Ananthi / TNA / LTTE: the hunters are getting hounded
Posted on June 6th, 2014

Shenali D Waduge

What happens when persons protesting against the ‘missing’ are confronted by persons protesting against those missing because of the ‘missing’? What happens when the persons protesting against the ‘missing’ number just 20 in addition to members of the ruling Northern Provincial political party led by Ananthi Sasitharan are confronted by over 300 persons holding pictures of their missing children demanding what Ananthi’s ‘missing’ person did to their children? Not a very pretty sight. The outcome of course was a first case scenario of Ananthi, the TNA brigade and their handful of protestors fleeing for their dear life. It was also a case of TNA having to seek protection from the law enforcements the TNA is demanding out of the North. That was what happened on 5th June 2014 outside the Divisional Secretariat Office while at the Mullaitivu courts the case filed by Ananthi Sasitharan on behalf of her ‘missing’ husband –Elilan the infamous LTTE leader was taken up. The outcome certainly providesinspiration to the rest of the Tamils who had been victims of the LTTE for 3 decades and sends a clear signal that the tables have turned and the hunters are now getting hounded -Finally.

Anandi Sasidaran’s case filed on behalf of her ‘missing’ husband was taken up at the Mullaitivu courts on 5th June 2014.

Anandi Sasidaran has conveniently forgotten that her ‘missing’ husband was responsible for forcibly taking away scores of children and men during the last stages of the war.

The UNHRC forgot this fact too when she was given airtime of NGOs representing causes of other countries to bemoan about a ‘missing’ LTTE terrorist leader. The Geneva gathering while holding buckets for Ananthi’s tears did not stop to wonder how ‘innocent’ Elilan, Ananthi Sasitharan’s ‘missing’ husband actually was.

The 300 protestors on 5th June 2014 showed exactly what ‘missing’ Elilan had been upto. UNHRC must stop and wonder whether they should moan the LTTE leader or the hundreds of missing children and men whose fate are unknown and wonder why the hub of human rights chose not to ask the question from the spouse herself as she sat before the Geneva gathering shedding crocodile tears.

On 5th June 2014, TNA politicians Suresh Premachandran, Sivajilingam, Selvarasa Gajendran, Gajendran Ponnambalam, Thurairasa Ravikaran, Antoni Gajendran made a choice. They chose to support Ananthi Sasitharan and the case filed by her on behalf of her ‘missing’ husband. The choice of the TNA politicians was to side with an LTTE leader.


Suresh P’s placard says he’s lost his patience searching for Elilan – the Tiger leader!

Ananthi S’s placard is calling for Angel of Justice to intervene – lucky for her the Angel has and Justice took the side of the REAL VICTIMS, the parents from whom Ananthi’s husband, Elilan and Suresh Premachandran’s friend forcibly took children to turn into cadres. 

By the way, we did say that Ananthi support team had 20 or so protesters… it looks like the numbers may be less!

Suresh Premachandran and Co did not think twice about or wonder whether it was right for them to support an LTTE leader now supposedly ‘missing’.

Suresh Premachandran and Co did not for a second wonder whether it was fair on the scores of Tamils from whom the LTTE plucked children and men and turned into cadres. Suresh Premachandran now seeking advice from Tamils and Diaspora Tamils may like to answer this question.

Let’s not forget that LTTE’s cadres were mostly made up of KIDNAPPED Tamils who had been BRAINWASHED into taking part in LTTE terror.

Tamils are now challenging TNA-LTTE

The significance of this event of protestors coming out in their numbers must be making the TNA sweat. Their thus far comfort zone is now being challenged-for the first time and in the open. It must be sending shockwaves among the TNA leadership while LTTE Diaspora must be wondering how to counter the new menace.

What is assured is that if the trend continues no amount of foreign support or Indian support can change the behavior of Tamils deciding to question the TNA who was intricately linked to the LTTE.

It is a good time for the Tamil victims of LTTE to start demanding from the TNA-LTTE fronts and LTTE supporters to return at least some of the amounts the LTTE had been coercing from them especially from those living abroad on the threat of killing their families back homw.

The Human Rights Watch has also compiled a report titled Trapped and Mistreated LTTE Abuses against Civilians in the Vanni” and gives a good background of exactly how LTTE treated Tamils and is a good time for those supporting the TNA to also wonder exactly with whom they have placed their bets!

