Why President  Mahinda Rajapakse should be re-elected for the third time ?
Posted on October 27th, 2014

By Charles.S.Perera

When Sri Lanka was still a British Colony we were told that we should be like the English men.  They said the  white men were punctual, authoritative, honest, fair, just and reasonable.  It is only meeting them in their own natural surroundings we learnt that all that we were told about them was rubbish. We see them today- the politicians of the West , vindictive, dishonest, manipulative, egoist, unjust , unfair and least concerned about others, working for their own benefit retaining their grip over the underprivileged natives

Someone said that the Judges of the EU  would be just and would not be influenced by Western politicians in taking judicial decisions. But that is only an assumption based on our old belief. It is no secret that the British Parliamentarians are all out for the blood of  the President Mahinda Rajapakse for political reasons, and the white judges will not hesitate to help their kind.

No political leaders of developing countries are safe from the western leadership craze and the Western Judges will not raise their voice in defence of their human rights.  We saw how Sadam Husain of Iraq was hunted and  hanged in front of  cameras, we saw how Colonel Gaddafi was hunted  allowed to be brutalised and shot. This was despite that some of these western political leaders  were enriched by both Sadam Hussain and Colonel Gaddafi.  The Agence France Press reported that,  Moamer Kadhafi’s regime agreed to fund French President Nicolas Sarkozy’s 2007 election campaign to the tune of 50 million euros, a news website reported Saturday, publishing what it said was documentary evidence.

And about USA-   Although completely suppressed in the US media, the answer to the Iraq enigma is simple yet shocking.  The upcoming war in Iraq war is mostly about how  the ruling class at Langley and the Bush oligarchy view hydrocarbons at the geo-strategic  level, and the overarching macroeconomic threats to the U.S. dollar from the euro.  The Real Reason for the upcoming war is this administration’s goal of preventing further OPEC momentum towards the ero as an oil transaction currency standard.  However, in order to pre-empt OIPEC, they needed to gain geo-strategic control of Iraq along with its  2nd largest proven oil reserves.”  ( http://www.rense.com/general34/realre.htm )

These are eye openers for NCP CM Wigneswaran, Sampanthan and the TNA clique if they have the intelligence to understand  that the whole American and Western exercise to implicate Sri Lanka for violation of human rights and war crimes is not for any  interest they have towards the Tamil people in the North and East, but to gain geo-strategic  control ” of the north and east  of Sri Lanka.

The Western law and judges cannot be trusted to meet out fair and independent justice, specially  when it comes to deal with  black” political leaders of the developing Nations.

Hopefully now there are nations like China, Russia and even Modi’s India which will stand against the terrorism” of the Western pseudo protectors of human rights, and their doubtful justice.

When it was announced that  Mahinda Rajapakse had won the Presidential elections, the Western media called him the hawkish President” even before he was sworn in as the President of Sri Lanka.

The President Mahinda Rajapakse earned the displeasure of  the West ever since he eliminated the terrorists despite all efforts of the West to save them.  It is since then they began to espouse the cause of the  pro-terrorist Tamil diaspora to divide Sri Lanka to set up a separate Tamil Eelam State, by accusing the President, his Government and the Armed Forces for violation of human rights and war crimes.

Their intention was evidently to teach a lesson to the President Mahinda Rajapaksa of Sri Lanka, for refusing their demand for a cease fire to save the terrorists from being eliminated. They are now  doing all they can to oust him from power  accusing him of violation of human rights and war crimes, hiring even the controversial UK Channel 4 to prepare video footage damaging the image of the Sri Lanka Armed Forces.

These vindictive Western Nations have now  resorted to  bringing  resolutions against Sri Lanka for violation of human rights  and war crimes without a modicum of substantial evidence.  But we still seem to believe that the white western nations are honest, just, fair and reasonable.

Hence it is not a West friendly puppet who will bend back wards to please his benefactors of the West that we should elect at the next presidential elections but a strong willed dedicated patriot who will stand against the manoeuvres of  the West.  The only man that fits into that category is the President Mahinda Rajapakse.

Hence it is now  that we should all turn to our President Mahinda Rajapakse, who is doing his best to carry out a planned development of  the country  providing peace and security to the people despite the obstacles the West is  putting against him with the intention of a regime change in Sri Lanka to put in place  an already dressed and trained puppet as the President.

The coming Presidential election is not so much an election between Presidential Candidates put up by different  political parties in  Sri Lanka, but against the West which has a stake in the out come of the Presidential election and would be doing everything possible to discredit and destabilise the  present President and his government  to see  that the Presidential election in Sri Lanka would be   favourable to them.

We already see the Opposition leader who is the likely common Presidential  candidate of the opposition invited to attend the Conference of the  UK Conservative Party.  Strangely immediately after his return from the Conservative Party Conference, the EU announced restrictions on purchase of fish from Sri Lanka, and the European Court of Justice lifted the restrictive measures imposed on  LTTE .

Ranil Wickramasinghe does not want to face  another failure at an election, and is determined to leave no stones unturned in his effort to win.  Hence it is likely that he is urging his Western friends (masters) to do their best to take measure to make the President Mahinda Rajapakse unpopular to turn the people against him  so that the disgruntled people  would vote for Ranil Wickramasinghe in preference to Mahinda Rajapakse. How else could one explain the latest EU measures  against Sri Lanka ?

UNP and Ranil Wickramasinghe do not stand for progress and development of the country. Ranil Wickramasinghe if he were to become the President will keep Sri Lanka bound to the West restricting the progressive development of Sri Lanka as a nonaligned independent  Sovereign State.  He may take conditional loans from the World Banks to develop Sri Lanka according to their plans, binding Sri Lanka to the West.

The global political power is changing and the South is for once showing signs of rising above the North.  China, Russia, India, Sri Lanka  and the other  SARC countries will be a new political power block.  In that situation we should have a leader who will not stooge to the West, if not Sri Lanka will be politically isolated. Sri Lanka has to be along side its Asian neighbours, without ceasing to have economic relations with the West.

The elimination of terrorism and bringing  peace to Sri Lanka by the President Mahinda Rajapakse marks the  dawn of a new age in Sri Lanka, where the past political systems has no place.  The Parliamentary System , democracy and justice have to change to develop Sri Lanka as an independent  Sovereign State without  restrictive alignment with the former colonial Westminster Democracy, the colonial administrative system and the British economic theories, by which the opposition politicians continue to measure the Sri Lanka development process.

