Posted on October 12th, 2014

Kanthar Balanathan, Australia


Accountability”, in general, is answerability, liability and an expectation of provision of description and explanation. In governance, the accountability of the governing body is to the public and legislative bodies, and not to overseas companies, organisations or para terrorist forums.

Below an excerpt from the US Department of State.

“Government accountability means that public officials – elected and un-elected – have an obligation to explain their decisions and actions to the citizens. Government accountability is achieved through the use of a variety of mechanisms – political, legal and administrative – designed to prevent corruption and ensure that public officials remain answerable and accessible to the people they serve. In the absence of such mechanisms, corruption may thrive.”

-U.S. Department of State

In the paradigm of SriLanka, Tamils, who have forgone their SriLankan citizenship in place of their domiciled country (west), and citizens of western nations, are stirring, complaining, bamboozling with serious false propaganda, with a view to avenge vengeance against GOSL, and destroy SL.

The question is; Are these Tamil organisations, congresses, Councils, and Forums have the right to question the Accountability of SriLanka Governance? LTTE members are within these forums advocating devastation to SL. They should demonstrate patriotism to their own domiciled country (West).

Accountability of Governance prior to 2005:

For almost 35 years Liberation Tigers of Tamil Elam (LTTE) has been deluding and tricking GOSL, and GOSL failed in reporting accountability. In the name of peace talks, LTTE has been stockpiling to augment their armoury with heavy weapons, while the executive presidents and Prime Ministers turned a blind eye to the serious issues. During this period, SL faced with significant incidents of murder, assassinations, killing, slaughter of civilians, ministers, parliamentarians and heads of states, in addition to kidnapping of local and foreign nationals. The citizens of SriLanka lived in an open environment of fear, trepidation, terror, anxiety, and depression, irrespective whether in the North, East, West or South.

In a strong democracy, choice and freedom are the administration and public institutions that citizens trust. In this context GOSL prior to 2005 gave that choice and freedom to the terrorists and not the citizens. Was this instigated by external powers?

The Head of state, the Statesman, HE Mr. Mahinda Rajapakse (HEMR); since he knew the destructions prior to 2005, assessed the multi-billions of Rupees worth of assets destroyed by the LTTE, loss of lives, citizens in slavery, child soldiers life put to danger, took a wise decision to report his degree of accountability principles to the parliament and the citizens of SL. It is considered that the head of state is also accountable to his citizens irrespective of their ethnic group, but AS SriLankan.

Closure of the Mavil Aru (river) anicut sluice gates in Vanni by the LTTE affected the water supply to 15,000, families in non LTTE controlled areas. Failing all negotiations, and the fact that Tamils were suffering in the LTTE controlled areas, GOSL initiated the military operation in order to accomplish the re-opening of Mavil Aru’s sluice gates. Water is essentially a non-negotiable fundamental Human Right, and utilities cannot be used as a bargaining tool. (US policy is not to negotiate with terrorists**)

What has been accomplished by GOSL is improving the living standards of the people and remove the risk of loss of lives. We could realise that there has been no failure in the accountability of the president.

We visited SriLanka after 31+ years, and we were overwhelmed and astounded to see the magnitude of development, the chivalrous well-mannered culture of the SriLankans’, the peaceful environment, and the consciousness of the citizens to go about their day to day life; It is not only the physical structures; however, the quality of culture and skills of the people also has tremendously improved to a high standard.

Addressing the Tamil political parties; ITAK, TELO, EPRLF, PLOTE and TNA, it is of the view that they have failed in reporting their accountability. TNA joined hands with the LTTE and was not at all interested in the safety and well-being of the Tamils. Knowing LTTE did recruit child soldiers, TNA did not protest to any of the acts carried out by LTTE. If we carefully investigate it is certain that TNA and members of the TNA are formerly members of some terrorist group. E.g.; Mr. Suresh Premachandran, Sivajilingham, Siththathar, Selvam Adaikalanathan etc. As members of terrorist groups those people should be investigated and proper action should be taken, as per the 6th amendment section 157(A), as they are accountable to the people of SL.

I am a Tamil and have lived among Tamils. Being an educated one, I feel sorry for our Tamils as we are still primitive, believe that SUN is a GOD and not a globe of nuclear fusion. We do not believe that our planet (Earth) is moving at 69,000 miles per hour around the Sun. We want to be a segregated society, do not wish to integrate with anyone, but still greedy of everything, selfish and self-centred. Evidence is the living model of Tamils in the west.