The clout that the TNA and LTTE had pre-May 2009 does not need to be elaborated. The story is now being re-written and the tables are now being turned.

This is where all those pandering to the tigers need to realize the importance of dividing the Tamils into:

  • 1.    Those who support and supported the LTTE (further divided into voluntary and forced support / divided also into Tamils (in SL and Overseas)/ other nationalities) – it would be interesting to know how many Tamils both in Sri Lanka and overseas actually support the LTTE against the Tamils who don’t support or never did
  • 2.    Those Tamils who refused to support / refused to make contributions – how many belonged to this number is a question yet to be answered.

Let’s talk numbers – how many Tamils support TNA-LTTE-LTTE fronts and how many Tamils don’t support them? – Ask the pundits and experts and insist that they reveal the numbers because we can’t get anywhere without knowing the numbers we are dealing with/against.

The importance of knowing who actually supported or supports the LTTE still will provide the numbers to who are supporting the TNA and the LTTE fronts – whether they are living in Sri Lanka or overseas. Against this we need to know how many actually are against LTTE – TNA and the LTTE fronts operating from abroad.

We need to identify the nexus that keeps Tamils bound into an insular framework and denies them any opportunity towards reconciliation efforts. The nations preaching on national reconciliation needs to wake up to these ground realities and must be told to get rid of the nexus if they truly want national reconciliation to take place in Sri Lanka. Simply preaching about national reconciliation, drafting resolutions against Sri Lanka while supporting the TNA-LTTE fronts and LTTE supporting Tamils to prevail is not going to get anybody anywhere.


The marked difference in handwritten placards as against the printed placards used by TNA shows the spontaneity behind this protest as against the professionally organized events of TNA. It also provides a very clear picture to all those attempting to showcase a very distorted version of affairs in the North of Sri Lanka largely helped by foreign envoys attempting to canvass as common candidate of late flouting diplomatic decency and protocols!

The incident that took place in Mullaitivu did have foreign presence in the form of mainstream media. Nonetheless, the bias of their coverage can be seen by how they have covered the event – as was expected they did not take the side of the real victims, the parents in search of their missing children, but the TNA and their 20 or so supporters. Angel of Justice, it is time that the world knew who the real crooks are.

Udeshi Amarasinghe gives an excellent account of Tamil Diaspora and LTTE organizations. This needs to be immediately printed as a leaflet and distributed amongst the international community, embassies, foreign NGOs/INGOs, UN and every time any of the banned entities are given permission to hold public events in the very countries that have banned the LTTE. It is also good for the officials representing Sri Lanka (both in Sri Lanka and overseas) to read about to expand their knowledge of who Sri Lanka is up against.


21 Responses to “Ananthi / TNA / LTTE: the hunters are getting hounded”

  1. Lorenzo Says:

    The reality is MOST Tamils in SL support TAMIL ELAM.

    There are different fronts to get to TE.

    Political solutions
    Other Tamil racist junk.

    VERY VERY few Tamils who don’t go in ANY of these racist paths.

  2. Nanda Says:

    In early nineties I recruited staff for the company I worked for. I would always give them a salary less than what they asked for and with a promise to increase more than they asked after 3 months , after probation.
    I could judge people very well that time. Some said I read their minds.

    However, one person managed to fool me. He was a Tamil (Indian) . I believed his story. I felt compassion for him. I found out a lot of lies he said in the interview. Only my tactic ( 3 months) saved us. We did not fire him but he was a problem to our very cohesive, hard working team.
    No one could fool me, but a Tamil.

  3. Mr. Bernard Wijeyasingha Says:

    First and obvious reaction from the LTTE diaspora is that this is a charade put up by the Rajapakse “regime”. The philosophy of the LTTE diaspora is that “anything bad is the fault of the Sinhalese and anything good is the result of Tamils”. So be prepared, take photos, names and give the Tamil protesters greater exposure through Sri Lankan TV and in the UN. At least that little bit can be done by Colombo and that “little bit” is enough to silence a chorus of LTTE supporting “we are innocent, you are guilty” voices.

  4. Lorenzo Says:


    Govt. got rid of ALL politicians with even a SMALL PATRIOTIC TRACE.

    e.g. Patali – sacked from a powerful ministry and given a BS ministry.
    e.g. Other JHU politicians – ALL sacked from few govt. aligned associations and positions.
    e.g. Amarasekera – sacked from his government sponsored organizations.
    e.g. Now WW will be sacked or KILLED soon. Govt. fears he might BREAK UP the patriotic vote base.
    e.g. Sarath Weerasekera sacked from few govt. organizations he was in AFTER HACKHIM demanded.
    e.g. BBS and RB leaders SILENCED with death threats and remand.

