Jayalalitha’s Threat
Posted on March 23rd, 2014

Ira de Silva London, Canada

The Editor
The Island
Colombo, Sri Lanka
Dear Sir:
India does not want Chinese ships to enter it’s waters to help  search for the missing Malaysian plane while every other country is doing what they can to help in the search. This typifies Indian attitude to the other countries in the region, namely that India does not care two pins about their problems, lacks humanity while making a song and dance about human rights abuses,  which shows the world the true face of India – that of an aggressive, inhumane, regional bully.
Since independence, India has tried to replace the British in treating Sri Lanka as if were it’s colony. It is a sad indictment of successive Sri Lankan governments that it has not recognized India’s aggression and continued to consider India as a “friend”. The result is that today Sri Lanka is paying the price. The country has suffered for thirty years because of India’s colonialist approach, aggression and support of terrorism.  India was the cause of thousands of deaths in Sri Lanka, a fact which India wears as a badge of honour as did the British in colonial times. It’s attitude towards the search of the Malaysian plane personifies it’s inhumanity in the face of another’s adversity and a callousness reminiscent of colonial times. 
Jayalilitha’s attitude regarding Sri Lanka goes many steps further than the attitude of the Union Government. It is one of outright hostility, arrogance and a complete disregard of international norms of behaviour towards towards Sri Lanka which she considers as India’s colony and therefore believes that she can “rule” Sri Lanka, exploit it’s resources to make Tamil Nadu wealthy and “govern” Sri Lanka from India.  While claiming to be so concerned about the rights of the Sri Lankan Tamils, she consistently seeks to deprive these same Tamils of their livelihood and threatens the rest of Sri Lanka. Her attitude is mirrored by the weak central Indian government who need Tamil Nadu votes to stay in power. She has the support of the British and the U.S., the British because it too still believes that it has power over it’s former colonies as illustrated by Mr. Cameron’s behaviour during the CHOGM and the U.S., which has for the last hundred years, excelled in covert and overt operations to subjugate countries that it has an interest in controlling, the more recent examples being  Iraq, Afghanistan, Libya and Syria.
Sri Lanka has faced this Indian colonial attitude since independence. The question is why successive Sri Lankan Governments have succumbed to Indian aggression and dictates and keeps up the facade that India is a “friend” when Sri Lankans are well aware that India has never been a friend. Even today, the Sri Lankan government has not publicly acknowledged to the people of Sri Lanka that it knows full well that India, just to emphasise that it is a true friend, will once again vote against Sri Lanka in Geneva on a country specific resolution which type of resolution India has opposed except for Sri Lanka. How many times will Sri Lanka allow India to humiliate the country  with no resistance from Sri Lanka?  By Sri Lanka not accepting that India is no friend, the present  reality  for Sri Lanka is that the U.S. and India have joined together with the U.K. and the E.U., former colonisers, to attempt to re-colonise Sri Lanka, drawing lines on the map of Sri Lanka to create a new country to serve their interests all the while claiming that they are doing so in the best interests of Sri Lanka. It is for Sri Lanka to face this truth and take decisive action, even at this late stage, to protect the territorial integrity and independence of the country.
Yours truly,
Ira de Silva

London, Canada 

3 Responses to “Jayalalitha’s Threat”

  1. Lorenzo Says:

    MR is DEAF and DUMB.

    Unless GR takes over, SL has no future.

  2. Mr. Bernard Wijeyasingha Says:

    To date New Delhi has actively participated in supporting the Tamil Tigers during the 30 year long war. Failing to achieve its goal and failing in the proxy war with Colombo, now New Delhi is actively participating in this mockery of human rights violations based on a video which has never been substantiated and the accusations are selective as they only address the end of the war.

    Since the war ended New Delhi has turned a blind eye to the rise of TESO in Tamil Nadu and stays silent when the current chief Minister Jayalalithaa is demanding a referendum to address the dead issue of Eelam.

    By New Delhi’s silence she gives consent.

    In lieu of this and the fact that India continues her foreign policy of dividing Sri Lanka I would suggest that the Sri Lankan Secret Service give aid and support to the FREEDOM FIGHTERS of Kashmir, Assam, Nagaland, and Khalistan.
    It is not a simple “tit for tat” suggestion. India by her own logistics cannot continue at the pace that she is without balkanizing. Her populations is at an unmanageable 1.3 Billion people with extremely diverse background. and her governments be they the central Government or the state Governments are corrupt

    An example of India’s corruption and the need for to support the balkanizing of India include the fact that India has been the world’s largest recipient of world loans since her independence and to date has little to show for it. Her slums keep growing, 60% of her population live on a dollar per day and the entrenched caste system remains entrenched.

    Why would I propose that Sri Lanka or any of her neighbors be concerned about the many secessionist movements in India? for the same reason New Delhi supported secessionist movements of Pakistan and Sri Lanka in the name of her “concern” for the minorities she in those respective nations.

    Finally a balkanized India will be less of a threat to Sri Lanka on the long term.

  3. Sooriarachi Says:

    Under Jayalalitha’s and Karunanindi’s incitements, the Tamilnadians assaulted Christian and Buddhist Sri Lankan pilgrims, including a Buddhist monk. They banned Sri Lankan sportsman entering Tamilnadu and in fact sent back a touring Sri Lankan School sports team and also banned Sri Lankan IPL cricketers entering Tamilnadu. This showed the violent and stupid childish nature of Tamilnadian leaders.
    Under Indira Ghandi’s regime the Indian Army massacred in cold blood around a thousand Sikhs inside their most sacred Golden Temple. It was this same Indira Ghandi and Tamilnadu’s Karunanidi who got together to train the LTTE terrorists to commit genocide of non-Tamils in the North and East. This showed the immoral, untrustworthy and violent nature of Indian leaders.
    This was the culture adopted by Tamil separatists in Sri Lanka, who initiated every single communal riot in Sri Lanka by assaulting killing innocent Sinhalese in the North and East and thereby provoking the goons to retaliate against innocent Tamils.

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