Reject US Resolution against Sri Lanka
Posted on March 23rd, 2014

By Charles.S.Perera

53, rue du Petit Pont,

93220, Gagny, France,

4 March,2014.

 Honourable Delegate to the 25 Session of the UNHR Council, Geneva,

 Your Excellency,

Please reject the USA Resolution Against Sri Lanka and Let Sri Lanka live in Peace.

 Sovereignty of a nation should be respected under all circumstances. But  the USA and its Allies do not recognise that time honoured democratic principle.  For USA , sovereignty of a developing  country ends when USA decides to intervene into its internal affairs.

 USA known  for its torture camps, killing of  innocent men, women  and  children in drone attacks, for destruction of countries like Afghanistan, Iraq, Libya, through bombardment, has no moral right to present a resolutions at UNHRC against Sri Lanka, which carried out a responsible military operations to eliminate terrorism that caused immense suffering to its people for three decades ? 

 For that matter USA  has no right to include into its resolution against Sri Lanka an International Independent Investigation into Sri Lanka as suggested by Ms.Navi Pillai, which suggestion had been made by her through her own partiality towards the Tamil Terrorists of Sri Lanka-  her distant cousins.

 No war is clean, war against terrorism is the worst,  as terrorists have no legal norms in inflicting terror.

 For USA the terrorists are only those who take up arms against USA and its Western Allies. All those groups taking up arms to terrorise the people of the developing countries, devastating the countryside are for USA and its Western allies, freedom fighters who are in disagreement with the elected governments of the Country.  That offers USA the motivation to step into change regime.

 This was how USA viewed the terrorists of Sri Lanka. The terrorists were kind, friendly ,and respectful towards their Ambassadors, and representatives visiting the areas under their control. Thus all their  assassinations, massacring of innocent people  by explosion of bombs, or by using the terrorist  suicide cadre,  were for USA and its allies normal activities of freedom fighters. 

 In Syria, USA armed and supported the rebels against the Government of Syria, which developed into a situation of utter chaos.  This could have been avoided if there was a timely intervention to bring the warring parties for a dialogue.

 In accepting the terrorists of Sri Lanka as freedom fighters  USA and its allies were assenting their activities of terrorism.  Thereby, USA and its allies became supporters of  terrorism in Sri Lanka.  They aided  and abetted terrorists giving them moral support. 

 A USA Ambassador to Sri Lanka during terrorism – Robert O’Blake, had a close relationship with the terrorists and insisted that the Government of Sri Lanka should find a political solution to end  terrorism and not resort to a military solution. Foreign Secretaries of France and UK met the President during the last phase of military operations against terrorism, to demand  a cease fire.

 But thanks to the Government of the President  Mahinda Rajapakse and the Armed Forces relentless offensive against terrorists Sri Lanka was at last able to end the thirty years of suffering of the people.

 The end of terrorism was a relief to the people of Sri Lanka, but it  awakened  USA to take revenge from the Government of Sri Lanka which refused a political solution, and resorted   to a military solution  to eliminate their “freedom fighters”

 Through whatever pretext ” violation of human rights, need for an International Independent Investigation etc., USA and its allies  are still playing a supportive role to Sri Lanka terrorists, condemning the Sri Lanka Government and its Armed Forces- the victims of the terrorism. In doing so USA and its allies  become equally responsible for the death, murders and massacres perpetrated by the terrorists.

 In to this category falls the UK Channel 4 which prepares faked films and documents implicating the Armed Forces of Sri Lanka for torture and war crimes again in the same supporting role of  the terrorists of  Sri Lanka. It makes UK Channel 4  legally responsible for the terrorism in Sri Lanka.

 USA therefore has no moral right to move a resolution against Sri Lanka at the UNHR Council, and no self respecting country should align with USA to support the resolution  which  would be to  aid and  abet terrorism, and an encouragement for those Sri Lanka terrorists who  escaped in to foreign countries to come back clandestinely to  work for the resurgence of terrorism once again in Sri Lanka.

 This became evident recently when  one of these escaped terrorists J.G.Selvanayagam alias Gopi had returned to Sri Lanka, meeting with the former terrorist sympathisers and distributing handbills in praise of terrorism. The police force that came in search of him was shot at injuring seriously one of the policemen.  This terrorists was staying with a woman  who was a sympathiser of the former terrorists, and  she has been taken in by the police  for interrogation. 

 This man-the escaped terrorist  had been in contact with a Ruki Fernando and Fr.Pravin. These two, persons were also taken by the police  for interrogation. With regard to this UN Commissioner of HR has dare call it a harassment, without taking into consideration the need of Sri Lanka to be vigilant  against any attempt by any one to reactivate terrorism in Sri Lanka. 

 This is why there is a  necessity for the  Sri Lanka Army as a Security Force,  to be present in the North.  

 Honourable Delegate,   Sri Lanka  which has been selected  by USA for passing resolutions against it every year since the elimination of terrorism, has come out of the grip of a ruthless terrorism only recently.  Therefore, Sri Lanka is still not quite safe from the possibility of a resurgence of  terrorism.

