TNA claims French support for US Resolution against Sri Lanka
Posted on March 15th, 2014

Mahinda Gunasekera

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March 15, 2014

The Editor
Daily Island Newspaper
Colombo, Sri Lanka

Dear Editor,

TNA claims French support for US Resolution against Sri Lanka

I refer to the news report filed by Shamindra Fernando on the subject published in your edition of March 14, 2014, and wish to comment as follows:

TNA Chairman of the Northern Provincial, Mr. C.V.K. Sinagnanam’s claim after meeting with the visiting French ambassador in Jaffna that France was supporting the proposed
US resolution against Sri Lanka is probably an attempt to boost the flagging morale of the extremist Tamil lobby.  They are apparently losing hope of imposing an external probe
on Sri Lanka’s conduct during and after the armed conflict against the internationally designated terrorist movement known as the LTTE, their erstwhile heroes.  France being
a key member of the EU will not make any announcement of a French position without a firm decision of the regional grouping.

Sivagnanam’s complaint about the Sri Lanka Army hindering reconciliation and causing difficulties by occupying civilian owned lands is another red herring. He has failed to
recognize the valiant efforts of the Army to de-mine the land of LTTE planted landmines and IEDs to make the area safe for IDP resettlement, and other services in building houses, schools, kovils, medical facilities and vast improvements to essential infrastructure. The army has since returned lands occupied during the time of the conflict except for lands in the vicinity of the Palaly base, where previously the LTTE infiltrated to shoot down aircraft on the downward descent to land at the airstrip.  These lands which were taken over for security reasons over 20 years ago cannot be returned for reasons stated. The owners of land have been provided with compensation and given alternate lands for
their use.

The Minister of Health of NPC, Mr. Sathyalingam’s complaint about the dearth of doctors and Education Minister Gurukularajah’s lament about the shortage of Math and English teachers are not problems restricted to the northern province, but experienced in other regions of the country as well, except perhaps the better developed western province.
The issue of malnutrition affecting the schooling of children is not just confined to the north, but seen in several places including Thantirimale, Kumbuk Oya in outlying areas
of Matale district.  We also have the major problem of Chronic Kidney Disease of multi- factorial causes afflicting about 2.5 million people in the NCP, South, Moneragala area,
etc., where an average of 13 males aged between 30 and 60 are dying each day. What is needed is not a confrontational TNA controlled NPC but a cooperative one that will
join with the Centre to find workable solutions with the limited resources available to the nation.

Yours sincerely,

Mahinda Gunasekera

2 Responses to “TNA claims French support for US Resolution against Sri Lanka”

  1. Mr. Bernard Wijeyasingha Says:

    This is a tenuous move by France to join in the cabal of nations to take the moral high ground to accuse Sri Lanka of human rights abuses. France is a nation replete with massive abuses of human rights.

    -When France tested her thermonuclear bombs she used the Bimini islands for that test. The people of the Bimini islands were summarily taken away from their ancestral homelands as France used their homelands to test her Hydrogen bombs and by doing so obliterated those islands and obliterated centuries of the culture of the Bimini people. To date the UNHRC has completely ignored this terrible act by Paris.

    -During the Algerian and Moroccan rise for independence French troops commited numerous acts of brutal genocide. The French government was relentless in trying to crush the secessionist movement of these nations and by doing so far exceeded the definition of human rights violations.

    -Before the US entered the Vietnam war it was the French who fought against the Vietnamese. Failing to achieve their goal of crushing the nascent independence movement the French handed it over to the US whose own military actions included the use of chemical weapons including Agent Orange and Napalm upon the Vietnamese countryside indiscriminately killing the forests, the people, the wild life and the people. This “scorch and burn” policy failed and the US lost.

    -France continued her brutal suppression across all her Colonial holdings in South East Asia to Africa and to date the UNHRC has not lifted a finger against Paris.

    -Within France the treatment or rather the maltreatment of immigrants from her former colonies continues unabated. whatever accusation the UNHRC committee is now “willing” to charge the US has been done by the French and in many ways the acts of the French government surpass in brutality and genocide that of the modern US military. France is in no moral position to take any stand on Sri Lanka.

  2. Mr. Bernard Wijeyasingha Says:

    Correction: “…indiscriminately killing the forests, the people, the wild life and the Vietnamese soldiers”

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