“True war criminals are in the UK -We call upon the British to publish immediately the Chilcott Report to qualify to make such a statement.”
Posted on June 20th, 2014

Colombo, Western Provincial Council Minister Udaya Gammanpila

‘Sri Lanka is a sovereign state’

‘True war criminals are in the UK’

Lambasting a statement British High Commissioner John Rankin made in Colombo on the previous night at the Queen’s birthday celebrations in Colombo, Western Provincial Council Minister Udaya Gammanpila said: “We call upon the British to publish immediately the Chilcott Report to qualify to make such a statement.”

British High Commissioner Rankin said that Sri Lanka should cooperate with the international investigation mandated by the UN Human Rights Council in Geneva in March, and fully implement the specific recommendations in the Lessons Learnt and Reconciliation Commission (LLRC) report. Expressing his views on the matter, the commentator said, Britain knowing well that Sri Lanka is a sovereign state, has no right to force its will upon Sri Lanka. He (Rankin) said that Sri Lanka should cooperate with the UNCHR. They have forgotten or are willfully forgetting the prerogative of the Sri Lankan State.

”Once the government with a massive majority passes a motion in the House of Representatives, refusing to comply with the demand for a probe, they should know that and must respect the sovereignty of our country.”

Provincial Minister Gammanpila said that “the true war criminals are in the United Kingdom and not in Sri Lanka. That is why the British Government under pressure appointed the Commission to investigate into the war crimes committed by the British in Afganistan and in Iraq. Pointing out to what Sri Lanka has done in a similar situation, Gammanpila said that a Commission was appointed and the report of the Lessons Learned and Reconciliation Commission was out within one year and most of the recommendations are implemented and the rest are in the process of being implemented.

In contrast, Gammanpila observed that the Chilcott Report is yet to see the light of the day. “It is always better to practice what one preaches”, he added. In his speech at the event, Mr. Rankin called on the Sri Lankan Government to cooperate with the international investigation mandated by the UN Human Rights Council in Geneva in March, and to fully implement the specific recommendations in the Lessons Learnt and Reconciliation Commission (LLRC) report, including on accountability and ensuring justice for victims of all sides during the conflict.

British High Commissioner to Colombo John Rankin said that as Commonwealth Members, Sri Lanka and the UK ‘have both committed to the values set out in the Commonwealth Charter which includes commitment to democracy, respect for human rights and rule of law.

4 Responses to ““True war criminals are in the UK -We call upon the British to publish immediately the Chilcott Report to qualify to make such a statement.””

  1. Mr. Bernard Wijeyasingha Says:

    I wrote a comment in the Times of India in an article titled “Sri Lankan Muslims cut back Friday prayers after unrest”. It is under “world news”:

    “Excuse me for I am only a Buddhist”. Maybe that is what Buddhists need to say to the world. Of all the major religions of the world excluding Sikhism and Judaism, Buddhism has been on the defensive for a thousand years. India was her birthplace and Buddhism gave to the world her first Universities. With the onset of Islam the famous Buddhist University of Nalanda was not simply destroyed, it was obliterated by Mohammed Kilji. That act ended the illustrious age of Buddhism in India that reigned from 500 BC with the teachings of Buddha, rose to prominence under Emperor Ashoka in 300 BC and was snuffed out in 1197 by the Muslim invader and vandal Mohammed Kilji. a period of 1600 years of Indian Buddhism came to an abrupt end.

    In the 20th century Buddhism again was attacked by Communism (or an extreme version of Secularism). China the largest Buddhist nations succumbed to Maoist Communism. Vajrayana Buddhism in Tibet fell to the same fate. In the early the mid 20th century Buddhism was on the retreat attacked by Islam, Christianity, Communism, and Secularism from alien cultures. Sri Lanka is the oldest unbroken Buddhist nation in the world with a civilization who has the pride to state it has also an unbroken written history. Only China shares that and even then it was under Buddhism. Then Sri Lanka had to face the specter of Hindu Tamil separatism for 30 years since she got her independence. Again Buddhism was attacked and valiantly defended to defeat the Tamil Separatists and once more unite the nation.