SriLanka is a democratic country. We were trained by the British on technical, administrative, medical, and all matters before and after independence. Tamils, being a minority, received higher level education than the Sinhalese. After British took over SL, they taught us how to live, respect each other, eliminate discrimination & oppression, and foremost how to govern ourselves democratically. Well, British developed SL.

Caste Discrimination of Tamils by Tamils

Majority of the Tamils were of lower class (LC) (caste). These Tamils were discriminated and oppressed by the Elite Tamils in the North and East for several centuries and are being treated low. This made some Tamils to move out of the N&E to the South where they lived happily. Evidence; I lived in the South, as my father was a police officer, and was told by many Tamils on this ploy by the Jaffna elites. British eliminated a few forms of discrimination. For example; prior to British rule; lower caste Tamils should not wear shirt, shoe, slippers, own land, draw water from a well, enter temples, wear anything to wrap around their body, but wear an underwear and even cannot walk on the same road as the elites. LC Tamils cannot have any functions. Lower caste Tamils were deprived of education. I refer all readers to a Tamil book written by a scholar: :Sathiyam; Iruppum Thakarppum” by Magarasan, published in 2007.

Although British changed this discriminatory act, Tamils in the North & East are deep rooted to think that discrimination and oppression through caste system is integrated with their culture, customs & rights. It was, and is, an Apartheid situation in the N&E. It is still practiced in the N&E, however, most immoral, unscrupulous and murky Tamils have exported this practice to overseas countries where they are domiciled. Tamils are keen in building their own empire overseas based on caste system.

An example is the members of the TGTE. Who are these people? Most of them are rich, from elite caste, built their monetary coffer over the years and/or siphoned funds from the coffers of LTTE or organisations, nothing else to do, cannot compete with Europeans on literacy, degree of perception, and expertise, got frustrated, and wanted to be somebody in politics. Hence cling onto floating bodies called TGTE, CNC, and ATC etc. to show their muscle over the lower caste people. What they do is brain wash those lower caste, labour class people domiciled overseas to siphon funds and hoodwink in the name of Tamil Elam”. I pity those illiterates and lower caste people for their foolishness and idiocy for being taken for a ride. Talking to a lower caste fellow from Scarborough, Canada, I observed that the person was incited and intoxicated by those CTC elites, on Elam. The misconception of those lower caste people is that they will be better off if the Elites govern them. Their failure: dissect and research into the past and identify the differential type of living standard of the elite Tamils overseas and in SL.

Why do the elites want more autonomy and power: They have realised that lower caste fellows are rising to their level, and if not restricted, they may override the elites, which they definitely do not want. People like Vigneswaran (CM) and Senathirajah are examples. The thoughtlessness, foolhardiness, and recklessness of MP Sritharan has dumped him below the elites.

On independence the SriLankan government was able to see the discrimination, and they continued to show sympathy towards all Tamils and made all equal in the country. Anyone can live anywhere, work anywhere, and start a business, study in any school/college. Well, GOSL made available all resources to everyone in the country irrespective of caste, creed, and colour. Evidence: International Organisations could see several hundreds of thousands of Tamil Doctors, PhDs, Engineers, Accountants, Attorneys, and graduates who received FREE education in SL floating around US, UK, Canada, Europe and the rest of the globe. V.Rudrakumaran is a typical example. Does this mean that SL practice HR violation?

 During the Dutch rule, Tamils, with the help of the Dutch, introduced a legislature called, Desavalamai”, which is a draconian act. LC Tamils cannot buy land in elite areas. The elite Tamils were able to implement this draconian system by intimidation and terror.

During the LTTE period discrimination and oppression was practiced on different dimensions.  No one was able to speak to a GOSL politician, travel freely, have any independent thought, enter university, virtually removing all independence and freedom from the Tamils.

 I hereby state with strong emphasis that it is because of the Sinhalese people and GOSL that the lower caste Tamils were, and, are able to educate, employ and live cheerfully in SL. 

Current Situation in SL         

While in SL, I observed that Tamils in the North, and Colombo are quite happily carrying out their day to day activities.

In 1995, people from Jaffna were marched as human shield from Jaffna to Vanni. These people were stamped as indenture slave labour by the LTTE. Somehow some families escaped from the slave labour camp in Vanni.

Tamils who escaped in, after, or before 2009 are cheerful and thankful to their President, Statesman HEMR for having freed them from bondage.

Everyone was of the opinion that they are free to do anything, move about, do business, and there is nil HR violation practiced by GOSL, and that they are happy now than ever, however to live within the law of the country. Most people were blaming TNA for being so childlike, amateurish politicians.

