
    At any cost, Sri Lanka, if they fail to stop such an investigation, with “witness protection” laws to promote coached witnesses and media to make false allegations, similar to the CH-4 anti-Srilankan movies (which are not documentaries) and ‘witnesses’ like Joseph Rayappu, then, Sri Lanka must at least strive to extend such an investigation to a date back to its origin, such as year the LTTE was set up or their first crime, the murder of Alfred Duraiappa the Jaffna Mayor.
    Today, the anti-Sri Lankan forces are demanding “witness protection” laws, to allow even more false allegations, sometimes by die-hard terrorists themselves or their kith and kin, so that an “International” panel (excluding neutral or nations not approved by the west) to produce a report implicating Sri Lankan regime, just like how the UNSG’s Dharusman panel, which even had to hide for 20 plus years, the identity of their witnesses, real or bogus, to produce a misleading report to the UNSG..

  3. Nanda Says:

    Fully agreed to “They need to be dealt with accordingly and within international law as a source disruptive to Sri Lanka’s progress before any responses towards their worthless calls are taken seriously by a few blinkered Pro-LTTEnicks who even now are attempting to justify them.”

    What is the point of becoming a “showpiece” when TNA racists are empowered ?
    There is no other country exists a leadership allowing such madness. Are we to laud such leadership allowing unrest be propagated by a SMALL GROUP OF RACIST RATS ? Where is the backbone ?

  4. Lorenzo Says:


    Law alone cannot save SL from TNA racists. Lawyers are the MOST corrupt. Law can be twisted to anyway you want. Even from prison or exile these racists can disrupt SL.

    e.g. Pissanayagam (convicted, jailed and deported. Now he plots against SL from USA.)
    e.g. VP was convicted for 100 years for bombing the central bank. NOTHING happened!! Eventually he was stopped not by law but by other means.

    Now new laws are coming.


    IF anyone wants to escape from murder, etc., etc. all they have to do is “reveal” some BS war crimes allegation against the govt. and claim witness protection.

    Even some poor frustrated army guys will be lured into this type of BS. There are 30,000 army deserters.

    We need legal and OTHER means to wipe out TNA racists. It must be done before things get worse.

    Please understand that Kavantissa methods fail on Tamil racists. Dutugemunui methods work. This is what ALL countries do.

  5. jayasiri Says:

    THANK YOU LANKAWEB editorial. It is most oppotune time to DEAL with NA & its supporters including the person called WIGGI, with a tilaka on his forehead. A disgrace to a Tamil who SOMEHOW got his soms to marry SINHALESE & LIVING in Colombo 7. Should not this man LIVE IN NORTH or East provinces, being a TAMIL, what right has he got to LIVE IN COLOMBO a Sinhalese city?

    He is undergoing training HOW TO DEMAND things, YOU DON’T demand when you are reduced to 4.5% of the population from 12% before the war. SO CALM down, if not your NPC, deslved and PRESIDENT’s rule will be INVOKED. Then you can run to INDIA & complain.

    NOW for the reason I came here again, is to get the recoed straight after reading an ARTILEE in Lanka Guardian by ANOTHER editor of this PUNY paper called tamil ELAM. Elam is a PALI workd fro Sri Lanka. THIS person as USUAL like the Tamils at YAHOO, failed to IDENTIFY by name. Even few weeks ago, pubklished SOME RUBBISH, to gain sympathy. 33 years of mayham craeted by TAMILS, will never be forgotten. I AM TELLING you now so if you prearing for another terrort attack SRI LANKA s ready.

    THIS man also wants to cover – up, the STORY about GTF, BTF, WTF all rooled into one, HOW DECEIFUL these LTTE RAMP is? To compensate & DRIVE people away from TAMIL atrocities, THIS article is re-published. GIVE YOUR STUPID NAME fF you have guts.

    I am glad after so many, LANKA GUARDIAN paid writers attacking NON STOP Sri lanka, never a good word, for the BENEFITS Tamils got for FINISHING THE LTTE. Now Tamils have GOT THEIR VOICE to blame the GOSL who helped them. Nobody is saying Rajapaksjha or any other PM or President is 100% correct. They are HUMAN, BUT at least they brought PEACE to Lanka after 33 years of mayham.