    GR has been appointed Colombo district SLFP organizer.

  5. Lorenzo Says:


    I do NOT believe Tamils are more cunning than anyone else. And they are cunning because they are Tamils.

    But almost ALL Tamils either by COMMISSION or deliberate OMMISSION support Tamil Elam.

  6. SA Kumar Says:

    But almost ALL Tamils either by COMMISSION or deliberate OMMISSION support Tamil Elam.-
    Lorenzo fully agrred include you & me .

    Nalai pirakkum Thamil Eelam !

  7. Lorenzo Says:

    Endian coast guard has arrested 12 SL fishermen.
    SL navy has arrested 73 Endian fishermen.


    Both sides arrest TAMIL fishermen!! Tamils think TN and TE are ONE country. Fools.

  8. Sooriarachi Says:

    Lorenzo keep believing that all Tamils support Tamil Elam. This is far from the truth if one could believe the strong anti-separatist sentiments expressed by respected Tamils in various journals.
    Another indicator of anti-separatism is the fear amongst ‘low-caste’ Tamils that they would lose their human right to equal treatment under a Hindu Tamil administration. In fact many low caste Tamils have even gone to the extent of embracing either Buddhism or Christianity to escape the caste based discriminatory practices within Hindu Tamil administrations.
    Also, the vast majority of Tamils living overseas showed their lack of interest in separatism by completely ignored the so called elections staged for a Tamil Government in exile, under Rudrakumaran, clearly indicating only a small fraction of the Tamil diaspora are still hanging on to the unrealistic LTTE separatist agenda.
    The TNA won the Nothern Province elections, because they pretended to be non-separatist, and also their aggressive door to door scare campaign, threatening if the TNA fails to win the elections, then, the LTTE would rise again to repeat their brutal conduct against the people in the North and East, who had just regained their human rights, with the elimination of Prabakaran and his monsters.
    Another reason why I believe the majority are not for separatism is the fact that, even during Prabakaran’s time, most Tamils refused to accede to his demand that the Tamils must settle down in the North and East to create a Tamil homeland by showing the world that only the North and East and not the entire island, is their homeland.
    Of course none of my Tamil friends have shown any wish to have a separate state, as they know the real homeland is Tamilnadu in India.

  9. Ananda-USA Says:

    It has ALWAYS bothered me that the “VICTIMS” who agitating for War Crimes charges against Sri Lanka are wailing ONLY about the deaths of LTTE cadres and human shield hostages in the Final Phase of the war, and not the tens of thousands of people killed in the concentration camps of the Wanni Gulag, 600 police prisoners summarily executed, blown to bits in public places like buses, trains, markets, shops, offices etc, sliced and diced in the dead of the night in ethnic cleansing attacks upon Sinhala and Moslem villages, political opponents hung from lamp posts, shot by motorcycle assassins in broad daylight, and tens of thousands of children kidnapped and brainwashed into unthinking killers with cyanide capsules around their necks.

    This demonstration by family members of disappeared people, squarely laying the responsibility on the TNA leaders who served as the LTTE’s proxy, and on Ananthi, the widow of one of those murderous terrorist leaders, is a rare event by a people STILL TERRORIZED by the rump LTTE/TNA.

    The affrontery of these people who orchestrated the murder of over a hundred thousand people in Sri Lanka to coming forward to POSE as VICTIMS, is absolutely astounding!

    It reminds me of the murderer who axed his parents to death, pleading for clemency from the judge during sentencing, BECAUSE HE IS NOW AN ORPHAN!

    WE NEED MORE OF THIS TYPE OF DEMONSTRATION to hold these awful murderers ACCOUNTABLE. To hell with RECONCILIATION, I say!

    We need DAILY DEMONSTRATION by the families of the 150,000 people who were killed by the LTTE in Sri Lanka during their 30-year rampage to COME FORWARD, DEMONSTRATE and PERMANENTLY CAMP OUT in Jaffna, Kilinochchi, MUllativu in front of the NPC offices, TNA party buildings and party leaders homes. The work of the NPC should be brought to dead halt by these demonstrations.

