The Supreme Court of Canada: Marc Nadon case
Posted on March 22nd, 2014

Asoka Weerasinghe Kings Grove Crescent . Gloucester . Ontario . Canada

22 March 2014

Hon. John Baird, PC, MP, Minister of Foreign Affairs, Government of Canada
Hon. Deepak Obhrai, MP, Parliamentary Secretary to the Minister of Foreign Affairs
Hon. Lynne Yelich, MP, Minister of State for Foreign Affairs
House of Commons, Ottawa, Ontario.

Dear John and Deepak and Lynne:

What do you know!   Today’s Ottawa Citizen’s front page says, “Nadon ruling latest blow to PM.  Tories left scrambling after Supreme Court rejects nominee.”   Page B7 says, “Supreme Court’s Nadon ruling hits like an earthquake.”

It not only hit your Conservative government like an earthquake, it also opened up fissures showing you lot to have been arrogant, politically-vulgar and being the senior Commonwealth family bully, when you made your comments about Sri Lankan Government’s impeaching their Supreme Court Chief Justice saying that it was constitutionally illegal. This incident was one of the reasons why Prime Minister Stephen Harper boycotted the Commonwealth Summit in Sri Lanka last November.  Wow! Man, this is heavy stuff!!

You know what, John, and Deepak and Lynne, Sri Lanka’s President Mahinda Rajapaksa, who himself is a Human Rights lawyer must be laughing his guts out  at all of you, as if he had inhaled some ‘Produced in Canada’ laughing gas ”  wagging his finger saying  “what a ‘We are Holier than Thou’ prissy lot you are.”

I listened to lawyer Rocco Gallati on CBC radio last evening on this subject.  He sounded as cool as a container of Rocco Gallati Icecream, when he said as reported in the Ottawa Citizen, “When I started this I was  very, very clear and convinced that I was right and that  this was as clear as a bell to me.”

“I just regret the fact the government can make a subversive mess of our Constitution at it’s  got to be a private citizen like me ” at my own expense, this has cost me a lot of money, my own time, energy and money; I’m not getting any of that back ” to clean up what?” said Galati.

“To clean up the mess of the subversive government that doesn’t want to respect the Constitution,” Galati said.

What?  “To clean up the mess of the subversive government that doesn’t want to respect the Constitution” according to Galati.  Well, this is  High Octane amazing stuff!

Now that we all know that you Conservatives have been unfair and brutal on Sri Lanka, just because you guys want the Greater Toronto Area Tamil votes in the 2015 federal elections, and  now that you have been exposed as a bunch of Humbugs and fallen flat on your faces, it is time that you come down your high horses, and mind your own business without poking your fingers in Sri Lanka’s internal affairs.

The time has come for Canada to give Sri Lanka it’s much earned Peace a Chance,   and say, “sorry our Tamils friends, we cannot do it any more for you guys.  We are tripping all over and looking like a bunch of dunce-capped fools getting involved in Sri Lanka’s internal affairs, which we really know sweet-nothing about.”


Asoka Weerasinghe

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  1. Mr. Bernard Wijeyasingha Says:

    Regarding “internal affairs” just after the US let loose her first salvo of limited sanction on selected Russian citizens the DRUDGE Report had several articles highlighting secessionist movements in the NATO nations. 1) Great Britain: Scotland’s long standing demand to secede from England got head line news. If Scotland does break away from Great Britain it would be a massive blow to the UK and the Pound. It will also create a new military force separate from the UK and damage Great Britain’s economy. This is but a few issues that would surface. The logistics of an independent Scotland would be far ranging in scope and depth. An independent Scotland would also have a new immigration program that may not be as liberal in taking in foreign refugees. Those already in Scotland may choose to emigrate out to what remains of the UK.

    In Canada the separatist movement of Quebec too front and center stage. Canada being another NATO member and a regular signature to human rights motions against Sri Lanka has a lot to lose if Quebec becomes independent. Canada would immediately lose her Eastern seaboard coast except for the very north. Quebec at 600 thousand odd square miles is practically a peninsula which has significant strategic implications. Culturally it would emerge as the largest French speaking nation in the world with relatively untapped natural resources. Unlike what is left of Canada the new nation of Quebec would have her own immigration regulations that may not recognize Sri Lankan Tamil refugees or other ethnic immigrants in her immigration policies.

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