President Mahinda Rajapakse  was not a peace time President.  When he assumed  his office Sri Lanka had been pushed into a worst possible situation by the former Presidents who did not know  what to do with terrorism.  JR Jayawardhane allowed India to mutilate the Sri Lanka Constitution of which he himself was the architect by introducing the 13 Amendment at the behest of India.  R.Premadasa armed the terrorists against the Indian Peace Keeping Force,  which  strengthened the terrorists who turned the arms against the people of Sri Lanka and its Armed Forces.  Chandrika Kumaratunga was made a phantom President  with Ranil Wickramasinghe taking over political decisions signing  a CFA with the terrorists and reducing the Sri Lanka Armed Forces  a weak ceremonial Army confined to their barrcks.

The people of Sri Lanka were living an uncertain life not knowing in what form death would come to them and their children.  The country was in the verge of being  territorially divided.  The terrorist leader was being called both the President and the Prime Minister of the Tamil people.

It is into this scenario that Mahinda Rajapakse stepped in as the President of Sri Lanka.  He may not have been sure whether he would be able to keep his promise to the people to eliminate terrorism, and bring peace and prosperity.  He had to rely on his brother Gotabhaya who is the only one in the family who had military experience and only one he could trust in his perilous undertaking to eliminate a ruthless, strong, well established group of terrorists who were already dictating terms to  hopelessly weak and demoralised Sri Lankan governments which were clueless about a way out of the inglorious situation.

Mahinda Rajapakse is an ordinary man .  He is no miracle maker. He is a man with a tremendous love for his country.  His determination, and unshaken trust in himself to overcome obstacle to achieve his objective made him a rare patriot to liberate Sri Lanka from the situation it was in and bring peace and prosperity to the people.

We are just armchair critics who think that we have the solutions to all situations and criticise the President because he does not fall into the image of a President we have created in our minds.  But Mahinda Rajapakse the President of Sri Lanka showed that he is different  from others and succeeded not only in ending the thirty years of suffering under terrorism, but took Sri Lanka progressively forward in all fields until it reversed the myth that the development  is reserved to the white West.

The West has failed both economically, and politically . Greece is almost bankrupt, the President of France has fallen low in popularity, and the country is economically in a mess, with unemployment rising, Spain, Portugal and Italy have still not found solutions to their economic problems, UK  also has its internal problems. America is not yet out of the financial crisis it had to face, but continues to create tension every where in the globe, placing obstacles to developing countries.

Cuba is under an American trade and economic embargo since 1960, and now even imposes sanctions to Russia. The democratic tolerance and dialogue to settle political problems have given place to show of armed power with NATO Forces and imposition of sanctions.

 Henrikas Mickevicius in an article on Tolerance as a basis of Democratic Development  writes:

I have a strong sense that in recent years traditional Center-right political forces in the

Western world – in Europe and the United States, at least – have been moving,

sometimes radically, to the right, and in particular on social and moral issues.

Hard – and loud – politicians who claim being dedicated patriots and moral purists are

increasingly gaining control in the traditional centre-right parties by employing

stereotypes, prejudices, and radical rhetoric; advocating for and implementing public

policies, disrespectful of human rights, and promoting the culture of intolerance; using,

and sometimes distorting, Christian faith to support their positions; exploiting their

societies‘ economic insecurities and fears.

In the long run, it will cause problems for these parties as they increasingly alienate

moderates who are concerned about the quality of democracies in their States. Along

the way, however, they will damage Western tradition of tolerance, respect for human

rights, and consequently undermine democracy, as these three concepts are closely

related and interdependent.” (http://www.hrmi.lt/uploaded/PDF%20dokai/Tolerance%20as%20a%20Basis%20of%20Democratic%20Development%20.pdf )

The President Mahinda Rajapakse eliminated terrorism and brought peace to the people of Sri Lanka in his first term of office.  In his second term of Office, he developed the infra structure of the country. He united the people, established peace, and security.  He made head way in economic development.

If Tamils in the North are still claiming discrimination against the Tamils, it is because the Tamil politicians who have still not given up the dream of the terrorists are misleading the Tamil  people not to cooperate with the President and his government despite the enormous development brought to the North and east and improved their living condition far better than it had  ever been before.

No leader of people escapes from critics and enemies.  Jesus, Gandhi, Martin Luther King, Lumumba were killed for, their ideas.  Those  who places trust in others are blamed when those trusted turn out to be unworthy of such trust.  Even Devadatta became the enemy of the great Buddha.

The President Mahinda Rajapakse is a Sinhala Buddhist.  He maintains a high standard of moral  values which no other political leader could claim.  He is a leader who shared responsibilities  expecting  those who were placed in position of trust carry out their duties.

It is through that means that he has been able to develop Sri Lanka in all its aspects.

He is accused for nepotism, mismanagement, misdirection and what not.  But it is nepotism that helped him to be successful in eliminating the worst calamity Sri Lanka faced under terrorism.  It is still his close relatives he could trust above any one else. He has set out the ways to develop the country, and managing and the direction of those activities are in the hands of those who have been entrusted with them.

Despite the strong criticism of corruption Sri Lanka has not stagnated in underdevelopment, though some opinionated critics do not, hesitate to call Sri Lanka under Mahinda Rajapakse  a failed state or a banana republic. But whether such derogatory and immature comparisons have any value is for the intelligent people to understand.

President Mahinda Rajapakse  has  done what he could with the available material”. It is impossible for him to be personally responsible for the activities of  his Ministries, Departments and Institutions.  But nevertheless he has seen to it that the development of the country are pursued nonetheless.

At a time the future of Sri Lanka was bleak, and the war against terrorism needed every one’s support , it was a boon that there were many who crossed over from the opposition to join his rank.  He had to find them positions to win their trust and confidence,  and thus the large cabinet which resulted was a sheer necessity.  But   some of those who crossed over had stood  staunchly by the President and helped him  in his task to take Sri Lanka forward.

President Mahinda Rajapakse  cannot do miracles, nevertheless to-day Sri Lanka is a miracle”.  He has developed  Sri Lanka as a visionary projecting his ideas and philosophies of development in to Mahinda Chintanaya”.  He has carried out part of it and shown results.