 The Honourable Delegate may have noticed the number of  anti- Sri Lanka Tamils who have gathered in Geneva. They represent the Terrorist  Front Agencies in USA, UK, France, Netherland etc.

 A woman  Ms. Anandhi Sridharan who took the floor at the UNHRC as a representative of the Provincial Council of the North of  Sri Lanka, making false allegations condemning the Armed Forces, vigorously opposing their presence in the North, is a wife of a former terrorist.

 Hence it is dangerous Honourable Delegate, to keep accusing Sri Lanka for what happened five years ago in the  course of the elimination of terrorism, as it fans the sparks of terrorism  still lying in the warm ashes it had left behind.

 The USA, UN  and other Western Countries have no idea what Sri Lanka went through for three decades  in almost daily contact with terrorism  uncertain of a bomb blast or a massacre free tomorrow.  Since the end of terrorism, USA and its allies began accusing Sri Lanka, without giving it  enough time to forget that thirty year long  nightmare to  re-organise its future, and reconcile its  Communities

 The USA, its Human Rights Activists and UN has not stopped prying into every aspect of the life of the people of Sri Lanka, inventing stories, making films , and passing “annual”  resolutions against it in the UNHRC.

 Honourable Delegates,  it is time that Sri Lanka is given a reprieve.  Sri Lanka has eliminated terrorism, but the possibility  of a resurgence of it cannot still be ruled out.  Therefore  all efforts have to be made, and precautions taken  to see that  Sri Lanka is not taken by surprise into another round of terrorism.

 UN Commissioner of Human Rights Navi Pillai, has said that , she has a mandate to order for an International Investigation.  May be the office of the Commissioner of Human Rights may have the  right to order an International Investigation, but not Navi Pillai.  The Office is one and the person who holds the office is another.

 Navi Pillai has likes and dislikes, emotions of anger and hatred.  But the Office  of Commissioner of UNHR is abstract without feelings one way or another and would be objective and impartial. We cannot trust Navi Pillai to be that at least when she is investigating in to Tamil Terrorists in Sri Lanka.

 She had said that she had in fact met  Ruki Fernando and Pravin who had met the escaped terrorist Gopi who had clandestinely  returned to Sri Lanka. Hence moving freely in Sri Lanka as the UN Commissioner of Human Rights she seems to have met persons like Ruki Ferenando and Pravin who still keep in  contacts with terrorists who had escaped into foreign countries during the military operations against terrorism.

It has been reported that, ” She(Navi Pillai)  stated with emphasis that when she began the session expressing concern over harassment and detention of human rights defenders, she was specifically speaking of Mr. Ruki and Fr. Pravin whom she had met earlier. She said she was disturbed by the turn of events especially in circumstances when Sri Lanka was facing a resolution critical of human rights and humanitarian law violations. She emphatically denounced the use of the Prevention of Terrorism Acts globally and questioned Sri Lanka’s policies and behavior. ”


 Honourable Delegate,  the UNCHR Ms.Navi Pillai wants Sri Lanka to relax its vigilance to keep the country safe from a resurgence of terrorism during the period USA has presented a  highly questionable resolution against Sri Lanka.  It is a very strange expectation on her part.

 The Prevention of Terrorism Act is all important to Sri Lanka which is not completely safe from a possible resurgence of terrorism.

 We do not know what exactly Ms.Navi Pillai discussed with Mr.Ruki Fernando and Fr.Pravin for her to be disturbed by the turn of events- that is taking these two persons to be questioned by the Police.  That is a normal security measure, in a country which has just come out of the grip of a ruthless terrorism. 

 But Ms.Navi Pillai is probably emphasising it to make the Honourable Delegates believe  that Sri Lanka is harassing ordinary people violating their rights of freedom to act the way they want,  and therefore it confirms the claims made by the US resolution.

 Honourable Delegate,  Sri Lanka  is an old democracy.  It does not discriminate against its people for their race, language or religious beliefs. It was unfortunately under a devastating terrorism for three decades. Finally a President elected in 2005 was determined to eliminate terrorism ,and put an end to the suffering of the people. He successfully  carried out military operations and eliminated terrorism in May,2009.

 The  terrorism was brought to an end at the  cost  of nearly 24,000 lives of military personal alone.  Many innocent civilians, intellectuals, Ministers, politicians from all Communities were murdered and massacred in terrorist bomb explosions, by grenade lobbers or snipers.

 The end of terrorism was a great relief to the people.  It is only after the end of terrorism  that USA and its allies urged by the pro-terrorist expatriate Tamils living in the respective foreign Countries(USA,UK,Canada,Netherland etc.) who had been  contribuing to terrorism in Sri Lanka, began probing into Sri Lanka accusing the Government and its Armed Forces for violation of human rights, and war crimes.

 You may ask Honourable Delegate why the USA and its allies act to please the  Tamils living in these countries ? 

