Jan Logie’s Call for NZ to Support International Investigation On Sri Lanka
Posted on March 11th, 2014

Dr. Chula Rajapakse MNZM Spokesperson United Sri Lanka Assn 

Dear Editor,

 Jan Logie  Green MP  in her maiden address to the NZ parliament on 12th of February 2012, described herself as a leftie, feminist, lesbian and admitted to ” having  gone off the rails in the past”.

Sadly, really sadly her recent  call in parliament  for NZ to support calls for an international investigations on Sri Lanka makes me fear that history is repeating itself.

Thankfully the responsible administration that NZ is lucky to have presently is unlikely to let NZ “go off the rails”, by paying heed to Jan’s calls.

Jan, please be informed that SL has  come out of over three decades of the most brutal terrorism and what it has achieved in the four years since, in ethnic reconciliation and post war reconstruction , is unprecedented in human history.

Please do not be mislead by terrorist diaspora who are only conniving to use the likes of you to re-launch chaos in Sri Lanka .


Dr. Chula Rajapakse MNZM


United Sri Lanka Assn 

2 Responses to “Jan Logie’s Call for NZ to Support International Investigation On Sri Lanka”

  1. Sooriarachi Says:

    “Jan Logie Green MP in her maiden address to the NZ parliament …..”
    This means though she is a newly elected MP, she finds it more important to talk about a foreign issue she probably has no clue about than taking up local issues beneficial to NZ . The reason could be to please her anti-Sri Lankan voter base of Sri Lankan origin, who would continue to consider her as stupid enough to do their propaganda work to get re-elected. She is a typical Green MP, with no substance in their views on issues other than environment related matters..

  2. Sri Rohana Says:

    NZ green party person must know that NZ is an isolated tiny country with just 3.5 million peoples (one million living in Australia= 25%), one of the smallest tiny nation in this world, should mind their own business.
    Unfortunately for some reason or inferior complex majority of New Zealanders think they are another super power. They tried to interfere to Fiji’s internal matters and very well kicked to NZAh by Fiji leader Binamarama.
    What the hell that nation who kicked by tiny Fiji trying to interfere to our internal matters. What does Jan Logie know about our country, our history and Sri Lanka? She is no doubt repeating what tamil racists are saying and definitely she too bribed by tamil racist terrorist refugee forum in New Zealand.
    If logie want to investigate any international investigation first they must investigate Gallipoli invasion by New Zealand, Korean war crimes by NZ forces and Air force, Orange substances and napalm bomb dropping to innocent Vietnam civilians by NZ airforce and killings of innocent Vietnamians. These all are war crimes by New Zealand barbarian forces and logie cannot deny.
    I want to ask from so called green party member that on what right they invade Afghanistan with yanky and other imperialist forces. It is a true war crime and that too should investigate by international investigation. What is her logic to justify their killings in Afghanistan, Vietnam, and Korea etc. Whenever American imperialist start a war New Zealand is an ardent supporter to yankee invasions.
    So called Green party members know only to protest against anything and everything but nothing against American or British imperialist’s war crimes. When question the imperialists crimes Green party is deaf and dumb.
    Before anything she must give human rights to Maoris. British invaders are you guys ready to hand over the looted land to Maoris and go back to England. Logie you have to solve many problems in New Zealand. There are hundreds of international investigations needs for Anglo Saxons and New Zealand crimes to investigate.

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