GOSL Names and Bans LTTE Fronts: Tamil Youth Organization
Posted on October 11th, 2014

Shenali Waduge

 India was the first to proscribe the LTTE in 1992. US came next in 1997. UK followed in 2001. EU did so in 2006. Thereafter, the International Community began on LTTE fronts. US proscribed the Tamil Rehabilitation Organization in 2008, the Tamil Foundation in 2009. Canada proscribed the World Tamil Movement in 2008, France banned the CCTF in 2009. EU has yet to list LTTE fronts and should seriously consider so now that the GOSL has named 16 LTTE fronts, named over 400 individuals as aiding and abetting terrorism and these include Tamils who are holding foreign passports and who are heading these organizations – Rudrakumaran US citizen of TGTE, Father Emmanuel – Global Tamil Forum, Nediyawan in Norway and Vinayagam. These are the brains or the front office heads of all the pro-LTTE diaspora organizations. The establishment of Youth Organizations across the world referring to themselves as Tamil Youth Organizations requires the countries where these TYOs are established to seriously address the type of ideology these youth are been indoctrinated with. 

 EVIDENCE : Connections of CTC – TRO – NCCT – TYO – International Council of Eelam Tamils is established

  • Krisna Saravanamuttu plays a lead role in all 3 of the above
  • Krisna Saravanamuttu, spokesman for both ICET and NCCT
  • NCCT is the leading organization within the ICET
  • NCCT is the successor of the World Tamil Movement – banned by Canada.
  • NCCT chairperson Ranjan Sri Ranjan is co-chair of ICET. The other co-chair Steven Pushparajah is based in Norway.
  • ICET is controlled by Nediyavan and Irumporai. 
  • ICET is composed of TYO NZ and
  1. National Council of Canadian Tamils
  2. Swiss Council of Eelam Tamils
  3. Norwegian Council of Eelam Tamils
  4. Maison du Tamil Eelam, France
  5. Country Council of Eelam Tamils, Germany
  6. Italy Council of Eelam Tamils
  7. Dutch Tamil Forum
  8. Danish Tamils Forum
  9. Tamil Cultural Organisation – Belgium
  10. British Tamils Forum
  • Neethan Shan – leader of the NCCT and TYO-Canada (was Former Ontario New Democratic Party candidate for Scarborough Rouge River)
  • Ranjan Sri Ranjan was the former President of the Canadian Tamil Congress
  • Naaventhan Thambiyrajh coordinated Neethan Shan’s election campaign in 2012.
  • Raj Subramaniam – former director of NCCT
  • Shanthela Easwarakumar – worked with TRO Canada and the Canadian Tamil Congress. She is also a member of the LTTE and her LTTE handwritten membership form has been recovered and financially supporting LTTE has also been admitted.
  • Sriskantharajah Rajagopal – of TYO Norway is also head of LTTE’s TCC and head of LTTE’s Annai Poopathi Tamil School in Norway.
  • Tamil Eelam Football Association was established through TYOs’ Global Tamil Youth League (GTYL) in April 2012
  • In Norway, in January 2010, eight LTTE activists including five youth, were indicted for 2009 attack on the Sri Lanka Embassy in Oslo.
  • In Germany, eight LTTE activists from front organizations including the TCC were arrested on three occasions in March and May 2010 and three of them have already been indicted
  • In the Netherlands, in April 2010, six LTTE activists from front organizations including the TCC, TRO and the Tamil Youth Organization (TYO) were arrested. 
  • Janani Jananayagam alias Jan Jananayagam of Tamils Against Genocide (TAG) participated in the TYO (Global Tamil Youth League) conference held 7-8 April, 2012 in the UK, and made a presentation on the genocide of Tamils”.
  • April 2012 Global Tamil Youth League Resolution adopted  by coalition member organizations : The resolution was adopted by Canadian Tamil Youth Alliance, Canada (CTYA); Tamil Youth Network, Germany; Giovani Tamil, Italy; Tamil Youth Organisation, Norway (TYO-Norway); Tamil Youth Organisation, Switzerland (TYO-Swiss) and Tamil Youth Organisation, UK (TYO-UK); and endorsed by Voice of Tamils, Australia; Tamil Youth Organisation, New Zealand (TYO-NZ), Tamil Youth Organisation, Sweden (TYO-Sweden) and  Tamil Youth Organization, USA (TYO-USA).
  • Jeyachandran Gopinath, alias Jeya Annai, LTTE propagandist-in-chief and Editor of the LTTE website ‘Tamilnet’, who also operates from Norway
  • Goldan Lambert (29 yrs), the Head of the Tamil Youth Organization arrested in June 21, 2007 along with A. C. Shanthan of the British Tamil Association by the UK police. Shanthan was LTTE branch chief and Lambert was Finance chief and together they were fundraising and procuring arms for the LTTE. The UK police also raided ‘Eelam House’ in Mitcham, Surrey that was officially opened by Bishop of Mannar Rayyappu Joseph as well as the TYO office in Colindale, London
  • Sathajhan Sarachandran alias Satha Sarachandran was TYO President (2003-5). He was president and national president of the Canadian Tamil Students Association. He was also a member of the Canadian Tamil Congress. He formed a terrorist cell with CTC’s Communications Director Sahilal Sabaratnam who is serving 25 years in a US prison. 

