A Damning Indictment
Posted on March 12th, 2014

Ira de Silva London, Canada

The Island
Colombo, Sri Lanka

Dear Sir:

Former Indian Union Law Minister R. Jethmalani has confirmed that the late Prime Minister Indira Gandhi created the LTTE. Sri Lanka knows this as must any other country that has a passing interest in this region. However what is being ignored in the west is that while India was responsible for creating the LTTE and provided support throughout the decades of LTTE terrorism in Sri Lanka, the western countries who are so vocal about being against terrorism and human rights abuses, also supported the LTTE terrorists who conducted their campaigns to fund the LTTE and promote their terrorism from their countries. Therefore, it is not just India that is responsible for LTTE terrorism but all those western countries who permitted the LTTE to establish offices, even LTTE headquarters and other support systems by which millions were collected and used to buy weapons, bombs and other material for the LTTE to kill thousands in Sri Lanka. Also, let us not forget the role of these same countries to provide political support and make every effort to establish the LTTE as an “equal” in any negotiations which  they undertook supposedly to solve the terrorist problem. They were always against Sri Lanka and in favour of the LTTE. By their actions, support and propogating the myth that the LTTE could not be defeated so must be given what they demanded, they elevated the LTTE terrorist organization to parity with the GOSL. .

The Union Minister also states that “Indira wanted some force inside Sri Lanka to safeguard Indian interests’. Today there is an Indian “force” inside Sri Lanka in the form of the TNA who by their own admission were and are the LTTE.  Statements from the Northern Provincial Council together with the TNA Members of Parliament confirm this and the constant journeys to India by them to get support for their goals of separation  prove that Indian meddling is not only continuing but envisages the same goal as the LTTE when initially created. It is useless to ask what moral right India has to raise “accountability” issues in Geneva because by it’s actions India has proven that it has no morality or integrity. If India believed in accountability why has India not set up an investigation and accounted for the gross violation of human rights during the operation of the IPKF in Sri  Lanka? There is ample evidence and proof even from India that the IPKF killed thousands, there were 4000 rapes documented and the shining example of the attack on the Jaffna hospital where, without any hesitation, they killed doctors, nurses, hospital workers and patients. Even now, should there be an investigation, there would certainly be a damning indictment on the armed forces and politicians of India. Where is India’s accountability when one considers the gross violation of human rights that India is perpetrating on its own people? What accountability does India show in it’s relations with  neighbouring countries? India is just following the dictates and example of the so-called world leaders who are neither accountable, transparent or democratic in their own adventures throughout the globe all in the name of getting rid of terrorism.

Certainly Mrs. Gandhi had help in creating the LTTE and the members of the Indian armed forces who set up bases, trained the LTTE as well as the politicians who provided the funds are alive and well. They are clearly accountable as are those in Sri Lanka who supported and still support the LTTE, both politicians NGO;s and INGO’s. Further, there are those LTTE leaders in the west who openly funded the LTTE and still support the LTTE, have created Eelam governments in exile etc. who should be accountable and prosecuted because they are violating the laws of the countries where they are citizens. Also there are prominent members of the LTTE such as Adele Balasingham who led terrorist activities, is responsible for thousands of deaths and is now living a comfortable life in the U.K. supported by LTTE funds with the full knowledge and approval of the British Government. If Mr.Cameron is so concerned about Sri Lanka and accountability for crimes, why has not set an example and prosecuted Adele Balasingham? If India the U.S. and U:K. had any principles and believed in accountability, they should practice what they preach and take action against these individuals living in their countries who are their citizens. Only then will they establish any credibility in their calls for accountability from Sri Lanka. That is not going to happen because the politicians in these countries are beholden to the LTTE supporters for funding their political parties and the promise of votes at elections.

The damning indictment therefore is against not only India but the U.K. the U.S. Canada, and the EU who claim that they are the “international community” know what is best for the rest of the world, are fighting a global war against terrorism causing millions of deaths but, in the case of Sri Lanka, are themselves “terrorist “promoters.
Yours truly,

Ira de Silva
London, Canada

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  1. Fran Diaz Says:

    Ira, thank you for this analysis.


    COLD WARS makes fools of innocent countries. COLD WARS justify use of innocent country soil for international infighting for political and economic ideologies. COLD WARS lead to actual wars causing death and destruction to millions.

    Actual World Wars I&II caused nearly 100 Million to die. What have learnt from all those Wars ? Have we learnt nothing ?

    Where is Humanity headed ? To self destruction and destruction of life on Earth, or self governance & growth with honor and dignity for all ?

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