    LIKE the Ambassodor at large from USA, Mr.RAPP, who visited Sri Lanka few months ago, SAID WE SHOULD NOT RE-HABILITATE THEM we should PUNISH THEM as USA does. BUt as we are BUDDHISTS we usually have our religion in mind when we pass judgement on others, EVEN ON OUR ENEMIES. TAMILs cannot have OFFICIAL LANGUAGE STATUS NOW, as you are an INSIGNIFICANT population, YOU MUST BE THANKFULL to GOSL for allow you write. LTTE NEVER ALLOWED YOU open your mouth, LET ALONE WRITE articles.

    I would li,ike our patriots to read SRI LANKAGUARDIAN NEWSPAPER & read about ALL LTTE & SYMPATHIZERS doing with FUND RAISING done in the tamil communities in USA< EU, UK & all other places. THEY ARE A BUNCH CROOKS according to investigations. THIS MAN is writing ths article to COVER UP their CORRUPT organizations, called GTF or whatever.

    Arresting of RACITS even if they are TNA MPs is JUSTIFIED. If NPC cannot OBEY the CENTRAL GOVT: of Lanka, THEY SHOULD RESIGN or NPC should be desloved.

    I AM STILL ASKING the WRITER, TO IDENTIFY yourself,its COWARDLY to write as EDITOR who cannot identfy …..J

  6. Nanda Says:

    “that Kavantissa methods fail on Tamil racists. Dutugemunui methods work.”

    Dutugemunu was the crown prince. He acted within the law. Seeing his father running away from the problem and letting TNA rule the Rajarata, he took action himself. He fought face to face , hand to hand – same as our brave sons and daughters who fought the cowardly Vesapillai’s foolish but murderous kids. This bugger is giving back whatever gained by them.
    Unfortunately, present day Vihara Maha Devi is not even Buddhist !

    TNA can be made completely inactive by using enormous powers of the president.

  7. Lorenzo Says:


    “I AM STILL ASKING the WRITER, TO IDENTIFY yourself,its COWARDLY to write as EDITOR who cannot identfy”


    The editor need NOT identify himself to express the opinion. Lets look at what he says, not names.

    Obviously LW editor is NOT a coward. In my view he is the BRAVEST of all internet newspapers. LW editor could have easily fallen for LTTE money like almost ALL non govt. websites have. But he didn’t.

    We must appreciate the dedication and free sevice to patriotic SLs by LW for the past 17 years.

    Some of my comments are also NOT published but I’m OK with that. I rephrase them!

  8. Lorenzo Says:


    “TNA can be made completely inactive by using enormous powers of the president.”


    Only the parliament can do that.

    e.g. 1983 TULF was busted.
    e.g. somewhere in 1970s Sirima was busted.

    MR does NOT have 2/3 in parliament for the purpose.

    Unfortunately every country has to play the COWARDLY game at some point. The end justifies the means.

  9. Charles Says:

    Why do you want to know he name of the Editor of the Lankaweb ? Do the Anti Sri Lanka pro-terrorist websites give their Editor’s Name ? TamilNet, Sri Lanka Guardian, GroundView, Lakbima, LankaeNews, Daily Mirror, Colombo Gazette, Colombo Telegraph do you know their names ?

    What is therefore your motive demanding the Editor of Lanka Web to give his name ?

  10. Nanda Says:

    Jayasiri did not ask Lanka Web editor to identify him/her self. He did not call him a coward, why should anyone call him so he is totally neutral and patriotic. ?

    He asked cowardly Lanka Guardian editor to identify himself because this bugger is a LTTE supporter.

  11. Lorenzo Says:

    Sorry Jayasiri. My bad.

    Yes it is Lanka Guardian editor = Victor Karunairajan. Founder of Lanka Guradian is Mervyn Silva (Dayan J’s father so it is understandable.)

    He is a peaceful Tamil RACIST.

    His assistant is a Sinhalese by the name Nishantha.

    Typical of Tamil racists. Paki Sara also has a Sinhalese assistant Rohan.

  12. Lorenzo Says:


    So you beat me on alertness!!!


  13. Lorenzo Says:

    Check this out.

    Earth by night. Relatively PROSPEROUS areas are well lit up.

    North Korea is COMPLETELY DARK.

    Endia also has many bright spot meaning many prosperous Endian parts.

    SL is also in DARK except for Colombo district, Amparei, Trinco and Jaffna.

    Go to google and type

  14. Fran Diaz Says:

    In Sri Lanka, we have a mix of Roman/Dutch/British Laws which have not really been updated from Colonial times. The 6-A is not implemented to safeguard the country from Separatists, nor has the 13-A been removed also to safeguard Lanka from Separatists. We have Laws to SUPPORT Separatism with Laws to remove Separatism not activated. Add to this, the Vaddukoddai Resolution & the Thesawalami Law are still in place. Lanka seems to be swimming in a sea of ‘come and get it’ Separatist invitations !

