Why Pay Attention To Non Entities Like Jayalalitha Calling For A Referendum For Tamils In Sri lanka?
Posted on June 6th, 2014

Insight By Sunil Kumar

June 5th. 2014
 Tamil Nadu Chief Minister Jayalaitha Jayaram’s call for a referendum among Tamils in Sri Lanka including those currently living abroad to decide on the establishment of a separate state (Eelam) seems not only  lopsided but also one which has no bearing on the smooth functioning of Sovereign Independent Sri Lanka.This coming from an indian film actress turned politician whose aggression against Sri Lanka has even been to a greater part ignored by new Indian Prime Minister Modi.
So why worry about a deadbeat Tamil Nadu flybynight politico and the rest of her consorts who continue to bicker about The Tamils in Sri Lanka and continue their worthless cacophony over an unacheivable issue regarding a referendum to establish a separate state for their favourites?
The nature of her call alone proves the kind of misguided and apathetic individual she must be where she would probably be better off requesting the Indian Prime Minister to open the doors of Tamil Nadu to all dissenting minority Tamils in Sri lLanka to emigrate there while also considering a reversal of the Sirima – Shastri Pact to repatriate the migrant labour Tamils who have established themselves as estate labour Tamils if so disposed towards an empathy for Tamil Nadu as choice of abode rather than cause unnecessary agitations in Sri Lanka courtesy of the likes of the DMK whose related aspirations in all likelihood will also end up in rejection by the laboureres who are once again better off in Sri Lanka rather than facing the rigours of life in South India depite the rhetoric.In a general sense albeit hypothetically at least this would probably find the Tamils in Sri lanka reluctant to leave where they would be much better off as the case has been proven time and time again that it is indeed a load of codsawllop that the Tamillians in Nadu are in any way well disposed towards their counterparts across the Palk Straight with open arms to join them.
It therefore goes without saying that Sri Lanka  is always committed to preserving the  Sovereignity, unitarity and territorial integrity of the country and there could be no compromise on that score where Jayalalith and her motley crew including the Vaikos and Karunanidhis et al could huff and puff until blue and all they would prpbably get are apoplectic fits , censure  cautions and probable arrests or all of these..
In every sense Jayalalitha’s call for the formation of a separate state in Sri Lanka seems contentious as well as laughter evoking due to the sheer absurdity of it given what transpires during the Tamil Tiger insurgency  and the state of the nation today although within a united Sri Lanka there is every possibility of all citizens irrespective of their ethnicities sharing power collectively and being part of the administration with no devolution of power to a separate community simply to suit the whims and fancies of idiotic dispensations of worthless idealogies by the likes of Jayalalitha.
While it has been observed by the Government of Sri Lanka in a somewhat aggravated frame of mind quite justifiably perhaps that there seems to be much  external interference in Sri Lanka’s administrative affairs based on the wrongful portrayals of internal sources such as the UNP opposition, the JVP and so called patriotic sources who, simply to acheive their own agendas would create non existent situations or those blown out of proportion about breakdown in Law and Order, lack of respect to democracy and freedoms and a depiction of a reign of terror within the land which is the furthest from the truth to any discerning observer who promptly realises the salient reality of why this is happening.
Simply put, the objective of these harbingers of discredit through accusations against the GOSL point directly to intentions of ursurping  the Government towards their own ends in the quest for power!
Suggestions incorporating a scenario of kaleidoscopic inconsistencies through statements such as ~ “that for the rule of law to prevail, the independence of the judiciary had to be preserved, but President Mahinda Rajapaksa had by abusing the powers vested in his office prevented the judiciary from independently performing its duties. It was this tragic state of affairs that has led to foreign countries and international organisations telling us to put our house in order. It has reached a stage where the United Nations Human Rights Commission is about to commence a war crimes probe into the conduct of the Rajapaksa Government and the LTTE.” These surely are the inspirations for the probes against the Government although the exaggerations presented by far exceed the related realities where it was not the independence of the judiciary that was compromised but a setting right of the excesses of the abuse of power by some of its members where the Government simply did not tolerate the wrongdoings of certain legislators and members of the learned profession in high office.
The same applies to certain Army Leaders whose attempts to discredit the GOSL towards their own objectives and the quest for power landed them on the wrong side of the law and incarcerated although the baying of those in dissent never stopped and resulted in world opinion which to a greater part was biased against the Sri Lanka Administratiom,
The same applies to the Tamil Diaspora attempts to discredit the Government through their astronomically exaggerated stories of what transpired during the three decade long internal armed insurrection of the Tamil Tiger terrorists as though the majority Sinhalese needed to take blame for wrongs committed by insurgents and terrorists in defending their inherant and legally bounded rights. And if you have not guessed it already most of the attrocitiesd during the insurgency was blamable on Tamil Nadu in collaboration with consortiums of Tamil groups around the world that eventually caused much mayhem .It was this conglomerate of Tamils against Sri Lanka who fed, fuelled and fanned the Tamil Tiger cause to almost its entirety with dire ramifications!
And today the likes of Jayalalitha are calling for a referendum where insurgency failed which truly is an affront to the Government and people of a Nation that is recovering rapidly from the devastations once imposed by group she favoured and probably funded in collaboration with  her Tamil allies !!
She may be the chief minister of Tamil Nadu but certainly with no clout whatsoever over Sri Lankan matters.While her biases need no camouflaging  neither is there a need to pay too much attention to her bickerings where even the Indian Prime Minister  appears to take her with a pinch of salt where otherwise she could prove to be a huge embarrassment to the new Indian Administration!

