Unlicensed immigration adviser convicted and fined $10,000
Posted on July 25th, 2014

Media release The Immigration Advisers Authority

A 56 year old woman was yesterday convicted and fined $10,000 in the Auckland District Court for providing immigration advice in 2011, without being licensed.

In March 2014 the woman, who has interim name suppression pending appeal, was found guilty on two charges of providing immigration advice without a licence and holding herself out as an immigration adviser, knowing that she was required to hold a licence.

Acting Registrar of Immigration Advisers Catherine Albiston says anyone giving immigration advice, whether onshore or offshore, must be licensed by the Immigration Advisers Authority, unless exempt. Exempt people include New Zealand lawyers.

We advise anyone seeking immigration advice to view our online register, where people can search for a licensed immigration adviser, view an adviser’s contact details and their licence history. The Authority was set up to promote and protect the interests of people receiving immigration advice and we encourage people to search our online register, before seeking advice.”

The Immigration Advisers Authority was set up to protect people receiving New Zealand immigration advice.
It does this by:

Under the Immigration Advisers Licensing Act 2007 anyone giving immigration advice must have a licence unless they are exempt. Exempt people include lawyers with a current New Zealand practising certificate and Citizens Advice Bureau staff among others. The Authority is independent of Immigration New Zealand and cannot give immigration advice or influence a visa application.

Media contact: 027 442 2141 | info@iaa.govt.nz

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