 These Tamils who migrated to these countries in 1980s, are today a considerable number of voters in different constituencies in UK, and Canada.  There are over 300,000 Tamils in UK, many of them living in highly marginal constituencies. They are a floating vote that decides the election of  candidates for the Parliament, therefore the candidates  go all out to win over the Tamil voters. 

 David Cameron, depends  on the expatriate Tamil votes to retain his Parliamentary seat of Whitney. William Hague  from the Parliamentary Constituency of Richmond(York) who depends on the Tamil votes to retain his Parliamentary Seat, proposes setting up a UN backed Sierra Leon  type War Crime Tribunal against Sri Lanka, which is certainly a proposal prompted by the expatriate Tamil Diaspora in UK- his vote bank.  .

 These  expatriate Tamils had formed Sri Lanka Tamil Terrorist Front Agencies, which collected funds on a regular basis to help the Terrorists in Sri Lanka, to by arms and ammunition, and even buy  cargo ships to transport arms.  After the end of terrorism they are left with the Funds they had collected, and continue to collect into their terrorist Account. 

 They are thus able to spend unlimited  amounts of money to carry on a campaign against Sri Lanka with a view to divide the country to set up a separate State for Tamils.  Money attracts not only the poor but also those who hold high Office in Governments, Parliaments, Senates ets. depending on the  size of the sums offered. The Tamil Terrorist Front Organisations are very generous.

 USA too has a considerable number of  expatriate pro terrorists Tamils, who also have their  Sri Lanka Terrorist Front Organisations.  The Tamils fir Obama is known to have contributed to the President Barrack Obama’s Presidential Campaign. The USA State Department has  contacts in the Tamil Diaspora. They dupe the State Department feeding it with false information.

 After elimination of terrorism,  Sri Lanka has begun the much neglected  development of  the country and reconciling the Communities. But these external interference into the country by way of  searching for what happened at the end of the terrorist war five years ago keeps Sri Lanka from its important efforts of reconciliation of  the Communities and  allow the  people  enjoy the peace they have found after thirty years of suffering.

 Therefore, I appeal to the  Honourable Delegate attending the 25 Session of the UNHRC Geneva,  to reject  the  US Resolution against Sri Lanka, without giving into the rising American  Global Dictatorship, which is  deciding the future of Sovereign States from amoung the Developing Countries, changing their regimes, ordering sanctions or trade embargoes.

 Please in the name of Justice Reject US Resolution against Sri Lanka, which only wants to live in  peace after thirty years of suffering

 Yours Respectfully,


42 Responses to “Reject US Resolution against Sri Lanka”

  1. Ananda-USA Says:

    Bravo, Charles!

    Please let me know if I can help in any way with making your effort succeed.

  2. Ananda-USA Says:

    ‘Distorted agenda with political interests behind UNHRC resolution’

    European Parliament member backs Sri Lanka

    By Sujeeva Nivunhella in London
    March 22, 2014, 7:37 pm

    Member of European Parliament, Geoffrey Van Orden said that the proposed resolution against Sri Lanka at the ongoing United Nations Human Rights Council (UNHRC) meeting in Geneva has been tabled with a “political interests with a very distorted agenda”. 

    Orden made this observation during the debate on Resolution on EU Priorities for the 25th Session of UNHRC in the European Parliament last week.

    He said the spotlight has shifted off Zimbabwe, the Ukrainian people of the Crimea – not least the Tatar population, are again subject to bullying oppression. 

    “Thematically, what about victims of terrorism around the world? What about the Christian communities subject to brutal attack in so many countries? What about the continuing African slave trade? Why do we keep picking on Sri Lanka?” he questioned. 

    Orden went on to say, “There is a country that had the courage to deal with the terrorists after 30 years of conflict, which cost thousands of lives and almost brought the country to ruin.

     The government, it seems, hasn’t been forgiven for its success for ending the terrorist occupation of the North of Sri  Lanka, for resettling nearly 300,000 IDPs, for the rehabilitation of nearly 12,000 former LTTE cadres, a massive programme of demining, enabling thousands of acres of land to be brought back into use, the construction of bridges, roads, and schools, re-establishment of the rule of law (with  new police stations and over 1,400 Tamil-speaking police officers), and its own process of Accountability and Reconciliation through the wide-ranging LLRC process, he noted.

     He said that it was a pity that the Tamil Diaspora in European countries do not see for themselves the progress that has been made and join positively in reconstruction and investment in Sri Lanka. 

    “I do not think for a moment that the Government of Sri Lanka has got everything right – why not invite a distinguished outside judge to join the oversight of human rights investigation?, he asked.

    But this Parliament should not continue to be a spokesman of political interests with a very distorted agenda, Orden pointed out.

  3. Lorenzo Says:

    Geoffrey Van Orden knows what he is dealing with. LISTEN TO HIM.

    He served the British army from 1964 to 1985. He held very high positions in NATO including executive secretary until 1995.

    He sees the TERRORISM threat very well.

