My comment on the article “Convergence of Patriots to Canberra”
Posted on March 9th, 2014

Mr. Bernard Wijeyasingha Says;

Since it is now obvious working with the accusers to come to some mutual understanding is almost impossible Sri Lanka has to act independent of them. Seek out those elements within Sri Lanka who continue to perpetuate the propaganda and the lies. One main group would by the Tamil political party, the Tamil National Alliance. They should be held accountable for their role in working with New Delhi and the nations who host the Tamil Diaspora in supporting this concocted human rights resolution. The TNA spend more time taking advice from New Delhi and Chennai than working with Colombo and for the explicit purpose voicing the demands of LITE than those who voted them into power. If the party is found guilty of treason then do what the laws of Sri Lanka state in regards to treason.

It is also time to move on the issue of the 13th amendment drafted between New Delhi and Colombo during 1987 for the explicit purpose of ending the war and giving more autonomy to the northern and eastern provinces as a leverage. That amendment failed and is only kept alive by the Tamil Diaspora and India. But as for Colombo this amendment is a dead issue. In order for it to be a dead issue for India and the Tamil Diaspora it has to be addressed in Colombo where it is “formally” ended and by that the Tamil National Alliance, India nor the Tamil Diaspora can use the issues of removing the military presence in the northern and eastern provinces and the demand for police powers as part of their human rights violations propaganda again.

Most importantly Sri Lanka must take the next step with China regarding her strategic alliance agreement between Sri Lanka and China signed a year ago and now official. Russia is preparing to build eight military bases across the world including three in the New World where Cuba, Venezuela and Nicaragua will host them and by that end the US “Monroe Doctrine”. Sri Lanka is in a very strong position since both China and Russia want an unfettered access to the Indian ocean. This is one of Sri Lanka’s most powerful natural resource, her harbors and her strategic location. Offer both Russia and China the opportunity to build their military bases in Sri Lanka. No doubt India and the US will vehemently protest. But since India has used her power against the best interest of Sri Lanka she is morally bankrupt to dictate foreign policies with Sri Lanka. The US not only stood idly by for most of the war but played host to the Tamil Diaspora who funded the LITE during that war and never took action against them on US soil. That act alone equally morally bankrupts the US in determining what Sri Lanka wants.

If Russia and China were to accept Sri Lanka as a member nation as they have done with many of the central nations such as Kazakhstan, Kyrgyzstan, Uzbekistan, Tajikistan then they can do the same with Sri Lanka. Currently both India and Sri Lanka are guest members of the SCO but if Sri Lanka emerges as a member state of these organizations her air force will leap frog since the CSTO has a combined air force including that of Russia. It will also upgrade Sri Lanka’s military to the standards of the CSTO including that of the SCO.

As a member state Sri Lanka would be partners of two Security Council members and by the very nature of it would end the Tamil Diaspora’s continuous diplomatic attacks on Sri Lanka for both Russia and China will not permit one of their member states face such accusations. It will also place Sri Lanka in a position greater than any of the South Asian nations and become one of the centers of power of the CSTO and the SCO which would mean that power would extend from the China sea to the East to Belarus and Armenia to the West and Sri Lanka to the south, creating a triangle and uniting Sri Lanka with the two emerging powers of the 21st century. As for India she will be enveloped on all sides by the member states of the CSTO and the SCO and will not be in the position to dictate or even play dirty politics with Sri Lanka without having to deal with Moscow and Beijing.


Mr. Bernard Wijeyasingha

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