14 Responses to “Why Pay Attention To Non Entities Like Jayalalitha Calling For A Referendum For Tamils In Sri lanka?”

  1. Nanda Says:

    Responding to this stupid woman’s stupid complaints mad to Modi is super stupid. Sri Lanka should only respond to Modi direct. Unfortunately MR’s verbal response is still a secret.

  2. Lorenzo Says:

    Govt. taking revenge from Weerawansa for his 12 proposals.

    This is not good. WW has been SACKED from many posts he headed to PUNISH him for speaking out against CASINOS, DRUGS, 13 AMENDMENT, etc.

    Indirectly the MR-BR-NR clan is threatening GR.

  3. Nanda Says:

    Not sure about Weerewansa’s motives, but he defended MR many occasions.
    I don’t remember he opposing 13A OPENLY but he is opposing SAfrica’s involvement.

  4. Senevirath Says:





  5. Senevirath Says:


  6. Mr. Bernard Wijeyasingha Says:

    “….in all likelihood will also end up in rejection by the labourers who are once again better off in Sri Lanka rather than facing the rigours of life in South India despite the rhetoric.” This along with the article of 300 Tamil people holding pictures of their loved ones who have gone missing should not be voiced by those who are not Tamil. Question is how do we know that the Sri Lankan Tamils are better off than their counterparts in India? This articles states so, Sinhalese writers state so but not the elected Tamil Politicians in Sri Lanka nor India.

    Since the entire war was a Tamil issue, then only the Sri Lankan Tamils should call the bluff as has already taking place with those 300 protesters. What they have done is far more powerful than all the political wrangling Colombo has done to date. There a millions of happy Sri Lankan Tamils and they should be given voice to speak against Jayalalithaa, the TNA and the Tamil Diaspora by placing the facts as they see it and live it in Sri Lanka. Nothing would silence a die hard radical loud mouth pro LTTE Tamil than to hear the steadfast rebuke to them from the very Tamils they seem to be so worried about. Even Navi Pillay would be disarmed if Sri Lankan Tamils finally stated “leave us alone, leave us to live our lives in Sri Lanka as we see fit and not how you see fit”. It would give new meaning to “fighting fire with fire”.

  7. dhane Says:

    Why not Tamil Nadu Chief Minister Jayalaitha Jayaram call for a referendum in her own State Tamil Nadu to create their own Eelam Country in South India. Ask all Tamils living in poverty world wide give them best living standard in dream Eelam. No more problems to Sri Lanka or India. Good Luck Jayalaitha.

  8. Lorenzo Says:


    Govt. got rid of ALL politicians with even a SMALL PATRIOTIC TRACE.

    e.g. Patali – sacked from a powerful ministry and given a BS ministry.
    e.g. Other JHU politicians – ALL sacked from few govt. aligned associations and positions.
    e.g. Amarasekera – sacked from his government sponsored organizations.
    e.g. Now WW will be sacked or KILLED soon. Govt. fears he might BREAK UP the patriotic vote base.
    e.g. Sarath Weerasekera sacked from few govt. organizations he was in AFTER HACKHIM demanded.
    e.g. BBS and RB leaders SILENCED with death threats and remand.