Auto-drivers talk in Sinhalese, Tamil and English. The story was that they are living in a multicultural environment, and should know the languages in the country for social integration, and to do business and live.

I found out that the SriLankan had that civilized and commercial culture. When I say Commercial Culture and Commercial outlook”, I mean, the courtesy, civility, pleasantness, mannerism, listening skills, appeal, loveliness and, NOT THAT PROFITABILITY OR UNETHICAL. It has nothing to do with profitability or money making intent.

It is those Tamils who are part and package of the TNA, complain about HR violation etc. Historically Tamils are power hunger people. We have a high level of avidity for power.

·         We Tamils have negative pattern of thinking, or have sorting out integrating difficulties.

  • We need cognitive behaviour therapy, to correct negative ways we think.
  • We need interpersonal therapy to improve relationship in a multi-cultural environment.

Most Tamils still are primitive and they hate any language other than Tamil. This is an indication of a severe shortfall in their perception.

We should get rid of

  • psychological depression of racial thoughts,
  • Mindset in megalomania and superiority complex.
  • Rid of xenophobic attitude, and train in interaction management.

Rule of Law

The 6th amendment specifically states that no person, political party, shall, directly or indirectly advocate a separate state within or outside the territory of SL. However, Tamil political parties were, and, are, still championing for a separate state. If GOSL wanted they could charge those politicians under Rule of Law”. GOSL is so lenient to allow those Tamil politicians to float around the country and carry on their day to day life. Well, the head of state of a country has every right to practice Rule of Law” and maintain Law and Order.


While the Tamil politicians have earned their ongoing salary, and pension, for their high standard of living, lower caste people get frustrated and flood foreign countries, not purely because of fear, but for greener pasture. They cannot speak any other language other than Tamil, but want to live in an English speaking country. Why? We should give serious thoughts and analyse the root cause.

The hidden agenda by Tamils here is, they look for greener pasture, at the same time they fall into the hands of the LTTE rumps, to help them campaign against SL. A family can live on the interest of Rs8.9 million in SL. Not only illegal means of travel has been used by rumps all over the world to enter Australia, however, they damage their country’s image, propagate lies, and help their people to flood the host country for greener pasture. They claim it is their right to enter illegally, and that the host country should look after them with free supplies.

Well, illiterates want Australia to be a Refugee Social Welfare Camp”, and destroy Australia’s culture, integrity, honesty, justice system, safety, and democracy.

The current trend in Australia by an organisation is that if refugees come forward to supply evidence of HR violations, torture and killing in SL before the 30th October 2014, the evidence could, not only be submitted to UNHRC, but also could be used as an instrument to obtain permanent residence from the Australian Government. One could observe the fraudulent method here.

 The Australian government cannot be deceived through fraudulent practices.

 Some people address Sydney as the Thamizhaham” in Australia. What a hypocrisy and madness?


LTTE Associates – in governance

There are number of ex LTTE cadres now been rehabilitated and engaged in politics and governance. Typical example is Vinayagamoorthy Muralitharan, alias, Karuna, Sivanesathurai Chandrakanthan, alias Pillaiyan and several others.

In the civic community, GOSL has setup several groups in the N&E to help needy people. There are small scale industries setup to help young educated girls in Kilinochi. Girls who work in the factories are those affected by the war.

In Jaffna. Corner to corner, young members of the business community have set up internet surfing business for the young and elders. Also there are mobile and sim card business everywhere in the North. Well, Tamils in the North are not starving, but are healthy and fit for longer life. Business is flowing in the North. Hundreds of coaches ply the road from Jaffna to Colombo and vice-versa. Why do these coaches ply the roads from Jaffna to Colombo? Ask the questions to yourself?

As Tamils are culturally strong and focussed in religion, Temples are been constructed in every nook and corner. Tamils spend several hundreds of thousands Rupees every year for temple festive. Most of Tamils whom I met live with NO fear.

Well, the time I was in Jaffna, I did not see any single military or police personnel on the road. Does this not mean that law and order prevails among Tamils than prior to 2009 apart from some rowdies?

Freedom of the press and movement of people has been brought absolutely to full scale by the GOSL. A typical example is the Tamil politicians flying to Australia, US, Canada and Europe for discussions with Tamil Diaspora. Ananthi Sasitharan, a member of the Northern Provincial Council, a former LTTE fanatic’s wife flies to Geneva to meet UN staff.