There is no political leader to replace him. Ranil Wickramasinghe blindly following the Western Agenda would be a disaster. He would undo what Mahinda Rajapakse has so painstakingly done to bring Sri Lanka to where it is today.

Sri Lanka needs Mahinda Rajapakse to go forward with his projects in Mahinda Chintanaya”.  No one can equal his foresight and  leadership .  Therefore Mahinda Rajapakse should be given a third term to  continue with  the work of the development of the country, and then to reconcile the Communities to make with them a United Nation of Sri Lanka.




56 Responses to “Why President  Mahinda Rajapakse should be re-elected for the third time ?”

  1. Nanda Says:

    No need to tell various justifications and ideas to mislead people to explain why MR should be re-elected for the third time.

    Answer is “there is no one else”.

    “Sri Lanka needs Mahinda Rajapakse to go forward with his projects in Mahinda Chintanaya”. –

    This “chintanaya” was not created by him. It is not his chintanaya, because he is not following this chintanaya any more. He is following “Maa Hindaa CHintanaya”.

    MR is a BIG THIEF. Unfortunately we still have to support him unless someone other than ruin-ill comes forward as a common candidate.
    If that someone comes forward ( even with the UNP’s support) that is the person who can continue Mahinda Chintanaya.

  2. Nanda Says:

    A real Sinhala Blood Boiling incident.

    Those who love Rajapakse, please watch the organised harm done by MaaHinda CHintanaya. There are couple of videos here how a official from CEB ( headed by Pavithra vanniarachichi) came to the temple to accuse the monk that he has women. This is the only temple in Baticaloa and this monk survived LTTE but see for yourself how he is tortured by Maa Hindaa Chintanaya.


  3. stanley perera Says:

    There is no any other stronger personality to replace MR. Whatever said and done the trio Rajapases have done enough and more development in the country. It looks to me after President Premadasa, MR, GR, and BR have the vision. Give the devil’s dues and elect MR for the third time. That Bandit woman only robbed the nation and Sarath Silva thinks he is still the Chief Justice.

  4. Lorenzo Says:

    When I read the TOPIC from the RIGHT HAND CORNER, I KNEW it’s by Mr Charles Perera.

    MOST would RESPECTFULLY DISAGREE with ALL these reasons.

    The ONLY reason for MR is there is NO ONE ELSE worthy of replacing MR which is a very sad situation. SLs feel like their father is a BANK ROBBER and their mother is DIRTY WOMAN.

    They have no choice.

  5. Ananda-USA Says:

    Bravo, Charles! Well Said!

    What you have said SO WELL is pretty much SELF-EVIDENT to the VAST MAJORITY of Sri Lankan citizens, except the incurably die-hard political opponents jealous of his, and his team’s, ACCOMPLISHMENTS!

    Consigned to the wilderness of PUBLIC DISTRUST, the paid pipers of these opponents of MR will yell, scream and throw trantrums and howl like jackals on the side lines, and even collude with Sri Lanka’s enemies in their FRUSTRATION to engineer a REGIME CHANGE.

    Nevertheless, they will be IGNORED by the VAST MAJORITY OF Sri Lankan VOTERS who will RE-ELECT Mahinda Rajapaksa PRESIDENT for the 3rd TIME …. and a 4th, a 5th, and a 6th TIME as needed …. because it is in their INTRINSIC SELF-INTEREST as law abiding patriotic citizens who care about what happens to their Motherland!

    Jayawewa, Sri Lanka my Resplendent Isle, my Ratna Bhoomi, my Vijaya Bhoomi!

  6. Lorenzo Says:

    “Jayawewa, Sri Lanka my Resplendent Isle, my Ratna Bhoomi, my Vijaya Bhoomi!”

    I have to say what prince Duttugemunui said.

    The northern province is controlled by a Tamil. The eastern province is controlled by a Muslim. We are trapped between the TNA SLMC devils and the deep blue sea. Oh! my resplendent isle of Sinhale. What has happened to it since 2012!

    (BTW both these SEPARATISTS took oath before his excellency the president Vishava Keerthi Sri Thri Sinhaladishwara Sakala Sinhalaye Chakravarthi Sri Rohana Janaranjana Dr Mahendra Percy Rajapaksha, LLB, Attorney at law.)

  7. Lorenzo Says:

    Very interesting situation.

    In 2005 BEFORE the election, MR won Sri Rohana Janaranjana medal.
    In 2010 BEFORE the election, MR won Vishava Keerthi Sri Thri Sinhaladishwara Sakala Sinhalaye Chakravarthi medal.

    In 2015 BEFORE the election, I bet he will NOT win any of these showing clearly the frustration of Buddhists towards him.

    Why didn’t he earn the accolades of Buddhists in his second term as president?

  8. Nanda Says:

    Now MR has reached zero HIRI and zero OTTAPPA stage. Hiri is an innate sense of shame over moral transgression; ottappa is moral dread, fear of the results of wrongdoing. Once some one reaches this stage, he can do ANY CRIME.

    One of his per ministers (Apavithra) claimed in the parliament that 1.5 billion fraud is being investigated by CID. Previous minister went public and claimed this fraud was known and after dismissing a man responsible he wrote follow up notes to Apavithra to follow up further as the minister was sacked by MR. After that , fraud became bigger, not coal is being imported without ANY tender. There was a report on Lankaweb that the man who was dismissed came back to CEB under Apavithra. MR, who is the boss, is silent.

    He is silent on Mervyn Silva
    HE is silent of murderer Duminda Silva
    He is silent of Jihadist Hakeem who slept with Prabhakaran
    He is silent on Prime Minister’s drug container
    He is silent on why Sinhala people not settled back while Tamils and Muslims are being provided with new houses
    He is silent on why Chris Nonis was kicked by Sajith
    He is silent on Money wasted on appointing US companies to lobby for Lanka and nothing happened
    He is appointing more US companies to lobby

  9. Nanda Says:

    Agreed. But we have not seen any other candidate yet.
    I remember how frustrated you have been after you came back and had a loving interview with Wimalawansa.
    Anything improved after that ? Please list down and help me. I want to get out from this anger and support him like you.