It is amazing to see how even academics have joined in.

TYO – Italy

  • Prof. Giuseppe Burgio spoke about the armed struggle, the de-facto state built by the LTTE and the support they had among the Tamil people.
  • Prof. Fulvio Vasallo argued that the ban on the LTTE became a ban on the demand for Tamil Eelam.
  • Professor Clelila Bartoli analysed the genocide on the Tamil nation

Prof. Clelia Bartoli who specializes in Human Rights alleged that what happened to the Eezham Tamils was an intended genocide 

  • Stephano Edward, Giovani Tamil Coordinator for Sicily detailed what activities Tamil organisations in Italy have been engaging in.
  • Italian anthropologist Fabio Pettirino provided the conceptual basis for the title of the conference. He gave suggestions on how the Tamil diaspora can take their case to the establishments 
  • Sergio Cipolla of the CISS, a development NGO and Prof Provenza of Amnesty International, on how the UN failed in their responsibility in preventing the genocide.
  • Prof. Provenza of Amnesty International (the Canadian arm accepted Canadian $50,000 from banned Canadian Tamil Congress) argued for an independent international investigation into war crimes in Sri Lanka.
  • Barbara Evola, the Palermo minister in charge for education, said that she would do her best to push for action corresponding to the situation.








10 Responses to “GOSL Names and Bans LTTE Fronts: Tamil Youth Organization”

  1. Susantha Wijesinghe Says:



    All Ministers and Members of Parliament are suffering from Hyperthermia. They are all shivering. They will never ever take any action, as they feel that HE has to give them orders. They cannot initiate anything on their own. Not quality material. A few who have vision, do not want to fall down to the ground, from the branch they are perched on. It happened to Chris Nonis. Got slaps and fell onto the ground. Line management Zero.

  2. SA Kumar Says:

    eg: WOMD in Iraq who won Sadam or Tony Blair ?

  3. Ananda-USA Says:

    The GOSL has woken up from alleged “Perpetual Hibernation” to nip Premakumar Gunaratnam’s Frontline Socialist Party’s PROPAGANDA and LIES in the BUD. Jayawewa!

    Sri Lanka immigration authority blacklists Frontline Socialist Party leader

    ColomboPage News Desk, Sri Lanka.

    Oct 10, Colombo: Sri Lanka’s immigration authorities have blacklisted the Frontline Socialist Party (FSP) leader Australian citizen Premakumar Gunarathnam, Sinhala daily The Divaina reported today.

    Reportedly, Gunaratnam was blacklisted yesterday under the instructions of the state intelligence.

    According to the report, Gunarathnam had visited several countries including Switzerland and held seminars and acted against Sri Lanka.

