Celebrating victory of soldiers who defeated fascist terrorism
Posted on June 9th, 2014

H. L. D. Mahindapala

 Just last week — on June 6, 2014, to be precise —  I was glued to CNN channel watching its day-long coverage  of the 70th anniversary of D-Day held on the Sword Beach of Normandy. What prompted me to follow this event closely was my curiosity to find out whether  the Western leaders were guilty of triumphalism” in commemorating their victory that began with the landing of massive forces on Normandy Beach on the dawn of June 6, 1944. It was the decisive day which marked the beginning of the end of World War II.

 That happened 70 years ago. Gen. Eisenhower declared that every soldier who set foot on Omaha Beach in Normandy was a hero. His forces never looked back, stopping at nothing that stood in their way, until they reached Berlin. The 70th anniversary held in Normandy last week was a celebration of the courage of the war veterans whose heroism saved Europe  from the inhuman horrors of Nazism. It was a fitting tribute to their sacrifice, their heroism and their indomitable spirit that fought against all odds to save Europe and the world from the horrors of fascist terror.

 Nineteen heads of states, from Barack Obama to Vladimir Putin and the Queen to the new President-elect of Ukraine, chocolate billionaire, Petro Poroshenko, presented a united front  of triumphalism in paying homage to the victory of Allied forces that reduced Germany to rubble and wiped out the Nazis from the face of  this earth. The commemoration had all the trappings of a victory celebration. The 21 gun salute, a fly past, military taps, flags and parades gave it a military coloration that reflected the martial spirit of the 1000-odd veterans assembled, perhaps, for the last time in Normandy. It was a grand show of the power and the glory of the Western victors.

 The triumphalist spirit of the day celebrated the victory of democracy over fascist tyranny. President Obama hailed Normandy as the beachhead for democracy”. French President, Francois Hollande, paid a tribute to America for liberating Europe. In the foreground facing the nineteen leaders was the tragic Omaha Beach where 9,387 American youth were mowed down by German soldiers on the first day of landing. President Hollande recalled their courage and honoured them as heroes. Yes, they were heroes.” he repeated. The leaders agreed unanimously that it was the sacrifice of  the soldiers that gave them the legacy  of peace, democracy and freedoms they enjoyed today.

 No  one shed a tear for the Germans. No human rights pundits piped in to say that hundreds of thousands of German civilians were killed by the Allied  forces. No NGO moralist wrote that the triumphalism of the 18 leaders of the West hurt the sensitivities of the defeated Germans. Neither the German version of events nor any German who fought for Hitler was a given a place in the celebrations. There were no Nazi flag or images. Every event of the 70th commemoration was to glorify the heroism and the victory scored by the Allies on the beaches of Normandy.

 The assembled leaders declared their gratitude and their debt to the veterans who sacrificed their lives and limbs for the cause of peace and freedom. Some were in wheel-chairs. President Obama asked them to stand, if they can, and receive the applause of the people. It was the longest applause of the day. He also went round shaking hands with the war veterans. In fact, he arrived for  the celebrations  accompanied by a war veteran whom he accompanied protectively all the way on the red carpet.

 CNN reporter covering the ceremonies said, pointing to the monumental memorials in Germany, that they are all dedicated to the fighting spirit of the Allied forces and  not for the defeated Germans. He pointed to one monument that stood for the Soviet soldiers. The German youth who fought for Hitler had been wiped  out of the official memory of the nation. The commemorating ceremony itself was held against  the background of the memorial erected for the American youth who sacrificed their lives n the beach to liberate Europe. The memorial on Omaha Beach – the mass graveyard of GIs who never came home —  says: The spirit of the American youth rising from the waves.” There were rows and rows of white crosses and all were for the Allied soldiers. There were none for the Germans.