    GoSLs (past and present) have presumably left the 6-A non-activated and the 13-A not removed plus the V’koddai Resoln & Thesawalami Law in place, in order to give a fair chance to the Tamils to recover from Caste based wars and also placate India & the West.

    Now that Tamil people are well on their way to prosperity and safety in Lanka, why not remove these Laws that support Separatism and activate the one Law that prohibits Separatism (6-A), whilst removing the V’koddai Resoln plus the Thesawalami Law ?

    THE TNA USES THIS LACK OF ACTION TO MAKE INANE STATEMENTS, INIMICAL TO LANKA. The TNA uses this unsureness and mass confusion of issues. In fact, we suspect, new issues are CREATED in order to create mass confusion so that Lanka ends up giving into Separatists’ demands.

    GoSLs since 1970s have been kept destabilized along with the entire country by various uprisings from the masses. First the JVP insurrections and next the LTTE terrorism. After some 500 yrs of Colonisation where Colonial powers neglected the masses, Lankan still does not appear to have adequate means to handle mass problems. The Cold War/s made/make matters worse, as Cold War players insist on govts. taking ‘their side’. Also, various dissatisfied groups from among the masses side with Cold War players.
    India and their religio-politics also impinge on Lanka. However, now with new Modi govt vision in place for 100 Smart Cities, the Indian problem may be quite a bit less. But please note that Indian goods ARE substandard.
    Also some Ex-Colonists have their own self centered ambitions.

    We have to be aware what these forces are and stay away from issues that we cannot handle. Please foo NOT let the British ‘Divide & Rule’ principle yet again divide Sri Lanka.

    Is the resultant force from all the past and present problems going to be Peace or more Strife ? It is up to us all to recognize the REAL problems and not imaginary ones, and address those problems in a realistic manner at Grass Roots levels using the District as the unit of governance. That the 6-A is implemented and 13-A removed are a MUST.

    It is high time the People realized this and NOT blame President/s or even GoSLs. Time to UNITE to govern the country properly and stay NON-ALIGNED. Put the Lives of People and their Needs first, and People before rampant Profits, and we can’t lose. It’s a win-win situation !

  15. Fran Diaz Says:

    read as : “please do NOT let the ….”

  16. Sunil Mahattaya Says:

    Its amusing to read the takes on this allusion of the Editor as cowardly which of course is the wrong interpretation which has been set right by the discerning comments of Lorenzo, Nanda, Sooriarachi and Charles. There is no obligation of any editor to identify him or herself as the responsibility of what is posted is solely theirs with of course the approval of the management which usually eliminates any libellous material or personal slander to the best of their capacity.

  17. Fran Diaz Says:

    Lankaweb Editor is to be congratulated again and again for bringing up the most important issues of the times.


    P.S.: All ILLEGAL migrants into Lanka must be deported. Why are there some 600 Pakistani (Catholic people presumably) in Sri Lanka ? How did hundreds of thousands of Tamil illegal migrants enter Lanka especially during LTTE rule of the North.

    What can we expect if the TNA gets their separate state ? Millions of caste trodden Tamils of Tamil Nadu will enter Lanka, probably outnumbering the Sinhala people here.

  18. Lorenzo Says:

    RIOTS in TN over LTTE!!

    This was a planned trick by Jeya woman to unpopularise congress (and DMK). Tamils vote for RACISM anywhere, always.

    “CHENNAI: At least four people, including a police constable, sustained injuries when a clash broke out between the members of the Congress and a pro-Tamil outfit, Tamilar Munnetra Padai (TMP), in Chennai on Wednesday.

    There was a high drama in the morning when members of the Naam Tamilar Peravai (NTP), another pro-Tamil outfit, attempted to lay siege to Sathyamurthy Bhavan (the Congress office in Chennai) to protest against the party’s opposition to the Tamil Nadu government’s move to release the convicts in the Rajiv Gandhi assassination.”

    – endiatimes.

  19. Mr. Bernard Wijeyasingha Says:

    “The Tamil National Alliance (TNA) clarion calls demanding that” war criminals must be punished for there to be real reconciliation in Sri Lanka following the end of the war.” seems apathetic as well as never ending laced in bias as well as an emboldened audacity given the role they played towards supporting the Tamil Tigers.”