    These DEMONSTRATIONS should be designed to CONFRONT and LABEL the KILLERS and their FOLLOWERS wherever they OPERATE, wherever they LIVE, and should be funded by PUBLIC DONATIONS and led by a PERMANENT ORGANIZATION dedicated to that effort, with/without Government funding.

    It is IMPORTANT that we do this, to PREVENT the RESURRECTION of the LTTE and the RE-ENSLAVEMENT of all people of Sri Lanka to the ravages of the Tamil Separatist Terrorists.

    These DEMONSTRATIONS should be given the highest level of Public MEDIA COVERAGE Coverage, and PROTECTION of the Forces of Law and Order.

    The Tamil Separatist Terrorists STARTED a WAR, and the law-abiding people of Sri Lanka WON IT CONVINCINGLY and ENDED IT.

    The Tamil Separatist Terrorists have now started a Campaign of Permanent Wailing about the deaths of their supporters and hostages, ignoring the far higher casualties they inflicted upon ALL citizens of Sri Lanka, to cement their role asINNOCENT VICTIMS; let the law-abiding people of Sri Lanka WIN THIS BATTLE CONVINCINGLY TOO and END IT DEMOCRATICALLY using the SAME WEAPONS the LTTE/TNA separatists do.

    To hell with RECONCILIATION with Permanently Wailing Separatist Terrorists; give them a DOSE of DEMOCRACY IN ACTION; what they can do, we the law-abiding citizens of Sri Lanka … who know the TRUTH and have lived the TRUTH … WE CAN DO IT BETTER!

    The ‘disappeared’ come to haunt Ananthi
    June 8, 2014

    A demonstration by the Tamil National Alliance (TNA) in Mullaitivu supporting a case filed by TNA Provincial Council member Ananthi Sasitharan on behalf of her missing husband on June 5 came to a halt when a group of some 300 persons confronted the demonstrators.

    This group had demanded that Sasitharan respond on behalf of her husband, S Elilan the former political head of the LTTE in Trincomalee, whose actions had caused their near and dear to ‘disappear’.
    The TNA protest led by Northern Provincial Councillor, Ananthi Sasitharan also saw the participation of MP Suresh Premachandran and former MP, M.K. Shivajilingam. The protesters organized by the TNA were forced to flee and seek protection from security forces personnel in the area.

    Premachandran refused to comment on the incident but Shivajilingam speaking to The Nation said the Government was trying to shift the blame entirely on the LTTE and avoid a probe on the disappeared persons in its entirety.

  10. Ananda-USA Says:

    This news article demonstrates the BIAS of Eric Solheim towards the LTTE, because he cannot accept that Prabhakaran was a fanatical murderous megalomaniac like Hitler, and STILL praises him.

    This is in stark contrast to how the Norwegians vilified Hitler, and when World War II ended, EXECUTED thousands of Norwegian Nazi collaborators, including Quisling whose name is now synonymous with TRAITOR!

    Does he think ANY NEGOTIATION was possible with Adolf Hitler? Prabhakaran was Sri Lanka’s Hitler, and no compromise was possible with him. That was tried over 30 years, while Sri Lanka BURNED and tens of thousands of INNOCENTS lost their lives … just like in Europe in WW II.

    All these Westerners did then was to support the LTTE and counsel further negotiation. Not one iota of military help to defend Sri Lank’sn citizens was provided by them.

    Does he think we should also pursue War Crimes Charges against the Allies who waged an existential war against Hitler?

    Should we prosecute those who carpet-bombed Germany and Japan igniting fire storms that killed hundreds of thousands of civilians in one night, conveniently forgetting that the Nazis did it first in Coventry, England?

    Should we level war crimes charges against those who dropped Nuclear bombs on Hiroshima and Nagasaki instantly extinguishing hundreds of thousands of people, conveniently forgetting that it saved the lives of perhaps 500,000 US troops in invading the home islands of Japan?

    Should we pursue war crimes charges against those who buried alive thousands of Iraqi soldiers alive n their bunkers with earth moving equipment and explosive charges in Desert Storm?

    I can go on … but it should be clear that these HOLIER THAN THOU critics of Sri Lanka are GUILTY OF FAR LARGER “War Crimes” when their own nations and lives were at risk. They conveniently forget that when we confronted with an implacable diabolical enemy intent of eradicating your people entirely, FIRE with FIRE … just as THEY DID then and DO to this day.