    Tamil Tiger rebels had also participated in his seminars and he had been banned entry to Sri Lanka, the newspaper said.

    The FSP is trying to bring Gunarathnam to Sri Lanka and to field him as party candidate for the upcoming Presidential election.

    Gunarathnam holds an Australian passport under the name Noel Mudalige.

  4. Ananda-USA Says:

    Are the Sinhalese and Muslims who were driven out of the Northern Province by the LTTE during their ethnic cleansing among those getting these land deeds?

    These VICTIMS of LTTE ethnic cleansing should be AMONG THE FIRST to get their lands back!

    Sri Lankan President to present land deeds to 20,000 people in the North

    ColomboPage News Desk, Sri Lanka.

    Oct 11, Colombo: Sri Lankan President Mahinda Rajapaksa will present land deeds to 20,000 people in the war-ravaged Northern Province.

    The ceremonial presentation will take place under the patronage of the President on Sunday at the Kilinochchi Central College grounds.

    The people of the North who lost their lands due to the terrorist activities will be given their lands again under a programme to implement the recommendations made by the Lessons Learnt and Reconciliation Commission (LLRC), the government said.

    According to a communiqué from the Chief Minister of Northern Province AC. V. Wigneswaran, 3,886 persons in Kilinochchi district will receive land deeds from the President. Another 3,642 persons from Mullaitivu district, 7,202 from Mannar, 4,228 from Vavuniya and 1,001 from Jaffna will also receive land deeds.

  5. Nanda Says:


    “Are the Sinhalese and Muslims who were driven out of the Northern Province by the LTTE during their ethnic cleansing among those getting these land deeds?”

    I feel sorry for your question.
    In 1971 there were 20400 Sinhala in Jaffna but 10000 Muslims. Today they have settled 2000 Muslims but your God is scared to settle Sinhalese there. Few Sinhala families tried to go there but most came back because there is zero support form the government.

    So you dream our bugger is distributing deeds to Sinhalese. It is my dream too but not going to happen. If he does, I am going to his palace to touch his feet and worship him. It is worth. I will not write a word against him thereafter.


    He has distributed deeds to Sinhalas in other areas, so I am not against giving to eligible Tamils too. But the fact remains 20000 Sinhalas could not return because of his fear of holding to power and extreme greed.

  6. Lorenzo Says:

    “Are the Sinhalese and Muslims who were driven out of the Northern Province by the LTTE during their ethnic cleansing among those getting these land deeds?”


    ONLY Tamils are getting land.

    The RECONCILIATION CURSE ensures ONLY Tamils get everything. NOTHING for Sinhalese, Muslims and others.

  7. Ananda-USA Says:

    The GOSL should IGNORE & ISOLATE the UNCOOPERATIVE Northern Provincial Council, and PROHIBIT DIRECT FOREIGN FUNDING of Local Government Projects and require ALL SUCH FUNDS to be CHANNELED through the GOSL.

    Sri Lanka should not allow FOREIGN ENEMIES to exercise de-facto economic power within the country underming its LEGAL NATIONAL GOVERNMENT.

    The ONLY COMPLETE & PERMANENT SOLUTION to these ABUSES by Provincial Councils, Foreign Govts and NGOs is to REPEAL the 13th Amendment and demolish the Provincial Councils that create barriers to the National agenda, and are growing centers of SEPARATISM exploited by Foreign Enemies.

    DEMOLISH the 13th Amendment NOW; DO IT FAST, DO IT NOW before the Provincial Councils topple the National Government under the direction of FOREIGN REGIME CHANGE ARTISTES!

    Sri Lankan President accuses Northern PC of hampering development in the North

    ColomboPage News Desk, Sri Lanka.

    Oct 12, Kilinochchi: Sri Lankan President Mahinda Rajapaksa today accused the Tamil National Alliance controlled Northern Provincial Council government of hampering the development of the Northern Province.

    Addressing a public rally in Kilinochchi held today to distribute land deeds to 20,000 people in the Northern Province, President Rajapaksa said the Northern Provincial Council (NPC) is not cooperating with Government’s plans of development for the Province.