    Thank you soldier for calling a spade a spade!

    May there be more of his kind.

  4. stanley perera Says:

    Geoffrey Van Orden a man of substance. Thank you very much. People of your type is a vey rare commodity nowadays.

  5. Mr. Bernard Wijeyasingha Says:

    Since the US/NATO are flexing their muscles with Russia and slapping sanctions on Russia including kicking her out of the G8 group (which by the way is a sham since it is supposed to represent the most industrialized nations and does not contain China and now does not contain Russia) and since Russia may retaliate by not using the dollar to do bilateral commercial transactions with the BRICS nations (Brazil, Russia, India, China and South Africa) including other bilateral trade where the Ruble, Yuan or gold is used why not join Russia in dropping the US dollar in selected bilateral trade. It may not make a big impact but it would make a big statement that Sri Lanka does have the capacity to hit the US on the economic front by joining with Russia. The situation in Ukraine has only started and Putin is yet to reply the actions taken by Obama.

  6. stanley perera Says:

    People like Hauge, Cameron and Miliband are English trash.Majority of the English people including Indians are corrupt and disgrace to the mankind. They have become the scum of the world. not forgetting to mention the racist american I mean american with simple “a”.

  7. Nanda Says:

    Most these people are not Sinhala Buddhist.

    Are our buggers, being born as Sinhala Buddhist, who are supposed to keep 4th precept ( don’t lie), call spade is a spade ?
    Our big bugger calling “India is our friend”. When will this liar tell “Indian is not our friend” ?
    I am waiting for that and will yell “Mahinda Saramam Gachchami” if he do so.

  8. Nanda Says:

    Our buggers should know how to bravely protect Sri Lanka, organise the masses, arm to teeth, have everyone joined volunteer forces to be called on anytime, learn how to use weapons and how to set up booby traps etc etc.

    Let those want to conquer come ! Trust me THEY WON’T.

    If our buggers are scared, get out and hand over to someone brave enough to do it in the Army or other forces !
    don’t hang on to the job being greedy of material comfort.

  9. Lorenzo Says:


    In addition SL needs some REAL goodies based on “rasaa” and “jeewa” science stuff.

    SL’s biggest enemies are WITHIN SL.

    Just like Ukraine. Ukraine’s BIGGEST enemies were living within Ukraine. They agitated against Ukraine and brought the Russians down to “protect” them.

    A Ukrainian friend was telling me how they gave subsidised electricity, etc., etc. to Crimea to APPEASE the HIGHLY DEMANDING RUSSIAN MINORITY. They used to tell Ukrainians “you are only LOCAL, we are INTERNATIONAL.”

    Sounds familiar?

    MR is the GREEDIEST leader SL EVER had. NO other leader had their brothers, sons get into parliament and hold powerful ministries WHILE they were ruling.

    Dudley came AFTER DS died. Sajith came AFTER Premathasa died. Sirima came AFTER SWORD died. Ravi Jayawardena came AFTER JR died.

  10. stanley perera Says:

    Time is right now to find a patriotic leader. MR betrayed his loyal buddhist sinhalese. Please guide me to find a suitable replacement. Not Ranil or CBK woman. Not JVP either. Rawana balaya or bodu bala sena may be the right sort. But none of them are ready to lead the country. Sobhitha is somewhat a person to think of being a full buddhist and Sinhalese. I am sick and tired of GoSL’s spin

  11. stanley perera Says:

    Whatever the noise UNRC makes, it is like resolutions against Israel as Sri Lanka is not a signatury to the treaty. Thanks to Ramil W.

  12. Marco Says:

    It is interesting that Geoffrey Van Orden, a member of “Friends of Sri Lanka” notes that

    “I do not think for a moment that the Government of Sri Lanka has got everything right – why not invite a distinguished outside judge to join the oversight of human rights investigation?, he asked.

  13. aloy Says:

    You once said that you work in SL for an NGO having its HQ in Switzerland and I requested for the name. I know it is your right to hide behind a nick name. But for me to know that your comment are credible I still need that name.

  14. Charles Says:


    These international do gooders always want outsiders to meddle into our affairs. They cannot think of no other way to allow Sri Lanka to settle matters. They do not want to recognize that Sri Lanka without their assistance eliminated terrorism.

    Sadly there are those supposed to be patriots who cannot give credit to our leaders who managed to take Sri Lanka forward despite a thirty years of devastation.

  15. Charles Says:

    Ananda USA,

    Thank you Ananda for your comments and encouragement.

  16. Charles Says:


    What really is your problem ? What is wrong the President having his brothers, sons, nephew, or uncles in the government, so long as the people had elected them, . He at least has trusted men and women to work with. The enemies within Sri Lanka are ego centered and unproductive elements, who complain about corruption but waiting for a chance to jump in to make a buck themselves. It is not I , you or others that elect a president and a government but it is the people, if the people do not want them thewiull reject the President and the Government. Perhaps you want to make yourself heard in Geneva. MR is greedy to develop Sri Lanka and make the people happy and peaceful.

