Deception of Tamil Theoretical and Theatrical Politics
Posted on April 1st, 2014

Kanthar Balanathan, Melbourne, Australia April 2014

Dawn of Partisan Commotion

The political dominion of the new born baby called “Ceylon” saw the birth of a racial Tamil political party founded by the Malaysian born SJV Chelvanayagam (SJVC) on the 18th December 1949. The party was called “Federal Party”, however, carrying a different quasi haphazard meaning in Tamil as ITAK, to have bearing in the minds of the Tamils. Would the reason be that SJVC had a tug-of-war with GG Ponnambalam (GGP) in the ministerial portfolio allocation or another country was in the background programming Tamil elite politicians to create political instability in the island? People were misinformed as the reason was for a different cause, which may not be.

 This was the first step towards disintegration of unison and harmony between the two ethnic groups in Ceylon then. To recollect, the Ceylon National Congress (CNC) was formed in 1919 under the British rule. The avidity for power initiated members of the CNC to commence moving with their own agenda to gain popularity in politics. LSSP was founded in 1935. SWRD Bandaranaike (SWRDB) founded the Sinhala Maha Sabha in 1937. Ceylon Communist Party was formed in 1943. GGP stimulated by his own greed for power formed his party Tamil Congress in 1944. The state council adopted Sinhala and Tamil as official languages in 1944. UNP was founded in 1946 with DS Senanayake leading to victory in 1947. Independence was granted in 1948. In 1949 GGP joins the Senanayake cabinet. In 1949 SJV Chelvanayagam forms the Federal Party.

 In 1946, the select committee reported on transition from English to Sinhalese & Tamil as Official languages even prior to independence. It is not clear as to why SJVC and Vanniayasingam founded the ITAK. The avidity for power with the misguidance drove SJVC to drop a poisonous political bomb among the Tamils. Although educated in Law, SJVC did not have the intelligence and knowledge to understand the concept of unity, harmony, sovereignty, co-existence and progress. All what drove in his mind was power? In 1952 SJVC lost to Subaiya Nadesapillai known as S. Nadesan (UNP), a Tanjore born Tamil, who was the son-in-law of Ponnambalam Ramanathan.

 In this context, GGP’s 50-50, and SJVC founding the FP (ITAK) can be understood as lone dissidents and nonconformists diverging with unfounded fears of discrimination by the Sinhalese. Effectively, almost 90% of elite Tamils were educated and had moved to Colombo establishing business, and politicians having their business in parallel with their politics.

 The prime question is: did majority – the rural folks, illiterates, laborers, lower caste Tamils other than the Vellalar and the Panda-rams want a separate administration under ITAK? Did these folks have the knowledge to understand with pure reasoning on the question of Federalism & separatism? If we read on previous history, the elites did not want the lower caste people to walk on the same road as they walk or register for education at schools. Majority of Tamils were deprived of enjoying prime nature’s amenities that god has given to humans, because they are lower caste. However, SJVC claimed that he was ameliorating Tamil’s life paradigm. What a lot of crap and hypocrisy. SJVC can be considered a charlatan, bluffer and a melodramatic actor.

 The second main hidden program that we could understand is that these actors of ITAK’s activities were funded by the very same Ceylon government. Ceylon government paid them and provided all the facilities and amenities to ITAK members to campaign against the government and destabilize the government and create hostility, cultural and racial rivalry in the country. It could be understood as one thing only, that these Tamil politicians were traitors to the country, and the then Ceylon government turned a blind eye.

 Continuity of Partisan Commotion

 The partisan commotion continued with SJVC staging various acts of “Satyagraha”, “hartals”, inaugurating their own ITAK postal services violating the Ceylon constitution, and refusing to pay for travel. In 1957 the Banda-Chelva pact to improve Tamil interests was initiated, however JR Jayawardhane marched to Kandy against the B-C pact. The B-C pact was abrogated by the same SWRDB in 1958 leading to a civil disturbance. SWRDB was assassinated in 1959. In 1964 Sirima-Shastri pact was set up with Sirima’s government defeated in 1965. In 1968 Senanayake-Chelva pact was set up for district council administration, which was abandoned by the Senanayake government. Mrs. Bandaranaike takes over the government in 1970. Amirthalingham lost his seat in Vaddukoddai and ran to Tellipalai. The JVP insurrection gave birth in 1971 with emergency declared and continued for six years.