    The President said that the government has provided a significant amount of services for the welfare of people in the North and despite concerns raised within the ruling party the government held the elections for the NPC last year to give people in the North a voice.

    Therefore, the NPC should now stand firm with the expectations of the people with whose votes they were elected and fulfill their needs, the President said.

    He said the NPC has not used the funds allocated to the Council for the development work in the Province and noted that the Council has even raised objections to a government proposal to direct water to the Iranamadu tank in the North from the Mahaweli river in the South.

    “They are not allowing us to do our work and they are not doing work either,” the President said.

    President said the Chief Minister of the NPC and his administration are is hindering the development work in the North in fear of losing votes from general public.

    The NPC Chief Minister C. V. Wigneswaran questioning President’s motives has said that Council would not attend the Special District Development meeting to be chaired by President Rajapaksa in Jaffna tomorrow.

    The Chief Minister said the Council would not attend the meeting or any other “politically motivated meeting” in the Province when the Tamils were continuing to be marginalized, pointing to an “authoritarian regime foisted on the NPC.”

    The President told the public that he however has faith in them despite placing their faith in the Tamil National Alliance and urged them to send a clear message to the Chief Minister to allow the Government to do what it needs to do to improve the living conditions of the people in the North.

    During his visit to the region today, the President, in addition to handing over land deeds to over 20,000 families at the Kilinochchi event, also returned the gold, which was in the possession of the terrorist group LTTE during their reign, to its rightful owners.

    The President also declared open two Mahindodaya technical laboratories in the North today. These laboratories are located at Hindu Maha Vidyalaya in Kilinochchi and Waddakachchi Maha Vidyalaya in Jaffna.

    At a ceremony held in Kilinochchi the President said his aim is to upgrade education facilities for the children in the entire North and the government has allocated all required facilities for this purpose.

    He expressed satisfaction for the rapid progress achieved by students in the North during the past five years following the end of the war.

    President Rajapaksa is also scheduled to inaugurate the Colombo-Jaffna train service tomorrow.

    ……………The Ex-Chief Justice now Chief Minister BEMOANS lack of TOTAL CONTROL to be SEPARATE ……………..
    Chief Minister of Sri Lanka’s Northern Province to boycott President’s meeting

    ColomboPage News Desk, Sri Lanka.

    Oct 11, Jaffna: Chief Minister of Sri Lanka’s Northern Province C.V. Wigneswaran has questioned the motive of a Special District Development meeting to be chaired by President Rajapaksa in Jaffna on October 13 and indicated that the Council would not attend the meeting.

    Mr. Wigneswaran, responding to an invitation to attend the special meeting to discuss the progress of the future projects for the five districts in the Province, said he is “puzzled and perturbed” as to why the President is overlooking the matters discussed at the Council’s district development meetings and picking up the “strings left in 2012” suddenly.

    He said the Northern Province Council (NPC) was neither consulted nor informed of the necessity or agenda of the “curious” meeting that purports to deal with issues addressed in 2012 after a lapse of two years.

    “Clearly the NPC is not viewed as a partner in addressing the concerns if the war-ravaged North. On the contrary, the will of an authoritarian regime is foisted on the NPC in opposition to the democratic will of the people,” Wigneswaran said in his letter to the President.

    The former Supreme Court judge questioned the motive of the scheduled presentation of land deeds by the President to 20,000 people in the five districts and how the recipients were selected to receive the lands.

    The President is to hand over land permits to 20,000 people in the Northern Province on Sunday at the Kilinochchi central college grounds.

    Mr. Wigneswaran said as the Minister in charge of lands he was not aware of the selection process used by the President to present land deeds and the measure seems to facilitate “the creation of some political capital”.

    The Chief Minister said the Council would not attend the meeting or any other “politically motivated meeting” in the Province when the Tamils were continuing to be marginalized, pointing to an “authoritarian regime foisted on the NPC.”

