Looking through coloured glasses.
Posted on November 3rd, 2014

By Charles Perera

 Those who are critical of the  President Mahinda Rajapakse and his government are looking through coloured glasses.  Hence they take irreality of what they see as the reality.

 There are those who looking through  glasses see only corruption, and every thing outside it is blurred and out of focus.  Some question,  what is the use of infrastructure development it is not the immediate need of the people ?  Mostly those who look through these coloured lenses other than those in the opposition  and the Tamil diaspora are those of the  Sinhala diaspora. The colour of the glass depends on their various affiliations, Catholics, anti socialist, those who seek an English educated political leadership etc., and others who have  an axe to grind against the President and his government.

 For some of them the only reason to be thankful to the  President is his elimination and brining peace to the country, the other things are minor details”.

 Some says, they would even bow down to the President for what he has accomplished, but Catholics do not believe in bowing down ,as it is degrading, therefore they are only thankful.  He should be voted some say because he is the best of the worst.  What a generous appreciation of a man who risked his life and gave everything to make Sri Lanka the most fast growing economy in the world ? 

 Oddly that aspect is blurred because of the colour of the glasses they look through.  Yet they are not prepared to give full credit to the President even for elimination of terrorism and bringing peace, as  it is a combined effort they say, with the Soldiers and assistance from India.

 The glasses being dark in colour some fail to see what is evident.  From the time President Mahinda Rajapakse having failed to get the terrorist leader Prabhakaran  to negotiate a peace settlement, resorted to a Military solution , the American Ambassador to Sri Lanka Robert O’Blake along with his Western friends did not stop their mantra” that there is no military solution  to end terrorism but only a negotiated settlement.  Then onwards America and the West did not end their effort for a regime change in Sri Lanka.

 What is happening today, with resolutions in the UNHRC, EU quota restrictions issued on export of garments from Sri Lanka, and now with EU sanctions on fish import and lifting the ban on LTTE, are definitely not strictly legal, but a part of a political manoeuvres by the West with the object of a regime change.  

 Ranil Wickramasinghe is a lackey of the West and the EU’s sanctions are to  make the President unpopular and thus help Ranil Wickramasinghe their puppet get the votes of the disgruntled people to defeat Mahinda Rajapakse in a Presidential election.  Ranil Wickramasinghe is of course not a man who could influence the Western leaders to do what he wants, but the Western leaders use him to realise their Agenda of a regime change in Sri Lanka.

 When the Western powers fail to get the government of Sri Lanka to do what it thinks they should be doing, what comes next will most probably be not another resolution but economic sanctions. Most Lankans will have heard of the sanctions against Iran which hurt Sri Lanka as well because we were unable to buy our crude oil from Iran as we used to do. Every motorist in this country knows that the sanctions against Iran hurt us as much as it did Iran.

 However we should understand that the sanctions against Iran were imposed by the UN Security Council over its atomic power program. Even China and Russia have apprehensions about a Muslim atomic bomb because of the presence of Muslim extremists in both countries and they too gave their approval for sanctions against Iran.” Looming  US-EU Sanctions -Island  29 October, 2014.

 That is not a” manthra” but  reality of what is happening which cannot be distinguished seeing through coloured glasses these anti government critics wear.

 The UNP’s main complaint  against the President -the Rajapaksa regime as they call it, is the involvement of the  Rajapakse family in politics.  But again because of the coloured glasses through which they look they do not see the benefits that accrued to the President from his family ties to make a success of most of his undertakings such as  bring peace to the country and develop the North that had suffered  much from terrorism  in a record time.  It is significant  that  the North  has received as much or more development projects  compared to  the South.  While the President’s younger brother Gotabhaya Rajapakse looked after the military aspect his other brother Basil Rajapakse took over the development of the North. Now it is thanks to Gotabhaya Rajapakse that we see development and beautification of  towns in Sri Lanka.

 Because of the colour of the glasses they see through some of the critics do not see the wonder of a Single man’s effort to Unite the Country and develop it from a failed” state to a middle income country with  formidable economic progress never seen before in Sri Lanka.  The IMF and the World Bank had called Sri Lanka a country of missed opportunities, when they were handing out loans on their conditions.  Now the IMF see Sri Lanka in a different light. And that is due to the efforts of the President working with foresight  placing  the correct people in the  correct place.   The coloured glasses cannot  differentiate between the people  with honesty and integrity and a few that is not.

 Those with  coloured glasses see only the negative side of progress and development,  nepotism, bribery and corruption.  Poor countries still on the path of development may also have bribery and corruption, but it is only when there is large scale development with  large investments  the bribery and corruption take a greater dimension.  That could be taken as a sign of vast development projects.

It is best to have zero corruption, but we are dealing with human beings subject to human failings such as attachment(lobha) aversion (dosa) and delusion (moha).  These arguments some  critics say are good for the gullibles, the ordinary mass of people who can see the difference of what it had been Sri Lanka before 2005 and what it is today do not wear coloured glasses and see the reality,     and they are far from being  a gullible lot.  Sri Lanka has an educated population, they are not biased and prejudiced like many of the Sinhala diaspora.  Therefore they understand better  being able to  evaluate development  from ground reality.

 President Mahinda Rajapakse is a good Buddhist.  He is generous not selective in offering assistance for the wellbeing of the people without discriminating against them for their religion, their communal difference or  for their social standing in  society.  He is against all those that cause suffering to the people, whether they are  terrorists, drug dealers, criminals or under world  mafia.  On full moon poya days the residence of the President Temple Trees” become a temple where people gather to listen to Buddhist discourses. It is not to seek popularity, but to make the words of the Buddha vibrate in Temple trees, the residence of the  Citizen number one.

 The President Mahinda Rajapakse  is not a mafia chief as some of the  critics who look at him through coloured glasses say, harbouring drug dealers, rapists , and criminals. A Sinhala Buddhist will vehemently protest against such innuendo against their dear President, who has changed their lives to an unimaginable extent. Those are allegations seemingly made turning towards the  Western enemies of Sri Lanka now preparing for a regime change.  Pointing out that is not another manthra to deceive the gullible.

 Mahinda Rajapakse  has been  the President of Sri Lanka only for 9 years,   and within that period of time he had brought about positive changes to Sri Lanka, which had not seen such a great transformation for the last 57 years since Independence.  Of course looking  through coloured glasses one would see only the elimination of terrorism, and the rest pushed away as  obfuscations.

 President Mahinda Rajapakse  is a shrewd politician, sagacious  and wise.  Though he is the President of a small country, he stands foremost among the world  leaders of today-Barrack Obama, David Cameron, Francois Holland, Angela Merkel, and the rest.  He is more than a  politician.  He is a statesman. He has principles on which he works .  Mahinda Chintanaya is his political philosophy which is the basic document of  his political vision for  the development of Sri Lanka. He does not change the basic principles in the document, but  changes only the means to achieve them. 

 He does not change his principles for the sake of popularity.  He recognises what is wrong and what is right and fights against wrong and stand by what is right.  We have seen in many instances of communal disputes, where he has taken decisions ascertaining what is right and appropriate without allowing the incidents to go out of control. He does not precipitate into action but takes wise decisions.

 President Rajapakse is a man with a foresight and  has a vision of what his country and his people need.  He is able to win over the people around him to believe in him and work with him to realise his objectives which are  beneficial to the people.  He has been able to show the people  the soundness of his actions, and the correctness of his decisions.

 Those who look  at his actions  with bias and prejudice will fail to understand his intentions.

 Some look  through really opaque glasses and is blinded by their own opinions.  They do not   hesitate to insult the president, using lowly uncouth language.

 Despite the wrath manifested by those looking through glasses of different colours the  President stands like a rock continuing to do his work according to his plan- Mahinda Chintanaya for the good of the people and  the country.   He knows how to speak to the heart of the people, without attacking his opponents. He has not abused his executive powers.  He has allowed complete freedom to the media despite rumours spread by his opponents of white van kidnapping, and disappearances of journalists.

 There are hundreds of websites and news papers attacking him.  The only website that allows pro government articles is the Lankaweb.  The Media Federation which always come forward to attack the President and his government and defend the journalists did not come forward to defend the article  written by Shenali Waduge which drew criticism to the  title of the article How meaningful are Jayalalitha’s love letters to Modi ?” The Media Federation defends only journalists who write against the President and the Government.

 Shenali Waduge is one of the best investigative Journalists who exposes dangers to Sri Lanka coming from within and from outside.  Her articles which should be given widest possible publicity are unfortunately not published in National News papers like the Island, the Daily Mirror, and the Sunday Times. The Daily News which published some of her articles seems to shy  away after the incident of the  article about Jayalalitha’s Love letters, which needed an unnecessary” apology by the Foreign Ministry.

 President Mahinda Rajapakse who challenged the most ruthless group of terrorists was the fist in the terrorists killer  list.  But he faced them without fear.  He stood up against the foreign Ministers from UK and France who demanded a ceasefire. He finally eliminated the terrorists and brought peace to the country, but now he is in Western governments list of  regime changes, and war criminals.  The Western Governments  have no principles  and they work under the command” of the pro terrorist Tamil diaspora who provide them votes for political power.

 President Mahinda Rajapakse has no reason to remain in fear.  He is prepared to take risks for the sake of his country and his people.  Sri Lanka has eliminated terrorism, and that is no crime.  The Armed Forces of Sri Lanka was aiming their guns at terrorists and at no time at the Tamil civilians.  The USA and its allies who should look into themselves to see who are  war criminals are accusing Sri Lanka to evade the finger of accusation from being  pointed at them.

