The UNHRC Intimidations Of Sri Lanka Based On Navi Pillai’s Recommendations As Well As Channel 4 Orchestrated Presentations Et Al, Invalid As They Portray Bias.
Posted on March 21st, 2014

LankaWeb Weekly Editorial,

March 21st.  2014
Despite the  harsh accusations against Sri Lanka at the UNHRC Summit there remains a very salient reality that the accusers seem to have it all wrong.  They appear to be playing to the sensitivities of a world that knows  little or nothing about the realities of what transpired in Sri Lanka beyond what has been cleverly cooked up  and distorted beyond acceptance by those who know first hand about the troubles during the nearly three decade long internal armed insurrection of the Tamil Tigers which was legitimately put down by the Government’s Armed Forces.
It is almost astoundingly bold on the part of these accusers none of whom seem to know their rears from their snouts  towards all the issues related although they dare to take up the chorus of the  Tamil Tiger sympathetic Diaspora and the rest of their associates including the TNA as well as certain Tamil Nadu sycophants who stop at nothing to bring the Government of Sri Lanka to disrepute in the eyes of the world.
While there are  multi faceted observations by many credible sources about the reason for all the hooing and haaing of the USA and the bandwagon it has created to fingerpoint at Sri Lanka sans the factual, verifiable and tangible proof of the accusations needed which are hence interpreted ( purportedly by some ) as conspiratorial towards their own ends as believed where some of the observations point predominantly to the USA seeking to partition Sri Lanka to be of military advantage to them apart from taking up the entreaties of Tamil Tiger sympathetic sources which compelled by the Tamil Diaspora appear to have a strong albeit baseless hold on USA reckoning about what they believe as wrongdoings on the part of Sri Lanka.
Then there are also the speculations about other anomalies such as heavy finances and block votes as a backfrop towards the coercing which has set off all the consternation experienced by Sri Lanka also continuing to maintain justification of her actions as necessary and not evil if viewed thus by the blinkered lot calling for censure!!
Yet another category  emerges as those who pay blind homage contrary to related realities based upon  obligations to the USA  which could jeapordize their best interests if they voted against Sri Lanka regardles of how they feel about it within their consciences which is apathy although all of which in the overall  scheme of things should have no real bearing on the outcome beyond paranoia on the part of a few in doubt as veritably there is nothing anyone could hold against Sri Lanka to prove beyond reasonable doubt that theirs was not a war against terrorism and insurgency fought on legitimate grounds to protect Sovereignity , Territorial Integrity and the safety of her citizens from dangerous terrorists. The headcount of the so called mass killings of civillians are something the Tamil Tigers must surely be better equipped to answer to as the Armed Forces could never be held accountable for terrorist attrocities which the UNHRC is attempting to distort towards its own advantage.The Armed Forces as the world should be made aware of conducted its campaigns within the Geneva Convention although it was not a conventional war and did much more to ensure the safety of innocent civilians contrary to what is being portrayed through inuendo and at times blatant falsehoods.
Any international Tribunal overviewing calls to take punitive action against Sri Lanka which the USA / Navi Pillai/ Channel 4 Bandwagon and the rest of Sri Lanka’s adversaries appear hell bent about, is expected within reason, to identify Sri Lanka’s position and stance being legitimate and justified relative to the real crimes against humanity that history as well as current global occurences attest to.
Furthermore there are so many loopholes in the accusations relative to numbers, dates, locations and other vitally important statistics which have been blatantly distorted that it would seem highly inlikely that any authority in a capacity to mete out justice if called upon to do so based on what is being presented as testimony would give it a second glance as the bias and conflicts of interest appear to be as clear as crystal where no laments have been made or presented  on behalf of the real injured parties who truly suffered at the hands of the  Tamil Tiger terrorists which is a grim irony. These include not only the Sinhalese and other ethnicities but also the Tamils many of whom were also subjugated by the terrorists some of who have already come forward with their own first hand evidence and are continuing to do so albeit sporadically for fear of reprisals.
They  would be doing themselves as well as Sri Lanka a good turn if they came forward in one voice without fear of reprisals to testify in favour of Sri Lanka and confounded what seems tantamount to a wasted effort on the part of the Nation’s critics who need to be stifled permanently on the basis that it is Sri Lanka’s bounden right to deal with matters which pose security threats with clear cut evidence to justify what Sri Lanka did to overcome the Tamil Tiger terrorists!
Therefore, when relative to all these ~ as quoted from a media report
“Sri Lanka  has claimed that most of the 47 member countries of the UN Human Rights Council are under pressure to back a tough US-sponsored resolution that has called for an international probe into alleged rights abuses during the country’s war with Tamil Tiger rebels”  there is cause enough to conclude that there is much bias and coercion by all the wrong sources towards the actions and recommendations where Sri Lanka needs to stand her ground towards the justification of actions taken thus far towards restoring the nation to what it is today, one of tranquility and progress where all citizens feel comfortable and are accommodated within their inherant and constitutional right.
 Perhaps the USA, Navi Pillai, Channel 4 and the rest of what now seems to be quite a motley crew laced in bias, should attempt to draw analogies to Sri Lanka with Hitler’s Germany, Pol Pot’s Cambodia, Saddam Hussein’s Iraq, Pinnochet’s Chile, Al Quaeda, Rwanda, Syria and many other villainous sources that suppressed and destroyed Nations and their peoples, inflicting horrendous sufferings on them where the motley crew would fail miserably, as in the case of Sri Lanka it has been to the contrary where in a precedent setting manner the Sri Lankan Administration under its present President has restored the Nation and delivered it towards the well being and best interests of all her citizens and continues to do do! 

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