New Indian PM Responds To Sri Lanka With Understanding And Pragmatism Showing His Class And Perception.
Posted on July 14th, 2014

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July15th 2014
Inasmuch as Sri Lanka’s head of State is a very pragmatic and perceptive leader, new Indian Prime Minister the Hon. Narendra Modi too has shown his class and ability to be much the same through his recent response to the issues raised against Sri Lanka at the UNHRC  where a group of Western leaders have targeted the Island nation based upon their own concepts that define in their apparently obscured vision, liabilities Sri Lanka hardly deserve as perpetrators of rights violations! as opposed to maintaining and protecting the rights of all her citizens unconditionally.
It is also becoming painfully obvious that the actions of Sri Lanka in defending territory, sovereignity and national security have been grossly villified and misrepresented by enemies of the State who colluded with the terrorist organization the Tamil Tigers who despite being annihilated do have many covert and mendacious supportives globally who were responsible for  the maintenance of the terror group and continue to propagate a presentation of an incomprehensible as well as unsubstantiable portfolio of lies and innuendo to make their claims stick.
Remarkably however the success they seek towards discrediting the only nation in the world that wiped out terrorism from gaining control and overrunning the land has been a wasted effort and continues to be where the responses of the likes of Mr.Modi  who contributes towards the best interests of Sri Lanka through unbiased views, stand tall although the persistent actions of organizations such as the UN and many global human rights watchdogs continue unabated until their worthlessness is eventually proven.
In an almost relieving perspective, given the unwanted pressures these intimidatory actions tend to exert on Sri Lanka, India has come through towards maintaining her credible and supportive stand in favour of Sri Lanka as Mr Modi’s representative ~ Foreign Minister Ms. Sushma Swaraj in a meeting with her counterpart Dr. G L Peiris has indicated. She has maintained India’s stand as one where‘No punitive action but cooperation is needed  and that India will not support the UNHRC probe.”
The Indian Government, headed by Prime Minister Narendra Modi, therefore will not support the UNHRC probe into alleged human rights violations during the final phase of Sri Lanka’s battle against terrorism and as reported previously  Indian External Affairs Minister Sushma Swaraj  has told her Sri Lankan counterpart Prof. G.L. Peiris yesterday that India would uphold the objection to a UN probe that India had articulated in April while abstaining from voting for the US-sponsored Resolution against Sri Lanka which augurs very well for the rapport and cooperation between the two nations while also dispelling the speculations of some that India too was on a trail of targetting Sri Lanka , said with obvious intent to mislead.
As an integral part of the statement released by the Indian PM’s Office which reads  We feel that international bodies need to address human rights concerns in a cooperative manner with the countries concerned, and not in a punitive manner,” the interpretation is one with solidarity on the part of India with Sri Lanka  and points to a new beginning  and confounds the whims of many who would rather see conflict and misunderstanding between the two countries but not to be.
It continues to be read that”Indian Foreign Ministry spokesperson Syed Akbaruddin was quoted as saying.Minister Peiris had arrived in Hyderabad on Friday for talks with Chief Minister Chandrababu Naidu on a USD one million garment-manufacturing town set up by a Sri Lankan firm near Visakhapatnam. He reached New Delhi yesterday for his first direct talks with Sushma after she became Foreign Minister following the BJP registering a landslide victory at the recent Indian general elections.The Telegraph said that Sushma’s message to Peiris is significant because the BJP had, in the run-up to the Lok Sabha elections, criticised the previous UPA government headed by the Indian Congress Party, for what it dubbed a soft foreign policy attitude towards Colombo.Modi, in his campaign speeches in Tamil Nadu, had questioned how the UPA government had permitted a small nation such as Sri Lanka to look India in the eye” by repeatedly arresting Indian fishermen off its coast.When India abstained from the UN vote against Sri Lanka in April, the Tamil Nadu BJP accused the Congress-led central government of ignoring the concerns of Sri Lankan Tamils.India was uncomfortable with the UNHRC vote because it advocated an independent international investigation on alleged war crimes by Sri Lankan forces – a mandate that New Delhi fears could be used against it on Kashmir, The Telegraph report added.However, Minister Sushma has appreciated the fast track release of Indian fishermen by Sri Lanka – not just since the Modi government was sworn in but throughout 2014, including the months when the BJP was accusing the Congress of being soft on Colombo.Since January, 804 Indian fishermen have been released from Sri Lankan jails, including 249 since the May 26 swearing-in, the Indian Foreign Ministry said” Giving rason to believe there is great anticipation and expectations down the road for the two neighbours whose ties have been imemorial to strengthen even further the ties which have despite a few setbacks prevailed in the best interests of both countries.