 What those looking through coloured glasses do not see are the  enormous development projects of the President.   President Mahinda Rajapakse had been active attending to his duties as the President of Sri Lanka  to take it forward into development and prosperity ever  since he was elected President   in 2005.  He has not allowed himself to get entangled in rumours, scandals, and misleading half truths. But he had organised  his team of Ministers, academics, scientists, and technicians, and the Armed Forces for  a continuous process of development of the country in all sectors. He organised the means to eliminate terrorism, at the same time he set about infrastructure developments.

 To day Sri Lanka is not what it was in 2005 when President Mahinda Rajapakse  was first elected  into office.  He has organised and developed  every sector of the country:  in Tourim, in Agriculture, transport,  Education, taking IT Education to villages, supply of electricity to almost entirety of Sri Lanka , supply of fresh water, development of the health sector, development of towns, opening the train service from Colombo to Jaffna, and reducing  unemployment amoung many other achievements. 

 But  these unparalleled  development processes that modernised  a poor country that had been  suffering under terrorism  for thirty years, within a short period of nine years , are unfortunately invisible for those who are looking through coloured glasses which show only bribery and corruption.

 The USA and the West instead of accusing the President Mahinda Rajapakse for uncommitted violation of human rights or war crimes should nominate him for the noble Peace Price for having accomplished the elimination of a ruthless terrorism which they have so far failed to do.

 The President of Sri Lanka has also been able to maintain diplomatic relations  with the west extending it to Asia, Middle East and Africa.  Sri Lanka  is also participating   in various development project in Africa. Sri Lanka under President Mahinda Rajapakse has provided space and opportunity  for its own entrepreneurs, scientists and technicians to work in harmony to develop their inane talents and capabilities.

 It is in that back ground it has been announced that Sri Lankan engineers have produced the first Super Electric motor Car. Sri Lanka will be in the international spotlight this December when the Lankan owned company Code Gen International reveals its first fully electric super car, ‘Vega’. Brainchild of Code Gen CEO Harsha Subasinghe, this project was initiated to show that Sri Lanka can take on projects of this magnitude and successfully deliver.”

 Therefore those who look through coloured glasses should take them out to see the reality that besides corruption which is a global menace prevailing in every country, there has taken place in Sri Lanka an unimaginable process of modernisation.  And to take it forward until it blossoms into grandeur the President Mahinda Rajapakse should be re-elected for a further term at the next Presidential election.

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  1. NeelaMahaYoda Says:

    I copy here very good comment appeared on lankacnews
    මහින්ද අනිත් වියවස්ථාපිත නායකයන්ට වඩා ජාතික නායකයෙක් වෙන්නේ අන්න ඔතනයි. මහින්ද කබිතිගොල්ලාවේ පොඩි එවුන් ඇතුළු අහිංසකයන් ගාතනය කරපු තැනට ගියා ඔය වගේම. ඒ හිතට දැනුන වේදනාව නිසා තමා මහින්ද කොටි හිතවාදී ගෙනාපු කොටි බේරගන්න හදපු ceasefire 200 කට පයින් ගහලා දැම්මේ. යුද්දය දිනුවේ තුවක්කු බට වලින් පත්තු වෙච්ච වෙඩිම නොවෙයි. කලින් හිටපු වියවස්ථාපිත නායකයෝ බටහිර ගෝරනාඩු කරන කොටම තුවක්කු බටේ කට වැහුවා. එහෙම කට වහපු හැම තැනකදීම කොටියා වඩ වඩාත් ශක්තිමත් වෙලා ආපහු අපිටම ගැහුවා. අපි මහින්ද ජාතික නායකයෙක් කියන්නේ එකයි බටහිර නොවෙයි මොකා සම්බාදක දානවා කිවත් තුවක්කු බටේ කට වහන්න ඉඩ දුන්නේ නැහැ. ඒ දවස් වල 4.5 billion ආධාරයක් ලැහැස්තිකරලා තිබුණ නොර්වේ ප්‍රමුක eu එකෙන්. කොටියට ගැහුවොත් ඕක දෙන්නේ නැහැ කියලා එදා මහින්දට තර්ජනය කලා. තොප්පිගල රනිල් කිවා ඔය 4.5 b නැතිවුනොත් රට යුද්ද කරලා සුඩානයක් වෙනවා කියල. නමුත් මහින්ද 4.5 ට පයින් ගහල තුවක්කු බටේ දිගටම පත්තු කරන්න අන දුන්නා . අන්න එතනදී තමා කොටියා වල පල්ලට දැම්මේ. දැන් මිනිස්සුන්ට ඔවා අමතක වෙලා යුද වීරයෝ වැහි වැහැලා . අපි එදා ඉදලා හිටියේ පිරිබාහරන් ට වැඩෙ දේනකල් . අද තොප්පිගල රනිල්ලුත් දෙස ප්‍රේමියෙක් වෙලා . අද රතන ඉන්නේ ඔය කොටි නඩේත් එක්ක. jvp එක 2009 කොටිත් එක්ක බුදිය ගත්තු එකේ සාපය තාම විදිනවා. රතනටත් ඔය සේතේම තාම TNA . මනෝ, අසාද් සාලි, බහු, තොප්පිගල රනිල්, එක්ක බුදිය ගත්තොත්.ඕව ඔක්කොම දුප්පත් ජනතාවගේ හිත් වල තියෙනවා. පොහොසතා ට අමතක උනාට.

  2. Christie Says:

    No one is prepared to blame India our worst enemy. Mauritius is the co-sponsor of war crimes allegations, an Indian colony. What about the1987 parippu bombs. India trained, armed, managed , financed and branded the Indian terrorist outfit Tamil tigers. It is India, Indian and Indian colonial parasites who are behind the regime change.

  3. AnuD Says:

    In Sri Lanka, every thing is perfect. There is nothing to talk. It is like wonderland now. People are the happiest. King is most just. ministers are 24/7 in the spiritual mode. peace proecting officers are bored and sleeping.

    But, Politicians are very keen to appoint their children in VVIP positions. I heard, New politicians ask always for construction projects. Because, there the money is.

    Some where it said, that about 350 bodies are flown back from the middle east every year (who counts the number of wahabi muslims coming back or or muslim infants coming back). Always those women are killed, by they themselves.

  4. Ananda-USA Says:

    Charles, THANK YOU for your ELOQUENT DEFENCE of the Presidents MASSIVE RECORD OF ACCOMPLISHMENTS since he became President, that some Sri Lankans wearing Colored Glasses who haunt most Sri Lankan websites refuse to acknowledge! As they say, THERE ARE NONE SO BLIND AS THOSE WHO REFUSE TO SEE!

    That is why I said some time ago, that this EXCEPTIONALLY GREAT leader should be elected President not only the 3rd time, but also the 4th, 5th, 6th, and the 7th time …. and as long as he is able and is willing to lead our Motherland.

    Jayawewa Sri Lanka, our Resplendent Motherland, our Ratna Deepa, our Janma Bhumi, our Vijaya Bhumi — may you be raised to become Light of Asia by your patriotic sons and daughters!

    I agree with Udaya Gammanpila of the JHU that it is critically important for Sri Lanka to retain the Executive Presidency.

    His exact words are: “Introduction of the executive presidency is among those victories. Although it contains several fatal mistakes, it brought political stability to Sri Lanka which was vital in the rapid development and defeat of the LTTE. That is why the JHU stands for a presidential system in which the President is accountable to the parliament and subject to judicial writ.”

    Also, a system of Proportional Representation is important to properly represent the demographics of Sri Lanka’s citizens in its Parliament to make certain that no election skullduggery can subvert majority rule of the country.

    However, I STRONGLY disagree with his ASSERTIONS that

    1. That the UPFA will not be able to gain a 2/3 majority in the future. That has been achieved not once but 3 times in the past. There is NO FUNDAMENTAL REASON a Coalition of Patriotic Forces cannot achieve it again.

    2. That the Military Victory over the LTTE was “miraculously achieved” minimizing not only the role played by the Political Leaders of the UPFA GOSL who led that charge, but all PATRIOTIC FORCES of the nation, including the SLFP, JHU and the NFF, and the ordinary citizens of Sri Lanka who bled and sacrificed to make it happen.

    Nevertheless, we MUST RECOGNIZE that without the Rajapakse Band of Brothers who led and worked seamlessly together in that heroic effort at HUGE PERSONAL RISK, found and empowered the Patriotic Military Leaders to lead to victory in the field of battle, found the funds and the arms needed through personal diplomacy with leaders of foreign nations, that feat would never have been achieved.

    It did not happen because of a confluence of magical miracles, but by design and determination, courage and experience of the highest leadership of the land.

    The author also maximizes the role played by the JHU while minimizing the role of the President and his team. Such, I suppose, is the nature of dirty election politics.

    3. He trying to use articles such as this to blackmail the President into doing what he wants, by threatening to field a common candidate, with even by jumping into bed with the likes of the UNP, the TNA and Sarath Fonseka’s virtual party. Among them are the very anti-national forces that are working day and night to return Sri Lanka to the bad old days of hung governments, with minority parties acting as kingmakers exacting a pound of flesh from Motherlanka for their support. Who is to say what that pound of flesh might be? We suspect from our rich experience, but we don’t really know.

    While acknowledging that the JHU, the NFF and even the BBS, are key to forming the next Patriotic Government with sufficient Plurality, even more than 2/3, it is absolutely REPREHENSIBLE for ANY PATRIOTIC ORGANIZATION to court those parties that DEMONSTRABLY serve foreign governments and exacerbate Sri Lanka’s problems abroad FOR ANY REASON.

