In response to the news bulletin of the 12th Augest 2014 under the caption “Buddhist extremists oppose Pope’s visit to Sri Lanka”
Posted on August 15th, 2014

Vajiragnana Warnakulasuriya, Melbourne

In response to the news bulletin of the 12th Augest 2014 under the caption “Buddhist extremists oppose Pope’s visit to Sri Lanka” I posted the following.

If the Holy See has been invited by the Government I don’t think non-Catholics have any objections to that. Buddhists are tolerant; they have been co-existing with all religious denominations in Peace and Harmony for many many years.

Since of late it is becoming obvious that the minority religious groups have started to misappropriate the goodwill that existed between these two groups by capitalizing on the wrath that the West developed against the country since Sri Lanka went on to annihilate the LTTE movement regardless of Western interference at the last phase of the conflict!

Sri Lanka was plundered of her riches, Buddhist Temples flattened to the ground and churches built on the sites, Buddhist Monks were slaughtered and Buddhist literature burnt by Dutch, Portuguese, English and Catholism was indoctrinated compulsorily.

Therefore anyone has the right to demand for compensation for all the devastation in the past, be it BBS or anyone else!

Sri Lanka is festooned with anti Sri Lankan NGOs indirectly funded by the LTTE coffers. Naturally they are infested with Traitors”, who are ready to sell their mother if the price is right!

The Government currently has appointed a committee to inquire into the issue of missing persons. If a meeting was called to discuss this issue, the correct procedure would have been to go to this committee instead of conducting a separate  meeting with journos, Embassy reps, Nuns, Priests, human rights activists, lawyers & lay people. Looking at the calibre of those present would put a doubt in any sane mind as to the real nature of this meeting; whether another episode for Ch4 is being concocted here. Or is it a coaching session in readyness for the international investigation on Sri Lanka by UNHRC.

There was no conflict between Sinhalese and Tamils; it is only a conflict between Sri Lankans Vs brutal LTTE movement. It has become a famous slogan to say Sinhalese/ Tamil conflict purposely to tarnish the Sinhala Buddhist name by every English newspaper and the anti-Buddhist groups. For the heck of it, if a census of those who joined the forces to fight the LTTE terrorists is taken, one might be surprised to note the percentage of the non-Buddhists. Fortunately, patriotic Catholics in Sri Lanka believe that some radical Catholic groups are working against Sri Lanka thus tarnishing the good image of the

Vajiragnana Warnakulasuriya,


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