    Therefore, I accuse them of UNBOUNDED HYPOCRISY in their Neocolonialist Quest to extend their hegemony over this world.

    The message is that “It depends on whose OX is being GORED”; when it is Your Ox … let us give it away, but my Ox is ALWAYS my INALIENABLE property. BLOODY HYPOCRITES!

    Norwegian peace envoy says ready to testify at any international tribunal on Sri Lanka

    ColomboPage News Desk, Sri Lanka.

    June 08, Colombo: Former Norwegian minister and peace envoy Erik Solheim, once a key negotiator in Sri Lanka’s Oslo-mediated peace process, said he is willing to be a witness at any recognized international tribunal on alleged war crimes committed by Sri Lanka during the war.

    “I will be a witness before any recognized international tribunal if I am asked to do so,” Solheim told Ceylon Today in an exclusive interview.

    He added that he has been asked by the UN, USA and others on different occasions to be a witness in an inquiry on alleged human rights violations.

    Pointing out that during the war, tens of thousands of Tamil civilians were killed and hospitals were shelled, the former peace envoy said such atrocities cannot be buried without conducting investigations into them.

    Solheim, noting that peace in Sri Lanka was won by the war at a tremendous cost, said he still believes peace could have been achieved without the bloodshed.

    When asked why Norway’s peace process failed in Sri Lanka, the former peace envoy said it was wrong to isolate Prabhakaran, the leader of the Tamil terrorist group Liberation Tigers of Tamil Eelam, as the reason behind the failure.

    He said only Norway met with the LTTE leaders for negotiations and it would have been much better if a number of international leaders had met Prabhakaran and had impressed upon him the need to compromise and to settle for federalism.

    “During the last four months of the war, we called upon Prabhakaran to accept an ‘organized’ end to the war, which would have saved the lives of tens of thousands of civilians and thousands of LTTE cadres. Kumaran Pathmanathan (KP) can bear witness to this. It is so sad he did not accept the facts,” Solheim said.

    He explained that Prabhakaran’s refusal to accept federalism and the constant infighting, between the two main political parties, the SLFP and the UNP were the two main obstacles to the Norway-brokered peace process.

    Norway brokered the 2002 ceasefire agreement between the Sri Lankan Government of then Prime Minister Ranil Wickremasinghe under President Chandrika Kumaratunga and the LTTE Tamil Tiger leaders.

    President Mahinda Rajapaksa’s government abrogated the defunct ceasefire agreement in 2008 and launched a military operation to liberate the North and East from the LTTE. The war ended in May 2009 with the annihilation of the LTTE and most of its senior leaders.

  11. Lorenzo Says:


    I believe ALMOST ALL Tamils support Tamil Elam by commission OR OMMISSION.

    Election results are the BEST INDOCATOR of that.

    HIGHER the voters turnout, the MORE representative it is.

    In a democracy ELECTION RESULTS, not word of mouth, personal friendships, participation in demonstrations, etc. that matter.

    MOST Tamils who support TE did NOT vote for TGTE Vadakundi resolution and TGTE election. But there are many reasons for that.

    During VP’s lifetime he NEVER demanded Tamils from other parts of SL to come and settle down in north and east. He needed them to hide his suicide bombers and expand his TE to ELAM one day.

  12. Lorenzo Says:

    “The TNA won the Nothern Province elections, because they pretended to be non-separatist, and also their aggressive door to door scare campaign, threatening if the TNA fails to win the elections, then, the LTTE would rise again to repeat their brutal conduct against the people in the North and East, who had just regained their human rights, with the elimination of Prabakaran and his monsters.”

    Completely wrong.

    TNA PROMISED separatism to every voter and that was how they won!!

    Not only TNA, in previous elections TULF, ITAK, ACTC promised the same thing to win elections AND WON!!

    TNA contested as ITAK – Illankai Thamil Arrasu Kachchi (Lanka Tamil Kingdom Party). Tamils understand Tamil. They KNOW what ITAK means. That is why they voted for them. TNA went to door to door promising Tamil Elam SOON.

    Everyone knows TNA = LTTE.

    WORST Tamil racist Viggie won the HIGHEST number of votes and then LTTE recruitment leader’s wife got second highest number.

    Lets face FACTS please. Then it is easy to make the RIGHT choice.