    It is not without reason that the TNA leadership spends more time in India and in Neoclonialist Western Countries than in Sri Lanka, and it is not for nothing that Ranil Wickremasinghe spends inordinate amounts of time in those countries demonizing Sri Lanka just before calamities befall our country.

    These threats by the JHU only gives openings to the enemies of Sri Lanka who with their well-honed tools of money, threats, and sanctions are striving to exploit and widen the cleavages in the BODY POLITIC of the nation, to engineer a REGIME CHANGE and confound the oft declared objectives of these “patriotic forces.”

    If these unseemly strategies blow up in the JHU’s face with MR and the UPFA being turned out of power, the JHU may yet RUE THEY DAY they hatched this devious strategy. The JHU may find that “Paya Gahapu Athtath Naha, Allapu Athtath Naha”.

    Worse still, Sri Lanka will re-enter the dark dismal age we fought our way out of on May 19, 2009.

  5. Ananda-USA Says:


    You have presented the best argument I have read so far (comment on Udaya Gammanpila’s article on JHU strategy) for REPEALING the 18th Amendment: that we must look beyond MR to the future when someone not as trustworthy, skilled and able as MR could become President.

    However, we must compare the BENEFIT of having an empowered MR as President in the next DECADE, against the RISK of empowering a less able and trustworthy President who will follow him much later. The need to TRANSFORM Sri Lanka NOW into an IMPREGNABLE nation is URGENT and COMPELLING, while there will be enough time to MODIFY the 18th Amendment before MR departs the scene later.

    I agree with you that there is no one else I would trust with the powers conferred on the President by the 18th Amendment … under NORMAL CIRCUMSTANCES.

    But, we are not facing NORMAL CIRCUMSTANCES NOW. Sri Lanka is faced with a multiplicity of enemies .. both foreign and local … who would like nothing better than to BIND the President’s hands using the people they have stationed in Strategic positions (eg., BASL), or they can buy with unlimited foreign funds for personal coffers and party politics, and offers of foreign citizenship and refuge on their soil if things go wrong, and they have to flee Sri Lanka.

    We need a POWERFUL PRESIDENCY for at least 10 years to place Sri Lanka in an IMPREGNABLE position, and the LEGAL AUTHORITY to implement NATIONAL PROGRAMS without barriers being set up in Parliament, in Regional Administration, or in the Legal Courts. The drumbeat of accusations of corruption and illegality being leveled at the GOSL, are moves orchestrated by foreign and local enemies, to transform every molehill of an issue into a mountain, to get Sri Lanka wrapped up in various fabricated and inflated legal issues, at home and abroad, to tie the hands of the GOSL, so that NATIONAL PROGRAMS cannot be executed, and NATIONAL DEVELOPMENT is HALTED in its tracks.

    These enemies KNOW that if the nation continues to develop at the current breakneck speed, they will SOON LOSE ALL CAPABILITY to CONTROL, DIVIDE and RULE Sri Lanka. Our Motherland will have achieved ESCAPE VELOCITY and moved beyond their reach into an orbit beyond their reach.

    MR and his brothers are the PRIMARY BARRIER to achieving the agenda of these enemies of Sri Lanka. So, their PRIMARY GOALS is to ENGINEER a REGIME CHANGE and drag the Rajapaksa Brothers in front of the ICC and get rid of them.

    MR is in VERY GOOD HEALTH and is a VIGOROUS man, who can serve AT LEAST another DECADE, which should see Sri Lanka in an IMPREGNABLE position to confront and overcome its enemies. There is plenty of time to AMEND the 18th Amendment, before he departs office and no equally suitable replacement is available. The TIME to HAMSTRING the Presidency is NOT NOW when we have yet to achieve our CRITICAL NATIONAL GOALS!

    When Sri Lanka was on its knees under assault from separatists, and the lives of our families, and the integrity of our nation was in jeopardy, the Rajapaksa Family came forward at IMMENSE PERSONAL RISK to save the nation and our ungrateful hides from murderous terror. Then we all appealed to them for deliverance from terror, and URGED them to FINISH THE JOB ONCE and FOR ALL. Now that peace and security has been restored to our lives, and the nation is at PEACE, and is being DEVELOPED in leaps and bounds, foreign vultures are flying above to swoop down and make a meal of them. It was THEIR DUTY THEN to rescue us; it is OUR DUTY NOW to protect those who risked their skins to save us.

    As a Buddhist, I know that “Kelehiguna Salakeema” is very high on the list of Buddhist virtues. To me it is an article of my faith. It is our turn NOW to stop being DESPICABLE INGRATES, to stop NITPICKING when our skilled, able, courageous and self-sacrificing leaders are being threatened, TO CIRCLE AROUND THEM and DEFEND AND PROTECT our heroic leaders. They breathed life into our nation, rescued her hallowed crown from the gutter and restored it to her unbowed head; it is our turn now to help them keep it there and complete this grand journey to transform our Motherland into the Light of the World.

    You mentioned that Gota and Basil are American citizens. I have read ALLEGATIONS elsewhere (dbsjayeraj.com for example, and an Island.lk article) that they are US citizens; and also that they are only Green Card holding Permanent Residents, not citizens. I don’t really know what the truth is. I too think it is TOTALLY INAPPROPRIATE for a foreign citizen, or a dual citizen, to become the President of Sri Lanka. Absolutely no one, but a person whose sole citizenship is Sri Lankan, should be eligible to run for the Presidency, and even other top positions in the GOSL, like VP, Prime Minister, Speaker of the House, Supreme Court Judges, etc.

    If Basil wants to run for the Presidency, and he is a US citizen, he should GIVE UP the US citizenship.

  6. stanley perera Says:

    I support Charles’s move. While appreciating MR’s development process, his inability to control the acts of his jumbo cabinet and the political stoogers. The corruption and the criminal acts of his politicos must be eliminated and it should be MR’s number one priority. I personally do not expect MR, GR and BR to be 100%. The development in the country since MR became the President is very well seen in the country. If bribery and corruption is eliminated Sri Lanka is a wonderful place to live. MR should be given a third term. What did that bandit woman do in ten years? What happened to the Air Lanka deal of $200 miliion? Has she got the nerve to think of returning to politics? I challenge her to come forward to contest the presidential election.

  7. Marco Says:

    I wish I can obtain a pair of those glasses that Charles sees through.

    I have no qualms in thanking MR for getting rid of the LTTE menace and restoring peace to the Island and equally the Infrastructure works that been carried out through out the Island. But I beg to differ if the villagers and the poor see it that way at the present. The common thread is we can’t eat roads nor can we ride are these express ways, we cant afford to shop or eat at these complexes – who benefits? Colombians who can now drive for a Sunday sea bath and Lunch by the seaside at very short notice.

    Interestingly, Charles brought up the article written by Shenali. (Love Letters).Through no fault of her own she has been castigated.
    The Ministry of Defence showed its crass and unprofessional manner to publish an article with such a headline. The fault lies with who ever sanctioned the story to be published in the MOD website. Its a Govt website not a cheap school boyish, adolescent blog that one can titillate on serious issues.
    I don’t necessarily agree with most of SW views and articles but she has the rights like you and me to form an opinion and express them and equally she gets the coverage that editors and publishers think that she deserves from a credibility point of view.

    Finally, going back to your “looking glass”.
    MR and his government have stalked and devoured everything decent, moral , principled, constitutional and legitimate in this country and provided the worst governance we have ever seen, and insulted the peoples intelligence, tested their capacity to bear the cost of living, corruption, nepotism, injustice, lawlessness , pompousness, arrogance, unaccountability and extremely bad governance. This government is cheating the people and how the poor and the powerless are being handled, while the maggots of society are being empowered and molly coddled.
    But- Thank You President Mahinda Rajapakse for getting rid of the LTTE menace that this Country has suffered over 30 years.
    Now be a Statesman that all of Sri Lanka can be proud of.

  8. Lorenzo Says:

    Corruption is just ONE problem of MR which EVERY PARTY is guilty of not just MR.

    But look at other problems.

    TNA is now the new LTTE. Govt. can’t do anything to stop it. A TNA MP recently BOASTED they BOMBED the YARL DEVI and will do it again if Sinhalese travel in it. What the govt. does? Nothing!

    MR created a TAMIL ONLY Jaffna district.

    Sinhalese and Muslims are still not resettled.

    JIHADISTS are in his government!!

    Our foreign service is FULL of Rajapaksha relatives. We now HIRE the 9th PR agency for a few MILLION dollars.

    I’m not looking through any glass. MR is the only sensible candidate because others are TRAITORS. The devil and the deep blue sea.

  9. Lorenzo Says:

    JHU split. Ratana to opposition. Udaya and Patali to remain in govt.

  10. AnuD Says:

    Sinhale was an important country when India was a rich country and at one time, Cinnamon was worth more than gold. Now, China is becoming the World’s only economic power, Sri lanka is an important.

    MR, probably because of his ex-army brother’s influence he decided to get rid of militarily and he held onto that view until the end. that was the best thing he did. Forces had experience fighting LTTE, They were given weapons and they did it. Fortunately China, Pakistan and the Eastern bloc was there to give anything on credit.

    Even the handling of the post war events was a disaster and even the preparation for post war life, during late periods of the war had not been carried out properly. that is why all these war -crime investigations are. All those are political decisions and logistics which they did not do.

    After that hugh infra structure developments are true.

    Anyway, Charles Perera didn’t write any negatives because he got the interest free Car loan and the free Lap Top. Probably, I am pretty sure, after the elections he will get a job in an Embassy. He knows what he is doing. That is Sri Lankan way.