 The most striking feature in last week’s commemoration was that Germany’s Angela Merkel, who represented Germany, never uttered one word against the Allied forces that (a) fire-bombed and flattened Dresden, (b) killed hundreds of thousands of German civilians, (c) subjected Germany to humiliating conditions, (d) imposed terms  and conditions of surrender forcibly down the throats of the Germans, including  stripping its armed forces, (e) enforced rapacious reparations, (f) put on trial Nazi leaders and sentenced the leaders to death, (g) hunted and brought to justice those who escaped, and, (h) last but not the least, launched a de-Nazification program with a ruthless thoroughness until the Nazi power to raise its head in any form was eradicated forever. Except for the fringe freaks in neo-Nazis haircuts there is hardly a trace of Nazism left in Europe today.

 The humiliating outline sketched above was the reality faced by the defeated Krauts in post-war Germany. The triumphalism of the Allies has not stopped even seventy years after the collapse of the Nazi regime. While Western conquerors celebrated their  victory in grand style President Mahinda Rajapakse couldn’t even eat a piece of kiri buth or kiss the Sri Lankan earth when our  soldiers ended the needless Vadukoddai War that raged for 33 years. His endeavors to offer thanks to the nation and the soldiers that stood by him were criticized by the moral morons in the NGOs as triumphalism”.  For instance, Izzeth Hussain, who claims to be one of the five great diplomats of the world” (he has yet to mention the names of the other  four!), complained that the President should  not have kissed the tarmac at the airport when he got off the  plane, delighted with the news of the defeat of the Tamil fascists, but should have gone to Bambalawatte beach and bathed in sand like the Caliph who conquered Constantinople. The idiocy of these critics was exposed once again last week on the Normandy Beach.

 The heroic Sri Lankan soldiers ended the 33-year-old war with three great achievements to their credit: 1. liberated the Tamil children from the heartless Boko Haram of Jaffna – a feat which even highly paid bureaucrats  in the UN like Radhika Coomaraswamy, acting as the Mother Teresa of all children, failed to achieve; 2.  restored peace to war-torn Jaffna after 33 years – an achievement that all the foreign-funded punditry of NGOs failed to achieve with their pro-Prabhakaran publications, lobbying and seminars etc., and 3. opened up democratic space for the Tamils of the Northern Province en bloc to elect their representatives for the first time in the history of the northern territory.

 As revealed in recent history, these are remarkable achievements which billions of dollars poured into the Middle-East by the biggest powers on earth failed to achieve. The declared objectives of the humongous  offensives launched by the West on a global scale (examples: Iraq, Afghanistan) have been to liberate nations under dictators and democratize societies for the greater good of peace, stability and reinforcing democratic institutions.  But when Sri Lankan forces liberated the north and delivered Tamil children back to the desperate Tamil parents the entire Tamil Diaspora, which financed and cheered the abduction of Tamil children, worked tirelessly to put the soldiers on trial.

 When President Mahinda Rajapakse restores democratic institutions, free from the threats of Tamil Tiger terrorism, Navi Pillay, another Tamil in the larger Tamil diaspora, puts her sticky beak in to hold inquiries into the conduct of soldiers. Western leaders who suffer from selective amnesia about their nations’ role in the last five months of World War II commemorated the 70th anniversary of their military triumph to honour, rightfully, of course, the war veterans who made victory possible – a victory won over the millions of dead civilian left behind in the wake of the advancing Allied soldiers. But when President Rajapakse pays tribute to the heroic village lads and lasses who saved the Tamils and restored peace and democracy he is branded as a triumphalist” who has no right to celebrate victory in any form.

 The elimination  of Prabhakaran – the most evil force in Tamil history after Sankili — from the political equation is a historic achievement which led to the re-unification of the nation under one democratic umbrella. It was a victory for the Tamils who were freed to exercise their political rights without seeking  permission from the Tamil Pol Pot of the Vanni. Mahinda Rajapakse won for Sampanthan, Sumanthiram and Wigneswaran their birth right  not to go on their bended knees to get nominations from Prabhakaran. They are liberated human beings today who can walk the earth with a dignity that was denied to them by their Suriya Devan”. However, it must be stated that though the extremist Tamil lobby and their agents in NGOs deny the right of the heroic soldiers to celebrate their victory they are privately happy that the Sinhala Government”, which they love to hate, has restored to them the dignity and the freedom which they never had under their Tamil Suriya Devan”.