 However, Tamils are not at all grateful, and patriotic to SL. They hold onto that racial slogan with greed for power. Every Tamil politician feels that he should become the President/ Prime Minister, Minister. They are not at all prepared to live and work as citizens of a country. Most Tamil from elite cast do a Law degree, and on obtaining a law degree move into politics with their father, mother, uncle or anti. However, the avidity for power and wealth does not diminish, which generates the hatred on other races, and lower castes of their own race.

I have listened to Mavai Senathirajah, Sumanthiran, and Gajendrakumar Ponnambalam’s interview over the radio in Sydney, Australia. The discussions were purely racial, separatist and irrational.

During our visit to SL in July 2014, both in Colombo and Jaffna, we felt quite safe, happy and saw the people practicing democracy in a multi ethnic, multi religious, multi lingual society. The economic development is huge and colossal with high quality urban development. Job opportunities and social integration was on the rise.

Well, Sri Lanka is marching towards “Wonder of Asia’, which some countries do not like because of competition.

 The allegations brought forward by TNA and Tamil Diaspora are baseless and fact less.


SriLankan business ventures are on the rise. India is investing in SL. With the commercial culture, commercial outlook of the citizens nurtured excellent, and rising to that of the west, and with political stability, countries like Britain, USA, Canada, Australia, Japan, China and South Korea should seriously contemplate to invest their trade in SL. They should address investing in Industries, heavy and light. For example Microsoft could address investing in one of the towns like Colombo suburban, Matara, Anuradhapura and/or Jaffna. The East and west should study the operability and profitability of investments in SL.


Mainstreaming Human Rights in Development Policies and Programming. 

While appreciating the steps on problem analysis, it is considered that the following should be addressed:

  1. a) Identify immediate, underlying and root causes of development challenges.
  2. Identify population groups those are particularly affected.

                                    -Terrorism, separatism, caste issues

lower caste Tamils

  1. Identify state institutions and other actors who have a responsibility to act.

TNA, elite and lower caste Tamils

  1. Identify key capacities that those responsible and those affected need in order to bring about change.

-TNA. (Tamil Diaspora should mind their own business)

Have we observed a healthy environment (political & economic) in the groups and actors affected that is conducive for us to make a judgement?

Making a judgement without affirming those environmental conditions, would be biased a decision for the end result to be catastrophic failure of the group and actors.

We are all aware of the conditions that prevailed prior to, and since end of war. Although the conditions were not conducive to SL, however, SL has proved its credibility with an excellent record of rehabilitation, reconciliation, development in the context of systematic, conscious, and concrete integration of values and standards into plans, policies, priorities, programmes, processes, outputs and outcomes.

The guerrilla war had significant impact on development in the N&E and in SriLanka (SL) in general.

I have lived in most parts of SriLanka, North, East, and South & West. From my experience the Sinhalese people are much friendlier, helpful, courteous, knowledge of understanding of, Acculturation, cultural assimilation, cultural diversity, and that collective consciousness binds individuals together and creates social integration.

However, as far as social integration is concerned, Elite Tamils of SriLanka have a mindset that only elite Tamils should exist, govern, rule, educate and be bosses in organisations. They think that a lower caste Tamil or Sinhala person has no say.  For example; Elites think that Tamils can live and build Temples in any parts of SriLanka, however, Sinhalese people should not enter the North & East.

Current situation depicts the truth. SriLanka is marching towards social integration. However, TNA, and Tamils who are stooges of those, are mindset to launch attacks on GOSL and bring various nit-picking protest. Tamil fanatics and TNA, fabricate stories; if a soldier farts on the road, then it is HR violation. I strongly feel that Tamil Diaspora should be patriotic to the country of domicile, and the Tamil politicians in SL should join hands with GOSL to work further on Social Integration”.

In conclusion, I throw a challenge to CM-Vigneswaran, Sambanthar, Sumanthiran, Mavai Senathirajah, Suresh Premachandran in particular, and all Tamil parliamentarians:

  1. You, in the name of democracy, right from SJV Chelvanayaka down to…, have hoodwinked Tamils and have become MPs/NPC Councillors.
  2. Have you got the pluck and willpower to come onto a common platform and propagate, take an oath to abolish the caste system?
  3. Have you got the guts to call on the Tamils all over the world to abolish the caste system and be ordinary equal humans?
  4. Have you got the guts to call on the Tamil Diaspora to mind their own business, as you guys are the governing forum in SL.? Not the mushroom Diaspora organisations.
  5. Will you take an oath of allegiance and sign a pledge, that all Tamil parliamentarians shall never ever demand a separate state, and a federal system and comply with the 6th amendment, section 157(A).
  6. Are you prepared to call on all Tamils, to obey the law of the land, and study all three languages, and invest in commercial ventures, rather expecting government jobs? May be we want to be assets rather liabilities.

