The Pellucid Aspect Of Winning By Cheating By Passed With Capricious Rhetoric By The Cheaters! – Galle Test SHAME SOUTH AFRICA!
Posted on July 20th, 2014

Top Spin By Suni

July 21st 2014

As ludicrous and contentious as it sounds, there is a whole lot of rigmarolling going on in the aftermath of the Galle Test Match as the Proteas are patting themselves om their backs and crowing about a win over Sri Lanka whan in reality they cheated visibly through ball tampering by Vernon Philander whose exposure has come reluctanly and was caught on Camera. Remarkably it is not the first time an incident of  a similar nature has occurred remembering Paf Duplesis caught in the act and punished albeit lightly to say the least where Philander too seems to have got away lightly.
Had it been a Sri Lankan involved in such a situation there surely would have been a lot more to it said and done and the hooing and haaing probably deafening where the double standard involved  seems somewhat apathetic.
It is also remarkably surprising that the Sri Lankan cricketing hierarchy including Captain Angelo Mathews have downplayed the seriousness of it all where it needs to be emphasized quoting from verifiable and credible  media reports that” Sri Lanka Cricket was only  able to ensure that the television footage of Vernon Philander’s ball-tampering was aired 48 hours after the incident took place. In the interim period, it has been established that the Ten Sports producers were under pressure by the South African team not to have the footage shown in their broadcast. CSA have declined to comment on the incident.
 In the TV footage that finally appeared during the closing stages of the Galle Test, Philander was seen scratching the ball with his fingers and thumb in the afternoon session of the third day. Philander dug his nails into the rough side of the ball at least twice and was also seen covering the ball with one hand while picking at it with the other. At the time of the incident, the pictures were only viewed by the Ten Sports production team and match officials. Ten Sports showed the pictures on day five at the end of the 69th over, shortly after the second session drinks break – within 20 minutes of an SLC official visiting the production team at the ground and making it clear they wanted the pictures broadcast.
 It followed almost two days of pressure by CSA and the South Africa team management on the TV producers to not air the footage as it could “create a negative image” of their team. When the television cameras had picked up images of Philander picking on the ball, they did not air the footage but alerted the ICC match referee Jeff Crowe, who viewed the footage at tea time. No message was sent to the on-field officials until the incident was reviewed after the day’s play. Philander was then charged, pleaded guilty and was fined but the pictures were not shown at all. A source in the know of the incident said, “CSA big-wigs made it clear they would not be happy if we showed the incident. Not broadcasting the pictures at the time of the incident also prevented the third umpire from viewing the footage, and precluded the possibility the third umpire would interrupt play as soon as evidence of ball-tampering emerged. As it transpired, South Africa used the ball Philander had tampered with till late in the evening session ” end of quote which goes to prove the effect such a tampering could have on the outcome of the game as well as the indifference on the part of some umpires to bring the issue and its perpetrator to task
All in all  it needs to be put into perspective regardless of the monies involved and the protocols related to broadcasting rights that if anyone cheats in a game in any manner where the outcome could end up in favour of his team as it appears to be the case here indisputably, this is not a victory for South Africa but a shame which should be highlighted and the laws of the game in all probabilities changed to incorporate the prevention of favourable outcomes through cheating bearing in mind that the quick bowlers after Philander’s ball tampering particularly Dale Steyn were able to swing, bounce and reverse swing the ball viciously causing the Sri Lanka collapse which surely looked like a win for Sri Lanka the way they were batting prior to the tampering.
As it turned out Steyn was ‘ cock – a –  hoop ‘ praising his mentor Donald and crowing away like a rooster who had mounted his first hen quite forgetting that there were eyes and shocked ones at that which viewed this win as a no contest which to all intents and purposes could have gone Sri Lanka’s way!
Even the semblance of doubt surrounding ball tampering and ( there was nuch more than that ) should have been dealt with where the Sri Lankans should have had the benefit of the doubt and as it was they did not!
Confirmation of this comes from the very words of Sri Lanka captain Angelo Mathews who has said  after the match  “that the ball had reverse-swung more on the third evening, than at a comparable stage of the innings on day five.
TV umpire Crowe was the only match official aware of the tampering before the close of play, but he is not allowed to present the footage he viewed to the umpires, while play is ongoing. All five match officials viewed the footage after stumps on day three, at which point the umpires laid the charge against Philander. SLC may have acted sooner, but were unaware of the pressure being placed by CSA until Sunday. When officials from the home side heard of the directive sent out to the producers, they insisted that Ten Sports show the footage and the producers had no choice but to relent. Ten Sports are broadcasting this series under SLC’s purview, as part of the $60 million deal the broadcast company had signed with the board, for coverage up to 2020. This is not the first skirmish between CSA and Ten Sports, which owns rights to broadcast South African cricket outside of South Africa on a basis of a R1.5 billion (US$150 million) contract.
Ten Sports also held the rights for Pakistan cricket during South Africa’s tour of the UAE last October-November when Faf du Plessis was caught on camera rubbing the ball near the zipper on his trouser pocket. The television umpire alerted the on-field officials who awarded five penalty runs to Pakistan and changed the ball. Du Plessis was later fined 50% of his match fee after pleading guilty to ball tampering. At the time, CSA responded furiously at Ten Sports’ coverage, one insider saying, “They (CSA) told us they would take away our rights and threatened to deny us player interviews in the future” so what kind of justice is there if the bourgeoisie are permitted to get away with what is tantamount to a cricketing felony and intimidatory threats are used to execute it?
That  Sri Lanka has not made any appreciable protests about the ball-tampering incident except to say they would like to see the umpires take stronger action as reported also comes as a surprise from a side that is normally vociferous  remembering  the belligerent Arjuna Ranatunga who would stop at little or nothing to see justice done and it seems a huge injustice here!  All that was offered sounded sheepish “It’s unfortunate when someone tampers with the ball. If they tamper with the ball, they get the better of it. I think the umpires need to make sure it doesn’t happen again,” coming from Mathews. Asked if he felt his side was cheated, Mathews was careful. “It’s not within the laws. You can’t tamper with the ball. It’s the umpires’ decision and they need to make sure it doesn’t happen again.” He also noted there was more reverse swing on the third afternoon than there was on the final day.
South Africa have tried to play down the incident. Dale Steyn’s first answer to whether the ball-tampering fine blighted the victory was, “I don’t really think about that,” and he followed it up with, “I think tomorrow morning in the papers it will say that we won this game regardless,( “regardless” because he has not had the nerve to say fairly and squarely which it wasn’t if the ball was tampered with!) so I don’t know what to say about that,” he said.
Sadly  the gentlemen’s game of today  at times  appears to be one played by cheats and crooks and the only way to remedy it surely through greater punitive action!