 The tactical move of ITAK now gives birth to two more partisan groups. (i) Tamil Student Organization (TSO) led by Sathiyaseelan (ii) TELO, and Tigers led by Uma Maheswaran. The consistency here is that SJVC, Sathiyaseelan, Uma Maheswaran, and mostly all members of the partisan group are from Tellipalai excluding the two smugglers of TELO from Valvettiturai. TELO was influenced by the TSO Sathiyaseelan. This is indicative that the core center for the political violence and disturbance is Tellipalai with arrogant imbecile politicians driving the Tamil mass. With all this commotion, the lower caste and the non Vellalar did not support the partisan group, but were intimidated and brain washed to support them.

 With the republican move and adoption of the constitution in 1972, the Tamil partisan and the nonpartisan group formulates a new strategy to unite and form a new stronger partisan group called Tamil United Liberation Front (TULF). Now there is one partisan front to fight against the GOSL.

 The key element here is that the members of the partisan front were paid: (i) salary, (ii) free internal travel (iii) free overseas travel (iv) free accommodation in Colombo (v) allowances for MPs clerical staff (vi) free security (vii) immunity against arrests (viii) subsequent pension even if not an MP and (ix) free food supply while in Colombo. 

 These amenities and resources were made to Tamil MPs by the GOSL to manage violence, hartals, Satyagraha; inaugurate their own postal services and refusal to obey the law & the constitution by the Tamil partisan front. The government pays to fight against the same government and destabilize causing deterioration of economy (economic crisis deepened in 1972), and that’s called “Democracy” and freedom?

 Should we redefine democracy & freedom or readdress and review constitutions around the world?

 By this time in 1972 political polarization toughened between the Tamil elites and the government, however, Tamil partisan front had a concealed soft corner for the United National Party (UNP) from inception.

 With TSO gaining popularity, Amirthalingham (AA) wanted to regain his image among Tamil Elites. The Tigers consolidated to form the LTTE on the 5th May 1976. AA planned and accomplished a mass meeting in Vaddukoddai and passed a resolution on the 14th May 1976 in Pannakam, Vaddukoddai, calling for an independent state called “Tamil Ealam”. The resolution was named “Vaddukoddai Resolution”. AA was a conspirator to have the meeting in his native place Pannakam, Vaddukoddai, which most Tamils may not have comprehended.

 Terrorism Front

 Amirthalingham who could not digest his defeat in Vaddukoddai ran to Tellipalai as he knew that Tellipalai was the parochial front. He was responsible for organizing the TSO front, Terrorist fronts and spreading poison in the minds of the Tamils. Various false theories were put forward by the TSO, TULF and the terrorists. The main theme of the propaganda was discriminatory standards applied against Tamil students for entry to University. The 8th standard & “O” level drop outs and those who could not enter University joined the terrorist clan. The leader was then Uma Maheswaran (UM) who was a surveyor and Vellupillai Prabakaran (VP) a 9th standard drop out. These two never wanted to enter university. The Catholic front and the lower caste youngsters as young as 13-18 were brain washed and dragged to join the terrorists. We have to ask a question here: Does VP understand about politics, democracy, freedom and community? Do these catholic and lower caste youngsters understand about politics, democracy, freedom and community? All they were briefed was to swallow a capsule if caught by the military. The political partisan front and the terrorist used the Catholics and the lower caste youngsters as scapegoats.

 Christianity and Catholic sector does not allow violence and polarization, however, Scheming mind of the terrorist front advised by the Tamil Diaspora, used Catholics in the front to attract world and particularly Irish sympathy. It is unquestionable that terrorists were trained in countries preaching catholic sect. (Majority of Tamils is Hindus and major religion in SL is Budhdhism). E.g. Terrorists drew Father Sinnarasa, Father Singarayer into terrorism. Subsequently Father Sinnarasa left the front for Canada.