    Colombo should immediately take their word and initiate a comprehensive investigation which calls for war criminals and their cohorts to be punished since “They could in fact be war criminals themselves if their role in supporting the LTTE could be proved..”

    By demanding such and investigation the Tamil National Alliance has made the mistake in assuming that they too will be investigated. The very fact that they have the creation of Eelam in their manifesto is evidence enough that they are the modern avatar of the LITE and should be dealt according to their own demands.

  20. Mr. Bernard Wijeyasingha Says:

    By demanding such an investigation the Tamil National Alliance has made the mistake in assuming that they are immune to the investigation they are demanding.

  21. Fran Diaz Says:

    The TNA (unregistered) is hiding behind the registered ITAK. The TNA contested the NPC elections under the ITAK tag. Take ITAK to Courts and challenge the legality of TNA in taking the Tamils down the Separatist route, again.

  22. Lorenzo Says:


    It doesn’t matter.

    TNA = ITAK.

    TNA is the English translation of ITAK.

    There are WORSE CRIMES TNA has done that ALWAYS GO UNPUNISHED!!

  23. SA Kumar Says:

    what right has he got to LIVE IN COLOMBO a Sinhalese city? so you are accepting Tamil city in Mother Lanka that’s call TE?

    Why this Kolaveri mate !

    SOMEHOW got his sons to marry SINHALESE- Both are Sinhala daughter in law also you know this old man lost his wife long time so he eat his daughter in law ( as tradition we both community’s consider them as daughter of own) cooled meal ever day.
    he can not be racist !!!

    live & let live .

  24. SA Kumar Says:

    sorry … cooled – cooked

  25. Fran Diaz Says:


    The grave mistake here is that the TNA is treated as a bona fide political party. Parliament (not just GoSL) is giving full powers of a registered political party to the UNREGISTERED TNA. The TNA has confused the legality of issues here to get away with illegal actions. This should not be tolerated.

    The TNA is NOT simply only ITAK (by translation into English, as you say)
    The TNA is composed of a number of Tamil political parties which are all registered political parties and subject to the Law.
    The TNA in English may mean what is said in Tamil for ITAK, but it is NOT ITAK only.
    ALL the component parties of the TNA are registered parties and subject to the Law.
    Therefore, if the TNA cannot be taken to Courts, take ALL the component parties of the TNA Courts.

    Are elections won by the TNA legal, if the TNA itself is not registered ?
    If the TNA is unregistered are they subject to the Law of the Land ?
    Can the TNA, being unregistered, break the Law with impunity and get away with it ?

    The 13-A is illegal as it was imposed under DURESS.

    The whole Northern TNA scene and the Prov. Council System is reeking with illegality.

  26. Lorenzo Says:


    Other Tamil parties are VERY SMALL within TNA (ITAK). If they contest alone they lose a few seats.

    They contest as ITAK (since 1940s).

    I agree 13 amendment is ILLEGAL. But govt. is sleeping with it!! Just like Vesawalami law. Illegal but the govt. is sleeping with it.

  27. Fran Diaz Says:


    Whatever the reasons for TNA = ITAK and ITAK being composed of smaller parties – if TNA (unregistered) oversteps the legal
    boundaries toward Separatism, the smaller component political parties (registered) should be taken to Courts.


    All the cats are out of their bags now and the scene is plain for all to see. Sri Lanka should NOT pay for Cold War games of earlier times with Tamil Caste/Eelam issues added on.

    Also, 6-A should be activated and 13-A removed. It is that simple to solve the problem.

  28. Lorenzo Says:



    The requirement is for a party to be registered to CONTEST an election.

    ITAK is registered since 1948.

    AFTER getting elected ANY group of parties can call their union by ANYTHING. Nothing wrong with that.

    e.g. JVP and UNP can form UNITED FAGGOT ALLIANCE among elected MPs.

    TNA cannot be stopped by legal means because it is headed by top legal experts. We need other means to stop it.

  29. Fran Diaz Says:

    TNA (if legal, as you say) can be stopped because it is contravening the 6-A through acts of Separatism. Act along the lines of the 6-A.


    Sri Lanka must go the Singapore way in matter of implementing and formulating the Law.

    Right now, even the Law College is not safe judging by entrance results over the last few years ! Wither justice and Democracy in Lanka ?

  30. Lorenzo Says:

    TNA has carefully AVOIDED breaking the 6 amendment.

    Agree SL should be like Singapore which is a peaceful and MILD MILITARY DICTATORSHIP.

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