  13. Nanda Says:

    ““The TNA won the Nothern Province elections, because they pretended to be non-separatist, and also their aggressive door to door scare campaign, threatening if the TNA fails to win the elections, then, the LTTE would rise again to repeat their brutal conduct against the people in the North and East”

    From where did our friend Soori got this information. Complete rubbish !
    TNA won by promising to revive separatism which most Tamils prefer.
    However, I don’t blame the Tamils alone for that. Our buggers betray our motherland and even I am fed up of our politikkos.

  14. Nanda Says:

    Just count the number of people protesting ! 30-100(the most) !
    Don’t become FOOLS. Don’t listen to the government only, use the heads.

  15. NAK Says:

    I think Lorenzo is wrong in his assumption that most of the Tamils are for Eelam.
    Yes, there is a certain number suppoting Eelam and they are the most vocal giving the illusion that a lot of Tamils support Eelam but a silent majority does not. More than 50% of the Tamils live out side the north and they are not willing to go back,besides most of the wealthy live and do business in the south and they have nothing in a Eelam.
    Even most of the Tamils who live in the north too are not all that keen to go under the jack boot of the separatists but they are under obligation to the diaspora on whose financial support they depend. In the last NPC poll Diaspora played a major role in influencing the people to vote TNA.
    But the trends are taking turn now. Not only this confrontation, Vignaswaran too was recently confronted by the people and demanded to know what they are doing for the people.
    TNA and the separatists are in a dilemma now. They need to keep the people suffering and helpless in order to gain sympathy support from the out side world but the people who had more than enough suffering have had enough. they are beginning to realize that they are being led up the garden path and Eelam dream is exactly that. A dream.

  16. Piyadigama Says:

    Nanda and Lorenz are spot on. I recently went to the north for government work and the reception the team received was very hostile. It was much better four years ago. Now even normal people don’t want Sinhala people to come to the north and tell them what to do. They demand everything is done through the provincial council. But we had to go because the council is not carrying out the departmental circulars. Today Jaffna has the same feeling as it had in the 1970s. Calm before the storm. Jaffna people don’t want war but they certainly don’t want Sinhalese there and are definitely more racist now. Very soon simple administrative functions will become impossible in the north. Everyone seems to be behaving like TNA parliamentarians. This is very disappointing and even scary. I don’t know what expatriates and one week visitors to the island think but people who experience this day in and day out believe another anti Sinhala agitation is just around the corner in the north.

  17. Nanda Says:

    All these because of cowardly creation of “Eelam Council”. Come-on-wealth became bigger than the motherland !

  18. Lorenzo Says:

    “It was much better four years ago.”

    That is true.

    Five or four years ago Tamils NEEDED the govt to do ALOT of work. Now work is DONE. Now they want FEDERAL, TAMIL ELAM, etc. nonsense.

    Now the Tamil Elam echo is LOUDER than before.

    IF elections are held next year TNA will MORE seats that they won in 2010 even with REDUCTION in seats allocated. ALL NPC money going towards TAMIL RACISM promotion. ALL development work done by govt. fools!!! Saving SL fish done by govt. and leading to conflict of interests with Endia!!

    TNA and MOST Tamils in SL are like a fool sitting on a branch and cutting the tree.

    Tamils in Colombo are no better. They voted for Prabha Ganesan another TAMIL RACIST. Now he is with govt. but working against SL. They never vote for better people like Rajaratnam, etc. who are NOT racists.

  19. Lorenzo Says:


    ManMoron promised to come for the Come-on-wealth if MR held NPC elections.

    MR declared elections but ManMoron refused to come.

    MR was shortchanged by Endia many times. Our fool is going to learn a bitter lesson the hard way UNLESS he realizes his mistakes NOW and change ways.

    Endia has NOT changed. Endian groups attacked Karachi airport today to disrupt Pakistan economy, trade, cricket and tourism. I fear SIMILAR attacks on SL by Endian groups. Endia thinks this way it can THREATEN SUBMISSIVE BEHAVIOR from SMALLER neighbors.

  20. Ananda-USA Says:

    Where in the world is Fran Diaz?

    I hope he is OK. We need his voice of moderation here!

  21. Lorenzo Says:

    Presidential election in March 2015?

    Less than a year to go. Will have to be declared by December this year.

    Wrong move because CRICKET world cup will be around same time.

    Now SLMC and Tamil groups will start EXTORTING as much as they can for CONDITIONAL SUPPORT. But their voters will ANYWAY vote for UNP.

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