  10. stanley perera Says:

    It is true that MR is silent on Rayappu and Jaffna Bichop. MR will do anything to please the catholic church. When it comes to the matter of majority buddhists MR will play the diplomacy.What happened to the hedging deal thambi. MR is silent on the hedging deal. Now the coal deal. MR is silent on anything and everything that his Ministers and the Prime Minister’s Kudu son does. Still for all there is no other suitable person to replace MR. Thero is no good, Sarath Fonseka will become a dictator. Rain will sell the country to Americans. During Ranil’s two years I saw American ambassador’s car parked at Temple Trees permanantly. One thing for sure that MR is a buddhist and a Sinhalese As long as the Tooth relic is in Sri Lanka a non buddhist, a non Sinhalese or a dictator cannot become the country’s leader.

  11. Nanda Says:

    Thank you very much Stanley. I agree with you. We both have exactly the same values.
    I am sure most readers are similar, except few slaves of MR and disreagrd Buddhism + Hela Urumaya of our motherland. They disregard what is right and wrong , disregard what others have to say as long as they do not praise MR and totaly blind to MR’s , his Catholic wife’s and her close ally’s dreaded corruption and continual subtle attack on Buddhism.

    It is a terrible situation but let us hope for a new candidate. I am keeping options open.

  12. stanley perera Says:

    I was open minded during CJ Bandaranaye’ impeachment time. I saw it wrong the manner that goggle eyes the kata hekeraya and weerawansa behaviour. I expressed my independent assessment and I was barred from publishing my letters and even the comments I made. I was anti impeachment of the CJ. That gave me a wonderful time to sit back and relax. I thought I retired prematurely. Here I am expressing my comments again now that the whole distasteful matters are over.

  13. Nanda Says:

    CJ impeachment time started at a very crucial point when a lot of people were determined to remove 13A and that beccame very clearly the most urgent matter. CI impeachement totally distracted everybody away from 13A smell. The smell became good for everyone and now no one talks about it anymore.
    Then people were busy fighting UN nonsence
    Then came Nonis affair.
    Now the elections.
    All these are distractions. MR should be given the title “Sakala Loka Avadhana Vinasa Chakravarti” title. ( Universal king of distruction of awareness).
    Distraction from awareness is one of the biggest Paapakamma, according to Buddhism. This bugger will be climbing katuimbul trees next to Devedatta in the Roruwa Great Hell within next decade.

    Maha Sangha should get together, develop great compassion and save him from going there.

  14. SA Kumar Says:

    Answer is “there is no one else”.- it remind me VP’s time that what we Tamil thought until may 2009.
    but truth is MR is doing his job perfectly so he deserve one more time that is the fact.

  15. Nanda Says:

    Sakala Loka Avadhana Vinasa Chakravarti News Flash !

    Now the latest ! Champika has thorwn sea water into the Lakvijaya Coal Power Plant in Norochcholai so that 1billion fraud can be covered up.

  16. NeelaMahaYoda Says:

    See the latest news in Sri Lanka.

    Every one including those who have rejected worldly life as Buddhist monks seeking emancipation are now flocking into the presidential fray. What a show?.

    So, it is evident that foreign money is being pumped at a rate to convert this country rudderless again.

    Gentleman, as far as economy is concerned, we are in the right track. Mahinda Chinthanaya has got a strong vision and mission. Corruption is the main obstacle which we have to overcome.

    We can learn from US legislation how best political corruption can be contained. In US. there are a number of ways to deal with a conflict of interest arising under the criminal conflict of interest statute, 18 U.S.C. § 208.

    In particular, a criminal conflict of interest statute, 18 U.S.C. § 208, requires an employee to be disqualified (“recused”) from a “particular matter” if it would have a direct and predictable effect on the employee’s own financial interests or on certain financial interests that are treated as the employee’s own, such as those of the employee’s spouse or a prospective employer.

    This is exactly the type of legislation we need in Sri Lanka

    Take for instance the recent disclosure of the sole importer of coal to Sri Lanka who had been doing so without adhering to proper tender procedure losing billions of money. Under US law, this guy should have been given 10 to 20 years of imprisonment.

    Instead, he was offered another high ranking job by the government. This is all due to insufficient legislation.

    Referring to this incident, Technology, Research and Atomic Energy Minister Patali Champika Ranawaka said the instant highlighted was just one incident but there were lots of other huge corrupt deals occurring in the country at present, therefore the Jathika Hela Urumaya (JHU) correctly urged the government to set up a special constitutional authority to look into those corrupt deals.

  17. Nanda Says:

    Main issue is not simple corruption but grand scale corruption that eventually leads to betrayal.
    Let him rule another 6 years, Hela Buddhist people will go behind others by 20 years. Ealam areas, encroachment and growth , Saudi areas and Islamic acquisition and terror will overcome innocent Hela Buddhist people.

    Economic growth will slow down due to zero productivity improvement. Saudis and Ealamist will exploit hela people more and more become richer. Gap between poor and the rich will increase. Super rich thieves will destroy Buddhism. That will lead to diminution among the majority and further reduction in population and before long Sinhalas will loose the motherland.
    Long live Maha Raj, get ready to suffer bitterly in Roruwa.

  18. Christie Says:

    Charles thank you for promoting MR. His family has done a lot for the country and the majority. India is trying its best to get rid of MR. India made a fool of itself when it supported MR thinking they could manipulate him like SWRD. India, Indians and Indian colonial parasites are trying the same trick they played in from 1951 and finally break the unity among the Sinhalese. They; India, Indians and Indian colonial parasites used the Buddhist monks to bring on the so called 1956 rebellion. They are doing the same again and misleading the Sinhala Buddhist masses by using Buddhist monks. These monks get more than Danaya and Atapirikara for their living. And the Dayakayas are India, Indians and Indian colonial parasites.
    I appreciate this article but it is not only the West that are destroying us, It is India.

  19. Nanda Says:

    They are doing the same again and misleading the Sinhala Buddhist masses by using Buddhist monks. – be careful telling such statements, distorting truth.

    Please listen , watch and see fro yourself how Rajapaksas serve the Sinhala Biddhists.


  20. NeelaMahaYoda Says:

    What are you trying to say?. Hand over the power to Ranil and his clan to save Sinhala Buddhists. Sri Lankans are not that foolish.

  21. douglas Says:

    Dear Charles: At first, I thought it is not necessary to write a comment, since you are are telling us the same over and over, praising MR as if you are having a love affair with him. In my assessment that lover affair is not a “True Love”, but a “Synthetic” one, because you do not help him to correct anything that is going wrong under his very nose and directions. You merely adduce reasons to justify the wrongs and failings on his part that in turn make him more encouraged to do more and more wrong. This is how you encourage him: “It is impossible for him to be personally responsible for the activities of Ministries, Departments and Institutions”. That is how an “Executive President” is defined by you. You are entitled to your opinion and definition and be it that way. But I do not agree.

