USA is a Destructive force, not a Constructive force-now trying to checkmate China and Russia using Sri Lanka as a pawn.
Posted on March 11th, 2014

By Charles.S.Perera.

 United States of America is a failed State, trying to recover its lost prestige and leadership through a Hitlarian methodology to create a white hegemony in the world- to become a police state. In its blind search for power it uses human rights as a weapon, regime change as an object, arming dissenting groups in countries as freedom fighters against the governments in place as a springboard to destabilise governments, and  impose trade embargoes as a  stranglehold to subjugate nations.

 To-day America has become a world police state with its foot soldiers, the Ambassadors at Large, Assistant Secretaries of State, Ambassadors, NGOs, Human Rights Agencies, and  the American Naval Fleet, replacing  or  reducing the activities the of the  CIA , and its Secret Agents.    America never contributed to the welfare of any country in the world, nor  did it look after the welfare of  the indigenous American Indians at home.

 Americas’ immigrants the  early settlers dispersed the indigenous population from their fertile lands, and killed them with diseases the European immigrants carried with them in to the land of America  and reduced the indigenous population occupied their land and became rich, but the new white American regimes that followed the early settlers never helped  the remaining indigenous population to come out of the hardship and poverty into which they were forced.  Even today after more than two centuries of their occupation the  American Governments encourage foreign immigrations leaving the indigenous population uncared underdeveloped.

 Colonialism not only conquered territories but also colonised the minds of the people it colonised.  Therefore, generations later some of the natives of the ancient colonies  think like the ancient colonialists. Frantz Fanon in his great work , The Wretched of the Earth,  writes of this phenomenon.

 “The colonialist  bourgeoisie, in its narcissistic  dialogue, expounded by the members of its universities , had in fact deeply  implanted in the minds of the colonized intellectuals  that the essential qualities remain  eternal in spite  of all the blunders men may make: the essential qualities of the West, of course. The native intellectual  accepted the cogency of these ideas, and deep down  in his brain  you could always find  a vigilant sentinel  ready to defend  the Graeco-Latin Pedestal.”

 That may explain why the intelligentsia of   the developing countries of black Africa, brown  or yellow Asia that had been once colonised still having that ” vigilant sentinel ready to defend the Graeco-Latin Pedestal” vote with the ancient colonisers- America and the West against those who are like  them (Sri Lanka for instance)   made victims by the Americans and the Western Colonisers.

 That explains also why we find in Sri Lanka those “colonised intellectuals ” of the opposition  not  joining hands with the Government on national issues for reasons distant away from actual dangers Sri Lanka faces to-day.

 It is to those with colonised minds that the USA and the West still appeal,  be it TNA or UNP to betray their own motherland, and still they are those with these colonised minds despite the generation gap , like the Tamils of the Global Federation of Tamils, or the Sri Lanka Tamils of  the diaspora   appeal to USA and the West to intervene against the land in which they or their forefathers were born and bred.

 USA flays democracy, making a mockery of it, and  pretends to be the paragon of human rights despite being the worst violators of human rights in the worlds, and a war criminal using  sophisticated drones killing thousands of civilians in Pakistan boarder villages.

 The blood spattered paths USA had left behind in the world reek with the multitudes killed in Hiroshima, and Nagasaki, those burnt with napalm in Vietnam, massacred and tortured in Iraq, brutally killed, mutilated and the dead desecrated by urinating on them by the American soldiers in Afghanistan, and cities shattered to rubbles, and  leaders allowed to be tortured by mobs in Libya.

 Yet America  carrying the balance of justice in one hand  and gun on the shoulder and a sward  dripping with hot blood of the innocent in the other hand , shows to the world that USA is a paragon of justice and protector of human rights, by accusing Sri Lanka for violation of human rights in the course of elimination of terrorists. 

 Unlike those “illegal” wars of America and its allies in Iraq, Afghanistan, Libya  etc., the war against terrorism carried out by Sri Lanka Armed Forces was a just war carried again its own terrorist, within its own territory.  In that war like in any other war some civilians may have died in cross fire, shooting by the terrorists or accidentally by the shootings of the soldiers, but not to the extent what  some western writers make it out to be, and they are not be believed because their skins are white.

 America and its western allies have not contributed to the development of any of the poor developing countries, in Africa, Latin America, Middle East, or Asia.  They provided aid and loans  without transferring technology or know how, making the poor countries get trapped in debts to USA and the West.  The World Bank that gave loans dictated how those  loans should be utilised and did not allow the countries to carry out a system appropriate to their culture and economic and social conditions.  No country was allowed to follow any system of government other than that acceptable to USA and the Western allies. Socialism was anathema to USA.

 Strangely it is the same that America demands of Sri Lanka in its resolution to be presented against Sri Lanka, “calls upon the President to develop a comprehensive policy towards Sri Lanka that reflects United States interests, including respect for human rights, democracy and the rule of law, economic interests, and security interests.”