 After the sudden and unexpected fall of the one-man regime in Vanni the Tamils were spinning in a political vacuum. Their bitterness turned into vindictive politics. Their only relief came from refusing to believe that Prabhakaran was dead and in reviving the failed politics of Prabhkaranism. And of course, doing their damnedest to spoil the honours due to the soldiers who liberated the Tamils.

 As seen in the D-Day celebration it is the most natural thing in  the world to celebrate victory. It  is the natural instinct of human beings in any society to celebrate victories, particularly if it is a victory scored in a  battle between good and evil, between democracy and fascist terrorism, between war and peace. But this legitimate and justifiable celebration of a historic victory was denied to the Sri Lankans ONLY by the West and the Tamil separatists.

 The Sinhala people, who sacrificed the most in restoring peace and democracy, were told that they should have covered  themselves in ash and gone into mourning in perpetuity. However, the NGOs who prescribed wailing as the appropriate mode for post-war conduct, a la the hired Negombo women at funerals, never failed to celebrate their rich life style sustained by sucking Bloody Marys” oozing from the victims of the war. Their income from foreign donors increased in proportion to the number of Sri Lankans killed by Prabhakaran. They also offered each other awards for peace which never came out of their theories, formulas, dissertations or some useless seminars.

 Sri Lankan Security Forces put an end to the war and the fake theories of the NGOs on May 18, 2009. They liberated the Tamils who were used as the human shield to protect the most brutal leader in Tamil history. They paved the way for the creation of democratic institutions which has given the Tamils of the entire northern territory a representative body elected by the Tamils for  the first time in their  entire history. Earlier  they had elected local members for small-scale Tamil village councils, Tamil town councils, and Tamil municipal councils. But they never had the entire northern territory under the control of their elected representatives until the Sinhala soldiers opened new paths of peace for the Tamils to elect the TNA representatives by defeating Tamil fascism.

 It  is the pride of liberating the Tamils of the north and restoring democratic institutions in the north that give the Security Forces their right to celebrate the defeat of the most evil figure in Tamil history. The NGO moralists who argue against celebrating victory of democracy over Tamil fascism should take another look at the 70th anniversary commemoration  that celebrated the triumph of democracy over fascism in Normandy. The Western leaders who  were in Normandy last D-Day  are, after all, the paymasters of these NGO leeches who lived off the blood of the helpless victims of the Vadukoddai War they justified all the way to Nandikadal.

 If celebration of victory over their enemies is good enough for the paymasters of NGOs why is it bad for the people of Sri Lanka and their leaders? In my mind every soldier, who fought to liberate the Tamils and saved nearly 300,000 Tamils used as a human wall to protect Prabhakaran, is a hero. Their contribution to the restoration of normalcy in the north deserves respect and glory. Tamil vindictive politics, of course, cries for the blood of these soldiers. In contrast, the grateful Germans erected public monuments to thank the Allied  forces that liberated them from Hitler’s tyranny. But in Jaffna the sado-masochistic Tamils are rushing to erect monuments for Prabhakaran who killed more Tamils than all the other forces put together.

 They say that people get the government they deserve. And the Tamils got Prabhakaran – the first Tamil Boko Haram that came out of Vadukoddai militarism. The post-war conduct of the Jaffnaites indicate that they deserve not  only Velupillai Prabhakaran  but many other genetically engineered Prabhakarans to keep them in their place. The Vellahla rulers that  preceded Prabhakaran kept the Jaffnaite under sub-human upper caste fascism. Prabhakaran  kept them under his jackboot through barbaric low-caste fascism.

 Cloning more Prabhakarans seems to be the only way of solving the problems of the diseased Jaffna Tamil politics. Prabhakarans have the power to do what others can’t do: to kill more Tamils than  anybody else and be deified as the Tamil saviour. What  is more, the Tamils in the Diaspora will rush to take back to their homes in Canada, Australia, America, UK etc., photos of them standing next to the deified mass murderer of Tamils. They will place these photos in their mantel piece, to boast to their children, or their friends, that they stood shoulder to shoulder with first Boko Haram of Jaffna who, mercifully,  had no chance of grabbing the Tamil children in the Diaspora.

