Persons who supped and shook hands with Prabakaran have no right to talk on removing military governors in Sri Lanka
Posted on June 9th, 2014

Shenali D Waduge

Close to 27,000 men sacrificed their lives while scores of soldiers have become injured to deliver peace to Sri Lanka. We call them our ranaviruwos. Handful of others wined, dined and shook hands with the enemy gleefully signing a bogus ceasefire agreement infront of an eelam flag. We should call them traitors.This political party leader is known for his infamous handshake agreeing to represent the Ranil Wickremasinghe government despite the explicit knowledge that the LTTE evicted the entire Muslim community from the North, successively attacked Muslim villages and massacred villagers including over 100 praying at the Kattankudy mosque. This single gesture showed his lack of care and empathy for his own people. Calling such people opportunists and traitors is not suffiicent enough. Nevertheless the irony of political correctness is such that people of no integrity are kept enjoying ministerial portfolios at the expense of the tax payer on the logic that they are easy to manipulate, yet the demerits are obviously piling against any merit. We now have this same person calling for the removal of military governors and brings the question to the political leadership of how much more are we to tolerate? ( 8 June 2014)

Hakeem slams ex-military Governors in an event in Yatinuwara/Kandy in 2014 while in 2002 he shook hands with Prabakaran infront of the eelam flag.

probasupportsaprobasupports2aPoliticians in government or opposition kangarooing from one side to the other purely on the basis of remaining in power to enjoy perks and privileges need to realize that their track record is such that they have no moral ground to be ‘slamming appointments’ of others when their own is being publicly questioned by people burdened economically because of their maintenance bills.

If such politicians ‘fail to understand why retired military officers have been appointed as Governors to the North and East’, such people must empathize with the public who also FAIL TO UNDERSTAND why the person who shook hands with Prabakaran a direct affront to our ranawiruvo’s should be given a cabinet rank Ministerial portfolio and one as important as Justice, while not giving him clear instructions on what grounds he can keep his position!

Going on to say that ‘what I feel is happening is that while on the one hand we allow the minorities to enjoy their powers in the provinces on the other hand we are taking that away”.

It is no better a time to remind him of the irregularities taking place not just now but in the past as well. We are reminded how the former leader Ashroff flooded the ports authority with his supporters taking payroll from the port while living in the East. Not much has changed with the present leader doing the same with the Justice Ministry while also influencing student intakes to the law college and calls for investigations kept swept under the carpet.

If the minorities are enjoying their powers we need to wonder what the majority is actually enjoying and have been enjoying since independence.

It is no better a time than now for the majority to realize that the Buddhist civilization and heritage of the country is being subtly diluted and the majority remains a namesake majority only and this situation will reach shocking proportions if the Buddhists do not seek redress and demand their own rights as well. Politicians have shown by their actions that they do not represent the majority.

We have seen how under the multicultural banner it has become political correct for the majority to ‘share’ their heritage sites, pooja bhoomi, historical sacred sites etc every time the minorities demand using the argument of ‘peaceful co-existence’ but whole villages and towns taken over by minorities for that minority only denies right of purchase for a member of the majority and not a single politician comes forward to protest. Such is the state in some villages in Sri Lanka. Madawala in Kandy district is one such example.

We have seen how food, banking systems and dress has been totally influenced by the rights of one minority, an element that did not prevail before questioning the simple logic of how these minorities ate, banked or dressed decades previously when these new ‘cultural’ laws were not known or practiced. The other minority repeatedly gets away by calling for separatism and chanting separatist slogans when constitutional provisions are in place to take action against them.

The crux of the argument is the manner in which handfuls of people who had been throughout the conflict working for the enemy are now coming to preach on the right things Sri Lanka must do. We have people who have been on the dole of foreign governments using every argument they can muster with their academic background to argue why Sri Lanka should give 13tha in full and the Government pays for their expert opinion too! We have others similarly holding high ranking profile who went round the world preaching the wonderful merits of the ceasefire agreement and now because the color of the hat has changed praises the soldiers. Not out of conviction but simply because they might lose their position if they do not. There are others too who think that generousness in giving a portfolio entails their right to introduce their ideologies which the public have repeatedly rejected via elections. There are others too who enjoy dictating what the Government should and should not do but feared to open their mouths when LTTE prevailed. The public are exposed to only their voices because the media has an agenda of itself. As another example we can recall how many of our politicians stood up to defend the nation when David Cameron arrived and humiliated our country and only the President and Defense Secretary were left to defend the nation.