7 Responses to “New Indian PM Responds To Sri Lanka With Understanding And Pragmatism Showing His Class And Perception.”

  1. SA Kumar Says:

    The Indian Government, headed by Prime Minister Narendra Modi, therefore will not support the UNHRC – Agrred but Hon want implement fully 13 A .
    Let see our Modayas can fool him , never know !

  2. Mr. Bernard Wijeyasingha Says:

    One must always keep in mind the US wars before and especially after the 9/11 attacks. The US military successfully dethroned the Taliban or should I say President Bush Jr did with a stern phone call to Islamabad regarding Pakistan’s support of the Taliban while it held power in Kabul

    The following wars were to eventually lead to the assassination of Osama Bin Laden and President Obama’s claim that the “Al-Qaeda is now dead”. How wrong could a nation like the United States be? The current Sunni and Levant led insurgency in Iraq is a testament of the rise of Al-Qaeda and the equal miserable loss of the US in so many Middle Eastern wars first formulated under the “Carter Doctrine” that basically stated issues of the Middle East have a central role for the US as they are interconnected.

    Sri Lanka should not forget this catastrophic mistake made by Washington D.C. Just because the Sri Lankan military defeated the Tamil Tigers they and their quest for Elam are far from dead. Karunanidhi the former Chief Minister of Tamil Nadu has resurrected many pro LTTE organizations including TESO, TELO and PLOT. Jayalalitha has openly proclaimed that Elam should be addressed as a viable issue well after 2009, and the Sri Lankan Tamil Diaspora are doing their best to bring about Elam using the diplomatic route.

    Every issue to divide Sri Lanka and to vilify it is being used. From the contentious issue of the fishermen, to Sri Lankan Tamils calling Tamil dominated areas “Tamil homeland” to the push to “interrogate” Sri Lanka on trumped up human rights charges. Even the Muslim issue is being used to “divide and conquer” Sri Lanka. Lets not fall into the same trap the US has fallen and deftly avoid the relentless pursuit by Tamils in Sri Lanka, in Tamil Nadu and abroad to continue the war for Elam using any methods to justify their goal.

  3. Lorenzo Says:

    I admit I was somewhat WRONG on Modi. He seems to have his BRAIN IN TACT than CON-GRESS leaders.

    But lets NOT go overboard with Modi. Still his BJP demands 13 amendment which makes him only MARGINALLY better than CON-GRESS losers when it comes to SL.

    He has ENOUGH SEATS without Tamils and Tamils rejected BJP. That is why Modi is NOT falling into Tamil antics.

  4. Nanda Says:

    I believe Modi could be another LYK. However our bugger should act in a straight forward manner , not like a Andare in order to work with him. I hope Modi will force out jokers to get rid of corruption.

  5. Ananda-USA Says:


    You said “I admit I was somewhat WRONG on Modi”, despite your vociferous railing against him, while I was advising that there are very good reasons in Narendra Modi’s background, character and political experience for Sri Lanka to court his friendship.

    As I have often said, none of us are omniscient or infallible!

    It takes a BIG MAN to admit an error Lorenzo, and I am glad your heart and mind were BIG ENOUGH!

  6. Ananda-USA Says:

    Hey SA Kumar!

    Your reference to “our Modayas” reminds me of those Eelamists who flooded into patriotic websites during the Eelam War IV, assailing us Sinhala Modayas as only Kavum Kanda Yodayas!

    I wonder how those Self-Proclaimed Highly Intelligent Eelamist Web Warriors feel now having had the SunGod and his entire team of Murderers wiped out by those very same Sinhala Modayas!

    Where did the impending Unceasing Waves designed to hurl the Sri Lanka Armed Forces back go? Into the Nanthikandal lagoon, I suspect.

    There is a lesson in this that you should learn, and learn well before you use the Modaya slogans; I will leave you to unravel and digest that lesson at your leisure.

  7. SA Kumar Says:

    2 points
    1) Yes, fully agreed Saiva Thamil padai defeted at Nanthikandal lagoon by Bhuddist Sinhala forces , not easy to digest till now.
    2) Here come modayas , We Thamil have hijacked by VP & co last 33 years . not any more but boold in poor modayas hand not in Indians or our hand .

    any all over now .
    live & let live .
    We have CM , Muslim have CM & you have 7 CM – & We all have MR as head who respect all our faith !
    What else We need to live happily for ever ! but I try to unravel and digest that lesson at your leisure ( Mudiyavillaiyada , Velu where are you ?)

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