  17. aloy Says:

    You have written a letter. Isn’t it good to indicate from where you are writing as is the normal practice. We can assume it is from Melbourne, Toronto or even Temple trees.

  18. Lorenzo Says:


    I call a spade a spade popular or not.

    My problem is MR reversing all the good he did before 2010. He was a god send in 2005 but now it is the opposite.

    You may notice I have not made a BIG fuss about corruption. My worry is NOT corruption but SL. I’m OK with corruption as long as SL is safe.

    I appreciate development and other good BUT these are my SPECIFIC problems.

    1. Why can’t he with 2/3 get rid of 13 amendment.

    2. He MISUSED 2/3 to EXPAND his power and terms. What for?

    3. NPC election was totally UNCALLED FOR. It created VIP enemies of SL. They go to Geneva at MY expense and blame SL.

    4. Why can’t he SACK Hack-him a well known terrorist and anti-SL TRAITOR.

    5. LLRC was another BLUNDER that has come to BITE us.

    6. Endians have INVADED everywhere in SL under MR rule. SL is now run by Endians.

    7. Our DIPLOMATIC SERVICE is full of MR’s relatives! How can they defend SL against a RICH and EDUCATED LTTE RUMP with these jokers?

    8. Kasippu Joseph Goebbels and others are FREE to harm SL and nothing EVER happens to them!

    9. 11,000 TERRORISTS who bombed, killed, etc., etc. are freed but innocents are jailed for petty theft!

    10. Not just Maradana now entire areas of SL EXCEPT NORTH AND EAST are becoming gambling spots. Why we need these crooks now when we didn’t need them during the war?

    11. Displaced non-Tamils not resettled STILL!!

    I challenge anyone to give VALID explanations for the above.

    There is NO better POLITICIAN than MR but that doesn’t mean MR can do whatever he wants.

  19. Lorenzo Says:

    I’m sure your good friend Stanley would agree with me.

  20. Fran Diaz Says:

    Thank you for your tireless efforts, Charles ! With you all the way in your efforts for Peace in Sri Lanka.

    Sri Lanka is coming out of terrible period of strife. Those times of the Cold War (1946-1991) were the worst for Lanka with various foreign countries using Lanka or attempting to use Lanka in the Cold War politics when Lanka was recovering from some 500 yrs Colonial rule. We had little knowledge of what was really happening. At present, thanks to the internet and computers, there is communication and exchange of knowledge happening now. However, I still think it is a wonder that the country is still standing …..

    It is high time that all people of Sri Lankan origin put the past behind and PLAN to Move On to a peaceful and brighter future. The real work to be done will begin only after the UNHRC sessions are over and PLANS ON HOW TO LIVE TOGETHER IN PEACE & PROSPERITY BEGINS.

    We want a UNITARY & PROSPEROUS SRI LANKA, by the People, for ALL the People.

  21. SA Kumar Says:

    We want a UNITARY & PROSPEROUS SRI LANKA, by the People, for ALL the People- all ok except UNITED not UNITARY !

  22. RohanJay Says:

    Sorry Lorenzo, those Russian minority that your ukrainian friend was upset about never wanted to be part of Ukraine. Read history of ukraine. Especially after a bunch NATO backed nazis thugs took over in kiev. Russians have long memories of what the Nazs in world war2.Putin is doing the right thing. Nobel peace prize to Putin is in order for preventing two potentially devastating wars in the world. One when US was about to bomb syria and Putins clever use of Russian armed forces to protect the Russian minority in Ukraine after the referendum. Stop mixing apples and oranges Ukraine and Sri Lanka are totally different. However I do agree with many things you say. Like President MR should get tough with the traitors in Sri Lanka and the anti sri lanka brigade within Sri Lanka just like Putin did with the traitors in Russia.

  23. Fran Diaz Says:

    Shouldn’t this Resolution really be called US/UK/EU/Canada Resolution ?

    Those are the countries where the Tamil Diaspora live. The Tamil Diaspora got there to the west after trumped up false RIOTS caused by Tamil leaders demanding Federalism/Separate State for Tamil people only. RIOTS are the favored method to destabilize Lanka – the organizers do not care if hundreds get killed as in 1983. Lesson Learnt : NEVER fall into the RIOT trap. Solve all problems rationally.



    You have some valid queries and they ought to be addressed.

    * As for the ⅔ majority government, I doubt if the SLMC will go along with some of the ideas you propose that need a ⅔ majority vote, thus defeating the proposals.

    * In a small developing country, it is normal to give some jobs to the trusted.

    More aspects to address :

    * You have omitted ILLEGAL MIGRANTS INTO LANKA. They must be deported as done in all democracies.

    * Form a National Government

    * Ban all ethnic and religious political parties.

    * Also limit the number of registered political parties and

    * Ban unregistered political party groups contesting elections.

  24. Fran Diaz Says:

    Few more points :

    * Fully activate the 6-A.