 Terrorists’ atrocities were concealed and Anton Balasingham commenced publishing books and articles magnifying false claims of discrimination, army atrocities and oppression. Under cover Adel Balasingham (Mrs.) took charge of recruitment of child soldiers and coaching suicide with cyanide capsules. See videos below to confirm.





 Continuity of Tumult by LTTE

 The Tamil New Tigers (TNT) was a combative, rebellious Tamil group founded by VP & UM on May 22, 1972, the day Ceylon became a republic.  (Ref: The LTTE was founded on 5 May 1976 as the heir to the Tamil New Tigers. This was in anticipation of the TULF’s Vaddukoddai Resolution. (Ref:

 If we critically explore we could perceive that this was an organized episode by the Tamils in anticipation of the republican move by Ceylon. The uncertainty is: Who didn’t want Ceylon to become a republic? Who accrues a loss if Ceylon becomes a republic? Bearing in mind that Ealam Research Organization on Ealam viability was explored in the UK.

 LTTE became ruthless carrying out mass murders. View the following to know more about their killing.

 LTTE was proscribed in 1978 and the Prevention of Terrorism Act (PTA) was enacted in 1979. This action by the government does not contravene any human norms. Mostly all countries around the globe including US, UK and Europe apply this procedure. India has enacted an act known as “POTA” which is Prevention of Terrorism Act. India immediately arrests a person who breaches the constitution. Hence Tamils cannot moan and cry that SriLanka practice HR violation, however Tamils do moan and cry.

The past prime ministers and presidents did not take a conclusive decision to physically eliminate LTTE. The issue was dragged on under the diplomacy “Peace Talks”. Solution(s) tabled by peace talkers was not accepted by the LTTE. Has anyone thought of a reason? It could be possible that the west did not want LTTE to accept any solution. How could this be justified? LTTE was operating from London, US, Canada, Norway and Paris. LTTE had its advisors headed by Anton Balasingham on foreign soil. The question then:- was Anton Balasingham working for CIA or British Intelligence (BI)? How did Anton get involved with Adel? Could Adel be the CIA/British Intelligence contact? Was Adel driven into Anton by the CIA or BI?

Once in the 80s, LTTE suspected Anton Balasingham as a CIA agent and planted a small bomb and exploded at his house where Anton lived at 12th Cross Street, Indira Nagar, and Chennai.

After the SL army overran Jaffna, LTTE moved to Vanni and took 300,000+ Tamils into hostage for human shield, and those Tamils were used for slave labor for LTTE.

Transition of Commotion from LTTE to TNA

 With Ananthasangari pushed to a side as he did not agree with separation, ITAK, Congress and other mushroom parties who were terrorist front once, consolidated and formed a new diplomatic terrorist front. The political front was name Tamil National Alliance (TNA). Since TNA was associated with LTTE and were taking orders from LTTE, TNA can be taken as a terrorist group. Sampanthar was set to lead the TNA. Members of this group were leading perilous armed group until they joined TNA. GOSL turned a blind eye. TNA’s strategy was to suck the Indians, British and the US. That’s Tamil culture.

 LTTE was eradicated in 2009. Who wanted the LTTE fragmented? The Indians and the west wanted LTTE crumbled. Before the GOSL forces engaged in a battle, senior members of the LTTE cadre and most cadres started to leave the country through several means. Those who were loyal to the megalomaniac who suffered from bi-polar disorder VP stayed on. To this date no one has given an answer as to the possibility of implicating SL by LTTE murdering their own Nadesan & Co. LTTE’s culture was killing their own people, either to get them on to their side or incriminate the SL military.