 Talking to Tamil Diaspora engineers on water supply/storage/conservation, for irrigation in the North, no one was keen to involve themselves in designing a solution. CM Mr. Vigneswaran need not ask them to provide one, but they should come forward to provide one. Does not this indicate their loyalty to their homeland?  However, everyone is interested in talking politics on Elam, becoming Presidents of organisations.

 Kings who ruled Anuradhapura and Vanni were wise enough to build infrastructure and dams for water storage and distribution for irrigation. Our SJV Chelvanayaka, Mavai Senathirajah, ITAK and Co were only interested in grabbing power. What a hypocrisy?

 Mr. Vigneswaran: your top priority should be designing a solution for water supply in the North, NOT Land and Police Power. Believe me: It is your responsibility and not anyone else.

 You should be aware by now that Tamil Diaspora will never, ever, invest any industries in the N&E or in any part, but rather build temples in their domiciled overseas countries because of the high return.

 If you are not prepared to act on this, then what veracity, truthfulness and sincerity have you got to be parliamentarians. You all should be ashamed of yourselves. You all should resign and allow those who are prepared to be equal, to be parliamentarians.


  1. helaya Says:

    Excellent article Kanthar. Thank you verymuch.

  2. Nimal Says:

    Good show my friend.Sri Lanka need the like of you.Come back and get involved in developing this beautiful island.

  3. Ananda-USA Says:

    RECONCILIATION as currently understood and being pursued in Sri Lanka is UNNECESSARY, UNWISE, and is a slap in the face to those tens of thousands of VICTIMS of LTTE terror.

    The ONLY RECONCILIATION NECESSARY is for those who supported the LTTE terror that are still living to CONFESS, and beg FORGIVENESS from the VICTIMS of that terror, and be PUNISHED appropriately. Anything short of that is merely a TRAVESTY OF JUSTICE that condones the CRIMES of murderous criminals and unrepentant TRAITORS.

    Did the Victorious Allies in World War II pursue RECONCILIATION of this kind and APOLOGIZE to the defeated Nazis and the peoples of the Axis Nations who caused the deaths, and unspeakable crimes against innocent people?

    Did we hear of any APOLOGIES offered by the Allied powers for the conventional carpet bombing of Germany and Japan, and the Nuclear devastation of Hiroshima and Nagasaki, that killed millions or people and injured tens of millions more in those countries, but yet was deemed necessary for the defeat of those criminal regimes?

    No, we DID NOT! All we had were war crimes trials held against the Nazis, the war time leaders of Japan and Italy, because they were the AGGRESSORS who unleashed those wars and perpetrated those crimes. Everthing those CRIMINALS SUFFERED in retaliation was declared WELL-DESERVED RETRIBUTION.

    So it should be in the 30 year civil war that was waged in Sri Lanka against the LTTE.

    The EELAM War in Sri Lanka, was waged with the utmost ferocity and cruelty by the LTTE, and most of their victims were civilians. The leaders of the LTTE, who survived the well deserved retribution in the last Phase of that war, and those who aided and abetted them to pursue their genocidal war and ethnic cleansing, must be arrested, indicted, prosecuted, convicted and punished to the fullest extent of the law.

    Let there be no further talk of RECONCILIATION with these murderers and criminals; there should only be PUNISHMENT of their CRIMES!

  4. Ananda-USA Says:

    Eliminating the Executive Presidency would be a mistake irrespective of whether the Tamil Diaspora gives up the Eelam Project.

    Parliamentary systems, such as Britain’s, are inherently weaker that governments with Executive Presidencies, such as those of the USA and France. Countries that have faced existential threats know that, and will not give up their existing Executive Presidencies, or will adopt an Executive Presidency to protect their nations.

    Even in Sri Lanka, we recall that when Chandrika Bandaranaike was the Executive President, she dissolved and dismissed the UNP government of the country, imposed Presidential rule, and called for new elections to elect a new government, because the UNP government was poised to sign an agreement with the LTTE separatist movement that would have resulted in DE-FACTO PARTITION of the country into two separate states.

    That was RESCUE of Sri Lanka as a UNITARY nation was possible only because Sri Lanka had an Executive President at that time willing and empowered to protect the territorial integrity of the nation.

    Furthermore, given that Sri Lanka has just survived a 30 year war that threatened its very existence, and faces long-term threats from neighboring countries, a global network of separatists, and a devious phalanx of Neocolonialist Western Powers pursuing their own agendas inimical to Sri Lanka, it would be TRULY ASININE to give up the Executive Presidency.

