TNA antics and killing Rajiv Gandhi a second time
Posted on February 27th, 2014

By Janaka Perera

 Soon after Tamil Nadu’s decision to free Rajiv Gandhi’s assassins, a Sri Lankan (Sinhala) newspaper had a cartoon showing the ghost of former Sri Lankan President J.R. Jayewardene telling the ghost of Rajiv Gandhi:

“If I knew this was going to happen I would have never punished the sailor who almost hit you on the head with a rifle butt.”

Naval Rating Vijitha Rohana Wijemuni – however misguided his action may have been – did so during the Guard of Honour for Prime Minister Rajiv Gandhi in 1987 out of patriotism whereas the three convicted of killing Rajiv committed the foul deed did so not out of any such sentiments but to serve the objectives of a separatist terrorist outfit now banned in India.

During a press interview a couple of years ago Vijitha Rohana said that he had no personal hatred for Rajiv and even sent a condolence message when the LTTE assassinated him on May 21, 1991. According to him the Indian Government was pleased with the message and had even announced it on the media.

In every country there are unprincipled politicians but none can beat the political ‘chameleons’ in Tamil Nadu. In 1991 Jayalalitha mourned Rajiv’s death and insisted that Sri Lankan Tamil refugees should leave TN. Thirty of the refugees had already been hacked to death in ‘retaliation’ in the wake of the assassination according to press reports, including the Sinhala daily Divaina of May 25, 1991. (SLBC Chairman Hudson Samarasinghe referred to this massacre a few days ago).

Now this same woman wants Rajiv’s assassins released, ‘killing’ Rajiv Gandhi for a second time!

We wonder whether any recognized Indian political party in any Indian State wanted one of Indira Gandhi’s two assassins Satwant Singh and co-conspirator Kehar Singh also to be pardoned ( they were executed in January 1989).

Even funnier is Sri Lanka’s Northern Province Chief Minister C. V. Wigneswaran telling the media on February 19 that he was happy with the Tamil Nadu Government’s decision to release the three convicted in Rajiv’s killing.

Rajiv Gandhi’s fate was sealed on the day his government decided to directly intervene in the Sri Lanka crisis in 1987 ” a crisis in which India already had a hand.  It is reminiscent of the way his mother made a fatal decision to launch Operation Blue Star by sending Indian troops to the Golden Temple in Amritsar to flush out the Sikh separatists holed up in it in 1984.

On the day of President J.R. Jayewardene’s departure to attend Indira Gandhi’s funeral, a senior official present at the VIP lounge recalls he overheard JRJ’s words which revealed that the latter (having already known that Rajiv was going to be the next Indian PM) was toying with the idea of involving RG in the Sri Lankan imbroglio one way or the other, although he may not have foreseen Delhi imposing the Indo-Lanka Accord on the island through force of arms.

When it happened Sri Lanka had no way out of it. So a different strategy had to be worked out. Eventually JRJ and Minister Lalith Athulathmudali succeeded in their plans to ferment a confrontation between the Indian Peace Keeping Force and the LTTE which had never agreed to the Accord in the first place.

Despite all what happened since then Tamil Nadu however has still not ceased trying to play the role of the tail trying to wag the dog.  Small wonder that India’s Bharathiya Janatha Party Leader Subramaniam Swamy has called upon the Indian Central Government to impose Presidential rule on TN in the event Chief Minister Jayalalitha persists in the move to release those convicted of assassinating Rajiv Gandhi.

Subramanian Swamy’s call is food for thought to Sri Lanka in the context of demands for full implementation of the 13th Amendment. Already the Northern Provincial Council has openly challenged the Government, demanding that the NPC should be given control over ports and aviation in the North and East. The proposal which the Government has already rejected was made by Prabhakaran’s relative M.K. Sivajilingam.   This proposal comes in the wake of Jayalalitha calling for a referendum in her election manifesto on a Tamil Eelam in Sri Lanka!

Despite the absurdity of such demands the possibility of these lunatics trying to push Sri Lankan Tamils into another crisis cannot be entirely ruled out.

5 Responses to “TNA antics and killing Rajiv Gandhi a second time”

  1. Lorenzo Says:

    SL should deport ALL Endian Tamils. It does NOT matter if the tea industry collapses.

    These lands can be used by SINHALESE TRADITIONAL PEOPLE in upcountry to grow rice instead of tea leaves (NO nutrition).

  2. Sarath W Says:

    The only good thing the LTTE did was killing Rajiv Gandhi. He and Indira Gandhi must take the blame for creating the monster the LTTE.

  3. Lorenzo Says:

    To make it easier for Tamil Nadu illegals to make SL home GOSL has started to issue national ID cards in Sinhala and Tamil languages.


    This govt. is damned. This is a step in the WRONG direction.

    Trying to appease TAMIL NADU people will NOT work. Ultimately SL will be an extension of TNA and Sinhalese will be charged for war crimes.

  4. Mr. Bernard Wijeyasingha Says:

    When Jayalalithaa first demanded the release of the assassins of Rajiv Gandhi the Indian courts refused that demand. Then this woman used gutter level tricks by getting a daughter of one of the assassins to write to New Delhi “pleading” for her father’s release. That too failed.

    Now a frustrated Jayalalithaa recently and openly stated that her goals are to retrieve the Katchacheevu island and to form Eelam for the Sri Lankan Tamils. This crazy cow cannot comes to terms that the people she is addressing never voted for her, are not part of her constituency and belong to another nation.

  5. Mr. Bernard Wijeyasingha Says:

    Lorenzo: The same is happening here in the US. The Obama government wants to give citizenship to millions of illegal immigrants who already have id cards etc. But the problem for the Tamil illegal immigrants entering Sri Lanka is that a back lash would end up on them. In the past when there were nationalist uprisings it was the Indian Tamil tea pickers who got the most retribution.
    Now the nationalist movement is much stronger, much more wiser after the civil war and will not tolerate government corruption if it compromises the Sri Lankan culture and integrity. These Indian illegals are entering with a purpose to give support for Eelam. Jayalalithaa openly stated that a few days ago that her agenda is to get back the island of Katchacheevu and to form Eelam. If that is the case then she is capable of sending Pro Eelam Indian Tamils to Sri Lanka for that purpose.
    The moment that movement rears its ugly head it will be met by the nationalist movement, the Buddhist Sanga and hopefully by the Government.

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