 In order to carry out those conditions to keep the developing countries loyal to America and the West they set up the CIA. A one time  CIA Agent and the author of ” The CIA and the cult of Intelligence”, John D.Marks wrote in the preface to his book ” In the high Councils of the Intelligence Community, there was no sense  that intervention  in the internal affairs of  other countries was not the inherent right  of the Unit.  “Don’t be an idealist;  you have to live in the “real world,” said the professionals. I found it increasingly difficult to  agree.”  He adds,

” ……..I found a new job as executive assistant  to Senator Clifford Case of New Jersey.  Knowing of the Senator’s opposition to the war, I looked at my new work as a chance to change what I knew was wrong in the way the United States conducted its foreign policy. ”

 That was in 1970 in the year USA invaded Cambodia.  Has it changed today ? 

In the USA resolution submitted to USA Congress for its approval  there is one clause which reads, “(5)calls upon the President to develop a comprehensive policy towards Sri Lanka that reflects United States interests, including respect for human rights, democracy and the rule of law, economic interests, and security interests.”

Why ?  What are the ” comprehensive policy towards Sri Lanka that reflects United States Interest.” ?  This is how USA perotects itself and carries out wars globally out side USA.

“The end of the twentieth century and the beginning of the twenty-first brought the navy no respite. Ethnic conflict in the Balkans required navy carriers and cruise missile”launching surface ships and submarines to take part in strike operations against Serbian forces in Bosnia and Kosovo. The bloody terrorist attack on the United States on 11 September 2001 and the subsequent U.S.led war on terrorism involved aircraft carriers, missile-launching ships, SEAL special warfare units, and other naval forces in military operations from Afghanistan to the Philippines. In short, throughout its more than 225 years of existence, the U.S. Navy has defended the United States and its interests at sea, on land, and in the air all across the globe.”

Why should  the member states of  Africa, Middle East, Latin America, Asia that would be sending delegates to the UN Human Rights Council Sessions vote for this utterly high handed resolution  to keep Sri Lanka under  a servile position to United States ?  

Is it not a warning for all developing countries to keep vigil ?

Doesn’t  it  sound a world dictatorship by USA ?

Every intelligent delegates attending the UN HR Council Sessions  in March this year should think well over this resolution which is against Sri Lanka today, but  which may well be against their own countries tomorrow. Therefore they should in all honesty to themselves  vote against the USA resolution against Sri Lanka to show to USA, European Union and other Western Countries that we the developing countries are no pawns in the checkerboard of their politics.

USA and its Allies have not helped any country in the world to develop , but readily entered into those countries to destroy their aspirations, kill or remove their leaders and set pro American and Western puppet Regimes.

Since the commencement of CIA America used  CIA agents to change regimes. In 1950 Jacob Arbenz President of Guatemala was ousted , Mossadeq Prime Minister of Iran was ousted  also in 1950,Salvadore Allende President of Chile was ousted in  1973.

Larry Devlin a former CIA Agents recounts in his memories how he was ordered to kill Patrice Lumumba of Congo. He says, “In September 1960, Mr. Devlin received a cable advising him that he would get an important message from “Joe from Paris.” The envoy turned out to be Sidney Gottlieb, the agency’s club-footed poisons expert, whom Mr. Devlin had met during operations to install listening devices overseas, and who would later become notorious for mind-control experiments using L.S.D.

Mr. Gottlieb said that the assassination had been approved by   President Eisenhower, but admitted that he had not seen the presidential orders. He explained that the poisons, including the spiked toothpaste, had been chosen to make the death appear to result from natural causes.” (

More recently when Barack Obama was elected the 44th President of USA every one thought that the world has at last got rid of a  war mongering blood thirsty  USA State Department and the CIA ,  and replaced it with a State Department that would give new hope to the American people and the world, and at last have the good fortune to  see a more civilized  non aggressive America. But situation soon changed. 

The  American State Department changed tactics from involving CIA in wars for changing regimes, and inventing Human Rights, R2P, NGOs, and has roped in the UN Human Rights Commissioner herself a Tamil,  in its new war against developing countries by directly entering into the scene with bombs and artillery and subterfuge the UN Security council to declare war against countries.

Hillary Clinton said that all rebels cannot be put into the same basket as terrorists. Thereafter only those who took up arms against USA and its allies were the terrorists for the American State Department,  the rest were rebels  or freedom fighters. The result is the turning cities in to rubble not caring  for the ensuing deaths of civilians, we saw it in Iraq, Afghanistan ,Serbia and Libya.