    He requested the President to take “concrete” steps to build on the scheme of the 13th Amendment Plus the President promised to the international community and the Prime Minister of India without delay.

    The Chief Minister also called upon the Government of India to “actively participate and contribute in the negotiations with the government to enable the the Tamil-speaking peoples in the north east of Sri Lanka to live with dignity, peace and security.”

    ……………..USAID: The THIN END OF the WEDGE………………
    USAID and Northern Farms providing employment to Sri Lankans and creating markets in North

    ColomboPage News Desk, Sri Lanka.

    Oct 12,Vavuniya: Manpreet Anand, Deputy Assistant Administrator of the United States Agency for International Development (USAID), opened a new agricultural processing factory in Marukarampalai, Vavuniya yesterday, October 11, the U.S. Embassy in Colombo said in a release..

    This project was established through a public-private partnership between USAID, the development agency of the United States government, and Northern Farms, a Sri Lankan agribusiness.

    The new factory is well-equipped with modern machinery, increasing the production capacity of the plant and introducing higher value-added consumer goods commonly used in local households such as roasted rice flour, pounded black gram and sesame oil. This will provide permanent employment opportunities for conflict-affected communities and boost incomes of thousands of local farmers who will supply the factory with rice, millet (kurakkan), black gram, and sesame seeds.

    “We are happy to help develop and expand such dedicated and hard-working small local businesses like Northern Farms,” said Anand at the opening. “The United States is proud to add this factory to our long history of development support for the people of Sri Lanka.”

    USAID and Northern Farms have committed more than Rs. 66 million to the partnership. USAID’s contribution of Rs. 32.2 million financed the purchase of processing equipment, vehicles, a waste water management system, packaging materials, and an initial stock of raw materials. The remaining investment from Northern Farms funded construction of the factory and office building, the connection of high voltage electricity, and the purchase of both land and equipment.

    Additional investment will be used to set-up a waste water system for the food processing facility, an industry best practice. In addition, USAID is collaborating with the Ceylon Chamber of Commerce to provide assistance in financial and human resource management, market development, food processing, and occupational safety to strengthen Northern Farm’s capacity for sustainable growth.

    During his visit, Anand also laid the foundation for new hostel and storage facilities at the Sivanarul Vocational Training and Production Centre (SVTPC), which provides employment opportunities to women affected by the conflict in Killinochchi. Supported by a Rs. 36 million partnership between USAID and SVTPC, the construction will provide accommodation for employees -mostly women and the disabled – and expand production and distribution capacities of rice flour, powdered chili, and spices.

    USAID supports Northern Farms and SVTPC activities through the VEGA/BIZ+ program that provides financial, technical, and managerial assistance to small and medium businesses throughout the country. USAID’s support to businesses such as these provides a much-needed boost to the local economy in some of the most underdeveloped parts of Sri Lanka.

  8. Lorenzo Says:

    KICK these USAID separatists OUT of SL.

    They give only PEANUTS that too goes to LTTEers only.

  9. Nanda Says:


    “DEMOLISH the 13th Amendment NOW; DO IT FAST, DO IT NOW before the Provincial Councils topple the National Government under the direction of FOREIGN REGIME CHANGE ARTISTES!” – USA’s Ananda

    Remember your wows to cutting finger ? Someone still dreaming as all in the USA. Lucky Sir Lankans have no dreams, knowing the reality.

  10. Lorenzo Says:



    But we should dream on. Winning the war was JUST A DREAM OF “MODAYAS” until 2006 when we changed the war tactic from LAND GRABBING to KILLING. So called “defence experts” laughed. Soon they were without jobs as their readership collapsed!

    e.g. Pigbal

    “DEMOLISH the 13th Amendment NOW; DO IT FAST, DO IT NOW before the Provincial Councils topple the National Government under the direction of FOREIGN REGIME CHANGE ARTISTES!”

    This is true. See how USAID (regime change agents) + ENDIANS (SL USAID boss is an Endian!!) + TNA + Aluthkade Bar are working hand in glove.

    MR has to prioritize the NATION before his PC little HENCHOS.

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