  11. callistus Says:

    Where is Nandawathie. The usual lot, all knowing Lawrence, Anuradapura etc ranting here. These are all armchair politicians who haven’t even a vote, ie a useless lot. They never contributed anything to motherland, where they may have got their education at least to O level completely free. A lot of traitors here. I wonder what happened to regular contributors like franky diaspora.
    Charles a big (a huge) thank you for your write ups from me. Thank you Sir.

  12. Marco Says:

    It would be helpful to debate ad argue the contents instead of throwing insults at the messenger like interest free car loans, lap top, LTTE, and the usual mud slinging that one should will leave to the likes of the Govt press who are experts at such.

  13. Ananda-USA Says:

    And now, add Dairy Farms for Indigenous Milk Production to keep our citizens healthy and strong, as another of the UPFA GOSL’s ACCOMPLiSHMENTS!

    42% self-sufficiency in Milk today, 100% self-sufficiency tomorrow, and an exporter of Milk & Cheese the day after!

    I remember the pint of chocolate milk I drank with relish for 15 cents at the Milk Board shop on my way to school every morning! I want every Sri Lankan child to have the same opportunity to get that nutrition!

    Jayawewa, Sri Lanka!

    Australia’s Wellard Group secures contract to supply 22,500 dairy cows to Sri Lanka

    ColomboPage News Desk, Sri Lanka.

    Oct 30, Colombo: Australian livestock exporter Wellard Group has secured two contracts worth almost $ 100 million from Sri Lanka to supply 22,500 dairy cattle to the Sri Lankan Department of Economic Development (SLDED).

    The contracts build on the recent and successful completion of a previous contract to supply 2,000 dairy heifers to SLDED, which also included the renovation existing facilities and provision of management and education, the company said in a media release.

    Wellard will source and supply 20,000 Friesian Jersey-cross heifers in the next two years to service the larger contract, as well as providing management and veterinary support.

    In a second contract, supported by Rabobank and Australia’s Export Finance Investment Corporation, Wellard will supply 2500 Friesian Jersey-cross heifers to a greenfields farm in Sri Lanka to be built by Wellard complete with sheds, milking parlor and machinery.

    Wellard would be sourcing Friesian Jersey-cross heifers because the breed was best suited to the local environment and production systems. The company expects to deliver the heifers in up to five shipments over the next two years and will be sourcing them from around Australia.

    Wellard Chief Executive Officer Mauro Balzarini commended Wellard’s partner in Sri Lanka, Foresight, which is part of the Access Group, and the company’s Project Manager Johann Wasserman, for the success of the initial supply and husbandry program and their ongoing role with the two new contracts.

    “Wellard is excited that it can play a role in aiding Sri Lanka’s agricultural and nutritional development and this once again proves that live export plays an important role not only for Australia farmers but also for farmers around the world,” said Wellard Asia Business Development Director Scot Braithwaite. “This is not just the supply of cattle but includes management, training and animal welfare education.

    Sri Lanka currently produces only 42 percent of its milk requirements and imports the remainder at a cost of US$300 million a year. To improve this scenario the Sri Lankan Government has a long term commitment to increase domestic milk production.

    Part of the supply agreement also includes technical management and capacity building in-country, through employment and training of veterinarians and farm management advisers and supervisors.

    The supply contract was signed by Mr Braithwhite with the Economic Development Ministry Secretary Dr.Nihal Jayatilleke in the presence of f Economic Development Minister Basil Rajapaksa, Australian High Commissioner Robyn Mudie and Economic Development Ministry Additional Secretary Priyantha Mayadunne.

    Mr Webb said the previous 2000 cattle supplied by Wellard to the Sri Lankan Economic Development Industry had performed well in terms of both reproduction and milk production, and the dairy installed by the company was operating efficiently.

    “All parties to the original supply agreement have been delighted with its implementation,” Mr Webb said. “We are therefore pleased to have been able to build on that relationship and the knowledge gain with a significantly larger contract.”

  14. Piyadigama Says:

    අනේ චාල්ස් මහත්තයෝ අපිට කන්නාඩි නොවෙයි ඇස් සීයක් තිබුනත් පෙනෙන්න තරම් රටේ දියුණුවක් නැහැ.

    පාලම් පාරවල් හැදුවට රට දියුණුවෙන්නේ නැහැ. රට දින්නන නම් සුදුස්සාට සුදුසු තැන දිය යුතුයි. හොරකම් තමාශා අතහැරිය යුතුයි. රට ධාර්මික විය යුතුයි.

    අනේ ධර්මදීපයට ගිය කල!

  15. stanley perera Says:

    AnuD, having known Charles well, I doubt Charles is eyeing for any perks of your type. Living in France comfortably Charles never got any interest free loans like the bloddy crossover ministers. Please do not point your finger at the patriots like Charles.

  16. stanley perera Says:

    Charles is also good buddhist who wrote several books on meditation.

  17. Lorenzo Says:

    I disagree with Charles on some matters but he is NOT the type to write political propaganda for money.

    There is no need to attach each other unless they are proven JIHADISTS or TAMIL NATIONALISTS. Just read what they have to say.

  18. SenaD Says:


    “It is India, Indian and Indian colonial parasites who are behind the regime change”.

    Perhaps that may be why they are being kept very close and the govt. appear to please them at every turn. I for one fervently hope it is the case.

    Unless one can prevail, there is no point in taking actions that lead to eventual humiliation.


    Critics of your points would accuse you of wearing another coloured glass, although you have indirectly acknowledged the corruption that exists when you said “they only see corruption”.


    “argue the contents instead of throwing insults at the messenger”. I totally agree with you on this.

    Your views are contrasting those of Charles.

    In my view the president is determined to provide political stability by hook or crook and using the time to develop the country hoping that everybody and every area, rather than only a particular class of people or only particular areas of the country, will be benefited in the long term unlike hitherto has happened. All other issues appear to be being treated as secondary or even irrelevant.

    I hope he will succeed in his endeavour to develop the country.

    A good example is the contrast between India and China. Both are large with huge populations, India is hailed as the largest democratic country and China is described as the largest dictatorship. China’s achievement in lifting some 600 million out of abject poverty and India’s failure in the same period of time speak volumes. What are all these systems if not for removing the abject poverty the people are in. For those in abject poverty in India ‘democracy’ means only casting the vote, it matters only to the well to do class.

    The president in his third term must remove the status of the country still being a subjugated nation, i.e. the 13th Amendment to the Constitution of the country. It was imposed on the nation by threat of force.

    He could directly go to the people, going over the heads of the PC members (because they and their supporters are the only ones benefiting from the PCs) by bringing a referendum. He must prepare for it by entering in to a full mutual defence treaty with China to deter any adventures by India.

    As the people are already fed up with the PCs it will have a good chance of being accepted by an overwhelming majority. However, the current PR system must also be replaced with a better system at the time.

  19. Ananda-USA Says:


    You say although bridges have been built, the country has not progressed!

    That is TOTALLY CONTRARY to my observations, and my first hand knowledge of the impact the progress has had on lives of ordinary Sri Lankans, as gathered in Sri Lanka from personal annual visits, and an extensive network of friends and relatives.

    If you live in Sri Lanka, or you have visited Sri Lanka in the last 5 years, how can you miss what I see?

    If you are an expatriate, you might want to check whether you have been missing Sri Lanka completely and landing in India instead!

  20. aloy Says:

    I totally agree with piyadigama. If the GOSL is not corrupt we would have been paying less electricity bills and pay less for fuel. With the money the house maids and people like us send monthly to SL many more roads and other infrastructure would have been built and most importantly it would have been our own consultants and not those of chinese who will be incharge. I challenge both Charles and Ananda to give me just one foreign funded project (those funds have to be repaid by us with huge interests) in which SL engineers are in-charge. We cannot guide our destiny; under MR it is the foreigners who decide for us. WE have no say at all. Now they want to bring quantity surveyors to decide on the costs as well. Might as well hand over the country to Chinese, just like Kandiyan chiefs did with the English.

  21. Nanda Says:

    We expect better roads allow people to move from A to B faster, when going to work and back. If that did not improve, the road itself is not bringing any benefit. But the loan has to be paid back with interest. It is not Rajapakse’s money that is used to build the road. Same with the Mahinda Rajapakse Airport, no money coming, spending millions to run , plus paying interests. These cannot be called “development”. These are called “waste”.

    Moreover, Muslims are chasing away Sinhala people by scaring them with death threats. Muslims are running abortion clinics using greedy Sinhala doctors (Muslim NGO helps to set up these). Sinhala villages are being flooded to make way to reservoirs to send water to north.
    This is what Maahindaa Rajapakse is doing in Sri Lanka.
    These is what is called the impact the progress has had on lives of ordinary Sri Lankans.

    Assuming everything is great, why is Maahindaa Rajapaske wants to spend countries’ money to run for elections two years before his term expires ? If he is doing everything good and has 2/3 majority, why does he want elections now ?

    Anyone with a tiny brain understands this. Those who pretend not to are the people waiting to go there to get their pound of flesh ! So, AnuD is correct . Padiyagama is correct and Aloy is correct.

  22. aloy Says:

    If anybody is not sure just wait and see how they will handle the extension of Southern Expressway. It will be a 100% sellout.

  23. Ananda-USA Says:


    While I also would like to see LOCAL FIRMS benefit 100% from the infrastructure development, it cannot happen that way because the SOURCES OF FUNDING are largely from foreign nations, and are given with strings attached. This funding is given at relatively low interest, but requires the hiring of foreign firms and partly foreign workers as well.