 TNA to this date crusades to the world about equal rights, human rights, power sharing, discrimination, oppression,  and new theory of war crimes, however, never ever speaks about the atrocities and murders committed by the LTTE. TNA still has a soft corner for the LTTE and their leftovers. TNA nominated Ananthi Sasitharan who is the wife of Sasitharan aka Ezhilan. TNA joined hands with EPRLF, PLOTE, and TELO to sprint politics. Finally TNA nominated a Colombo bred elite Tamil, CV Vigneswaran, who is a relative of Ponnambalam Ramanathan, to lead the Northern Provincial Council (NPC). With such bluff talks about Tamil, and self-determination, TNA could not find a Tamil from the N&E to lead the NPC. Someone could question CVV whether he knows Tamil culture, and the location of Amban and Kudaththanai. Just by applying sacred ash on the forehead, wearing dhoti and shawl, one cannot fool Tamils that he is genuine. CVV lived all his life in Colombo, except a few years in the North. The question of CVV’s loyalty to SJVC and FP definitely cannot be debated. CVV was a covert FP activist in the 60s and 70s. CVV received a law degree along with thousands and thousands of other Tamils became a Supreme Court Judge and served the nation as a SriLankan. When CVV argued that the Governor of NPC should be replaced, he exhibited his ignorance to legal studies. He has been a Supreme Court judge, and the question of his judgments in courts may raise doubts now. First of all the constitution does not specify that a military person should not be placed as a Governor, secondly, CVV was sitting next to past terrorist group leaders in the government. Wider global knowledge is required to evaluate political statuses. The current Australian Governor is a former army commander.

 It is perceptible that TNA does not know what they want. TNA wanted implementation of the 13th amendment, which is truly and whole heartedly a waste of time and money. GOSL adopted and implemented, and the people elected the NPC council and CM. For a small country and with our (Tamil) past records a police and land power should not be given to Provincial Councils (PC), because it is not a pre-requisite or permissive to run provincial councils.

 NPC, now is interested in blaming and attempting to find faults, picking hair out of eggs, rather embark on provincial development. Every Provincial Council has a University within their boarder. Effective management and conduct of PCs is to work side by side with the University and formulate policies and develop programs to do research in areas that the province requires so that it would be useful to their province. We don’t need to do research in quantum mechanics and / or string theory. However, what happens, in the university is students are engaged in violence, and the Jaffna University students are more interested in celebrating Martyrs day and talking separative politics than their input to the province. The Ruhunu University students are no less than the Jaffna University students. It’s is despicable. Every student in the University should follow the formula below:

[  Expertise  +  Reliability  +  Flexibility  = Capability  ]

 What the Universities have inherited is severe lack of flexibility, reliability and shortfall of expertise.

 Universities should place programs of research that is useful to the Province and the country. Anyone who wants to do space research could go to Russia or UK.


 Every country that was ruled by the British (British colony) was left with some problem when they received independence. British want to enjoy the colony resources, and they will achieve their objective by any means. Any country that becomes a republic will be in trouble because the republicans need not pay tax to the crown. What does the word “Commonwealth” means? Common-wealth. Its socialism when it comes to British needs.

 When Ceylon received its independence after struggle, UK left a problem of the Indian migrants, which they knew may grow a serious issue. Why did SJVC form a Federal Party with no reason just after independence. What was the motive for SJVC to form FP? Could it be assumed that the west was behind SJVC to form the racial party to divide and rule?

 Just before Ceylon became a republic, youngsters took up to arms in 1971. Who instigated this act? Subsequently on the day Ceylon became a republic, which is on the 22nd of May 1972, Tamil youngsters formed a terrorist group called Tigers. Who instigated this act? India trained the LTTE with the blessings of the west.

 In the Biafra war several thousands of Ibo people were massacred. Who instigated the Biafra war. It was because of the oil wells in the East. Who activated the Syrian war now? The west and the British will see that wedges are driven between races / ethnic groups in a country, so that they (British) can keep control of their politicking activity.

 Afghanistan, Iraq, Libya, Egypt, Yugoslavia are examples. Russia has not placed its missiles in any country that is on the door step of US or UK. However, Americans have placed large number of missile bases in Europe Saudi Arabia and Asia and in the name of NATO. Could the reason be that the Americans are dam scared of the Russians?

