Why doesn’t the Government deport the British Ambassador and close down the British embassy and also sever all ties with this decadent Colonial enemy
Posted on September 21st, 2014

Sudath Gnasekara President Senior Citizens Movement Mahanuwara 22.8. 2014.

 This is a latest news item reported in the Colombo Gazette of 12th Sept 2014

 UK holds talks with TNA in Batticaloa

Sept 12 (CG) British Deputy High Commissioner Laura Davies had talks with the Tamil National Alliance (TNA) in Batticaloa today, the TNA said. The talks had focused on the political environment, particularly in the East, and other related issues including the UN led investigations on Sri Lanka. The TNA called on Britain to impress upon the Govern,

About a week ago I read another  news item saying the British Ambassador had discussions with the TNA and some  anti government elements in Jaffna

I have two pertinent questions in this regard.

First, what is the legitimate mandate of a diplomatic officer who is representing his country in another?

Second, why does the Government of Sri Lanka keep silent and blind on this type of repeated violations and abuses of diplomatic norms and privileges by  the British or any other representative who had no business engage in this type of discussions and interfere in the internal matters of this country Isn’t this tantamount to blatant violation of their mandate

One need not be a political scientist or a historian to know the devastation done by the British  to this country from1797  up to 1948 and what they continue to do to even today to destroy and destabilize this Island nation. Even a tiny tot on the street is aware of the destructions and crimes they have done to this nation over the years. Look at the millions of South Indians whom they have planted right at the center of the country in the hill country to work on their plantations, not to enrich Sri Lanka but Great Briton and left them behind creating an eternal headache to this country; the nurturing of Jaffna Tamils against the Sinhalese; the destruction they did to the primeval forest, the water resources and the land of this country on the central hill country by destroying nearly 6oo,ooo acres of virgin forest in the Hill country; the murdering of thousands of patriotic people in the wake of the 1818 and 1848 freedom struggles; destruction and neglect of the Irrigation works and institutional heritage of the Sinhala society; plundering of billions worth of archaeological and epigraphic material and other assets and destroying our language, religion and culture. we must also

In the light of what they have done and continue to do even today. Beside chasing them out from this country, at least now we must claim compensation from these colonial rouges for the devastations and crimes they have committed against its people, particularly the Kandyans, the crimes against whom even their own people like John Davy have recorded in the following manner.

the history of British rule in Sri Lanka after the 1818 rebellion cannot be related without shame. None of the members of the leading families in the Kandyan country have survived. Small pox and privation have destroyed those spared by the gun and the sword.’  John Davy 1821 An Account of the Interior of Ceylon.

It is also said that all males over 16 years of age were slaughtered by them and only those few who found refuge in the eastern coastal lowlands survived. Who were left were massacred in the 1848 Matale rebellion.

We would like to remind the present British diplomat in Colombo that this is how even her ancestors have acted in the past. Therefore they should stop interfering in our domestic matters at least now.

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  1. Lorenzo Says:

    It was Brits who brought MILLIONS of Tamilians to SL started this nonsense.

    Now they are at it again.

    Anyway I pity UK which will be Europe’s largest Islamic country in another generation. JACK has been relaced by MOHAMMED as the most popular name in the UK! Soon the UNION JACK will be replaced by the UNION CRESENT!

  2. AnuD Says:

    War ended the supremacy of the british empire.

    check and see how wars made empires disintegrate. One more coming.

  3. aloy Says:

    Our country was in one piece when Brits took over and they left it in the same way. It was a leading nation in the region when they left and now we are far behind others. True, ours is a difficult country to govern as unlike in the distant past the enemy is within us in various forms. However our leaders have wasted lot of time when others like Singapore, Malaysia and Thailand who were less developed than us in 60s surpassed us. Perhaps the Tamil problem is partly due to that.
    What have our leaders done?. MR. B gave citizenship to several hundred thousand and JR did not even send the others, all for political gain. Even the present rulers are indulging in it. I do not see any nationalistic leader in sight. What can Ranil or Sajith (one without any nationalistic feelings and the other without any vision) can do, when even MR who is in power could not deliver in 10years of rule?.
    Please agitate for a correct leadership for the country instead of blaming colonials who have long gone.

  4. aloy Says:

    Sorry typo, Mrs.B

  5. Samanthi Says:

    I agree with Sudath Gunasekara. Britisher’s are the number one enemy of Sri Lanka. Under the guise of helping the communities, they conspire with TNA and the remnants of LTTE to destabilise the island nation.

  6. AnuD Says:

    The root cause is Tamils.

    British politicians are highly corrupt. So, Tamils can manipulate them easily.

    So change the Tamils. Govt did not destroy TNA and now see the results.

    See what is happening to UKraine. Ukraine has a situation some what similar to Sinhale.