    For example, if you want to buy a home rather than pay rent but don’t have the funds saved, then you MUST take out a home mortgage (i.e., a loan); because beggars can’t be choosers. But, buying that home is usually a very good INVESTMENT compared to busting your income on CURRENT CONSUMPTION by paying rent. It is, in effect, a FORCED SAVING.

    It is CRUCIAL to understand that spending on infrastructure is NOT CURRENT CONSUMPTION SPENDING. In fact, it is the BEST KIND OF GOVERNMENT SPENDING, and is an investment in Sri Lanka’s FUTURE GROWTH that will last a LONG TIME. It is like buying that home as opposed to spending on paying rent or taking a vacation.

    MASSIVE INFRASTRUCTURE building is what US President Franklin Delano Roosevelt did to drive the United States out of the GREAT DEPRESSION. Likewise, Sri Lanka is also now emerging out of a 30-year DEPRESSION jump started by INFRASTRUCTURE SPENDING. Those funds created the national highway system, and many hydroelectric reservoir/dam projects (e.g., Grand Coulee Dam in Nevada and the Tennesee Valley Authority project). Even in the recent Economic Recession, President Obama allocated federal funds to infrastructure development as a means of reducing unemployment and putting money in circulation, while investing in needed infrastructure that would bring an economic return in the future.

    Sri Lanka is competing in the global marketplace for funds, and can get those funds only at much more costly terms than developed countries of the West. It is VERY HARD to get IMF and World Bank funding, because they have PUNITIVE political agendas; the infrastructure you see being built in Sri Lanka is being constructed largely with LARGE Chinese and Japanese loans, etc, given to Sri Lanka when few other countries are willing to do so.

    Even during the war, the IMF tried to squeeze Sri Lanka to stop the war by denying funds for arms purchases and balancing the budget. MR negotiated a 2 Billion USD loan from Iran, and a similar amount from Muammar Gaddafi’s Libya, THROUGH PERSONAL DIPLOMACY. That was how he kept the war going to its successful completion while the West was attempting to stop it through blackmail.

    The situation is slowly changing. Attracting development funds is becoming easier for Sri Lanka, because Sri Lanka is being viewed increasingly as a POLITICALLY STABLE COUNTRY, and a good place to INVEST with good returns on the investment. NO ONE lends, nor invests, in UNSTABLE COUNTRIES; I would not either!

    That brings us to the ISSUE OF POLITICAL STABILITY: STABILITY is CRUCIAL for attracting investment funds for any development, including infrastructure development.

    That is why I have been STRONGLY advising the PATRIOTIC FORCES of Sri Lanka not to upset the applecart in the upcoming elections. What we can do is to keep the country STABLE and in the hands of a PATRIOTIC PROGRESSIVE government that has a VISION of GROWTH for the FUTURE, and has the SKILL, COURAGE and CONVICTION to borrow the money and INVEST WISELY in NATIONAL INFRASTRUCTURE that will turn a PROFIT in the FUTURE.

  24. aloy Says:

    I understand what you say. But all expressways should not lead to Humbanthota from Katunayaka, in one go. MR is the president of the whole country and not just for Humbanthota. That area does not bring in much revenue, as such can be considered a wastage beyond Matara. SL was rescued by Ranaviruwos from all areas of the country. Why nothing for the others?. I have heard this from Ranaviruwos themselves. MR is selfish in addition to being promoting corruption and I believe if he does not reform the way JHU is agitating, he should not be given the third term.

    I do not mind Kandy road (built by Captain Dowson more than a hundred years ago) and Anuradhapura road done immediately even at double the cost ( or even more). Those will serve a good part of the country.

  25. Mr. Bernard Wijeyasingha Says:

    Today on the world news ISIS executed 85 fighters. On a side line 100 ISIS members were also killed. Big deal. When the Tamil Tigers were slaughtering their way for 30 years in Sri Lanka it did not even get a bit of coverage except for some off hand articles here and there. No dramatic pictures, no world wide condemnation on a daily basis each time the Tamil Tigers blew up people or committed acts of genocide, none.

    When India finally lost her proxy war with Colombo using the Tamil Tigers she then dragged this tormented nation of Sri Lanka into the UN human rights council for another 5 years. Even now TESO, TELO, PLOT continue to flourish under the ever watchful eye of New Delhi.

    If the US manages in some method to end ISIS and in the process violates some sanctimonious human rights doing it will Washington be dragged to the UNHRC for ending a movement that is NOT EVEN IN THE US? NOT EVEN TRYING TO DIVIDE UP THE US OR INDIA? no, no, no. That little bit of hypocrisy shall be saved for Sri Lanka.

  26. Ananda-USA Says:


    Who says ALL expressways lead to Hambantota? Only ONE does!

    Here is the COMPLETE LIST:

    Southern Expressway E1 extends from Colombo to Matara, soon to be extended to Hambantota.
    (126km, IN USE; Required to link the most economically productive parts of the country, and the new Magampura port and Mattala airport to business centers)

    Colombo Katunayake Expressway E3 (26km, IN USE; ESSENTIAL fo support tourism and business development)

    Outer Circular Highway (OCH) E2 joins E1 to E3
    (29.2km, IN USE; designed to DETOUR traffic around Colombo to avoid bottleneck at Colombo)

    Colombo-Kandy Alternate Highway
    (99km, under CONSTRUCTION; ESSENTIAL to connect the second largest and second most economically productive region of SL to Colombo)

    Northern Expressway, Phase 1, extends from Katunayake to Anuradhapura (184km, proposed, being designed)
    Northern Expressway, Phase 2, extends from Anurhadapura to Jaffna (198km, proposed, being designed)

    Eastern Expressway from Anuradhapura to Trincomalee (109km, proposed)
    (Required to link Sri Lanka’s largest port and naval base and second largest industrial zone of the future to Colombo)

    South-East Expressway from Hambantota to Batticaloa (257km, proposed)
    (Links the underserved areas to be developed for tourism, agriculture and fishing in the future)

    The BOTTOMLINE is that linking all parts of the nation with a High Mobility Network ENABLES commercial activity and development to take place not only in existing high density urban areas, but also in rural areas in need of economic development. But enabling rapid acesss, we promote settlement, rapid access to markets in densely populated urban centers, and jobs for people living in these areas. It will relieve population congestion and increase home ownership.

    MORE IMPORTANTLY, iit will INTEGRATE isolated communities living in these areas into ONE SRI LANKAN NATION, and will reduce the tendency towards SEPARATISM.

    So, shisper to me softly Effendi, WHAT’S NOT TO LIKE IN THIS PLAN TO BUILD A HIGH MOBILITY ROAD NETWORK in Sri Lanka? What? Please TELL us!

  27. Ananda-USA Says:



    Who says ALL expressways lead to Hambantota? Only ONE does!

    Here is the COMPLETE LIST:

    1. Southern Expressway (E1) extends from Colombo to Matara, soon to be extended to Hambantota.
    (126km, IN USE; Required to link the most economically productive parts of the country, and the new Magampura port and Mattala airport to business centers)

    2. Colombo Katunayake Expressway (E3, 26km, IN USE; ESSENTIAL fo support tourism and business development)

    3. Outer Circular Highway (OCH, E2) joins E1 to E3
    (29.2km, IN USE; designed to DETOUR traffic around Colombo to avoid bottleneck at Colombo)

    4. Colombo-Kandy Expressway
    (99km, under CONSTRUCTION; ESSENTIAL to connect the second largest and second most economically productive region of SL to Colombo)

    5. Northern Expressway, Phase 1, extends from Katunayake to Anuradhapura (184km, proposed, being designed)
    Northern Expressway, Phase 2, extends from Anuradhadapura to Jaffna (198km, proposed, being designed)

    6. Eastern Expressway from Anuradhapura to Trincomalee (109km, proposed)
    (Required to link Sri Lanka’s largest port, naval base and second largest industrial zone of the future to Colombo)

    7. South-East Expressway from Hambantota to Batticaloa (257km, proposed)
    (Links the under-served areas to be developed for tourism, agriculture and fishing in the future)

    The BOTTOMLINE is that linking all parts of the nation with a High Mobility Network ENABLES commercial activity and development to take place not only in existing high density urban areas, but also in rural areas sorely in need of economic development.

    By providing rapid access, we will promote settlement of people, incentivize businesses to setup in those areas, enable rapid access by manufacturers, farmers and fishermen to markets in densely populated urban centers, and increase the number jobs for people living in these areas. It will RELIEVE population CONGESTION and increase home ownership in areas with lower land prices.

    MORE IMPORTANTLY, it will HELP INTEGRATE isolated communities living in these areas into ONE SRI LANKAN NATION, thus reducing the tendency towards SEPARATISM.

    So, whisper to me softly Effendi, WHAT’S NOT TO LIKE IN THIS PLAN TO BUILD A HIGH MOBILITY ROAD NETWORK in Sri Lanka? What?

    Please TELL us!

  28. douglas Says:

    Reading through the article, I thought of asking for our friend’s “clear” glasses. Yet, on second thoughts, I abandoned that idea and thought of adding a comment on a specific point Charles has seen through his glasses. He says: “when the large scale development and investment are there bribery and corruption take a greater dimension. THIS COULD BE TAKEN AS A SIGN OF DEVELOPMENT” (highlighted by me). What a way to measure and SEE the development and investment? Anyway Charles sees it that way. It could be due to that “coloured glasses” he is wearing.