What needs to be said is that our soldiers braved their lives to give us a hard won victory. The army commander made a serious fault in falling prey to calculation errors thinking that minority votes could give him power, other parties continue to falter at elections purely because of this miscalculation.

People may enjoy portfolios because they have no integrity to debase but people know who really loves the nation and who would not compromise the integrity of the nation.

Our lessons cover far more than terrorism alone. The realpolitics of terrorism is hidden behind a greater agenda, one that involves power and profit shared amongst a handful. Politicians are simply pawns used to facilitate the bigger agendas. It is for the alert public to ensure that politicians are made to realize that dazed by power and profit they cannot take away or dilute the historical and cultural ethos of the country.

Let us remind everyone that the present ranaviruwo’s and the ancient heroes who came forward to save our nation from the colonial invaders came from the same blood. It is they who came forward to defend the nations. Those who not only did not come to defend the nation but sided with the enemy have no rights whatsoever to tell how the country should be run or have rights to put forward any template for how the country should be run for their past records have shown that their actions are dependent only on the money and remunerations that are given to them. This is applicable to most of the politicians in our midst and advisors who have been themselves jumping from one side to the other for profit. Only those who have a proven track record of working towards safeguarding the nation and its people can come forward to make their views public.

12 Responses to “Persons who supped and shook hands with Prabakaran have no right to talk on removing military governors in Sri Lanka”

  1. Nanda Says:

    Persons who supped and shook hands with Prabakaran is now supping and shaking hands with MR.
    If MR is bold enough to sack this terrorist, I will join Lorenzo for buy 1 get 1 free sale at the finger cutting ceremony.

  2. Nanda Says:

    “Close to 27,000 men sacrificed their lives while scores of soldiers have become injured to deliver peace to Sri Lanka. We call them our ranaviruwos”

    When our buggers betray them and when we use strong words against the betrayers, there are others who call us LTTE supporters ! Where are the brains of these people gone ? Where are the hearts of these people gone ?
    They are clinging to low pleasure of victory earned by highest pain and suffering of Ranaviruwos.

    Wake up our FOOLS ! Fight for these heroes and their sacrifices without FEAR and GREED and for a noble cause. They did not die to see roads built (without proper bus service), ports built (without ships ), temples built(without virtuous Bikkhus) and to see Formula 1 toys to play.

  3. Nanda Says:

    May I copy a comment by one Laksiri.

     June 9, 2014 at 7:28 pm
    you know very well minister ,you are not in your position and your people are not able to do the thinks what was like before 2009 situation in north and east.your people gun down at mosques while Friday prayers were taking place.all these thinks happen due to terrorist and now same army senior officers who were sitting in jungle and gun point of terrorist giving leadership to stop this brutal terrorist over 30 years doing their utmost service to nation,is not suitable to hold the position of the governor post in the country??????????? you know very well your are minister holding responsible portfolio ,you better ask from president to send mentally treatment place in some country like Singapore for treatment at government cost.many countries i n the world has given first priority to go colleges,jobs and all position to ex-service men and nothing wrong even appoint all former senior supervise members to all the provinces.the you act ,it like soon you are going to joint that mentally sick TNA’s members to ask remove army and police from north and you like to see previous situation back in your east province,its still ok you can sit in Colombo with heavy guards while your people butcher by terrorist.

  4. Lorenzo Says:

    Thank you SW for stating facts. FEWER and FEWER write facts these days on IMPORTANT issues. MANY AVOID so called controvercial issues.

    1. Good people like Mahindapala, Randeniya, Charles, Dilruk, Sudath. Sunil, etc. have gone SILENT may be because they don’t want to ROCK THE BOAT MR is in. That puts SW in a dangerous position as she BOLDLY highlights PARASITES against SL SINGLE HANDEDLY. Others with GOOD WRITING SKILLS must join in. If a lady can do it surely men can too.

    2. HACK-HIM and others around him have BLOOD IN THEIR HANDS. They WITHOUT SHAME joined VP after VP killed tens of thousands of Muslims in cold blood. As Laksiri says it was these MILITARY GOVENORS who saved these Mulsims! Now these UNGRATEFUL bloody SLMC traitors (FEW of them) have forgotten it. Typical.

    IF Muslims follow Tamils, they too will end up like VP, Isaipiriya, Dwarka, Balachandran, etc. This is a WARNING.