 They will lobby internationally to justify and praise their cloned Prabhakaran as their savior who can kill more Tamils than anyone else with impunity. Which, in their political blindness, seems to be the Final Solution they yearn for right now. That is understandable considering their desperate state of mind. The question that arise from this latest Tamil aspiration is simple: how many more Prabhakarans do the Tamils need to get wiped out from Jaffna and solve not only their problems but also that of all the other communities? 

10 Responses to “Celebrating victory of soldiers who defeated fascist terrorism”

  1. dhane Says:

    Very interesting article Mahindapala. Thanks.
    Western leaders “triumphalism” is for few years of world war 11. But in Sri Lanka we suffered 33 years of war with Prabhakaran Boko Haram of Jaffna who killed most numbers of Tamils than anyother put together. Also who killed most number of people. I think Westerns does not know the meaning of “triumphalism” and their brains are freeze. So SL have every right to celebrate commemoration of civil war we had 33 years!

  2. Lorenzo Says:

    There is nothing much to celebrate in SL because UNLIKE the allies, we didn’t BEAT UP the losers until they GAVE UP their FASCISM. TNA fascists continue in SL but Nazi fascists are not to be found in Germany.

    “hitha honda gaani emathaama budding”.

    I think LTTE WON eventually.

    All these LTTE objectives achieved by them despite losing the war.

    1. A TAMIL-ONLY north – TICK

    2. PREVENT Sinhalese and Muslims from coming back to the north – TICK

    3. Long standing LTTE demand of DEMILITARIZATION of north – TICK
    (Don’t forget LTTE went to war with CBK for not withdrawing the Poonaryn camp by 500 meters!! LTTE left Run-nil’s peace talks for NOT removing HSZs. Now MR has reduced the SL army to less than the number of dogs in Jaffna!!)

    4. 13 amendment with a TNA (=LTTE) CM – TICK

    LTTE AGREED to PCs but disagreed to EPRLF. It wanted its OWN nominated agent. Now they have a Tiger Nominated Agent (TNA) CM.

    5. Army offices are investigated and some punished. But NONE of the TOP LTTE leaders are punished. – TICK

    6. Tamils to be BETTER OFF economically than Sinhalese – TICK

    7. Continue DESINHALIZATION of parts of SL like Colombo, Kandy – TICK

    LTTE carried out 100+ bomb attacks to do it. Partially successful. But MR did it without any bloodshed.

    8. LTTE wanted a FREE HAND for its NGOs – TICK

    9. LTTE wanted its diaspora weapons dealers to be released from prison – TICK

    MR appealed to Canada to release them!!

    10. Give more to Tamils than Sinhalese (like the Dutch and British curses did) – TICK

    BR said more than 90% of all govt development funds went to north and east. Over 80% of them are Tamils.

  3. Lorenzo Says:

    “The question that arise from this latest Tamil aspiration is simple: how many more Prabhakarans do the Tamils need to get wiped out from Jaffna and solve not only their problems but also that of all the other communities?”


  4. Dilrook Says:

    The war was fought by stateless Tamils displaced from the upcountry regions in the 1970s who were destined to be deported to India. As a result the cradle of Tamil racism in the island – Jaffna suffered little. In fact the Jaffna elite benefitted from the war economically.

    Development and economic disparities in the period after 2009 must be handled through elections by demanding favourable policies from the ruling party (whatever it may be) before the election.

  5. Nanda Says:

    When you go through Lorenzo’s TICK list it is really scary.

    Having LTTE is better than what we have now ( as far as Sri Lanka as a country is concerned)

    1. We had a terrorist group running Vanni and no country could officially and openly support them. Now they openly support the separatists.

    2. We had TNA scared of talking as they them selves get killed. Now they are the safest, safer than MR even. They have CIA as guards.

    3. Tamils did not have DemoCrazy. No power to vote. Have to donate children to satisfy LTTE. Now they are demonstrating crazily against the government even though children are being educated by Sinhalese. Donations received by Sinhalese.