    I do not see it that way and do not want to measure the scales of development and investment using the scale of corruption and bribery. If the large scales development and investments are accompanied with similar magnitude of corruption and bribery, what happens to the COST and the NET RETURNS.? That is what we in Sri Lanka are paying today. The other day the Minister of Power & Energy brought out a massive scale of “FRAUD” in the purchase of coal to run the coal power plant. The amount we lost run up to “Billions” of rupees. Who pays for it or bear that loss and what is the NET WORTH of the end product? This one project. How many other “Developmental” and “Investment” projects are in motion? This “Sign of Development” measured by Charles from France could be good and acceptable for him and bearable; but we poor folks in Sri Lanka cannot be grouped with him.

    The other side of the coin is the way these investments through foreign loans are handled. I agree that a country who cannot generate internal funds for certain developmental and investment projects has to borrow funds from outside. But in doing so, it has to work out the system in such a way to derive the maximum benefits. For example, the men and material that could be found for such undertakings must be obtained and procured from “within” and thereby “develop” the capabilities of “personnel” and “manufacturing” units for the continued maintenance of such completed projects. That is the “Investment for the Future” that has to be looked into and tagged with the fund investments. For Charles, this “coloured glass” is not worth a “penny”.

    Before writing this comment, I spoke to one my village folks who receives “Samurdhi” (welfare) assistance from the Government. I explained in general the content of this article. He gave me a nice explanation and told me to write it here. Here it is: “API KANA HATI LIPA DANEE” (The fire (cooking spot) knows how we eat). For your information he also told me how his “SAMURDHI) (welfare payment) is subjected to deductions that which he cannot comprehend easily. One among the many deductions is Rs.10.00 for a “LOTTERY” and he does not hear of anyone winning that lottery. He knows another deduction goes to a saving fund called “Samurdhi Fund”and deposited in a “Bank” called “Samurdhi Bank”. Interestingly, this “BANK” does not come within the control of the Central Bank. So who controls it, and where is the money kept and how it is invested and what return the savings holders get, and where it is invested are matters of anybody’s guess. Our friend Charles does not catch these things with the type of “Glasses” he is wearing. But with our “coloured glasses” (his interpretation) we see it clearly and that is why we CRY to CORRECT the situation.

    I only CRY to CORRECT this deteriorating situation and for that reason I requested our President to continue in his balance of the period of Presidency and TURN THE TIDES in favour of all of us. So do Charles or anyone else ask me the change the “COLOUR” of the glasses?

  29. aloy Says:

    What is ” So, whisper to me softly Effendi,”
    I haven’t heard this. So, please explain.
    The long list of expressways are only on paper. They are there just to hide Hamanthota underneath. Only Hambanthota will go on full swing. I have heard land acquisition planned on some others, that is all. If not tell me which other contractors working on them.
    As for consultants and expatriates like us who want to contribute, nobody except a selected two or three are allowed in on all the jobs all the time. Once I met MR’s secy and explained to him how I can contribute. I met Gota’s additional secy too, all in vain. If other countries can entrust significantly large jobs to people like us why not we get a chance in our own country. Every thing in the country is in just one man’s hand, not even a cabinet minister has the freedom to put the set up under him in motion. This is what some Chinese who wanted to invest on projects with us as consultants told me. Sorry, I had to come up with personal matters. But these are the things I know. My attempt to meet them was after I spent close to Rs. 10m from my hard earned money. What I wanted to do was not solely for my benefit. It was part of my contribution for the enhancement of local knowledge, but the rouges within the system wont allow that to happen or they too are scared.

  30. Marco Says:

    Aloy, Ananda
    Lets look at Hambantota Port development.
    Phase 1 was completed at at a cost of $380m. (85% Funded by Exim) To this date no one has come up with the cost overruns as a result of a number issues and delays (ie Rock face on the seabed etc). GOSL was supposed to have refinanced it but no bank came forward, no doubt as a result of the feasibility of the whole project. Exim refinanced with penal interest rate of 6.5% above. (yes! 6.5% above) The loan for refinancing had exceeded the original loan. No sooner the refinancing took place with Exim the loan covenants were breached. Only few weeks ago a vague statement was issued stating that the Chinese will take over and have a management agreement over 4 berths on Phase 1 in return for the relaxing of loan conditions. No mentioned was made if the interest payments have been kept up to date.

    Phase 11 is to cost $810m – 100% funded by Exim. Thankfully Exim have got a little smarter from its experience at Magampura and have stipulated no funding/drawdowns on Phase 11 will be provided until certain operating targets are achieved on phase 1 and no further loan breaches on the Phase 1 loan.

    Ananda- you are wrong if you think the Chinese give loans at relatively low interest rates. Quite the contrary, they are the most expensive rates provided to the Govt of Sri Lanka compared to other developing nations in Asia and Africa. It is true the Chinese don’t stipulate on “uncomfortable” conditions like ADB, IMF or other European Banks but the price you pay is penal interest rates.
    The loans from Iran was at a penal rate to acquire arms from their nominated buyer.
    I don’t wish to comment on on the loan from Libya under Gaddafi- there is a certain amount of haziness on that.

    I can name 5-6 private companies in Sri Lanka who have obtained funding from Exim at circa 1.5-2 % above purely based on the risk management and confidence the Operating Board.

    With regards to Labour force, it was always known that if a Chinese contractor was to develop “anything” it would consist of a large Chinese work force. In some respects it had nothing to do with the capabilities of the local labour force but more to do with the Chinese finding employment for its own population and improving its skill sets.
    You may have heard that Magapura Port was built largely by Chinese convicts.
    It is equally known that the Chinese do not train, develop or provide any skill experience to the local labour force that work along side them during these projects.

    I can certainly vouch the likes of Skanska, Mouchel and the likes of them provide a training and development for our local labour force to improve their skill sets. Equally they provide some of our middle management with overseas experience, training and higher technical skills to undertake the very tasks that they were employed in.
    One could argue “its cheap labour”, but the end result is that we are developing capable skills.

    None of which the Chinese provide.
    I have canvassed many of these Chinese Corporates in viewing it as a long term module in providing training skills for the local labour force and in the best interest of both sides.
    Regrettably its fallen on deaf ears. One has to persist.

  31. Marco Says:

    Rs 1.8 billion a kilometre!!!!

    The 26-kilometre-long Colombo-Katunayake Expressway has cost the country US$ 14 million or Rs 1.8 billion a kilometre — around double the cost-per-km of the completed 95-km stretch from Kottawa to Pinnaduwa on the Southern Expressway. The Colombo-Katunayake Expressway cost US$ 350 million or Rs 45.7 billion.

    In contrast, the Kottawa to Pinnaduwa highway — which is 70 kilometres longer — cost US$ 7.8 million or Rs 1 billion a kilometre.

    The Colombo-Katunayake Expressway was mostly funded by a loan from China through the Exim. Its terms of repayment are yet not known. The balance was met by the Government of Sri Lanka.

    The completed portion of the Southern Expressway was funded by the ADB and the Government of Japan. Construction of one section of it was contracted out to the China Harbour Engineering Company (CHEC) with the concurrence of the Japan Bank for International Cooperation.
    It was reported that CHEC had more than doubled the original contract value amid cost escalations approved by the Government.

    I have no doubt that Expressways, widening of roads have lasting impact on Communities and the Country as a whole. No “monetary” beneficial value can be placed on this.
    Toll charges are merely to provide the financial “assistance” to maintain/repair and no way can it be seen to recoup the investment which is immeasurable.

    However, I do have serious doubts on the cost of such projects.

  32. Ananda-USA Says:


    The “Whisper to me softly, Effendi, if my lips do not utter the truth” is the full line from a famous old movie involving Arabs and Ottomans at war, where this vizier trying to convince his sceptical lord of a proposal, presents a cogent argument that he knows cannot be refuted, but chooses to ask for his decision as diplomatically as possible so as not to embarrass the lord. Effendi is an Arabic honorific he uses to refer to the lord. Eh, please ignore it … I was just taking a literary license there, unfamiliar I guess to most people.

    I will respond at length to you and to Marco, later. But right now duty calls … my wife wants to go out for lunch!

  33. AnuD Says:

    Charles, SORRY, If I were wrong.

  34. Piyadigama Says:


    For you to know how people get by you have to live with them or visit them regularly. The last drought affected people very badly and government neglected them. Billions wasted on corruption and Uthuru Wasanthaya (හතුරු වසංගතය). Why didn’t the government help them? Cost of living is unbearable. It will go up further in festive season just before the election. Talk to your relatives in Sri Lanka. People expected more after the war.

    Government is getting unpopular by the day. If elections are delayed by another 6 months SLFP will lose.

  35. Piyadigama Says:

    නන්ද, ඔබ හරි.

    අද ඇත්ත කතාකරන්න ගියොත් ගුටි කාලා බැනුම් අහලා සමහර විට ඉස්පිරිතාලේ ගොහිල්ල නතරවෙන්නේ.

    අද ලංකාවේ තත්ත්වේ 1977 ජුලි මාසේ වගේ. වෙනසක් බලාපොරොත්තුවෙන් ඉන්නේ. හොඳ වෙනසක් නම් හොඳයි. පාන්ඩුව තිත්තවෙලා මිනිස්සුන්ට.

    රට වෙනුවෙන් යුද්ද කරපු කොල්ලෝ අද කුඩු ගහනවා. හිඟා කනවා. මේක සාමය නොවෙයි සමයං. මේවා පෙනෙන්න සම්මා දිට්ඨියක් උවමනා නැහැ.

  36. callistus Says:

    නන්දාවතී තව එකවුන්ට් එකක් ඇරලා පියවතී කියල වගෙයි පේන්නෙ

  37. Lorenzo Says:

    Great betrayal by BBS!