    Therefore, let us DISMISS OUT-OF-HAND this DREAM of Sri Lanka’s enemies to eliminate the Executive Presidency, and CONTINUE PERMANENTLY with KEEPING INTACT the existing Executive Presidency in Sri Lanka.

    MR ready to scrap presidency if Eelam project is dropped
    October 12, 2014

    If the Tamil National Alliance and the Tamil Diaspora gave up the eelam and separatist ideology, before anyone else he would be the first person to scrap the executive presidential system, President Mahinda Rajapaksa declared in Killinochchi yesterday.

    Addressing a ceremony to hand over 20,000 title deeds at the Killinochchi Central College grounds, the President said due to thirty years of terrorism not only lives lost were but also places of residence had been lost. The people had been forced to pawn their gold jewellery with LTTE banks.

    “Because of this terror how many of your relatives and friends lost their lives? How much property was lost? We put an end to terror and now you can live as free men and women, President Rajapaksa said.

    He said it should never be forgotten that the war the country fought to put an end to LTTE terror had not been against the Tamil people. ” It was to protect your lives, your children’s lives and the lives of the unborn.”

    “By wiping out terrorism on May 19, 2009 we were able to give the people everywhere, be it in the North or the South, the right to live without fear or suspicion. People may have forgotten this fact by now but you knew the challenges we faced. You all were in welfare centres and were without your property”, the President said, adding that he was happy that the government had been able to help them rebuild their lives.

  5. Nanda Says:

    “If the Tamil National Alliance and the Tamil Diaspora gave up the eelam and separatist ideology, before anyone else he would be the first person to scrap the executive presidential system, President Mahinda Rajapaksa declared in Killinochchi yesterday.”

    – Another stupid statement by MR.

    Why should we make any change depending of 10% minority of the country ? This shows his fear of failure than the ability to act to the demand of the present moment. A pathetic statement.

    There is both good and bad in the current exe. prez system. To understand the bad, one needs to imagine RUinill in that seat. That is all. Even MR has done enormous damage to the country because of the abuse, what will happen under RuiNill ? These are the loop holes to be closed by a prez who loves the country.

  6. Nimal Says:

    “Even MR has done enormous damage to the country because of the abuse, what will happen under RuiNill ? These are the loop holes to be closed by a prez who loves the country.’
    Get sudas on contract,even parliamentarians. our leaders have failed us.
    see how well Sri Lankan air was run under Peter Clarke and Prez was upset when he could’t use for his group who suddenly wanted to offload the fare paying passengers to put up his group that attend the CW conference.Peter stood grounds and paid the price.
    Last year my son was off loaded from SL A to accommodate a crony.He nearly lost his job,thanks to the understanding sudda boss who realized that he traveled from hell hole of the …… of Asia.CBK did the same thing,abusing SLA to go to Jamaica to attend another CW conference.It had become a pleasure trip to out leaders.
    Perhaps another 1815 as the whole country’s culture has to be changed.Religion is an obstacle as I can’t get any work done on a regular fashion but the same guys go to Mideast and work like slaves,7 days a week for pittance.this is a tragedy for us.Many employers say that they can’t get regular workers,as their dream is to go to Middle East and work like slaves.The foreign exchange greedy government is allowing this abuse.

  7. SA Kumar Says:

    Another stupid statement by MR -Not agreed
    MR know very well the executive presidential system & the executive presidential system can not be scrap foe ever.

    But Man with vision for united mother Lanka that is no one other than on MR !!!

    Three job He need to complete before his political after 33 year war to United Mother Lanka .
    1) NP Election to full file 13A – done
    2) Yaldevi from Japanaya to AnurathapuraM – done TODAY
    3) connect Maha velly kangai to Irana madu Kulam – expect to finish 2020 .

    Long life to MR !

  8. SA Kumar Says:

    SORRY ,executive presidential system & gave up the Eelam and separatist ideology not…..

  9. Nanda Says:


    I don’t agree suddas would do a better job ( if you pay the same salary). Even my children argue that go to Lankawa and we have to be so careful like everyone is there to cheat. But reason is not the Buddhism but the way the country has been run for 1/2 century now. You can compare bible,Koran and tripitika and show me how Buddhism is the worst in this aspect. Buddhism encourage you to work ethically , honestly and efficiently. It is utter nonsense that Buddhism makes the country inefficient.
    But I agree that a Sudda on a contract will be easier to manage than our buggers. It is because our buggers are lowly paid and they think corruption is justified. This is what Ananda-USA is implying.