 USA proliferates quite pungently about “democracy”. USA and NATO want to plant their forces, have unrestricted access to their forces next to the doors of Russia and China. Have we forgotten when JF Kennedy, in the 60s, said that US will sink the Russian ships if they get closer to Cuba?

 USA & UK does not follow the principles of democracy and justice. All what they want is the resources from those countries so that the few billionaires in politics can pass on their wealth and power to their kith and kids.


  1. Formation of the FP created the ethnic division. It could be concluded that it was instigated by the west for SJVC to form this party to enable to drive a wedge between the two ethnic groups. Therefore the division is not between the Tamils and the Sinhalese, but was instigated by indoctrinating the Tamils and the Sinhalese.
  2. JVP ” who are the JVPs?
  3. LTTE ” cadre was trained in the west and India.
  4. Arms deal ” Through the west and UK.
  5. LTTE operatives were working from the UK in the 80s.
  6. Rudrakumaran floating the TGTE in the USA is obvious that US was supporting the Tamils right from the beginning. USA has no comments on this act, which is a breach to achieving peace in SL.
  7. Norway moved into Karainagar in the name of a project called “Fiber Glass” fishing boats in the 70s.
  8. More Tamils were taken to Norway in the 70s.
  9. Currently LTTE operatives (Nediyavan) operate from Norway.
  10. Several LTTE operatives are in UK.
  11. Diego Garcia contract expires possibly in 2016, and renewal is in doubt because African nations and Mauritius may not support the renewal. USA & UK may lose African support. USA definitely needs a base in the Indian Ocean because they are scared of Russia.
  12. Trincomalee is a natural harbor.
  13. Now we have a harbor and an airfield in Hambantota. A possibility if USA is given Hambantota USA could easily break the pearl theory.
  14. Did SL have any strategic study group apart from the Social Study Circle formed by Late Sirima B.?
  15. USA and UK may develop their study 50-100 years ahead.

 Finally it could be presumed that we people in SL are fools fighting between each other, which is what the west wants. Tamils have been indoctrinated and incited by the west leading to intoxication, which gave birth to LTTE. Currently TNA members are being brain washed to continue the power act. India may now realize that they made a mistake by training LTTE. India may be a target for the west next. Indians are not to be missed as they have lack of political perception.

 The blame goes to UNP members and Chandrika Bandaranaike for not having that perception to study the west’s motive. 

 SriLankan politicians should unite, irrespective of political ideology, to protect the nation from vultures taking over for their military base(s). UNP politicians, Sarath Fonseka, Mangala Samaraweera and Chandrika Bandaranaike & co should stop blabering supporting Tamils and talking against the government. They are only helping setting up a USA base in Trinco or Hambantota. Tamils think they can be okay with Americans in SL or NP. They should comprehend the social condition of Bangkok today. Jaffna / Trincomalee may become a US Navy club if things are not sorted out quickly.

3 Responses to “Deception of Tamil Theoretical and Theatrical Politics”

  1. Ananda-USA Says:

    Bravo … Government of Sri Lanka! Now BAN the TERRORIST Organizations in Sri Lanka that are POSING as LEGITIMATE POLITICAL PARTIES undermining our Motherland at EVERY TURN!

    BAN ALL POlitical Parties with COMMUNAL AGENDAS, with Communal Party Names, Communal Constitutions and Communal Election Manifestos!

    INVESTIGATE, INDICT, ARREST, PROSECUTE, CONVICT and SEVERELY PUNISH all those TRAITORS who violated the TREASON and TERRORISM Laws of SRi Lanka during the Last 35 years. Hold Accountable all those who plotted and planned with FOREIGN POWERS to undermine, destabilize, invade and dismember our Motherland.



    PROSECUTE the TRAITORS and TERRORISTS from PILLAR to POST! THIS is the Form of RECONCILIATION Needed: RECONCILE the Criminals with their CRIMES!

