SLMC Joins TNA in Discrediting Sri Lanka at the UNHRC
Posted on March 16th, 2014

Dilrook Kannangara

SLMC is part of the government coalition. However, it always undermines the government and the nation due to its allegiance and association with Middle Eastern extremist cults. It does this while enjoying the perks of being part of the ruling coalition. It is high time the ruling party made a decision to expel the double agents of the SLMC and cut down on the myriad of perks showered on them.

 SLMC – a History of Allegiance with Terror and Separatism
SLMC came to prominence in the 1980s as Tamil terrorists attacked Muslims. It came to secret understandings with Tamil terrorists in the East. Until 1994, SLMC stayed with the UNP government. But sensing defeat of the UNP it changed sides. It landed in hot water when its secret deal with the LTTE was exposed by the UNP in the lead up to the 1994 General Election. As part of the PA government (1994 to 2001), SLMC made further inroads into corruption, separatism and extremism. Lucrative ministerial portfolio of ports fell under the then SLMC leader. In 2001 Rauf Hakeem declared two separate Muslim states in the East. Resultantly he was sacked from the Cabinet. He quickly joined the UNP. When UNP came to power in 2001, he won a lucrative ministerial portfolio. During the 2004 General Election and 2005 Presidential Election, SLMC remained with the UNP but soon crossed over for the greed of perks and ministerial portfolios into the UPFA camp.
However, SLMC antics continued. Following a Tamil massacre of Muslims in the East in 2007, the SLMC leader maliciously blamed the STF for it. It was despite the revelation by a surviving victim that the attack was carried out by Tamils. Clashes erupted between Muslim extremist groups and the police.
Further acts of extremism and separatism were instigated by the SLMC. In 2010 SLMC joined the Fonseka camp. While it is their choice to align with any party, the conduct of SLMC shows extreme greed, opportunism and total lack of self-respect.
Latest Act of Treason
As minister of justice, the SLMC leader manipulated the Law College entrance exam to pass hundreds of his party loyalists into the College. He followed TNA in discrediting the nation among UNHRC members. Saudi Arabia became a UNHRC member in 2014. Wasting no time Hakeem and his band of SLMC extremists compiled anti-Sri Lankan material and sent to the Saudi government urging it not to support Sri Lanka at the March 2014 Geneva session. SLMC representations to the Saudi government allege attacks on mosques, businesses owned by Muslims and impunity for the culprits. However, he fails to mention that law took its cause over all these events. By his act of treason, the SLMC has proven yet again that it is anti-Sri Lankan.
Certain SLMC leaders have threatened to take the path of violence and terrorism which warrants serious attention by defence authorities. SLMC is also pressurising moderate Muslim politicians to join its campaign. According to its own declaration SLMC considers it to be the sole representative of Muslims which is absurd.
Government Must Act
However, instead of acting against the SLMC, the government seems to use NFF and JHU as cat’s paws to humiliate the SLMC. This is counter productive as it can lead to clashes and ethnic tension. SLMC leader is still the minister of justice. He should be removed from his post forthwith. Continuing with this group of opportunistic extremists causes more damage and threatens peace.

4 Responses to “SLMC Joins TNA in Discrediting Sri Lanka at the UNHRC”

  1. Lorenzo Says:

    Well said.

    Hope GOSL has a backbone.

    Otherwise there will be MORE CLOWNS at the UNHRC 2016.

    First it was only AI. Then AI + NGOs + TNA. Then AI + NGOs + C4 + TNA + NPC.

    Next SLMC, etc. and possibly JVP, TGTE, DMK and UNP too.

    If a govt. MINISTER says these things it has CLOUT.

  2. Nanda Says:

    “SLMC leader is still the minister of justice. He should be removed from his post forthwith.”

    I believe MR is waiting until the UNHRC vote finished.

    If a “government minister” petitioned Saudi murderers, get rid of Government or get rid of the Minister.
    Mistake is 2 fold.

    1. Betrayal asking a third party to force gov.
    2. Asking a murderer for help to go against own gov.( If the murderer helped voluntarily TO THE gov, without conditions it is OK )


  3. Sooriarachi Says:

    Someone had commented in another website that SLMC’s Hakeem, TNA’s Sampanthan, UNP’s Munasinghe and that NGO Mano Ganeshan are back stabbers, with which I agree fully. To this list I would add, Wigneswaran, Emmanual, Chandrika and Ranil, though not as bad as Hakeem and others.
    They certainly are beyond rehabilitation to make them patriotic citizens of Sri Lanka.
    If one reads Hakeems list of incidents against Muslims, the trivia he has recorded to make his count of incidents large, is really laughable, as one could have many folds of such incidents in countries like the USA, UK and every other nation.
    In our younger days we mixed easily with Muslims, Tamils and Burgers and teased each other with sayings like, ‘Sinhalaya modaya Kavun Kanna Yodaya’ or ‘lansi gethera banku kakula, mama yana kota mesa kakula’ or ‘ Thambige Thopiya bambuwa wage, thambi natana kota sembuwa wage’ etc etc.
    However, today I am afraid, if one sings the “Thambige thoppiya…. ‘ I believe, Hakeem will note it as another incident of harassment of muslims and add it to his list of complaints for Navi Pillay.

  4. Sunil Mahattaya Says:

    It is mind boggling as to why Mr. President had any faith in Hakeem and also why he granted cabinet posts to him as well as his predecessor the former leader of the Muslim Party now retired or no longer active due to the back stabbing of Hakeem it is believed. Does not take rocket science to see through Hakeem’s deception although one wonders if this is the Presz’s way of appeasing all ethnicities although he has apparently made a bad choice in the case of Hakeem. He is a traitor even to his own community and an opportunist at every turn.
    Mr. Soori. it was quite refreshing to recall those chants of our childhood you have quoted here although you seem to have missed out “Relpare mama yanakota kadala badinawa, kadala tikak illuwaham Demala baninawa! these memories certainly invoke a felt need towards the coming together of all ethnicities towards national unity and ethnic harmony which would probably revive all the tolerances we had towards other ethnicities during our day.

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