  6. Nanda Says:

    Our bugger MUST WAKE UP NOW or leave it to his brother and retire in Monaco before it is too late. What is the point beating Ruin-Nil in ruining the livelihood , rights and the civilization of the Sinhala Buddhist ?

  7. Mr. Bernard Wijeyasingha Says:

    Quoting the article:
    “No one shed a tear for the Germans. No human rights pundits piped in to say that hundreds of thousands of German civilians were killed by the Allied forces. No NGO moralist wrote that the triumphalism of the 18 leaders of the West hurt the sensitivities of the defeated Germans. Neither the German version of events nor any German who fought for Hitler was a given a place in the celebrations. There were no Nazi flag or images. Every event of the 70th commemoration was to glorify the heroism and the victory scored by the Allies on the beaches of Normandy.”

    But the US (and for that matter the Soviet Union) were in a race to capture Otto von Braun the father of modern rocket technology. Under the US “Operation paperclip” Von Braun a Nazi scientist who perfected the V2 Rocket and used it effectively against Great Britain using Jews as slave labor and since they were unskilled labor they were worked to death. Those that got sick were sent to the gas chambers.

    Yet under “Operation Paperclip” Von Braun and one thousand other Nazi German Scientists along with their family members got a fast track to the US to never face the Nuremberg trials and live a life of luxury. Von Braun later on headed the NASA space program and stayed as its head till the 1960’s. If not for his ingenuity the US would never have placed a man on the moon or advanced so rapidly in her ICBM technology.

    I point this out to supplement the article that also points to the double standards held by the US against President Rajapakse To quote Napoleon Bonaparte “Who saves a nation violates no laws”. President Rajapakse saved a nation and by that violated no laws. Compare that with the US and her hypocrisy that some Nazi’s who have no worth should be tried in Nuremberg while other Nazis who have worth are exempt even though both groups are guilty of the same crime.

  8. S de Silva Says:

    Hypocrisy Rules in the West!! – Well said HLD demolishing the sanctimonious humbug on accusation of ‘Sri Lankan Triumphalism’ by the West on celebrating the defeat of LTTE terrorists after 33 years of war – I shall forward your sentiments to Cameron, Hague and their acolytes here in the UK! – S de Silva – London

  9. Lorenzo Says:

    “COLOMBO: Hundreds of Sri Lankan nationalists on Tuesday staged a demonstration near the Indian High Commission here and burnt an effigy of Tamil Nadu chief minister J Jayalalithaa to protest against the “undue influence” from India on Colombo to implement the thirteenth amendment.

    Activists from the Nationalist Organisations gathered opposite the Indian mission carrying portraits of the Sri Lankan President Mahinda Rajapaksa, Indian Prime Minister Narendra Modi and Jayalalithaa.

    Protesters later burnt an effigy of Jayalalithaa. “We are here to protest against the undue influence exerted by Jayalalithaa on the Indian government to act against Sri Lanka”, Dr Wasantha Bandara, a spokesman of the protesters said.

    Bengamuve Nalaka, a Buddhist monk said Jayalalithaa was acting at the behest of the Western powers who are anti Sri Lanka.

    The nationalist allies of President Rajapaksa have been irked by the new Indian government’s insistence on implementing the thirteenth amendment.

    Sri Lanka’s thirteenth amendment was introduced in 1987 as a result of direct Indian intervention to try and resolve the ethnic impasse in the island.

    “We want to tell India that all communities could leave in peaceful co-existence here. The thirteenth amendment could upset the hard earned peace after 30 years of war,” Nalaka said.

    Sri Lanka last week had said that despite a call by India for full implementation of the thirteenth amendment, no police powers could be granted to the provinces.

    Colombo also said the granting of police and land control powers to the Tamil controlled northern province could be the stepping stone for the creation of a separate Tamil state.”


  10. RohanJay Says:

    World War 2 was a global war engineered by the western power elites and their institutions. So that from the rubble of World War 2. The United Nations body could be set up. As well as NATO in the post war period.

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