    Mosque-itos have attacked Sinhalese again in Aluthgama. A Buddhist who had gone to the Buddhist temple was assaulted by Mosque-itos after he DISOBEYED threats not to visit the temple.

    But this time NO BBS to save them. Why? Because BBS is busy campaigning for MR!! BBS now wants Muslims to vote for MR. So they have left Sinhalese high and dry.

    The RIGHT think to do is RELOCATE Muslims in Aluthgama to Batticaloa as an ancient Sinhela king did. Otherwise they will keep attacking until a MAJOR RIOT breaks out and relocates them anyway.

  38. Ananda-USA Says:


    You may be correct; the now absent critic of MR, who would have blamed MR even for natural calamities such as the recent landslide in SL, seems to be reincarnated here as a new Avatar!

    This is a COMMON PHENOMENON at blog sites where people ditch their current blog-handle to escape criticism and reappear disguised in a brand new sheepskin. However, since the underlying personality is inherent, very soon find themselves attracting the same flak they wished to avoid.

    C’est la vie on the web!

  39. NeelaMahaYoda Says:

    In England a mile (1.6km) of new motorway costs on average £30m, according to the Highways Agency. As a rule of thumb, an elevated road costs 10 times more than one on the flat, But the M74 extension opened in 2011 in Glasgow at a cost of £692m, which works out at £138.4m per mile The latest cost of a mile of new motorway is £29.9 million.
    Source: Hansard, Column 37W, 30 Oct 2006: ttp://www.publications.parliament.uk/pa/cm200506/cmhansrd/cm061030/text/61030w0007.htm#06103073000170 Adding an extra lane to a motorway costs approximately £10 million per mile, a mile of dual carriageway costs £16.2 million and a single carriageway is £10.6 million per mile.
    So generally the average construction costs of motorways in Sri Lanka are relatively cheaper. But most important point here to consider is transfer of technology and know how to our local engineers. Our civil engineers were extremely good at construction of dams and irrigation system. But we had very poor standard in road and motorway construction. With this new motorway construction projects our local engineers are acquiring the experience and the know how very rapidly and soon we will be able to carry out major motorway construction projects in any part of the world. That is I call an achievement!!!!

  40. aloy Says:

    Could you please compare the cost of labour (including technical personnel), equipment and machinery hire rates and construction materials like earth fill, asphalt etc. as well to justify the claim. In my opinion you will find all these except steel will be many times more in the UK.
    To complete the expressways given in Ananda’s list MR will have to send all SL’s women as house maids to ME.
    Ananda has not yet disclosed the list of contractors working on the many roads in his list. It is sheer fantasy!

  41. Lorenzo Says:


    This is a HUGE requirement in SL. Transporting troops by normal roads takes HOURS AND HOURS and can be subject to attacks, disruptions, inconvenience to many people.

    But a highway that costs 1,800 rupees a milimeter is too expensive.

  42. Dilrook Says:

    The enormous cost of expressways should be justified on the direct and indirect economic benefit to the nation. Some proposed expressways fail this test.

    A bigger plunder is reclaiming land from the sea for Colombo port. According to the Authority, it costs Rs. 8.5 million a perch. Even afterwards the cost to maintain will be enormous. Instead land adjacent to the port should have been taken over and the port should have been expanded to house administration buildings. Floating market is another waste of money and the proposed monorail.

    External debt stands at Rs. 3.2 trillion which increased more than 3 times since November 2005. That is Rs. 610,000 per household. At interest rates of 15% (dollar interest rate + rupee depreciation rate), that is Rs. 51,000 a month in interest payment per household. Needless to say it is unbearable for most households (not to mention repayment of the principal of loans). In addition there are local borrowings and state and provincial expenses. Government collects all this from people either by way of taxes, high inflation or cutting down services. To retire old unserviceable debt (emphasised), the government borrows more. Sri Lanka is in this borrowing trap (borrow more at higher rates to repay old debt). National economic situation equals a household of a gambling/drug addict or an alcoholic.

    JHU MP Patali Ranawaka has promised to reveal large scale malpractices including the coal deal on Wednesday at the Mahaweli Centre. Certain politicians with interests in gambling have ventured into coal business. It is said that substandard coal played a part in the breakdown of the power-plant and cost escalation.

  43. Nanda Says:

    Even Buddhism is a multi coloured glass. ( Blue, Yellow, red, white, orange) .Thanks to my Buddhist friends even my comment on “Noble Wealth” ( defined by Buddha) proving we have lost noble wealth since 2009 has been deleted.

  44. Marco Says:

    NMY, Aloy
    If one was to look closer to home, the Delhi Gurgaon Airport Expressway is a good comparison of similar length of 27km opened in 2008. Certain sections have 6 lanes and more exits and service roads with similar elevation.
    It costs $165m which amounts to circa Rs 750m per kilometre.

  45. NeelaMahaYoda Says:

    During motorway construction in Sri Lanka, all machineries, equipment and constructions materials have to be imported. Only the manual labour is cheaper but can not be used to get a significant cost incentive as the construction procedure needs highly mechanised methods to obtain the best reliable construction guarantees.
    So the end results is that the construction cost should be inevitably higher than what we observed in UK, Europe or in US and the Chinese offer cannot be beaten by any other Western or Eastern competitors.

    At the same time I should point out that we had an extremely bad experience in offering construction to a British company to reconstruct Colombo Kandy road by a former UNP government. It was a disaster, even after less than four years the road surface deteriorated beyond repair.

    Motorway and highway construction by Chinese companies are very competitive. After a decade of remarkable expansion in Africa and Asia, Chinese construction groups are beginning to break into more mature markets. At first glance, their progress in the US and Europe looks as if it might be as impressive as their march through developing nations.

    Macedonia signed deals with China’s Sinohydro Corporation for the construction of the Kicevo-Ohrid and Miladinovci-Stip motorway sections.
    Representatives of the Government of Montenegro and a group of seven Chinese infrastructure companies (led by China International Contractors Association – CHINCA) agreed, together with the Chinese EXIM Bank representative, on a concrete set of activities aimed towards a soon commencement of the Bar-Boljare motorway construction.
    The Chinese government has invested 60 million yuan (about 9.5 million U.S. dollars) in the construction of a highway linking China and two Central Asian countries and it has completed the construction of the highway’s last 13-kilometer section in Kyrgyzstan.
    China has invested a massive amounts of money and manpower to improve Pakistan’s Karakoram Highway, the highest motorway in the world.
    So GOSL is in the right tract to use Chinese money and Chinese companies to improve our motorway and highway system, in the time, when Chinese investments and engineering know how are now gradually filtered into European and US market.

  46. NeelaMahaYoda Says:

    Dear Marco
    I have travelled extensively in India. Indian highways and motorways are unbelievably substandard, unreliable and they have had a few major accidents collapsing some elevated sections killing a dozen people. Yes they can built cheaper multi-storeyed building and highways, but the risk to your life is high and will not provide sufficient life span to recover the cost.

  47. aloy Says:

    Speaking of accidents, the Southern expressway is replete with them. One boy, a bystander, died when the bridge designed by expatriate company collapsed while it was under construction. Many have died after it became operational due to poor design. I understand the original design was by a company by the name Babcock (a British one ?). If you say they are of good standard you are wrong. They do not have even the standard lane width. No point in discussing these on this forum as there is no one to answer them from RDA. MR needs only one secy and Chinese to run the whole country. Money will flow as banks are there to give loans guaranteed by our house maids. One senior Chinese guy was telling me that even to process the loan there will be a consideration for the bank clerk too (this was during their previous government). If it is not given he will scuttle the processing. They may be doing same with those East European countries you mentioned.

  48. Marco Says:

    Safety is of paramount importance.
    My comments above were merely to provide a comparison and the disparity with regards to the cost of these high profile projects.
    In any case we are digressing from the main body of the article.

  49. Marco Says:

    There have been many debates recently (not so much at lankaweb)with regards to the legality of President Rajapakse seeking a third term.
    Think we are safe in the knowledge that President Rajapakse will seek and contest for the third time but it remains to be seen if he would opt for a SC opinion/verdict or amend the 18th with express words using his 2/3rd majority for his personal benefit.
    [why cant he use the same 2/3rd majority to repeal the 13th, i hear you ask?]

    The SC opinion/verdict would be the popular choice from a political point of view. I would hate to be in Chief Justice Mohan Peiris shoes. This would further test his credibility and independence.
    Former CJ Silva, for all his colourful past and “dodgy” decisions, he is a clever man.

    Interesting article below from Asanka Welikala

    In the flood of commentary that has followed the former Chief Justice Sarath Silva’s public intervention regarding the potential illegality of President Rajapaksa seeking a third term, many have joined debate to remind us of Silva’s unsavoury behaviour on and off the Bench. One of the implications of these reminders, some of which have a rather holier-than-thou flavour to them, is that we should treat Silva’s too-clever-by-half argument with a large measure of scepticism on account of his past conduct.

    Silva himself has not helped his case, and yet again devalued the office he held, with that bizarre ‘apology’ for his decision in the Helping Hambanthota Case. He made matters worse in a train-wreck of a BBC Sinhala service interview by saying that he arrived at the decision on the basis of a presumption of Mahinda Rajapaksa’s good character. He could offer no explanation, except for a seedy chuckle, when the interviewer asked him what role evidence (‘saakshi’) as opposed to presumptions (‘poorva nigamana’) played in a judicial decision. Rather than the intended effect as an expression of contrition, therefore, the apology has served to remind us all of the capricious and self-serving nature of his judicial conduct and the possibly political motives behind his present intervention on the legality of the third term.