    The other NEWEST news you built into your presentation is the “Alleged Role” played by Ranil W… as regards following:

    1. Imposing restrictions on purchase of fish from Sri Lanka and
    2. Lifting the restrictive measures on LTTE

    Do you want us to believe that this man Rani W is such a “Powerful Guy” who can impose himself into making decisions on Sri Lanka by the EU? Why do you attempt to picture him to us in that high stature?

    If he is of such an “influence” on the decision making bodies in the EU, then he is going to be a “Real Leader” we want at this time, because, all the garment factory investors, employees and all those attached to the fishing industry will accept him as the “God Sent” to win back our lost fortunes. Next to that, all the LTTE sympathizers (that includes majority Tamils) and the Tamil Diaspora will love him (of course they do at the moment) and bring him back to “Lead” the country. You are prompting that opinion to be built.

    Is that what you want us to believe and rely on? Are you kidding us? This is what happens when you fall into a blind ally and try to display a “synthetic” love affair with a “Friend”. If you are to be a “TRUE FRIEND”, develop a “Mother’s Love” and take steps to correct him when he is wrong and guide him to perform well for the common good of himself and the others. Also please do not put on a glorified, decorative cloak on a “wolf” in waiting.

    So Dear Charles: Isn’t SILENCE GOLDEN?

  22. Christie Says:

    After 1956 settling of landless Sinhalese in the North and the East ceased. Government support for the poor Sinhalese in these areas ended. The Ministry of Irrigation since 1956 was run by Minister’s wife. Do some research about what happened to the Department of Irrigation etc. since 1956.What happened to Buddhists and Monks since 1956 in these areas? In 1958 Buddhist monks from these areas were kicked out. The best examples are Nagdeepa and Naga Vihara of Jaffna Peninsula. If SWRD did not come to power in 1956 all these things would not have happened. We are in the same situation now and India, Indians and Indian colonial parasites are hell bent of getting rid of MR and the current administration. The Sinhalese are getting in to businesses and it is a threat to the economic imperialism of Indian colonial parasites in Sri Lankan and they are back with the the old trick. I ask people to go to the business Centre of Colombo and see who is running our day to day economy. You will not hear Sinhala Buddhists. It is all Tamil and Tamil, they are Indian colonial parasites. That all started in 1840 with the business registration Ordinance under the British-Indian imperialism and Indian colonialism.

  23. Susantha Wijesinghe Says:

    CHARLES !! Fully agree with your last two paragraphs.

    Just a thought. I saw Ranil in the news saying that People in the North should be treated the same way people in the South are treated. That is a Brilliant idea isn’t it ? He is now realizing the truth which he did not see all this time. In the same breath, he should also say that the People in the South, should also be treated the loving way that people in the North are treated. What is good for the Goose is good for the Gander.

    Just one more thought. Nobody has ever thought about this. Ranil says that the President cannot run for a third term. Yes he can, and be allowed to continue his good work. A proposal should be tabled in Parliament that the Leader of the Opposition, can also run as Leader of the Opposition for three terms like the President. When the President is going on his third term, Ranil should resign, as he has, already, by deceit, silently kept his “Leader of the Opposition ” job for many years. There should be a stipulation in the Constitution to this effect. Ranil has served over three years. He should step down or be removed from Office after Constitutional Changes. What is good for the Goose is good for the Gander.


  24. Nanda Says:

    Only one candidate is known at the moment. It is not Ruin-ill. But if he comes and MR keeps his bashing of Sinhala Buddhist and creating Ealaam underground and both Ruin-ill and BBS+JHU supported another candidate contest, Ruin will come.
    It is still not too late for him to keep UFPA in tact but him loosing Hiri and Ottappa, anything can happen.
    For the Sinhala Buddhists who love their motherland, it is not betrayal to go against him, if he keeps on consolidating his subtle Ealaam creation.
    Time has come for Gota to take over. That is my dream at the moment.

  25. Susantha Wijesinghe Says:

    NANDA !!
    GOTAS FORTE IS A DIFFERENT KETTLE OF FISH, ALTOGETHER. He is doing an excellent job in the area of development of the Country while keeping a vigilant eye on the Country’s safety. Yes, he is the NEXT MAN. He has time.

    Let MR come back, continue his program of development, whilst also correcting himself of his significant lapses, or be corrected by the BBS+JHU.

    MR will have to set about the cleaning of his own stables, which is a MAA-HINDEAN TASK.

  26. Nanda Says:

    He is in no mood to change. BBS already have no faith in him. JHU contemplating leaving, they are lost in the battle trying to correct him and also preventing other evil forces from ruining the country.
    Lets be hopeful of some compromising, him not abandoning is core support base.

  27. Ananda-USA Says:


    Don’t ask Nanda for SOLUTIONS; he has NONE! He only knows to COMPLAIN, and demand that all of us are STUPID in no REFUSING to join him in committing HARAKIRI!

    He just wants to destroy the patriotic GOSL that exist in Sri Lanka with a demonstrated capability to preserve, protect and grow the nation; a GOSL that EARNED that RIGHT TO GOVERN from the FREELY EXPRESSED CONSENT of the people of Sri Lanka.

    He is an COMPLAINER without EQUAL, waxing molehills into mountains, dedicated to burying the ACCOMPLISHMENTS of the GOSL under a mountain of cow dung to sow DOUBT & DISENCHANTMENT in the minds of readers.

    He reminds me of those fanatics of the JVP, who having failed to present SOLUTIONS to the people of Sri Lanka and gain their CONSENT, only parroted their LITANY of COMPLAINTS about Sri Lanka’s leadership, and when no one listened, decided to resort to terror in the dead of the night, and DESTROY all that was ESSENTIAL for the survival of their own people.

    When their force of argument failed to CONVINCE, they resorted to COMPULSION by the argument of force.

    The JVP were NIHILISTS; so is Nanda. Nanda has NO SOLUTIONS … NONE AT ALL! If you want only COMPLAINTS … then Nanda’s your man!