3 Responses to “The Pellucid Aspect Of Winning By Cheating By Passed With Capricious Rhetoric By The Cheaters! – Galle Test SHAME SOUTH AFRICA!”

  1. Nanda Says:

    “It is also remarkably surprising that the Sri Lankan cricketing hierarchy including Captain Angelo Mathews have downplayed the seriousness of it all where it needs to be emphasized quoting from verifiable and credible media reports that” Sri Lanka Cricket was only able to ensure that the television footage of Vernon Philander’s ball-tampering was aired 48 hours after the incident took place. ”

    Surprising things happens under the instruction of the big boss. How can we expose South Africa when their wise president visited to save the big boss and particularly to see cricket ( as he already twittered ) ?

  2. Lorenzo Says:

    Bloody cheats!

    SA was DEFINITELY going to LOSE as SL had 9 wickets and a WHOLE DAY to win the match.

    BALL TAMPERING won the match for SA. Shame on you DE FACTO APARTHEID SA.

  3. NAK Says:

    To me it seemed more like Sri Lanka threw the match away. Look at the way Upul, Sanga, mahela got out. May be it was a parting gift for Ramaphosa!

    The whites in all the countries are a bloody unsporty lot and all they care is win by hook or crook. Here Philander has to be taken as a white as he is one of the otherwise white team.

    Where has the match referee been while all this is taking place? and why he did not pull the TV umpire for not doing job?
    Jeff Crow was the match referee and Nigel Llong was the third umpire, and they are all white outside but dirty inside.

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