Attacks on Muslims , then and now
Posted on June 26th, 2014

by Gyan de Mel

When the LTTE massacred the Muslims en masse where were all these Muslim orgs, NGOs and the rest who are pointing the finger at our monks? Was there one statement issued  exposing the injustice perpetrated on the Muslims? Was there a single statement issued for the consumption of Islamic countries?

Were any complaint lodged with the UNHRC etc?

Some of the atrocities committed on Muslims alone were as follows:

• 62 Muslims hacked to death at Nintavur, Ampara on June 21, 1990

• 140 Muslims murdered and 66 injured while at prayer in the Meera Jumma and Hussainiya Mosques at Kattankudy, Batticaloa on August 5, 1990

• 40 Muslims murdered at Akkaraipattu, Ampara the following day

• 127 Muslims murdered at the Saddam Hussein village, Poovaikadu and at Kalavaichanai near Eravur in Batticaloa about four days later

• This trend continued in the Northern and Eastern Provinces and spread to adjacent villages such as Palliyagodella and Alinchinnapotai in the North Central Province where families were hacked to death while going about their day-to-day affairs, or at night when asleep.

• In 1992, the LTTE gave every Muslim in all parts of the Jaffna, Kilinochchi, Mannar, Vavuniya, and Mullaitivu districts the option of leaving the Northern Province within 24 hours or being murdered. These Muslims who had co-existed in the North with Tamils for generations left their homes and fled to refugee camps

• On August 3, 1990, gun-carrying Tamil Tigers swooped on Muslims at prayers inside the holy Kattankudy mosque and butchered 103 including over 25 small children. According to Muslim Peace Secretariat data, in 1981 the total number of Muslims in the North was 50,831. As at end of 2007, the population of Muslims in the North is 20,583.

The eviction of Muslims from the Northern Province commenced early as 1985. Muslims from Mullaitivu were the first victims. In 1990, a pure form of ethnic cleansing of Muslims took place in an unprecedented manner. Muslims were ordered to leave within a short time or face dire consequences. According to a survey conducted by Dr. S.H. Hasbullah, Muslim families were evicted from about 70 villages in the province. Scholars have pointed out that the eviction was a calculated attempt at uprooting an ethno-regional identity of a community from a land of historical habitation.

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2 Responses to “Attacks on Muslims , then and now”

  1. Lorenzo Says:

    So what should SL do IF Muslims try to become Jihad terrorists?

    Bring back the “LTTE” and pit the “LTTE” against Jihad as Paul Harris correctly proposed.

    NOT a word will be uttered against these acts.

    NEVER let Tamils join Muslims. That will be a disaster. PIT them against each other politically and militarily.

    It took us 2 years of hard work to SPLIT Tamils from Muslims in 1985 in Akkaraipattu. Don’t reverse these achievements.

  2. Mr. Bernard Wijeyasingha Says:

    What is the LTTE and the Islamic movement come to an arrangement that is mutually beneficial to both? What if the LTTE asks the Islamic movement to help them achieve Eelam and in return they would help the Islamic movement destroy Buddhism in what remains of Sri Lanka? An Eelam would not care if Buddhism prevails in Sri Lanka or not and if the Muslims speak Tamil then some kind of cultural bridge still exists between the LTTE and the Sri Lankan Muslim movement.

    If that is the case a second war maybe far more ferocious than the first and have broad ranging implications outside the borders of Sri Lanka. If an alliance is formed between the Eelam LTTE and the Sri Lankan Muslims then any act of warfare including genocide has to be considered if Buddhism was to survive (and not flourish) in Sri Lanka.

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