    He reminds me of a Sri Lankan I know well who has does just that, vacillating and oscillating between anti-social nihilistic world of COMPLAINTS when he feels high, and the Buddhist world of bana and total withdrawal from the world when he is depressed.

  28. Ananda-USA Says:



    Don’t ask Nanda for SOLUTIONS; he has NONE! He only knows to COMPLAIN, and demand that all of us be STUPID enough to join him in committing HARAKIRI!

    He just wants to destroy the patriotic GOSL with a demonstrated capability to preserve, protect and grow the nation, a GOSL that EARNED that RIGHT TO GOVERN from the FREELY EXPRESSED CONSENT of the people of Sri Lanka, with no VIABLE alternative to replace it.

    He is a COMPLAINER without EQUAL, waxing molehills into mountains, dedicated to burying the ACCOMPLISHMENTS of the GOSL under a mountain of cow dung to sow DOUBT & DISENCHANTMENT in the minds of readers, because he has a political agenda.

    He reminds me of those fanatics of the JVP, who having failed to present SOLUTIONS to the people of Sri Lanka and gain their CONSENT, only parroted their LITANY of COMPLAINTS about Sri Lanka’s leadership, and when no one listened, decided to resort to terror in the dead of the night, and DESTROY all that was ESSENTIAL for the survival of their own people.

    When their force of argument failed to CONVINCE, they resorted to use the argument of force to COMPEL.

    The JVP were NIHILISTS; so is Nanda. Nanda has NO SOLUTIONS … NONE AT ALL! If you want only COMPLAINTS … then Nanda’s your man!

    He reminds me of a Sri Lankan I know well who has does just that, vacillating and oscillating between anti-social nihilistic world of COMPLAINTS when he feels high, and the Buddhist world of BANA and total WITHDRAWAL from the world when he is depressed.

    Nanda knows not what he is saying or doing; it is best to IGNORE the poor soul!

  29. Nanda Says:

    You have done well describing me to best of your ability. A good attempt bring some comfort to you.
    Your brother in law is the real NIHILIST. You can take over a role like he played when MR wins the 3rd term. I will come there and ask for a job, if you still like me.
    Problem is MR may loose and both you and might end up in the same boat the.

  30. Ananda-USA Says:


    My dear fellow, it gives me no joy to expose your mindset to the readers.

    I wish it was otherwise, but I have no choice, for I love my Motherland, my Ratna Deepa, my Janma Bhumi, my Vijaya Bhumi more than my personal wish to spare you sorrow.

    So, go in peace and sin no more!

  31. Nanda Says:

    You have no choice, for you love your Motherland, you Ratna Deepa, your Janma Bhumi, your Vijaya Bhumi .-
    I too have no choice, for I love my Motherland, my Ratna Deepa, my Janma Bhumi, my Vijaya Bhumi.

    They way your beloved MR going both of us will have no Ratna Deepa, Janma Bhumi and Vijaya Bhumi left in 5 years time. You will get a Balukistan in Baticaloa and Nadu in the North. That is for sure, unless your lover is controlled somehow.

  32. Ananda-USA Says:


    Again, you are letting your NEGATIVE MINDSET overwhelm your judgment. I know, I know … it has now become an automatic and instinctive response … quite beyond your rational control.

    Sri Lanka, my Resplendent Isle, my Ratna Deepa, my Maathru, Janma, Vijaya Bhumi will do JUST FINE, for there is a PHALANX of DEDICATED PATRIOTS to protect and defend her against all comers, including all depressed die-hard naysayers!

  33. callistus Says:

    මේ නන්දාවතී මංගලගේ පච හමුදාවෙ එක්කෙනෙක්නෙ. එයාට ඔය එක කොමෙන්ට් එකකට ඩයස්පෝරාවෙන් මංගල හරහා ඩොලර් 20ක් ලැබෙනවලු කියල මං ඇහුව.එයාට පේන්නෙ ජනාදිපති තුමාගෙ ඇදමයි. මෙතුමිය/මෙතුමා මේ කොමෙන්ටිං පටන් ගත්තෙ අර පච බලකාය හැදුවට පස්සෙ 2013 දෙසැම්බර් වලට පස්සෙ. අනික මෙයා කොමෙන්ට් එක පිට එක හතරක් පහක් දානව එකම ලිපිය යට. මාර ගානක් හම්බ කරනව එක ලිපියකින්. දැං ඔබතුමාට තේරෙනව ඇතිනේ. මෙවුන්ට හොඳ පේන්නෙම නැහැ.

  34. Ananda-USA Says:


    You may be right … but I don’t really know his affiliation.

    What I see is that he is dedicated to undermining MR and the GOSL, and blows up problem in Sri Lanka and attributes it to MR … very likely for a political reason. I don’t think this is in Sri Lanka’s best interest, and I oppose him on that.

    Here is an excerpt from Mangala Samaraweera’s biography at his own website:

    July 2007 to present; Leader of SLFP(M); A political pressure group based on the social democratic founding principles of the SLFP to counter the drift towards extremism of the party under President Rajapakse.

    The “political pressure group” part supports your view. All of these opposition politicians would sell their mother to scramble back into power, and their Motherland is not excepted.

  35. Nanda Says:

    Calli(ng for) Is(lamic s)T(ate are)US,

    Lies cannot win. Avamangala may be your partner. See below , if you have eyes and brain.

    Nanda Says:

    July 7th, 2011 at 9:02 pm

    Dissa Aiyya,
    I think you are wrong here. I think most of you commented here are wrong.

    What is wrong in his speech ? , I would like to ask. He said the truth, as it was and he dramatised a bit to make it beautiful and presentable.

    He also sspoke very diplomatically insisting “LTTE terrorist” and gave a good account of what happened. Many stories he told were directed at saying LTTE terrorism is over and with so much honour to our soldiers. This is timely as C4 ( even though it was a total bluff) is saping mother lanka right now.
    He has reminded the basic fact that LTTE cruely is over.

    About cricket, what he said is perfectly correct. Why is that fool, greedy idiot Jayasuriya went to England ? Why is Pandamby is selected to ruin the game ?
    Sangakkara spoke for me . He is my hero.

  36. Lorenzo Says:

    DS Senanayake’s great grand son Wasantha Senanayake will crossover to UNP soon.

    Looks like some more SLFPers will crossover during the budget.