    GR has been appointed Colombo district SLFP organizer.

  9. Senevirath Says:


  10. Sunil Mahattaya Says:

    Very logical suggestion by A W~ “Nothing would silence a die hard radical loud mouth pro LTTE Tamil than to hear the steadfast rebuke to them from the very Tamils they seem to be so worried about. Even Navi Pillay would be disarmed if Sri Lankan Tamils finally stated leave us alone, leave us to live our lives in Sri Lanka as we see fit and not how you see fit. It would give new meaning to “fighting fire with fire.” but sadly they are like the bats who claim to be birds when the birds are winning and mammals when the mammals are. Presently they cannot claim allegiance to the LTTE as that group is no more so gues it will be towards the Sinhala administration that they will pit their allegiance.Or else it will be a new life in Tamil Nadu so the writing’s on the wall surely for them.Thsts the only reason why they choose to support the Administration.It is an opportunism which will be to their best interests!

  11. Lorenzo Says:


    He is still in parliament but he was SACKED from some govt. organizations recently. Development committees, etc.

    MR thinks ALL patriots can be replaced by GR.

  12. Lorenzo Says:

    Endian coast guard has arrested 12 SL fishermen.
    SL navy has arrested 73 Endian fishermen.


    Both sides arrest TAMIL fishermen!! Tamils think TN and TE are ONE country. Fools.

  13. Mr. Bernard Wijeyasingha Says:

    Sunil Mahattaya: Life is made of choices and choices always comes with a set of problems. No matter what choice a person makes the new “solution” to the old “problem’ is simply changing one set of problems for another. That is how I see life.
    If you are right and the majority Tamils demand a homeland using whatever methods they have at their disposal it will only mean whatever problems they now face will be exchanged for a new set of problems for their “solution”.

    The excuse for Tamil terrorism that lasted 30 years and spanned 2 centuries is that the many Sinhalese governments not only did not address their problems but exacerbated them. If so since 1948 when Sri Lanka became an independent nation to 1978 Sinhalese have given reason to the Sri Lankan Tamils to take up terrorism. That ironically is roughly 30 years. The Sri Lankan Tamil answer was terrorism for another 30 years. By that action the reputation of SL Tamils, along with their treachery is now their identification.
    After reading your reply to my comment I am left with the conclusion that the only way for the Sinhalese to address the wrongs done to us by the Tamils for 30 years is to find new solutions to eliminate their hold in Sri Lanka. They have a home in Tamil Nadu and are welcome in many other nations. However they are not welcome in Sri Lanka. If that is the path you are suggesting then I will agree for it is one of many choices.
    However it will come with its own problems for the Sinhalese and the Tamils. Peace and happiness are relative terms which again come with their own set of problems as Sri Lanka has learned since the end of the war.

  14. Sunil Mahattaya Says:

    Firstly let me correct myself and say I meant BW in my response not AW.
    No rocket science needed abt, majority Tamils wanting a homeland, was it not obvious through the manner they supported the LTTE? But it is a vagary to even siggest it was the Sinhalese who created a reason for Tamil terrorism which seems a bit thin towards logic.I’d way it was the outgoing British with their divide and rula approach that set it all up.The Sinhalese were simply defending their rights.What’s left in SL today however is probably a residue of the original numbers of Tamils who now use sense and sensibility to acclaim the present administration towards their survival and best interests.They need to be welcomed and guided towards assimilating with the rest of Sri Lanka.There is however a darker lot globally as the more discerning are aware of, still plotting and planning for their worthless Eelam and it is these that need to be obliterated from effectivity. Something certain blinkered world leaders either fail to realise or acknowledge or both.And what’s remarkable is that they will neither fit in Lanka nor Tamil Nadu as their objectives are much too self centered and not in any way beneficial nor acceptable to either location.Thes should be deemed clones of Prabhakaran!This said with the cognizance that there are many disillussioned and disgruntled expatriate Lankan Tamils in TN and elsewhere longing to get back to SL and cannot be coined with the hardcore Eelamists.Hence a somewhat complex issue where it is almost a Catch 22 situation for the Administration in trying to please powerful critics as well as restore order and stability in SL synonymously which seems virtually impossible!.

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