USA and its allies  befriended the armed dissenters of the Gaddafi administration in Bengazi as rebels and secretly armed them,  and followed up by sending NATO Forces to bomb Libya.  USA was ready to start a  similar disaster against, Syria which was stopped with the timely intervention of Russia.   They were preparing such aggression against Iran and North Korea.  They helped the dissenters in Egypt and Tunisia to oust the leaders, and creating chaos in those countries

Now it has become the turn of Sri Lanka  to receive the wrath of the USA State Department, for eliminating the terrorists-( the American State Department’s Freedom fighters) without consulting the American State Department.  Sri Lanka for USA is a strategic land mark to control the rising power of China and Russia and to keep them under surveillance.  But Sri Lanka is neither Syria nor Libya therefore USA has to use other methods to bring Sri Lanka to its knees.

Therefore , if Sri Lanka does not subordinate itself USA only means to force subjugation is using  a Tamil ethnic problem and inform the world that Sri Lanka’s elimination of terrorism was a discrimination against the Tamil ethnic Community to which the terrorists belonged.  Therefore USA hopes to rally all countries against Sri Lanka and move a resolution against Sri Lanka for violation of human rights and war crimes.

Barrack Obama’s band of footsloggers the Ambassadors-at-Large Stephen Rapp, Catherine Russell,  Assistant Secretary of State Nisha Desai Biswal came to Sri Lanka assisted by Michele J. Sison the USA Ambassador in Sri Lanka to  sniff around looking for people willing to give false evidence against the  Government and its Armed Forces.  They found an ideal person in the wife of a former terrorist, na¯ve and in eager to impress the white Americans, and seem to have found her version of the terrorist war more acceptable than that of the Government or the President.

 USA State Department then produces those unsubstantiated evidence as factual evidence against Sri Lanka without  producing the witnesses claiming that if their identity is made known they will be prosecuted by the government.  But in respect to the host country, the visiting “dignitaries” and the Ambassador have to present the witnesses  and allow them  to be cross examined by Sri Lanka before their statements are accepted  as evidence against Sri Lanka or its Armed Forces.

 But nothing of the sort has been done and the Darusman Report which was originally a report  prepared for the information of the UN Secretary General Ban Ki Moon is presented as an official document with the condition that the names of the witnesses would be disclosed only  after 20 years.  This is a complete travesty of justice by the USA and their Western allies. 

 USA, EU and all international  reactionary Forces are up against a small country Sri Lanka, which has  no nuclear ambition,  which is not preparing a marine forces  to commence an international warfare, or amassing arms of mass destruction.   

 But only thing Sri Lanka has done is to eliminate a group of terrorists that made the people of the country suffer for 30 long years.  It is now desirous of developing the country and make the people live happily in peace. Is that a crime  ?

 Does that necessitate USA and its allies to rake up the past and investigate what happened  five years ago in the course of the elimination of a ruthless group of terrorists.

 It is evident that USA which is not a constructive force but a destructive force is  now on the war path against Sri Lanka not because of its great love for the Tamil Community, and not because it has any valid evidence against human rights violation or war crimes, but because a divided Sri Lanka would make it more convenient  for America to set up a marine base for its Pacific Fleet.  The Tamils do not understand this and provide means for America’s Agenda to check-mate China and Russia. 

 That is the reason for the USA Resolution which is to be moved against Sri Lanka at the UNHRCouncil Sessions in Geneva in March,2014.  The resolution is evidence of that Agenda on which USA and its allies are moving the resolution against Sri Lanka  

 The last clause no. (5) of the USA  resolution against Sri Lanka is which lets the cat out of the bag. 

 The real reason for the resolution  is to: calls upon the President to develop a comprehensive policy towards Sri Lanka that reflects United States interests, including respect for human rights, democracy and the rule of law, economic interests, and security interests. It is another way to tell Sri Lanka that is a small country and it is best that it kneels before the greater power of USA , EU and its Allies.

 The resolution demands:

(1)commends the representatives of the United States on their leadership on United Nations Human Rights Council Resolution (UNHRC) 22/1, adopted by the UNHRC on March 21, 2013, which promotes reconciliation and accountability in Sri Lanka;

(2)calls on the United States and the international community to establish an independent international accountability mechanism to evaluate reports of war crimes, crimes against humanity, and other human rights violations committed by both sides during and after the war in Sri Lanka;

(3)urges the Government of Sri Lanka to allow unimpeded access for media, international aid agencies, and human rights groups into all regions of the country, as well as to detention sites that may hold political and war prisoners;

(4)urges the Government of Sri Lanka to end its media restrictions, including the obstacles to the flow of information in the North and East, and bring to justice those responsible for attacks on journalists and newspaper offices; and

(5)calls upon the President to develop a comprehensive policy towards Sri Lanka that reflects United States interests, including respect for human rights, democracy and the rule of law, economic interests, and security interests.

I appeal to the delegates who will be at the UNHRCouncil Sessions in Geneva, next  March  not to give into global power politics to make of the developing countries Satellite States of the USA power block, and sell their Sovereignty to USA and its Allies in fear of their threats, or for their promises which they do not keep.  

 I appeal to  the  respectful Delegates to vote against the US resolution against Sri Lanka.   

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