Canada admitted defeat
Posted on May 23rd, 2014

Nalin de Silva Courtesy: Island

I was not surprised when the High Commissioner for Canada in Sri Lanka said that Canada would boycott the victory celebrations in Matara. According to the President it was a victory for peace that was celebrated, and in any case it was not a victory over the Tamils in the country. It was a victory over the cruelest terrorist outfit in the world, and when the LTTE was defeated by the armed forces in Sri Lanka it was the Tamils in the Northern Province more than any other ethnic group in any other province that were liberated.

When the Tamils in the Northern Province were being used as a human shield by Prabhakaran, the humane leader according to the former Bishop of the Sri Lankan (Anglican) Church, neither the Canadian High Commissioner, nor any other Western high commissioner or ambassador nor the Church objected to it.

The Western countries have objected to the abduction of the Nigerian school girls, and have decided to send troops to Nigeria to liberate the girls from the terrorists. However, it cannot be said that the Western countries are genuinely interested in freeing these girls as they turned a Nelsonian eye when towards child proscription by the LTTE terrorists.The difference in attitudes of the Western countries is found in what they are interested and not in the so called Christian humanity. Those who watch the teledrama “Swarnapali” would have realised how humane the Christian English soldiers and officers had been, and if one thinks that they have changed by now all that one has to do is to read what the Western Christian countries are doing in some Muslim countries and in some torture camps.

The Nigerian terrorists have abducted the school girls for having a Western education. The Nigerian terrorists are not wrong in principle for objecting to Western Christian education but they should have not adopted terrorist methods to achieve their objectives. In any event it is not only the girls who should be liberated from the tyranny of Western education but the boys as well.

Western education

The fact that the Nigerian terrorists have objected only to the girls receiving the hegemonic Western education illustrates that they have many things to learn. A pundit who has received Western Christian hegemonic education should not jump to the conclusion that I am advocating abduction of Nigerian boys as well.

The march past by Security Forces personnel bringing more colour and grandeur to the National Victory Day Parade

It is unfortunate that some movements in various parts of the world who are against Western economics, culture and political institutions have had to resort to use power or terrorist methods to liberate the people from the Western Christian domination.

Pol Pot in Kampuchea is a good example and since these movements had finally gone against the very same people whom they wanted to liberate from the West, the latter had been able to act as the saviour of the people. The West wants to protect and maintain the hegemony of the Western Christian culture and that explains why they act differently in Nigeria and Sri Lanka. The LTTE was led by Western Greek Judaic Christian Chinthanaya and it was not only the LTTE that fought against the Sri Lankan government and the Sinhala people in general.

Peace negotiations

The attacks on Dalada Maligava, Sri Maha Bodhi, Arantalawa Bhikkus, and various attacks on innocent people in Kebethigollawa were not against the government of Sri Lanka but mainly against the Sinhala Buddhists of the country. The West did not take any meaningful steps against the LTTE in any of these instances and all that they did was to repeat the “peace mantra” and advocate so called peace negotiations that only strengthened the hand of the LTTE. If not for the pressure applied by the Western countries and their lackey the Congress government in India whose de facto leader was the Italian born Cambridge attended Sonia Gandhi, Sri Lankan armed forces would have defeated the LTTE, under the leadership of officers such as Denzil Kobbekaduwa long time ago. Unfortunately we did not have a political leader who could stand up to Western and Congress power then and we had to await the arrival of Mahinda Rajapaksa to face up to all the external pressure.

England, as I have repeatedly said is the architect of Tamil racism in Sri Lanka, and if not for that country we would have defeated not only Tamil terrorism but Tamil racism as well. Canada is a country that follows England and USA the ally of England on the other side of the Atlantic and it is being used by England to maintain Tamil racism against the Sinhala people and the Sri Lankan government.

A few thousand Tamil votes in Scarborough in Toronto are not going to alter the outcome of Canadian general elections to the Parliament and those Western educated pundits in Sri Lanka who have been brainwashed to think that the Canadian government and the politicians in general are being influenced by the dispersed Tamils do not want to see any fault of their masters who massacred the Sinhala people including Ven. Kadahapola Thera in 1848.

