Security threat to Sri Lanka! Is it’s a US Plot or being Hatched? The missing Malaysian flight search entering Indian ocean.
Posted on March 14th, 2014

mahinda – 

With the latest outcome as a result of search efforts being extended to Indian ocean where Sri Lanka and its ocean is fully within the circle of the suspected Aircraft path demarcated by the CIA / Pentagon and other experts.
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At a time Sri Lanka is facing HR and War Crimes threat at the instigation of USA and West and amidst the news on USA a seeking a Military base in (S.E.A.) Sri Lanka, it is worth being inquisitive and alerted as to what is taking place in the Indian ocean around Sri Lanka!
This could be used as a plot to place and hatch catalysts useful for USA a West to manipulate the region to torment Sri Lanka which may include from planting surveillance equipment, deep ground explosive materials to create disasters, monitoring equipment of Naval and Military movements, Possible culturing of materials detrimental to ocean and life in long terms and incursion of military and combat Naval vessels in the name of search of missing flight in short term. Such manipulations may be intended to create fear psychosis on Chinese presence here and we now have to suspect how India will share any such opportunity with USA.
The disappearance of the Malaysian flight itself is a mystery that could be looked at in various angles in the nature of the events being unfolded daily basis with different comments of what happened to the flight?
The Flight comprised of over 150 pax of Chinese / Taiwan BUDDHISTS as per our understanding and the suspicion of Turkmenistan Muslim Terror threats cannot be left behind, but the same time we should be vigilant to be careful of what is going to happen in our backyard where giant conspirators of CIA, FBI and other notorious monsters who are going to come in.
It is extremely difficult to explain and write in length of all possibilities, but this a matter to the security heads and establishments in particular and Govt. of Sri Lanka in general to attend immediately, efficiently and swiftly with preventive means and optimum vigilance, simply because this could be another Trojan horse!

8 Responses to “Security threat to Sri Lanka! Is it’s a US Plot or being Hatched? The missing Malaysian flight search entering Indian ocean.”

  1. Marco Says:

    Wow! mahinda
    the captain was looking for MRIA, he saw far too many Elephants in the periphery so he took a de-tour.
    Mind boggling!

  2. Lorenzo Says:

    What if a hijacked plane is dropped on Wellawatta where people literally live on top of each other?

    Sam-bund-an, Sumanithiran, ALL TNA racists are living in Wellawatta with their FAT FAMILIES.

    (Oh! It was heading to land in Ratmalana airport just 3 km away but..)

  3. Lorenzo Says:

    A Tam-ill by the name SUBRAMANIAN PUSPANATHAN has been on flight MH370.

    He should be investigated for POSSIBLE terrorism.

    Tamils have destroyed over 10 passenger planes. The HIGHEST by ANY terrorist group since Vietnam war.

  4. Lorenzo Says:

    In 1983 SL’s Upali’s jet had disappeared under suspicious circumstances.

    L35 A Lear Jet took off from Kuala Lumpur at 8:41 p.m. on Februrary 13, 1983, en route to Colombo. Disappeared 15 minutes after take off.

    KL is getting notorious for disappearing planes!!

    According to new reports MH370 was also heading towards the Endian ocean.

    Both disappeared over ANDAMAN ISLANDS where there are Endian air force and navy bases.

  5. Nanda Says:

    Mattala Airport welcomes any plane. People may be having a good time in Yala area.

    Jokes aside, I believe this is a plot of USA. They sure have used Subramanium to hijack the plane to Diego Garcia. They want to create tension between China and Malaysia and start unrest in Malaysia.

  6. Christie Says:

    CIA or FBi who cares as long as it is not the Third Eye. It was the Third Eye in the case of Upali’s dissapearance. On the first annivesary of Upali’s death a leading terrorist said over his radio broadcast thet the Sinhala Buddhist of the island nation are waiting for the return of Upali. This terrorist was living in the West and he migrated there from Malaysia. He has been felicitated with the highest order of the Indian terrorist arm branded Tamil Tigers “Mahamathiar”.

  7. Sooriarachi Says:

    Latest report released by the Malaysian Prime Minister, states that the plane’s communication system had been deliberately switched off by someone and the plane flown for another 7 hours, in a westerly and then North Westerly direction. So far only a single satellite had detected this, and none of the other sophisticated systems operated in various nations had detected its flight. Where is this big plane that travelled undetected? Landed on the Himalaya’s and the passengers safe? Wishful thinking!

    As for American intervention in Sri Lanka, we will know it when the Americans arrange some anti government demonstrations in Sri Lanka, and then get a few of them killed by snipers and announce to tell the world, “the regime is killing their own people”. This is the technique they have been using in recent times, as in Libya, Syria Ukraine, Venezuela etc. So let us hope such a statement will never be released by any hostile nation.

  8. helaya Says:

    I was thinking about this. If the Tamil terrorist was there I think they hijacked the plane and landed somewhere and may use later to fly into presidential palace in Sri Lanka. SL government must increase the air traffic surveillance and take measures to safeguard Sri Lanka. Sri Lanka must take this matter seriously.

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