Posted on June 6th, 2014

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tilakfenandologo(Continuation of Nicky Karunarathna exposures)

Nicky Karunarathna, as a valuable contributor to this column, who has been exposing a cache of incidents and occurrences on the by-gone day politics in Sri Lanka, has in this instance delved into an area so far ‘unverified’ political landscape in the form of an analysis.


In doing so, he starts by saying that “sometimes it is hard to fathom in Sri Lankan politics as some guys have reached prominent positions and remained to be internationally recognised as well!’. This he quotes referring to a particular politician who he says was ‘a loner in the Colombo University having only a single friend and one who never intermingled or associated even with his batch mates, but kept both of them to themselves holding hands when they came to lectures and vanished from the scene as soon as lectures were over”.

Paradoxically, by and large, University campuses are meant for students to intermingle with others in a camaraderie fashion and to build up accomplices for their future. Unfortunately “these two particular (mango) friends were misfits for the University life”, he says, despite having hailed from upper echelons of the Sri Lankan society. At the same time he poses the 64 million dollar question as to how such characters have come on to the political platform?


By the same token, he answers by saying it boils simply down to nepotism – “if you have an uncle or father being a powerful figure on the political stage, then the path is open for you to dabble in politics irrespective of your capabilities’ (sic)! J R Jayewardene had many others if he really wanted to bring into political stage, I suppose it is more appropriate to say it was due to a powerful figure, who financed the 1962 coup (Catholic)” (sic).

Delving further into the subject he argues whether “those guys were being groomed by the CIA to carry out their agendas and continues by saying such actions openly take place in other parts of the world, and what more evidence do we need, it is crystal clear on the present interest other countries such as the US, UK and Europe are showing at present on Sri Lanka by trying to push her to the wall with something Sri Lankan Security Forces never did during the final last stages of the LTTE war. When the so called International West does not wish to look at the positive aspect of freeing the country from the clutches of a dangerous terrorist grip which had become cancerous over thirty long years, their one sided interest becomes another conundrum,” says Nicky.

International game

These new found ‘international games’ may baffle the simple mind, but to an intelligent mental power it is a clear-cut anathema because one does not need a PhD to evaluate and conclude the aim of those interlopers who earmark a particular country with all their might, when they cannot defeat such countries, and adopt various strategies to interfere in the internal affairs of such nations on the pretext of democracy or human rights saviours but in real terms becoming subtle dictators!

Nicky Karunarathna’s view seems to be that “Sri Lanka with her utmost civilized records over the centuries should come out with new concepts and new terminology to expose and to denude such international predators’ attempts that take the whole world for a jolly good ride. Commenting on the Communist phobia in Western countries he asserts that the Americans and Australians have gone all out to disrupt countries like Cuba and Chile (Salvador Allende’s Government) with determined efforts to eliminate Communism.

Dudley move

“When the LSSP was a formidable opponent in the political melee at the time, Dudley Senanayake was looking for a man to fight LSSP and not the SLFP or Mahajana Ekasath Peramuna! He, therefore, artfully introduced R. Premadasa to the political stage to disparage and insult his opponent with a most fetid mouth which was never known amongst the mostly educated lot in the political arena within the Sri Lankan society at large. This paved the path to open the political floodgates of the dirty filthy politics in the country” (sic).

“Ranasinghe Premadasa frequently visited Dudley Senanayaka’s mansion in Borella – Woodlands – at the beginning of his political career. By and bye, Dudley allocated his stables area at Woodlands to help Premadasa operate his political activities from an office there. Dudley was a generous man, he donated R. Premadasa 10 perches of land to build his residential home in the same compound (Woodlands) at Borella, and donated a black Morris Minor too which was Premadasa’s first car in life” (sic)”. R. Premadasa rose to the position of President of Sri Lanka, from early beginnings as a Colombo Municipal Councillor and then the Mayor of Colombo.

“Sri Lankan politics have never been on a precise tract from the right beginning, each and everyone holding their own hidden agendas as much as agendas of other foreign powers to carry out. The LSSP was a very powerful political party once upon a time with fire breathing comrades like, NM. Colvin, Lesley and Philip in the forefront, which was seen as a major headache for the UNP, especially to Dudley Senanayake that made him finally go into the political oblivion after the 1953 Hartal, saying he was suffering from an abdominal disease”!

Environmental history

‘Unlike these days people didn’t take the highways to walk or they never crisscrossed gardens and alleyways on their journeys on foot at that time. Even Maradana was a deserted area then, where a person was hardly seen on the road; pedestrians trespassed through others’ gardens to reach their distances and attended to their day-today activities without using any tarred or main road’.

Maradana railway station clock tower was a famous landmark. There were only three Magistrates working for the entire Colombo District at the time. One magistrate had recorded in his diary how he had gone to Maradana for deer hunting! Even the affluent and the rich went on horseback those days from Borella to Avissawella; the Colombo racecourse too was full of activity and in prime condition which goes to say how rural even the heart of Colombo had been!

Gam Udawa

According to Nicky Karunarathna “R. Premadasa also did irreparable damage by his Gam Udawa program to the fabric of the Sinhala/Buddhist culture that had been so long meticulously guarding by coining the most illiterate theme to damage the very fabric that interwove Sri Lankan culture. It is that same candle that burns today in churches, temples and kevels! (“Kovile, Pansale and Palliye dalwenne ekema pahanaki”).

In the context of dissection, there is no similarity among these three institutions which have completely different philosophies. May be the Kovila and the Church shares some similarities as both being God orientated, but the Buddhists completely hold on to an opposite view of a creator! ‘The Question that arises here is whether the CIA coined the Gam Udawa slogan and given it to R. Premadasa with which the majority of Buddhists were taken for a jolly good ride’? The pressure applied by these International powers and their undercurrent activities are now been felt which, during that era, were controlled by their agents in Sri Lanka quite professionally in a concealed and manipulatory fashion.

“What these Christian hegemonies have done to other Buddhist countries is documented in their most infamous ignoble past. Ironically, the British Prime Minster David Cameron openly says now to the world at large that they (UK ) are a Christian country but intolerably harassing Sri Lanka in a most brutal manner since the Rajapaksa brothers saved this country from a very dangerous precipice” (sic).

‘If the prolonged terrorist war had to continue for another few years, the main actors behind the war, and The Puppet Master (Northern Catholic Priest) would have had the biggest say in the entire country with the TNA. In such circumstances when one compares their utterances now with the predator community, what would have been the writings on the wall in the future of this country and the Sinhala race’?


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