LTTE front organizations

The Anglo Saxon world on either side of the Atlantic have not changed their attitudes since then, it is they who maintain the dispersed Tamils in their countries so that Tamil racism would continue to be alive.

These countries allow the front organizations of the LTTE to function and raise funds.

These funds may not be very large, but it helps these governments, especially Canada and England to cover up the financial assistance given by them to Tamil racism. When the LTTE was defeated five years ago it was not only that organisation that was defeated, but the Western countries, especially England and Canada as well.

The behaviour of England and Canada at the CHOGM illustrated that they have been hurt by the defeat of the LTTE. England had been more tactful and participated at the CHOGM making use of it to attempt to create a opinion among the Western countries against the Sri Lankan government.

The High Commissioner for England I believe participated at the celebrations held in Matara despite its defeat at Nandikadal. With its experience of diplomacy spanning a few centuries, England knows how to deceive the enemy without expressing its motives and attitudes. However, Canada does not have that experience and acts very naively.

Canada could not participate in a ceremony that commemorated its defeat and we have to understand the position taken by the High Commissioner of Canada in boycotting the function at Matara.

Western forces

Incidentally the supporters of the LTTE who wanted to commemorate the terrorists could not be allowed to do so as unlike the LTTE they fought for a separate country undermining the sovereignty of Sri Lanka. Also it was not a movement that sprang from the soil, as from the very beginning of the Tamil racist movement, it has been helped by Western forces.

The LTTE fought against the Sri Lankan government and the Sinhala people mainly not to mention their hatred towards the Muslims and it was a movement financed and aided by the West. Only a politician such as Ranil Wickremesinghe would think of commemorating the foreign invaders as when he did he wanted to celebrate the 500th anniversary of the Portuguese invasion.

The LTTE terrorist activities could be considered only as an invasion by agents of Western powers and no Western power that aided and financed the LTTE and that still finance Tamil racism could participate in the victory celebrations over the LTTE unless of course they share the hypocrisy of England.

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  1. helaya Says:

    Ranil came to US and said that he came to get advice from US how o develop Sri Lanka after he becomes President. What a clown.

  2. Mr. Bernard Wijeyasingha Says:

    The western world has created its own devices for the suicide of Christianity. From Secularism to Communism Christianity has been marginalized in those very Western nations. Secularism gave birth to the concept of the separation of church and state. That has led to the condemnation of Christian values by Secularist governments and the liberal left. Secularism has also given birth to the concept of Multiculturalism or a total tolerance of invasive culture to such a degree that Islam is the fastest growing faith in Europe and the USA. Secularism has fully supported abortion which has killed millions of christians just in the US alone. The separation of church and state has removed Christian teaching from all public schools to every public domain to such a degree that those westerners who profess to be Christians seldom if ever have even read the bible. They certainly do not follow it. Rampant sex outside of marriage, drug use, even the rise of the Satan worship is wide spread. Atheism is now a way of life and those who cling to the notion of the bible are often ridiculed as fanatics.
    Christianity is also facing a resurgence in other faiths. from Islam, Hinduism (the recent massive landslide election of the Bharata Janata Party in India is proof of that) Buddhism are now all standing up to the double talk of the Christian faith.
    the greatest empire was the British Empire, a Christian Empire that used every treachery known to mankind to create that Empire and sowed the seeds of its own destruction. The first death camps where done by the British in Africa against the Afrikaners in the Transvaal. It was as brutal and cruel as the later Nazi German death camps.
    Even though Christianity has a following of 2 Billion, 5 billion do not follow that faith. It maybe the largest faith in the world but it is a minority when it comes to the combination of all other non Christian faiths.

  3. douglas Says:

    According to news coming from Canada, there are two elections coming up (1) The election of members for the Provincial Parliament of the Province of Ontario and (2) The election of members for the Federal Parliament.

    It is reported that there are nearly 300,000 Tamil votes; (mostly that of Tamils accepted as refugees from Sri Lanka) concentrated in the Province of Ontario. This “Vote Bank” is all important and has to be “utilized” to win the elections, whether it is Provincial or Federal. It is also in the news that the Provincial elections have already been declared and all the Parties are busy canvassing with concerted attempts to get these votes of the valuable “Vote Bank”.