    But it is the President who should set an example.
    What happened after war ? Gonseka resigned. Navy Commander was made secretary of a ministry. Then he was sent to Japan as HC. He is not happy there. Next navy commander sent to Australia. Nonis came from nowhere. Some of them may be good then you must protect the good ones. Check who is the high commissioner of any country, for example Bangladesh and check how he is related or why he came there. These are 100 % facts. If you don’t know who he/she is I will let you know.
    Who is running Srilankan ? anyone can check it out about the man and his relation ship to MR.
    Why even for hembirissa MR have to interfere ?

    How on this earth a good sensible human being claim MR is GOOD ?
    We cannot hang on to war victories and keep talking about how bad LTTE were.
    Now this government has started even lying unashamedly.

  10. Lorenzo Says:

    Executive presidency must stay. 13 amendment should go.

  11. Nanda Says:

    Executive Presidency came much earlier than 13A. It is JR’s brain. JR also added Pallath Sabha crap to complicate 13A.
    Now all these haunt us. MR doing mad thing because of it but so far no big disaster, I must still salute him for that. but the way it is going cannot trust him any more.

    If Ruin-iLL comes to power, executive presidency will become the worst disaster of the our history. 4F man will be the chief justice. More from the Low College Bar will be in the supreme court and cabinet.
    Lorenzo will be caught as sent to Boossa Beach Hotel. Aloy will be shot dead. Dilrook, Mario will be in Welikada forever.
    Ananda USA will probably be persuaded for a minister post , possibly minister for grand highways. ( Must give 20% cut to 4F man).
    I had better keep on cursing MR to have some chance to escape.

  12. SA Kumar Says:

    13A. It is JR’s brain. – Not agreed, 13A is Indian’s (Rajiv) idea so it can not be touch!

    Executive Presidency & percentage(National list MP)represent parliament system(to avoid no more Tamil opposition leder- last one A Amirthalingam) – is JR idea , only last chance of scrap now because SLFP have 2/3 majority.

  13. Mr. Bernard Wijeyasingha Says:

    The Tamil diaspora nor the UNHRC nor India can demand anything from Sri Lanka as long as India plays host to pro LTTE NGO’s such as TESO, TELO and PLOT to mention just 3. If Sri Lanka played host to the separatist movements of India I am sure India would rebuff any demands from Colombo to address minority abuse in India or even dare to bring it up.

    As long as the Tamil Diaspora are fully supporting such entities including raising funds for them they are morally incapable of demanding such issues as reconciliation or the issues of human rights violations with Colombo for they are perpetuating the LTTE struggle with one hand while trying to undermine Colombo’s credibility with the other.

  14. Ananda-USA Says:

    Incurably concerned about the effect of “paapa karma” on other people’s journey through sansara, Nanda continues his merry way increasing his own accumulated stock of it.

    Such is the blind folly of men who search for needles in other people’s eyes while ignoring the huge rafters jutting out of their own.

    Nanda, please go find something else to criticize in MR; HURRY UP, you are wasting valuable time on minnows like us!

  15. Nanda Says:

    A fool with a sense of his foolishness
    is — at least to that extent — wise.
    But a fool who thinks himself wise
    really deserves to be called a fool.

    – Buddha

  16. Nanda Says:

    Reason for difference between Lorenzo and Ananda-USA , also by Buddha.

    Even if for a lifetime
    the fool stays with the wise,
    he knows nothing of the Dhamma —
    as the ladle,
    the taste of the soup.

    Even if for a moment,
    the perceptive person stays with the wise,
    he immediately knows the Dhamma —
    as the tongue,
    the taste of the soup.