  37. Nanda Says:

    This young man too had similar ideas to JHU, mainly calling for reduction of humongous CabiNut.
    Make sense to any human being with a properly developed brain, as long as one does not parrot MR’s theories of wanting to defeat him conspiracy.

  38. Nanda Says:

    Can I ask you one question. Please answer without getting burden of bad kamma.

    1. Do you still hold the Sri Lankan passport and citizenship ?

  39. Ananda-USA Says:


    What, we are best friends now to exchange personal information, while you verbally assaulting me in every comment? Don’t be ridiculous!

  40. Nanda Says:

    So the answer is NO !
    Scared of kamma can’t claim yes, which is good you have Ottappa. I respect you that, FRIEND ! One thing, unlike you I never assaulted you, I only added some humour and sarcasm.

    Let me add a note written by Mario Perera in 2012.

    “Ruled by physicians who cannot cure themselves, the country will continue to be what is actually is: a seemingly robust body but afflicted by the cancer of lawlessness caused by the breakdown of the system of justice. With the death of justice (selective justice is on a caricature of justice), its immediate dependants, democracy, patriotism and nationalism cannot survive other than as a farce.
    What this country is living through today is the phase of that farce”

  41. Ananda-USA Says:


    The answer is: I will not reveal any personal info on the web at any time, and certainly not to a person who is attacking me.

    Do you understand that it is IMPROPER for anyone even to ask for such personal information that is none of their business?

    What a perfectly ridiculous and cunning person you are, trying childish tricks using kamma as lever to get people to reveal private personal details!

    Shame on you!

  42. Nanda Says:

    Friend Ananda,
    Don’t get angry. Be calm, take a deep breadth. I already know who you are, because you revealed it some time ago ! There is no shame in telling the truth but it is shameful to hide the truth.

    Only for his ruin
    does renown come to the fool.
    It ravages his bright fortune
    & rips his head apart. – Buddha

  43. Nanda Says:

    “Conquer the angry one by not getting angry; conquer the wicked by goodness; conquer the stingy by generosity, and the liar by speaking the truth.”
    – MaaHindaa Rajapakse – May 2012 quoting Buddha.

  44. Lorenzo Says:

    Bodu Bala Sena summit was viewed by 1.5m SLs around the world.

    Close to 300K from SL DESPITE the govt. blocking the website. SLs could go through elakiri.com to view it.

    After SL, South Korea, USA, UK, Japan, Australia, Qatar, Saudi Arabia, Italy, Kuwait, Israel, Germany, Malaysia, Singapore, France, Russia, Canada, Pakistan, etc.

    This is fantastic!

    BBS should NOT support MR for nothing. It should get MR to demolish all mosques and kovils built AFTER 2010 and STOP animal sacrifices and conversions for money.

  45. Charles Says:

    This message is to Douglas,

    What I have for the President Mahinda Rajapakse is great respect and the confidence that he is the only political leader with foresight to take Sri Lanka forward through the morass of corruption to peace and prosperity, as he did with undaunted determination to liberate Sri Lanka from the clutches of terrorism.

  46. NeelaMahaYoda Says:

    Please note that about 40% of Sri Lankans are UNP and JVP supporters like Nanada and, their views are so biased and blinkered that they are unable even to examine and see the evidence of economic progress shown in the budget speech. So 40% of them reject these performance as mere GOSL eyewash. The present government need the support of the 20% floating votes who are not biased and blinkered in their judgement.

  47. NeelaMahaYoda Says:

    Regarding DS Senanayake’s great grand son Wasantha Senanayake will crossover to UNP soon, I don’t give a hoot about DS and his ancestry. I was born in a village two miles from the so called Bothale walawa.( Now you can’t even trace the location) The Villagers used to hate DS and his clan from the time when he opposed the Free Education bill introduced by CWW Kannangara in 1945. DS represented Mirigama constituency and he continued to deprive poor from accessing higher education until 1952 when a new MP was elected to Mirigama and the first Maha Vidyalaya was opened for the village lads only after 1952.

  48. callistus Says:

    Ah, Nandawathie is a contracted Mangala Samaraweera’s (Cinnamon stick thug’s) henchman/woman. She/he gets $20 per anti rajapakse comment. The Mangala tactic is to tell the people who were MR supporters before (like all Lankaweb readers) are now moving away from MR. What BS. Why should people move away from MR when he has done so so so much to the country and the citizens of our motherland during his tenor. Nandawathi, you go and do your commenting on sites like adaderana, colombo gazette, telegraph and 120 other mud slinging sites. Go and start another blog yourself, it cost nothing, and disappear from this forum.

  49. Leela Says:

    At the rate family connection to corruption is exposed, as Pavitra started of her own and now Champika has taken up to elaborate it, MR will have a tough fight to convince his natural backers to vote for him at the coming up Presidential election.

  50. douglas Says:

    Charles: Thank you for your response. I on my part had no hesitation to bow down and honor him for giving that unwavering political leadership to annihilate the LTTE and bringing that much waited peace to us. My dismay started building gradually when he started rebuilding the country after that great victory of 2009. He failed in the selection of his “Generals” and “Commanders” and “majors” in the huge task of rebuilding and caved into and was virtually taken “prisoner” by the “Unscrupulous” self seeking “vagabonds”. If he was watchful and vigilant on the “movements” of these “bastards” the comparative development he launched would have been many fold and sky high. That is one and the only reason I point out “this failure” all the time, expecting and embarking on hope against hope that he would some how or other get this into his head and “turn around” to take our country to lost glory. The other day when I heard that one of his “very close Confidante”, more closer than his siblings, said: “He (meaning MR) cannot do anything to me”, I could not fathom what is going on . My only consolation was to bring to mind immediately the words of Buddha: “Asewanacha Baalanag………….” That is how I dispelled my anger.

    So Charles, please understand me and my intentions. Those are not in anyway to “GET RID” of him (MR) but to make him realize his failings and be our HERO. Of course, if he does not show that “realization” an “CLEAN” his house and put things in order; he will have to reap what he “SOW”. That is unpreventable.

  51. Lorenzo Says:


    That may be true but DSS did A LOT for the country. His COLONIZATION schemes in the east SAVED SL. He should NOT have opposed free education.

    There are still millions of people who adore DSS – the father of the nation.

    The point is MANY MPs in the govt. are CRITICIZING the govt. now – Ranawaka, Ratana, Wasantha, Rajiv, Hack-him, Vasu, DEW, etc. This list will only EXTEND as we come closer to the election.