    Sri Lanka signs UN resolution on combating terrorism, bans 16 LTTE organizations

    ColomboPage News Desk, Sri Lanka.

    Apr 01, Colombo: Sri Lanka today in a decisive measure signed the United Nations Security Council Resolution 1373, which sets out strategies to combat terrorism and to control terrorist financing.

    With the signing of the Resolution 1373, the Sri Lankan government has banned the Tamil Tiger terrorist organization, Liberation Tigers of Tamil Eelam (LTTE) and 15 other Tamil diaspora groups that are alleged of having terror links and involved in reviving the terrorist movement in the country.

    Prof. G.L. Peiris, Minister of External Affairs signed the order and it will be published in the Government Gazette shortly, the External Affairs Ministry said in a statement.

    According to the Ministry statement, the order is based on the recommendation by the Secretary, Ministry of Defence and Urban Development, as the Competent Authority regarding the identification of persons, groups and entities, believed on reasonable grounds to be committing, attempting to commit, facilitating or participating, in the commission of acts of terrorism.

    Under the Regulation all funds, assets and economic resources belonging to or owned by the designated persons or entities will remain frozen until the organizations are removed from the designated list.
    In terms of the Regulation moving, transferring or dealing with frozen assets without the permission of the Competent Authority are prohibited and any person who fails to comply with an order to freeze assets is liable to heavy penalties.

    Any contact with the proscribed organizations is a violation of the regulation.

    The government’s move comes in the wake of UN Human Rights Council adopting an intrusive resolution to investigate alleged human rights violations only during the last seven years of the government’s war against the Tamil Tiger terrorists. The resolution effectively eliminates the investigations into the major crimes committed by the LTTE prior to 2002 in the 30-year long war. The Sri Lankan government recently revealed foreign attempts to revive the defeated terrorist organization in the North with the support from the diaspora funds.
    According to Sri Lankan defense authorities K.P. Selvanayagam a.k.a. ‘Gobi’, an LTTE cadre escaped after the end of the war and fled overseas, has returned to the island to lead the revival of the terrorist organization.

    Among the organizations proscribed are the LTTE’s Trans National Government of Tamil Eelam (TGTE) headed by New York lawyer Visuvanathan Ruthirakumaran, Global Tamil Forum (GTF), which is headed by Fr.SJ Emmanuel and active in Europe, and the UK-based British Tamil Forum (BTF).

    The 15 organizations proscribed are controlled by four individuals, Defense Ministry spokesman Brigadier Ruwan Wanigasooriya said. The organizations are functioning in several countries including USA, Canada, UK, Australia, Norway, Italy, Switzerland, and France.

    The other organizations banned are Tamil Rehabilitation Organization (TRO), Tamil Coordinating Committee (TCC), World Tamil Movement (WTM), Canadian Tamil Congress (CTC), Australian Tamil Congress (ATC), National Council Of Canadian Tamils, Tamil National Council (TNC), Tamil Youth Organization (TYO), World Tamil Coordinating Committee (WTCC), Tamil Eelam Peoples Assembly, World Tamil Relief Fund and Headquarters Group.

  2. Lorenzo Says:

    SL is Endia’s FOURTH LARGEST trade surplus. SL must demand Endia to give up Tamil nonsense or SL will sign SILK ROAD deal with China.

    Endia CANNOT afford to lose SL. Everything SL imports from Endia can be imported from Chine except shitt (Tamil movies, songs, etc.)

    Compare how Endia worships ALL other coutnries with a TRADE SURPLUS and how Endia treats us. DAMN ENDIA!

    We should BUST Endian imports to SL and replace it with China.

    Don’t forget there are MILLIONS of Endians (particularly South Endians) behind this $4 BILLION in a country 50% live below $1 a day!!

    SL is VERY VERY IMPORTANT to Endian economy.

    2011 data
    Source: Government of India, Ministry of Commerce & Industry (taken from the Export Import Bank of India report)

    SRI LANKA…………………….4,379……………….721…………….3,658

  3. nilwala Says:





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