    * Ban for life a Free Education for a person if caught cheating at exams. Expel all teachers or Uni staff leaking exam papers.

    * Govern Lanka as done Singapore.

    * Allow only National political parties to contest elections.

  25. douglas Says:

    It is becoming very interesting to read the debate that is going in the international arena, meaning this web page. Also I must thank Charles for his efforts in educating the delegates of the Geneva.

    On top of all these Geneva “circus”, I am beginning to wonder why all of you are so engulfed in this hot debate. We sent a “Delegation” of high profiled Government Minsters and officials to handle everything and settle scores with the Delegates of that conference. They have FINISHED their assignment and some of them including its Leader have “RETURNED to Sri Lanka and at the moment their “EDUCATING” us. That includes EDUCATING the Maha Nayakas of Malwatta and Asgiriya. I myself saw a few of them at the present day Election Rallys conducted to elect members to the Provincial Councils of the Western and Southern Provinces.

    So, Charles, why waste your time in writing all these letters.? Our Representatives have done the JOB in Geneva and already back at home. We wait to assess their performance with the voting at the conference.

    As I listened to one of them, he told the crowd that there is NOTHING TO WORRY. He said, even if this Resolution is passed against Sri Lanka, the UN cannot do any harm and reasoned out to say such action is all ILLEGAL. He only wanted the people to show solidarity with the Government by voting and electing the UPFA candidates to run the two Provincial Councils. Even our President said, “I am not here to work according to whims and fancies of outside forces, but I will work according to the mandate of the people of Sri Lanka who will show their strength at the forthcoming Provincial Elections by voting UPFA candidates.

    SO, WHATS ALL THIS FUSS. We are more than happy and assured of our future good life. So thank you again for all your support and efforts. Let those FOOLS at the UNHRC dance to their death and we do not mind it.

    LORENZO: Your “SPADE” numbered from 1 to 11 is really TOO SMALL. Yet it is commendable and you really deserve more than a “BIG THANK YOU”. I would have made it much BIGGER; but this is not the appropriate space and time.

  26. Lorenzo Says:


    But even those good proposals will NOT work because MR does NOT want them to!!

    They don’t need SLMC. WITHOUT SLMC the govt. still has 2/3.

    SLMC won NO SEATS on its own. Hack-him dirt won a seat from UNP and crossed over.

    MR: Endia is my relative.
    BR: Endia is like husband. SL is like wife.
    GR: Endia trained SL terrorists. Endian 13 amendment is a disaster.

  27. Lorenzo Says:


    NO. They are the BIGGEST problems facing SL. Corruption, etc. are MINOR compared to national security problems.

    I agree this is NOT the time. But WHEN is the time?

    “Our Representatives have done the JOB in Geneva and already back at home. He only wanted the people to show solidarity with the Government by voting and electing the UPFA candidates to run the two Provincial Councils.”

    You can’t be serious.

    This is the problem. Its all about hanging on to power to hell with the country.

    In 2009 country won – MR won.
    In 2014 country lost – MR won.

  28. Fran Diaz Says:


    What, in your opinion, is the alternative ?

    The present Lanka Jnt Opposition is probably the worst in the entire world.

  29. Fran Diaz Says:

    Also, pls read this article listing SLMC Grievances, especially the part about the SLMC partnership with the govt. This part reads as ” SLMC is the ally of the government party with the second highest number of seats in parliament but the party SLMC had not been allocated a seat in the Parliamentary Select Committee (PSC) that was appointed to find a solution to the national problem”.

    * Muslim party ally of Sri Lanka governing party criticizes government actions
    Sun, Mar 23, 2014, 06:32 pm SL Time, ColomboPage News Desk, Sri Lanka.

    Mar 23, Colombo: Muslim of Sri Lanka’s governing party, the Sri Lanka Muslim Congress (SLMC) has criticized actions of the government.

    SLMC Leader, Justice Minister Rauf Hakeem has not only expressed his party’s disappointment over some actions taken by the government, but also has strongly condemned it.

    Addressing a public rally in Negombo, Hakeem has commented that the SLMC is the ally of the government party with the second highest number of seats in parliament but the party SLMC had not been allocated a seat in the Parliamentary Select Committee (PSC) that was appointed to find a solution to the national problem.

    According to Hakeem, the government has broken tradition by not allocating a seat for the SLMC in the PSC.

    The SLMC Leader has added that the government had even failed to allocate a seat to Minister Prof. Tissa Vitharana who was the Chairman of the All Party Representative Committee (APRC).

    Hakeem has been in the center of controversy in the past few weeks over a report handed by his party to the UN High Commissioner for Human Rights, Navi Pillay on the issues faced by religious minorities in the country.

    Recently the SLMC General Secretary M.T. Hasan Ali said that issues faced by the Muslims in the country have not been resolved even five years after the end of the war though the party has been a coalition partner of the government for a long time.

    Earlier, SLMC General Secretary noted that the Muslims were greatly affected by the war and there has not been proper representation to discuss the grievances of the Muslim people.