    3. As Nanda says, MR is now shaking bloody hands with the criminal who shook hands with VP the terrorist.


    In addition MR has Dumbinda, Mervin, that policeman killing deputy minister, drug baron PM’s son, etc. This is NOT GOOD.

    Silence of good men = anti-SL traitors have a good time breaking up SL.

  5. Nanda Says:

    Buddha (Dhammapada) said,
    “Should a seeker not find a companion who is better or equal, let him resolutely pursue a solitary course; there is no fellowship with the fool. ”

    Lorenzo says,
    “Silence of good men = anti-SL traitors have a good time breaking up SL”

    Good men and women,
    Time has come for you to SPEAK the TRUTH.

  6. Dilrook Says:

    I agree on the need for many more to speak up. Shenali is doing an excellent job in exposing miscreants. My silence was not due to any concern for the ruling coalition’s continuation. It has more to do with a legal threat by persons associated with a recently banned Tamil group against me and needlessly targeting Lankaweb (for no fault of Lankaweb). The government decision to ban some Tamil groups based on UN Resolution 1373 has worked very well to contain them.

  7. Nimal Says:

    Not an inch should be given to the separatists, gosl is free to appoint any one they please to administer North or any where in the island.

  8. Lorenzo Says:


    Looks like Weerawansa has FINALLY started to think RIGHT.

    He has said the president must identify “apaya sahayaka” friends (friends who make the journey to hell EASY) from good friends. The news is in Sinhala in his website.

    Fantastic term!! I’m going to use it.

    MOST friends of MR are “apaya sahayaka” friends.
    MR will not be without friends in HELL!!

  9. Nanda Says:

    It is “Apaaya Shahya” is the correct name. There are 4 types of enemies appear as friends ( from Singalovada Sutta)

    1. Annadattuhara – a rapacious person.
    On four grounds to be reckoned as a foe in the likeness of a friend.
    He is greedy
    He gives little and expects much
    He gives a helping hand only when he himself
    is in danger
    He pursues his own interests

    2. Vachiparama – The man who pays lip-service.

    On four grounds the man of words, not deeds is to be reckoned as a foe in the likeness of a friend.
    He speaks to you about a fair past
    He speaks to you about a fair future
    He tries to gain your favour by empty sayings
    When the opportunity for service has arisen
    he avows his disability.

    3. Anupiyabhani – falterers.

    On four grounds the falterers is to be reckoned as a foe in the likeness of
    a friend.
    He consents to your doing wrong
    He consents to your doing right
    He praises you to your face
    He speaks ill of you to others

    4. Apaya Sahaya – the hell-helper.

    On four grounds the fellow-waster ( hell-helper) companion is to be reckoned a foe in the likeness of a friend.

    He is your companion when you indulge in alcohol or drugs
    He is your companion when you frequent the streets at unseemly hours
    He is your friend when you haunt shows and fairs
    He is you companion when you are infatuated with gambling

  10. Nanda Says:

    I think he has not only Apaaya Sahaya but all 4. This will definitely bring his downfall.

  11. Mr. Bernard Wijeyasingha Says:

    The article deals with those who were willing to be associated with Prabhakaran and the Tamil Tigers during and at the end of the war. If so then the blame should extend into India and those politicians who continue to hold positions and those who have retired. People like Jayalalithaa to Karunanidhi should be treated with the same level of diplomatic contempt they treat President Rajapakse.
    If not for the new government President Rajapakse would continue to be “banned” on any official visit to India due to the pressure placed by the LTTE supporting Jayalalitha and the former chief Minister Karunanidhi including the DMK and the AIKMK to other Tamil Political parties.
    This should definitely extend to any Temples constructed by LTTE, for they were primarily not constructed for worship but for conquest, to lay claim on lands and destroyed Buddhist structures and only secondarily used as a place of worship. Now that the LTTE have been defeated these symbols will continue to draw support for them and Eelam as long as these structures exist.
    It is similar to keeping structures built by the Nazi’s to propagate their beliefs. Those structures and monuments were destroyed not simply because they were the product of the Nazi Regime but to prevent any resurrection of that Regime.

  12. SA Kumar Says:

    There are 4 types of enemies appear as friends ( from Singalovada Sutta) !

    Nanda,my brain has a drawn a complete blank because all my all friends are in either one of these category so who is real friend ?

    Also Why these (Singalovada Sutta etc…) were not taught in our schools(NEP) ???

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