    In this situation, it is nothing surprising to see Canada showing “solidarity” with this Tamil vote to win the elections. But we in Sri Lanka, regret very much to see how this country, one time a “great friend” resorting to “Dirty Politics” foregoing all “Tenets Of Decency” in Good Governance. So in this background, the decision of the Canadian Government to “Reject” the invitation to attend the commemoration of “Gaining our Freedom from Terrorism” is unpardonable and need to be condemned by all citizens (Sinhala,Tamil,Moor and the rest).

  4. noor nizam Says:

    Dear Douglas and all readers,

    The assumption or reporting of news coming from Canada that there are 300,000 Tamil votes concentrated in the Province of Canada is false.
    A head count and research on the number of Tamils domiciled in Canada which was held and reported (presented) to the Ms. Saskia van Battum, Policy Officer, Democray and War Economics Division (MHS), Foreign Affairs and International Trade of Canada and Mr. Andrew Ng Desk Officer – Sri Lanka Maldives, South Asia Relations Division (GSB, Foreign Affairs and International Trade) on April the 1st., 2009 indicated the number as 85,000 Sri Lankan Tamils domiciled in Canada including the Province of Ontario where the majority had settled down.
    At this meeting a female diplomatic officer attached to the Sri Lankan High Commission in Ottawa at that time, was also present (in attendance) at the meeting. This female officer belonging to a Tamil speaking minority community in Sri lanka, was attending the meeting as the minute taker. This report was NOT or has been challenged by the Canadian Foreign Ministry Officials up to now. It was regrettable to note that this officer of the Sri Lankan High Commission in Canada had NOT briefed the higher/senior diplomatic staff or the then High Commissioner for Sri Lanka, in Ottawa and given this matter media and press coverage in Sri Lanka through the Ministry of Information and Media in order to educate the media that the assumption of a very large number of Tamils domiciled in Canada, especially the Province of Ontario as propagated by the international media/press was incorrect.
    A copy of the minutes of this meeting can be called from the Sri Lankan High Commission in Ottawa for reference. I am sad that the good patriot Mr. Douglas has had no access to the correct information due to a failure of a lethargic diplomatic officer of our High Commission in Ottawa, to give it the due publicity it should have been given in that crucial year of events and news, especially regarding the Tamil diaspora in Europe and North America.
    This does not mean that the Ministry of External Affairs can be criticized as done by certain journalists and writers in local newspapers or websites as being inefficient, but has to be commended for the best job done so far with all the set-backs faced by the MEA administration, even though there are negative element within the foreign service.
    Noor Nizam.

  5. douglas Says:

    noor nazim: Thank you very much for the information. This sort of information, as you pointed out, should have been made available to us by the Sri Lankan Authorities.

    Yet, I still believe this number you have given could make a very promising “Vote Bank” for the parties who are trying to get into power. If I remember correct, our friend Mr. Asoka Weerasinghe writing from Ottawa, always points out how the political parties are trying all their tactics to get at 10 (ten) seats from the Province of Ontario to establish an stable Government at Federal Level. Apparently, the 10 (ten) seats he always refers to is in the heart of Toronto or in surrounding areas where the Tamil population predominantly live and they could be forming a “deciding vote” in an election.

    Thank you again.

  6. Lorenzo Says:

    Tamils from SL in Canada are HEAVILY understated.

    The numbers are based on VOLUNTARY DISCLOSURE by individuals and families. Due to FEAR of discrimination (UNFOUNDED), deportation (UNFOUNDED again) and other petty reasons, Tamils from SL DO NOT declare their ETHNIC origin. MOST SL Tamils leave optional fields BLANK in census.

    This has BAD implications for the community too when Canada government allocates funds for cultural work. As Tamils don’t declare themselves as Tamils, the POTENTIAL for their cultural recognition has been REDUCED.

    Canadian politicians KNOW this and play by this at elections.

    It is foolish for Canadian politicians to go after the Tamil vote anyway because it is INSIGNIFICANT overall though significant in certain areas. Putting POLICIES and FRIENDLY RELATIONS with SL at stake just to please Tamilians is totally brainless.

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