    Now it faces the insidious expansion of Islam on the one hand and evangelical Christianity on the other. “Buddhist” Sri Lanka has faced such attacks upon her faith before to a world that thought it morally right to do so. Now the world simply ignores the expansions of these alien faiths in Buddhist land calling it “a harmonious existence of diversity”. It is not. It is the very act of tearing apart the nation, culture and religion. Muslims know this quite well and have set up barricades in their Sharia law to avoid alien faiths from entering their nations, but use the laws of the host nation of a non Muslim nation to expand and negate the dominant faith. Sri Lankan maids have been raped by Muslims in the Middle East. Their lives ruined forever. When a Sinhalese boy faces the same in Sri Lanka the inevitable backlash is received by the world as the acts of “radical Buddhists” and not that of the mindset of a nation wounded by the brutal acts of Arabs and the expansion of Islam in Sri Lanka. So maybe a Buddhist should first say “please excuse me for I am Buddhist. Any infringement on my culture is okay for I dare not take action for you see I am simply a Buddhist, You Muslims can do what you want where you want when you want and the world will condone it. Excuse me for I am only a Buddhist”

  2. Sri Rohana Says:

    British High Commissioner John Rankin, are you serious? As said by Minister Udaya Gammanpila Britain is the second suspect after India to fed breast milk to tamil terrorists. India trained them in India.
    Britain trained tamil terrorists’s second in command Anton Balasingham in their high (spy) commission in Colombo. Balasingham joined as a low profile job of translator but suddenly he was offered British citizenship and LTTE promoted him as a theoretician of the terrorist organization. This was not an incident but even a toddler will know who was behind the scene. His and Velupillai’s theories were the principal guidance of the terrorism. Suicide bombing, child soldiers, ethnic cleansing, civilian targets, massacring Sinhala innocent civilians are few of his theories and he was a typical war criminal.
    Another war criminal his wife Adela was the leader of LTTE women suicide squad and she too living in U.K.
    Tamil terrorist’s London leader Rev Emmanual Pillai was a suspect of Nirweli Bank robbery and the money was found in his church’s altar by Police. He too is living in U.K.
    These are some examples of where the war criminals live. These scenarios are related to Sri Lanka war crimes.
    What about at the moment British international war crimes in Iraq, Afghanistan and Libya. May be tamil tribal Navinathan Pillai’s UNHR is deaf ‘n dumb against imperialist but the truth cannot hide from world. Tony Blair, his cabinet and war planners are real war criminals and Rankin cannot deny it if the real justice is in this world. As long as U.N.O is a tool of imperialist and the administration is dominate by NATO secretary mafia those war criminals are safe. But Rankin must understand that the Anglo Americans and NATO war crimes too accountable and they cannot hide as Dresden and Malaysia war crimes or as ethnic cleansing in Diego Garcia.

  3. Mr. Bernard Wijeyasingha Says:

    Lambasting the UK, India, the UN is a fruitless effort. It falls on deaf ears because the voice of the Sinhalese Buddhist does not carry any power. NONE. The UN has proved it. India has proved it. the Tamil Diaspora have proved it. The voice of the “victorious” Sinhalese is insipid to them. It is a violation of a human right to win against Terrorism.


    The global “voice” as seen through the media is that Sri Lanka is a human rights violating nation. Why? because they say so. No matter how much of false evidence is taken as granted, no matter how many visits the world has made to see the progress Sri Lanka has made yet Sri Lanka or specifically “Buddhist” Sri Lanka are “genocidal murderers” “it is in their genes to kill” mentality.

    That is why Buddhism has to be made a state religion IN SPITE OF GLOBAL PROTESTS. That is why the Sinhalese Buddhists should chase away the Muslim and Christian missionaries IN SPITE OF GLOBAL PROTESTS. That is why Sri Lanka needs to develop an industry not so dependent on tourism or Sri Lanka’s economy would take front and center over Sri Lankan Buddhism even while the foreign tourist comes to see the past splendors of that Buddhist civilization.

  4. Nimal Says:

    We all know that the suicide queen and her associates are given refuge in UK but did the Sri Lankan government ever asked for their extradition?

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