    While everyone had explained their grievances at the Geneva forum it has not been done with regard to the Muslims and a report on the issues faced by the Muslims were handed over to the UN official for that reason, Ali explained.

    Ali has hinted that the party may join the major Tamil party, Tamil National Alliance (TNA) observing that the Muslim community is now hopeful that the SLMC will join with the TNA.

    A group of extremist nationalist ministers in the Cabinet has already commenced a campaign against the SLMC and its leader within the government”.

  30. Lorenzo Says:


    That is total HOG wash.

    “Addressing a public rally in Negombo, Hakeem has commented that the SLMC is the ally of the government party with the second highest number of seats in parliament”

    HACK-HIM said it so no truth in it.

    Second highest number of seats in parliament by UNP. Third TNA. Fourth DNA. Fifth EPDP.

    SLMC won ZERO seats in parliament in 2010. Refer to election results!!

    But this is a govt. trick. By letting SLMC contest ALONE Jihad losers (hundreds of thousands in SL) vote for SLMC and NOT for UNP. Otherwise they would vote for UNP.

  31. Lorenzo Says:

    The alternative is GR, Shavendra, GA Chandrasiri, Mohan, Ananda Weerasekera, Wasantha Karannagoda, etc., etc.

    These are proven patriots and VERY CAPABLE LEADERS. VERY CLEAN people. No affiliation with druggies, corruption, racists, etc.

    Only then SL will be run like Singapore.

    Current Singapore leader was a MILITARY MAN.

    “Lee joined the Singapore Armed Forces (SAF) in 1971. In 1978, he attended the United States Army Command and General Staff College at Fort Leavenworth. Lee rose quickly through the ranks in the Singapore Army, becoming the youngest brigadier-general in Singaporean history after his promotion in July 1983.”

  32. Nanda Says:

    What has been achieved is wasting of young lives by cheating them into a false patriotism. After that they have SOLD the country to Endia.

    When this bugger called Endia is our Enemy , I will praise him and say sorry. Until then let us watch his SRI LANKA SALE.

  33. Fran Diaz Says:

    And here is the list of Tamil Grievances :

    *”Sri Lanka Tamil party stresses the need for international assistance to address grievances
Fri, Mar 14, 2014, 07:41 pm SL Time, ColomboPage News Desk, Sri Lanka.

    Mar 14, Colombo: Parliamentarian of Sri Lanka’s major Tamil political party, the Tamil National Alliance (TNA) Sivashakthi Anandan said that help from the international community is needed to address grievances of the people in the North and East as the real grievances of the Tamil people have not been addressed.
    Speaking at an event in Nedunkerni, the Vanni District Parliamentarian explained that the nonviolent struggle of the Tamil people converted to an armed struggle due to the failure in addressing the issues faced by the Tamil community.
    Even after the arm struggle was defeated, the grievances have not been addressed, the MP noted.
    According to Anandan, the people are facing many issues in the North like losing their lands, militarization of the area and cases of missing persons and persons being held as political prisoners.
    He added that solutions to these issues could be found only with the help of the international community”.


    What about Sinhela Grievances ???

  34. Nanda Says:

    “Even after the arm struggle was defeated, the grievances have not been addressed, the MP noted.”

    A Man had 7 children.
    The spoiled eldest son complained to his father that he wants 50% of the family wealth. Repeatedly he asked, no agreement came.
    Then he killed the father and was given death penalty.
    Now his son says ” my father asked justice from my grandfather peacefully but having failed he had to resort to violence. Now, even after death penalty performed on him , my grandfather is not granting my father’s demands.

  35. Lorenzo Says:

    Friday when USA brings ONE resolution against SL, there will be FIVE resolutions against Israel. UNHRC has gone NUTS!! Every year they grill the SAME few countries.

    Our dip-low-mats are useless. Israeli diplomats are ON STRIKE!! Not much different.

    “The United Nations Human Rights Council is expected to vote this Friday in Geneva on five anti-Israel resolutions, including one that encourages the boycott of West Bank settlements and Jewish neighborhoods in east Jerusalem.

    “We urge all states and regional groups to fulfill their legal obligations as third state actors by adopting guidelines to ensure that settlement produce does not enter their markets,” a Pakistan official told the UNHRC on Monday during a debate on Israel.

    The Pakistani official urged the UNHRC to create a commission of inquiry into Israeli treatment of Palestinian prisoners and detainees. He added that all Palestinian prisoners in Israeli jails should be released.

    The official spoke on behalf of the Organization of the Islamic Conference that, with Pakistan’s help, submitted the five resolutions. The resolutions focused on what the UN says are Israeli human rights violations in east Jerusalem, the West Bank, Gaza and the Golan Heights.

    One resolution called on member states “to take appropriate measures to encourage businesses domiciled in their territory and/or under their jurisdiction, including those owned or controlled by them, to discontinue any activities that are not in conformity with… relevant international laws and standards.”