  7. Nimal Says:

    What you say is not correct.
    You perhaps live in Kandy.Point out any good thing our rulers have done to the people in Kandy,prior to the colonials?
    Just taking Kandy alone,who did the roads,our great schools,our hospitals,our Katchari,courts of law,our police and our great Perahara and imposition of the relic at Maligawa? It was done by the British,for your information.Perhaps the silly people like you think that it was a great conspiracy or for a sinister reason?
    Read Dr Nihal Karunaratne’s book about Kandy where he had written that our Great city of Polonnaruwa was discovered by the British after 300 years of neglect by the south Indian tyrants who ruled our country,where not even there was a road between the so called kingdoms of Kotte and Kandy.The drivadan rulers made sure of that we were separated, where any one from Kandy had to go to Trincomalee to get places like Colombo,until Capt Dawson and Major Skinner made the first road to Colombo and they built the first hospital as well.
    Don’t forget the plantations they built that is still bringing us revenue.All the two rebellions were revisionist plots to reverse the trend set by the enlightened British where the man in the street were made equal with any other privilege person,under the law.The infrastructure thus created was a red cloth to a raging bull,where the historically unjust privileges were taken out of the elite who wanted to replace the tyrant with the help of the Kandyan convention.After all British themselves suffered immensely under the cruel domination catholic church who had the nerve to dictate the terms to the king of England where he took stern action against the agents of Vatican that led to the Christian protestant movement,where over the years the people of England enjoyed the freedom that was inculcated in the colonies as well.There’s no doubt that some members of the colonial administrators were cruel and acted in and unlawful way(by today’s standards) but on the whole they were fair to the people and I so it my self.I was born in the premises of the new Mirihana Police station where I saw the high ranking Sudas,in black officer uniforms visiting the old police station next door where they inspected the pandols for the Wesak and next they were seen inspecting food that was given at the Dansalas at Gangodawila and Gansaba junctions.They had the welfare and the happiness of their subjects at heart,where much charity and respect were shown,which is lacking in the island these days.Needless to say the lawlessness now we see daily in the media.So don’t rundown people who have done so much for us and it’s beggar’s belief that most of the people want to migrate in to their countries.I thank the Sudas for giving us the Perahara that was stated by Governor Manning in 1828 where the humble people could enjoy where the first perahara were threatened by the upper class tyrants who never wanted the people to enjoy and the British had to deploy over thousand Malay troopers to protect the people.If not for the HR institutions created by the Western countries our humble nations would have be overrun by tyrants,once again.Countries like US seems to have double standards over HR issues that too have to be addressed by the likes of Navi Pillay.That doesn’t mean that it is an open season for violating the rights of the people elsewhere in the world.

  8. Lorenzo Says:

    Tea and Tobacco are the curses.

    These USELESS crops for COLONIAL use wasted our most fertile land and brought millions of Tamils to SL. The cost is too much.

    Upcountry Tamils live in CATCHMENT AREAS of rivers and rivers dry up. We must DEPORT these illegals soon.

  9. Nanda Says:

    “Tea and Tobacco are the curses.”
    What a statement ! I have not heard this from ANY leader ! Lorenzo must go for presidency.

    Yes. They are the curses. If you tell it direct Tamils are the curse of this land. To some extent Fish too.

    But now things have changed. Even though the main curses remain, to escape from tamil curse , our father sold us to Islaam Joothaka Bamuna ( king Vessantara gave away his children to Joothaka Bamuna). Now this has become another curese ( oil curse). Now we are sinking faster than RuinNil’s time.

  10. Lorenzo Says:

    According to Vesa-deva Nana-yakkara only 10% of provincial council money goes waste. Others go to schools, etc.

    If we assume he is correct, 10% of 120 billion rupees is a LOT of money. 12 billion rupees. If SOLAR PANELS are given to poor people in remote areas from this. We have 180,000 rural families with AFFORDABLE electricity. And this number is for one year. Within 5 years we have ALL poor families with electricity withour BURDENING the government.

    Why can’t the modayas think?

    Govt. is building YARL DEVI without adding more trains to Maradana! What modaya logic is this!

    Soon Rajapaksha will become Parajapaksha if he continues appeasing Endians and Arabs.

  11. Nanda Says:

    Vesa- Nana-yakka was mistaken. Only 10% becomes effective.

  12. Samanthi Says:

    Mata Mathak Wenawa Sudhdha Thalu Hatie….
    Api Hitiye Pana Gehi Gehi Dhanin Wetie….!!

  13. Indrajith Says:

    Here’s my translation of Neela Wickremasinghe’s popular song.

    “ I can still remember how cruel the white man beat us…..
    We were living in constant fear, shivering and kneeling down to the British emperor……!!

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