MP Sajin de Vass Gunawardena says in interview U.S, DON’T BASE TIES ON RIGHTS!
Posted on July 19th, 2014

Anjalika Silva – USA

I refer to the statement made by MP Sajin Vass Gunawardena in an interview in the US on the  the above subject as reported in the Daily News of July 18, 2014.

His statement includes a reference to expats as follows:  “We have gone on a process that is good for the people of Sri Lanka that is good for the country. It may not be with the agenda of the LTTE diaspora, with the expats living outside of Sri Lanka, but it is good for the people of Sri Lanka.”

As an expatriate who spent nearly 30 years in the USA volunteering my services relentlessly to preserve the image of Sri Lanka having made significant contributions in many respects together with other expatriates, I would like to draw the attention of the honourable MP that his statement discounts all expats and Sri Lankans living outside Sri Lanka as if they do not count.  Not everyone falls into the LTTE agenda.  There are expats whose agenda is very much the concern and welfare of Sri Lanka and they work hard toward it.  Some of them recognize needs that the people in Sri Lanka are not aware of and many don’t care about.   We expats know the pulse of international opinion and the damage it can do.  We take on the damage control in many instances.

I would like to let you know that it is necessary for representatives of the Government to kindly sift between the pro LTTE Diaspora that have taken the issue of Human Rights to undue lengths to discredit Sri Lanka from the expats who continue to contribute to the image of Sri Lanka. 

The statement implies that the expats are all the same if they live outside Sri Lanka.  This is very discouraging when many have spent their personal funds to meet legislators, canvassed relentlessly to save the name of Sri Lanka, projected positive aspects of Sri Lanka not only to defend some of the callous politics, but to promote cultural and charitable projects while living overseas.  Please take time to meet with expats and find out what kind of service has been rendered during the UNHRC resolutions, during difficult times for Sri Lanka where significant contributions were made by patriotic expats that sometimes surpassed the efforts of paid officials.  Challenging the media alone as done by unpaid services of the expats don’t seem to have reached Colombo as a positive contribution.

This lack of interest to find out the contribution made by expats, their service and devotion that sometimes exceeds that of those who live in Sri Lanka oblivious to the damage done to our country leads to many frustrations among expats.  It is the expats who get called upon to go into action and are switched on and off as needed.  Please find out how hard expats worked to get the proscription, during the NFZ, during UNHRC resolutions being just a few instances in the 30 year history that I am personally aware of as service rendered by expats through embassies.  Do not forget the Tsunami service of expats and other contributions to charities. 

Especially when important people from Colombo visiting countries where expats have been active do not find time to meet and greet those who work without being remunerated, the lack of acknowledgment and appreciation results in many dropping off in disgust. 

This explains why Sri Lanka’s expats distance themselves because of the general attitude that Colombo does not care to know but want the expats to act.  We would appreciate a clarification from the Hon. MP who will be amply educated about the service of patriotic expats if a little time is carved out to meet those who have been extremely supportive of Sri Lanka in the past and continue to do so with no agenda except to make the world see Sri Lanka in a positive light.  Most of the genuine patriots have asked for no special favours from Sri Lanka in return.


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  1. Lorenzo Says:

    Well said.

    If used properly these patriots can be ADDITIONAL AMBASSADORS for free.

  2. Ananda-USA Says:

    Bravo! Well said Anjalika!

    The GOSL, and especially its Ministers and MPs, should recognize that there are many patriotic expatriates who have committed their entire lives to defending and protecting Sri Lanka, confronting its enemies abroad, and promoting Sri Lanka’s economic growth.

    Who does the Hon. MP think mans the demonstrations in support of Sri Lanka, writes interminable letters to, and attends meetings with, government legislators, debates the Eelamists at websites of international newspapers and blogs, raises funds for war veterans and other charitable causes in Sri Lanka, but these very same PATRIOTIC EXPATRIATES he lumps together with Sri Lanka’s enemies? They are the golden shield that protects Sri Lanka abroad.

    The Hon. MP MUST LEARN TO DIFFERENTIATE between Eelamists of the Tamil Diaspora and the MULTITUDE of PATRIOTS manning the frontlines abroad in defense of their Motherland of Sri Lanka!

  3. douglas Says:

    To all our PATRIOTIC EXPATRIATES : Please bear with us. These men of “YESTERDAY” catapulted to power DO NOT KNOW WHAT THEY ARE TALKING AND DOING.

    These self styled “EXPERTS” and especially this MONITORING MINISTER thinks that he can behave and display the daily routine of “MACHISMO” used in Sri Lanka while on “State Missions” well paid by the tax payers. Just as much as you know, the Sri Lankans are also well aware of their beginnings, the path treading on a daily basis and where and what the end target is. If you read his comments made in Washington, you will also observe that he has given an “External Policy Guide Line” to USA, on how to be a FRIEND to Sri Lanka and that has received wide publicity in our State Media. In his defense, I would say, he has called a “spade a spade”, as far as comparing China and USA relations with Sri Lanka. Yet it was very untimely, in that, we have just planted an “Able Diplomat” to begin clearing a “Big Mess” and “establish a new era” in our external affairs with USA. This is what happens when the tasks entrusted to the bull is given to a donkey.

    So please bear with us and continue with your unstinting support and untiring efforts to defend our country that we value immensely and coming to us at NO COST. Thank you all.

  4. douglas Says:

    Correction: In the last sentence of the second para of my comment above must be corrected as:- This is what happens when the tasks entrusted to a dog is undertaken by a donkey. In my village style it is:( Ballage vede buruwa karranna giyahama vena dey) Thanks for your understanding.

  5. Mr. Bernard Wijeyasingha Says:

    The entire war and the after effects of it are still on a learning curve. First the war was named a “civil war”. it was not. Then it was renamed a “a war on Tamil Terrorism”. To a degree it had some truth but since the LTTE had a standing military, navy and an air force including a media outlet, post office, police and a “government” during the war it was more of an entity well beyond the definition of a terrorist outfit such as Al-Qaeda and the UN should treat it as such in her push to investigate human rights violations during that time in Sri Lanka. Now it is often referred to as the “Elam war”

    I believe the same process of understanding is taking place regarding the many faces of the Sri Lankan diaspora. they are both pro LTTE supporters, Sri Lankan Tamils who have nothing to do with this organization and Sinhalese who like many Sri Lankan Tamils are working to educate the world about Sri Lanka and contribute to her growth. One may conclude that an entire book could be published on the Sri Lankan diaspora

    What is unique about the Sri Lankan diaspora is that unlike Europe and many nations in Asia very few Sri Lankans left this island paradise for “greener pastures”. If not for the war most Sri Lankans would have preferred to live in Sri Lanka. This is a much misunderstood concept by fellow Asians, especially Indians and the Western nations who have seen large influxes of immigrants from Europe to Asia leaving horrors of their homeland be it endemic poverty, corruption or wars of the early 20th century when Sri Lanka was hardly touched by them.

    In this regard the misunderstanding of the way we expat Sri Lankan are viewed is understandable but should be immediately corrected.

  6. Marco Says:

    Most expats i know in the US would not touch Sajin Vass with a barge pole.
    Strangely most Sri Lankans (i mean the ones living in SL) will share the same sentiment.

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