  52. Ananda-USA Says:

    As Ronald Reagan once said, “Ah, there you go again!”, Nanda is relapsing again from the aggressive “high” state into the depressed “low” state of his bipolar mind that I described earlier, and is hiding behind religion … ONCE AGAIN!

    When Nanda cannot defend himself his own secular words, he spouts Lord Buddha’s immortal bana to hide his nefarious purposes.

    Nanda has little regard for the ability of LankaWeb’s readers to see through that veil of religion designed to obfuscate a mean purpose.


  53. Marco Says:

    I’m not sure if i would bow down and honour him but be thankful that he brought an end to the LTTE menace and brought “peace” to the land.
    No one can begrudge him or people voting him in for a third term (subject to its legality). What we have is the best of the worst, however, i would expect him to rule the country as a Statesman and not as a dictator with all his authoritative powers with very little checks and balances.
    The author as is normal obfuscate the argument by saying the Presidential Election is not between the incumbent President and another Candidate but against the West. Think we will hear that mantra and typical propaganda that gullible people will fall for. MR political machinery will continue that mantra during the campaign because it works for them to fool the masses. Good luck to them and the gullible.

    It was not nepotism that eradicated terrorism. GR may have been the Defence Secretary but it was a combined effort from all armed forces together if i may add assistance from India that eradicated terrorism in 2009. Since 2009 nepotism, bribery and corruption has reached to levels never ever seen in this Country. It has reached to levels as its the accepted norm. Most recent Land Alienation Bill passed this month will raise the barrier even more.

    The author also mentions that President Rajapakse is a Sinhala Buddhist with high moral values.
    Thats an insult to Sinhala Buddhist with high moral values.
    When did Sinhala Buddhist with high moral values start harbouring, sheltering and rewarding Drug dealers, Rapist and murders, embezzlers. When did they start to protect them and turn a blind eye. When did they start to protect them from the natural law of justice. When did they start to lie to protect their henchman.

    MR is a shrewd politician, no doubt about that but he is not a Statesman. He has enjoyed a 2/3rd majority that he could have put to good use without all the shenanigans we have seen the past 5 year. He has made full use of the 13th to galvanise the grass roots for a third term.

    We now see the likes of Champika and the likes making noises but to no avail. They would either get the “Nonis” treatment or the “weerawansa” treatment.

  54. Ananda-USA Says:


    You said, “about 40% of Sri Lankans are UNP and JVP supporters like Nanada and, their views are so biased and blinkered that they are unable even to examine and see the evidence of economic progress shown in the budget speech.”

    Indeed! Therein lies their intellectual dishonesty, and the deviousness of their purpose that is inimical to the best interest of Sri Lanka’s people.

    What we have to understand is that this is how the “Internet Democrats” were deployed by the Neo-Colonial West in Egypt, Libya, Syria, Sudan, Ukraine and elsewhere, greasing the wheels with foreign money, to undermine and overturn stable functioning governments, to pit the native communities against each other, and sow anarchy and death for their profit.

    In this quest, they discover healed historical cracks within the social fabric, and drive wedges to expand the cleavages by exacerbating those differences. If the targeted Government moves to confront and eliminate those activities, they scream that “Democratic & HUman Rights” are being violated, and impose economic and political sanctions on the leaders of those governments, and rush to convict them in foreign tribunals for defending their country on conjured-up manufactured pretexts.

    This is the Machiavellian process, orchestrated by Hillary Clinton as the US Secretary of State, that destroyed many developing countries in the recent past, transforming them into wastelands rife with anarchic internecine conflicts. This is what these puppeteers are trying to do to Sri Lanka as well, using gullible and greedy Sri Lankan citizens as their inifintely pliable puppets, promising them and their Communities wealth and fame if they do their bidding.

    Ask any Syrian, of any faction, whether their communities have benefited from the attempt to topple Bashar Assad and “democratize” Syria. They will only mourn the calamitous descent of their peaceful homeland from a beautiful place of beauty, culture and significant wealth into a desolate depopulated wasteland with more than half of its people driven as refugees into neighboring countries, without an end to that holocaust in sight. This is what these demons have in store for Sri Lanka as well, if we are stupid enough to place our trust and our future in their bloodied hands.

    That is why the transformation of Sri Lanka into an economically powerful, militarily IMPREGNABLE, nation with peace established between its communities in the NARROW TIME WINDOW spanning the next DECADE is an IMPERATIVE!

    That cannot be achieved by dismantling Sri Lanka’s constitutional safeguards, destroying its proven political leadership, and its tested military defences. We must keep what we have and build upon it, without heeding the SIREN CALLS of Sri Lanka’s multiple enemies and their local puppets to dismantle all that has been gained in the last 5 years.

    ASK NOT for WHOM THE BELL TOLLS, for it tolls for us, should we fail to man the nation’s ramparts, and re-build our country into an IMPREGNABLE, INVINCIBLE nation, for the enemy wolves are AGAIN HOWLING at the gates!

  55. douglas Says:

    Marco; yes. I said “bow down in honor……” for one and the only reason of giving that “POLITICAL LEADERSHIP” that we could not get from any who governed us for 30 years. After that only our men and women in uniform were able and did a remarkable job of getting us that freedom. But, after that, the very political leadership too acquired freedom to establish a near “dictatorship” in the name of “Democracy” behind the back of the people who got blinded with over reacting to the “peace” they started enjoying after 30 years.

    The rest that followed after May 2009 and correctly stated by you is “actual” and the “reality”. That is what I am also airing out my considered opinion in various forums, hoping against hope that people will get the message and open their eyes to the “impending” disaster. I share your thoughts and hope this ‘GROWING” monster will be checked well ahead of that imminent disaster. So, other than that “THANK YOU”, mind you for that “political Leadership”, I do not intend to give a “kiss of life” to MR or anyone who is coming out with a “hidden Agenda” to undermine our rights and freedom under a cloak of “Democracy”. Whoever who does and act in that manner is a “TRAITOR” to me.

  56. Nimal Says:

    I think MR should be re elected as the President. I am speaking as a business man who have a very big business investment in SL where I am paying a matching heavy income tax. There are many problems in the country that are not being tackled which all admirations haven’t bothered over decades. My best choice is to likes of Sudas to run the country like in UK or retain MR as a last resort. So MR is the only choice we have.

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