  17. Nimal Says:

    Let me respond to you a bit with my limited time.
    Nor amount of money will make a person a good worker.One has to be self motivated to do a days work for a day’s wage.Sudas too have very lazy people but are maintained and tolerated by the hardworking FEW that makes those countries great and the social benefit system encourages laziness,hardly a motivating factor for people to go out and study and get a job.
    We have a similar situation here in SL. Hardworking people are in the private sector working 7 days a week to keep the wolf away and pay a high rate for facilities and taxes.Sadly these taxes are are greatly miss used by the politicians,regardless. Goverment workers are the worst and sadly they are rewarded with bikes instead they should be kicked in the back side.
    Extravagance of our leaders are unbelievable and not fitting to a poor county as ours.
    I was shocked to see the extraordinary security of the President,when he visited his relative’s home in Kandy,after the funeral of his relative and one of our oldest friends from the South.I hope he read this.His visit upset the people here,that included his supporters where roads were blocked and no activity was daily life was allowed.He compromises his own security with his well published goings in and out.Security officials that guard the UK PM will be horrified to see how things are done here.We must be thankful that are two bit terrorists are not that clever to harm him.During the worst times in UK with the IRA playing havoc in London,Prime Minister moved about with ease taking a very low profile.One hardly noticed that he passed your house,that doesn’t mean that one could underestimate the capability of the British Police and their security services.
    Thank heavens there’s no threat to our Prez yet as our terrorists are primitive as could be.
    I am glad that MR is going about the right way in developing the North and ignoring the conniving Tamil politicians like Vignaswaram.Opening the rail link to Jaffna is a slap in the face of the diaspora and the politicians in the West.I keep the politicians in UK informed about the good work that GSOL is doing for the Tamils.These politicians(most) live in the square mile that I live and I meet them at functions.It’s a pity that Dr Nonis is no more there in the HC.

  18. SA Kumar Says:

    a slap in the face of the diaspora ( include myself to) and the politicians in the West -Fully agreed.

    soon or later We Tamil (Eelam day dreamer) will realist reality in mother Lanka that day is not faraway.
    that day we will replace Valluvar/ Gandhi (Indians) status in Hospital road by MR / RW(Mother Lankan)

    until that let me dream
    Naalai pirakkum Thamil Eelam !!!

  19. SA Kumar Says:

    sorry – in Jaffna Hospital Road by (Jalpanam Aspaththiri Vithi)

  20. Ananda-USA Says:

    Lorenzo said elsewhere:

    “It is utterly naive to think “human rights” is the REAL ISSUE for UNHRC, UN and USA. They have NO CONCERN for human rights.Their action is driven by ANTI-CHINA ANTI-FORMER-COLONIES policies. ”

    ABSOLUTELY TRUE, so stop trying to APPEASE them, and do what is Sri Lanka’s own interests.

  21. Ananda-USA Says:

    Sri Lanka surges ahead in all HUman Development Indices, delivering better living conditions to her people, yet Neocolonialist Western Powers want to DEMONIZE Sri Lanka without recognizing her accomplishments achieved with her own native wit.

    All they seem to want to do is to engineer an “Arab Spring” disaster in Sri Lanka transforming her into into another one of their “successes” like Libya, Sudan, Syria, Iraq, Palestine and Egypt! God forbid!

    Everything these SERIAL BUNGLERS have attempted in the last two decades has been TOTAL CATACLYSMIC FAILURES converting previously stable nations into ABSOLUTE ANARCHIES, pitting the peoples of those nations against each other, and killing and impoverishing millions of their citizens. Yet, they persist in preaching to the world “Human Rights” and “Democratic Values” seemingly oblivious to the destruction of the most basic right-to-life they are sowing worldwide.

    The Hypocrisy and Stupidity of these people is TRULY ASTONISHING! Sri Lanka should SHUN these destructive myopic barbarians at all costs.

    Sri Lanka has the least number of hungry people in South Asia

    ColomboPage News Desk, Sri Lanka.

    Oct 13, Washington D.C.: Sri Lanka has the least number of hungry people in South Asia and the number of people going hungry has steadily declined, the 2014 Global Hunger Index (GHI) released Monday showed.

    Sri Lanka ranked 39th this year, four notches above last year’s rank, in the Global Hunger Index (GHI), released for the ninth year by the International Food Policy Research Institute (IFPRI), Welthungerhilfe, and Concern Worldwide.

    Sri Lanka’s 2014 GHI score dropped to 15.1 this year from the 16.8 in 2013.

    The 2014 GHI examines levels of hunger in 120 developing countries and countries in transition and scores them based on three equally weighted indicators: the proportion of people who are undernourished, the proportion of children under five who are underweight, and the mortality rate of children under five.

    In Sri Lanka, proportion of undernourished in the population steadily decreased from a 33.4% in 1990-1992 period to 22.8% in the 2011-2013 period.

    Prevalence of underweight in children under five years however marginally increased in the 2009 – 2013 period to 21.6% from 21.1% recorded for 2003 -2007.

    The Under-five mortality rate which indicates the deaths of children under five years of age has been declining from 2.1% in 1990 to 1.0% in 2012 and is the lowest in South Asia.

    Elsewhere in south Asia, India made some progress this year in reducing poverty level ranking 55th out of 76 countries ahead of Bangladesh (57) and Pakistan (57), but behind Nepal (44) and Sri Lanka (39). Last year India was at 63rd position in the GHI behind both Bangladesh and Pakistan.

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