    It added that individuals and businesses should be informed of the “financial, reputational and legal risks, as well as the possible abuses of the rights of individuals, of getting involved in settlement-related activities, including economic and financial activities, the provision of services in settlements and the purchasing of property.”

    Israel is the only country in this upcoming 25th session in Geneva this month against which there are five resolutions pending. The UNHRC is voting on only one resolution on Syria even though over 120,000 people have been killed in its ongoing civil war.

    Similarly, there was only one resolution against the regime in Tehran that has executed over 80 people this year.

    In light of the Foreign Ministry strike Israel was not represented at Monday’s UNHRC meeting that heard four reports on Israeli activity in the Palestinian territories.

    The UNHRC Special Rapporteur on the Situation of Human Rights in the Palestinian Territories Richard Falk, who is ending his six-year term, delivered his last report.

    He called on the UN to ask the International Court of Justice at The Hague to issue an advisory as to whether Israel’s “occupation” of Palestinian territories meets the legal standard of “colonialism, apartheid and ethnic cleansing.”

    Representatives of UN member countries spoke of Israel under Agenda Item 7, which is held at every UNHRC session.

    Israel is the only country which the UNHRC is mandated to discuss at every session. It does so under this item.

    Israel and the US have worked to remove the item from the agenda claiming that one in a series of UNHRC actions shows that it singles out Israel for condemnation and censure more than any other country.

    In protest the United States and the European Union have recently stopped addressing the council under Agenda Item 7. When the EU spoke of Israel during this session it did so under other Agenda items.

    The PLO Ambassador to the UN in Geneva Ibrahim Khraishi, along with member states, spoke on Monday against the EU and in defense of Agenda Item 7 on Israel.

    Khraishi attacked the concept of Israel as an “oasis of democracy.”

    “We should have a clear study of the systemic and serious violations of human rights that take place in Israel. Just look at the newspapers and the TV channels and you will realize what is happening in Israel.

    Major violations take place there on a daily basis,” he said referencing Israeli activity on both sides of the pre-1967 lines.

    He used as an example claims of indiscriminate attacks by Jewish extremists against Palestinians and Israeli Arabs, known as “price-tag” attacks, and prejudice against Ethiopian Jewish citizens of Israel.

    “Some people believe that to speak about human rights violations under Agenda Item 7 means hampering peace. Not to talk under Agenda Item 7 is a mere encouragement to Israel for it to continue with its violations and to commit more violations. It is our duty to call Israel order and all those who turn a blind eye to these violations only encourage Israel,” Khraishi said.”


  36. stanley perera Says:

    I missed all above as I couldn’t visit the web site. My real problem with MR is his priority is minorities, muslims and the church. They can do and say anything they like. But if a sinhala buddhist did that MR will crucify them. MR has not shown any concern about the 13A. Rayappu, Malcolm and Saundranayagam are his heroes. Lorenzo I agree with you fully. Why MR is wasting his time with Fukeem the saibunana? Bugger the Bastard. Kick the bastard’s arse.

  37. Ananda-USA Says:

    I call upon the Government of Sri Lanka to WITHDRAW Sri Lanka from membership in the United Nations immediately.

    The United Nations as currently constituted has become a the TOOL of a few NeoColonialist Powers to perpetuate their Global Hegemony and Undermine, Destabilize and Dismember smaller developing countries throughout the world.

    The United Nations DOES NOT SERVE the best Interests of sovereign Sri Lanka.

    Let Sri Lanka WITHDRAW from the UN NOW, and work with other nations, under the leadership of China and Russia to CREATE a New Global Organization .. the UNION OF NATIONS … FREE OF SUCH ABUSES.

  38. stanley perera Says:

    Ananda, I wholehearted support your move. I suggested this some years ago when monkey Darusman reported against SL. Darusman was a banana merchen in Singapore during the second world war. Sooka is a madam at a massage parlour. Pillai woman was a toilet cleaner. Baboon was a traffic cop. GoSL must leave UNO forthwith.

  39. Lorenzo Says:

    Ananda and Stanley,

    Lets NOT take such DRASTIC action. Russia and China are still in the UN and will NOT leave it.

    We should NOT.

    Even if we leave UNHRC can still create trouble for us.

    UNHRC is TOOTHLESS. We can weather this storm. Let the dirt pass. No real impact on ground.

    DESTROY the Tamil Elam dream with MORE VIGOR afterwards.

  40. stanley perera Says:

    It is true Lorenzo this arm of the UNO is toothless. It is only big bully. They can be helpless if GoSL does not co-operate and reject the proposal as it is full of crap.

  41. Nanda Says:

    Then why attend these nonsense sessions arguing the crap out of it and spending millions of dollars ?
    Is this the NEW method of entertainment for MR’s friends ? THIS MUST BE STOPPED.

  42. SA Kumar Says:

    UNHRC is TOOTHLESS. We can weather this storm. Let the dirt pass. No real impact on ground- in Thamil , We say Edda Palam pullikku !

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