    While he is at it, he might as well go the whole hog and apologise for decisions that entrenched the corrupt crossovers of MPs in Amir Ali v SLMC (2006), for distorting the purpose of the law of contempt of court (and sending Tony Fernando and S.B. Dissanayake to prison), and for striking at the international protection of human rights by declaring unconstitutional Sri Lanka’s accession to the First Optional Protocol to the ICCPR in Singarasa v Attorney General (2006). He could apologise for his political adventurism garbed in the language of judicial activism, his obstreperous behaviour towards litigants and counsel, and a whole of host of other things about which Victor Ivan has written an entire book.

    We have not forgotten any of these things, and we certainly should not. But to introduce these considerations into the discussion about the legality of the incumbent’s third term is to mistake the messenger for the message. The technical legal argument that the incumbent is not entitled to seek a third term was first propounded by Silva. Untainted others have agreed with, and added to, this position since. It has been established now that Silva’s argument is technically and normatively the correct view on this issue, and pro-regime commentators have so far failed to address the issues raised by Silva’s argument, let alone rebut any of them.

    If that is the case, and President Rajapaksa goes ahead with the re-election process without taking prior remedial measures, then he would be consciously breaking the supreme law of the land. Given the lack of legitimacy of the Supreme Court after the impeachment of its previous Chief Justice by a dubious process, it would seem the only possible way he can do this is, is by again using his two-thirds parliamentary majority to amend the Eighteenth Amendment and have himself included within its terms by express words. If not, and if he gets re-elected as seems likely, the legitimacy and the legality of the President of the Republic would be at least open to question and doubt, and likely as not after the next parliamentary election, to impeachment proceedings for intentional violation of the constitution.

    That is the fundamental constitutional issue at hand. I have no idea what Silva’s motives are in raising this issue, or why he chose his timing, but he cannot be blamed if the drafters of the Eighteenth Amendment failed to observe a long-established general principle of the legal system in requiring retroactive provisions to be worded in express terms. But now that the issue has been raised, and on balance it is the correct legal position, then our commitment to the rule of law and the supremacy of the constitution demands remedial action. Sarath Silva’s character and personality are a rank irrelevance in coming to any sensible conclusion on this matter.

  50. Lorenzo Says:

    “Tamils Were Not Fooled By Any Of The Roads, The Bridges, The Mega Projects Govt Gave – MA Sumanthiran TNA MP”


    Bash him or call him a racist for his racist views but this is the TRUTH. Tamils are racist to the core. NO amount of development or GOOD WORK can win them over. Tamils only respond to RACISM. And TNA has the key.

    You will see this at the next election. Over 90% Tamils will vote AGAINST MR. FOOLISH govt. wasted money on winning Tamil votes. Instead they should have invested in Sinhala voters.

  51. SenaD Says:


    Your comment, “You will see this at the next election. Over 90% Tamils will vote AGAINST MR. FOOLISH govt. wasted money on winning Tamil votes. Instead they should have invested in Sinhala voters”, would be correct if the development is only to get votes.

    But the problem you raise is worsened due to something else which is that that particular part of the country became and left to stay as a no go area for the Sinhala voters even for the ones who had been evicted by the LTTE. That makes most of the MPs belong to the “Lanka Tamil State Party” (ITAK).

    Resettling of those displaced more than 20 years ago still stay displaced while those displaced later have been resettled.

    Some of these redevelopment work were funded by the Indians; they call it aid, let them, but it must be considered as a tiny fraction of the reparations that the Indians must pay to Sri Lanka for the colossal damage they have done to Sri Lanka. If playing the China card to get from the Indians what is payable to Sri Lanka is the way to do it let the president do it while saying “Indians are our relatives and Chinese are our friends”.

  52. Lorenzo Says:


    Development of north was MAINLY to INTEGRATE the country and to bring economic development to ALL (not just ONE race). BUT that NEVER happened!

    At the very least the politicians should work for votes. That will REGULATE them and all this craziness will NOT happen. Even that is NOT happening.

    Fully agree with the rest.

  53. douglas Says:

    Hope our friend Charles will find little spare time to read all of the above comments and clean his glasses, before his next presentation on our President. When I compare the comments with the contents of the main article an old saying comes to my mind. That is: “When the God wants to punish a person, He some times, takes that person to the upper most level and drops right down to the ground”. Is Charles trying that? Hope not.

    To those who “clamor” for the deletion of the 13th or 13 +. It was said in Parliament that no Constitutional changes could be done as some people “Demand”. So “FORGET” the demand for abolition of 13 and +. It will never happen.

  54. Nanda Says:

    Sometimes, when the wearer of glasses are old, they forget that they are wearing the glasses.

  55. Lorenzo Says:

    Don’t be so sure about 13 and 13+.

    Modi is NO FAN of CONGRESS’S 13 amendment. Modi has shown he doesn’t give a fart about Tamil racist demands.

    1. Tamil illegal fishermen in SL waters are not supported.
    2. Tamil people’s amma was sent to jail.
    3. Tamil demands NOT to allow SL president come to Endia was DISREGARDED.
    4. Tamils demands not to train SL army and not to do join military drills was DISREGARDED.

    Today Endian special forces and SL special forces (credited for killing THOUSANDS of Tamil terrorists) conducted a JOINT MILITARY DRILL. Endia needs SL. Toilet Nadu is TOTALLY SUBDUED.

    Now is the time to get Modi NOT to oppose scrapping 13 amendment. We can negotiate.

    MR and family facing DEATH THREATS from 13 amendment. NPC and EPC councilors sending CONCOCTED EVIDENCE to UNHRC against MR and GR.

    Now’t the time to ACT and SCRAP 13 amendment for good.

  56. douglas Says:

    Dear Charles: If you can spare a little more time other than reading the many comments above, please listen to the speech made by JVP leader Anura Kumara in Parliament joining the debate on Budget Vote of our President. I suggest you to DEFEND your “HERO” on the facts brought to light by Hon. Anura Kumara, in your next article in this web. Please educate us on the FACTS brought up in the Parliament during that debate on the votes of President. Thank you.

  57. Nanda Says:

    Not only imitation opaque Ray Ban, he is wearing ear muffs as well. He doesn’t have to listen to JVP. He can listen to Gov minister like CR. No see no here.

  58. Ananda-USA Says:

    MORE PROGRESS ON INFRASTRUCTURE DEVELOPMENT in Sri Lanka: 100 Gigabit Ultra Speed National Backbone Network

    This is CRITICAL to Sri Lanka’s emergence as a knowledge-based economy.

    A key to training knowledge-based workers will be delivering a LOW-COST internet connection to EVERY HOME, irrespective of income, or ability to pay.

    Like basic transportation highways, the BASIC INFORMATION HIGHWAY should be tax-supported; let those who can afford, pay an EXTRA TOLL to access the HIGH-SPEED INFORMATION EXPRESSWAY.

    Sri Lanka Telecom launches 100g ultra speed national backbone network

    ColomboPage News Desk, Sri Lanka.

    Nov 04, Colombo: Sri Lanka Telecom (SLT), the national ICT solutions provider announced that it has launched the country’s first ultra-speed National wide DWDM (Dense Wavelength Division Multiplexing) fiber optic backbone transmission Network (NBN) in Sri Lanka.

    Huawei, the strategic partner of SLT, worked together with SLT to implement the NBN with new generation OTN-based 100G DWDM solution. The solution supports 8 Terabits per second transmission capability through fiber optic to cater to future explosive growth of Sri Lanka ICT.

    A versatile ICT platform is a critical tool towards achieving the Sri Lankan government’s goal of a US$ 100 billion GDP economy and US$ 4,000 per capita income by 2016.

    The first step in creating a resourceful ICT platform is strengthening the National Backbone Network (NBN), with an aim to cater to future needs of all ICT operators of the country. With a significantly enhanced bandwidth, the NBN’s fiber-optic architecture would enhance connectivity and speed, while bridging the digital divide in the country.

    Reengineering the national ICT infrastructure is indeed a colossal undertaking, and the Government of Sri Lanka awarded the massive task of building the National Backbone Network (NBN) to SLT in 2013. Covering all 329 divisional secretariats in Sri Lanka within a 5 year time window, the NBN aspires to deliver high speed uninterrupted access at all times, to every business and household in the country.

    By facilitating access to sophisticated ICT solutions, the higher bandwidth and seamless high-speed connectivity would help convert households into SMART hubs and transform the way in which individuals perceive communication technology. Increasing the capacity of global connectivity hand-in-hand with the development of national backbone is an essential prerequisite to facilitate the anticipated exponential traffic growth and the envisaged high speed-connectivity experience.

    Commenting on the Launch of 100G Ultra Speed NBN, Mr. Lalith De Silva, Group CEO of Sri Lanka Telecom said, “As the NBN service provider, SLT has established a fiber optic network that spans over 20,000km within the country. SLT is the only ICT solutions provider with multiple global connectivity options. Through the company’s domestic and global connectivity options, SLT provides the backbone for other operators to enhance their services to their customers.”

    Mr De Silva, said with the NBN rollout, the industry will certainly be empowered to provide high speed broadband access at affordable and competitive prices.

    “The country’s NBN provider today, is continuing to strengthen its 150 years of strong history in 100G technology. We are proud of the fact that the company has completed yet another industry first, technology milestone by proving that 100G traffic can be successfully carried over SLT’s National Ethernet network between two 100G network interface devices while maintaining carrier-grade performance. Having 100G network access will be important for developing Sri Lanka’s businesses that operate data centers and for mobile backhaul and other service applications empowering the growth of the national economy, in support of the Government’s strategic objectives and drive our nation towards a SMART Sri Lanka,” he said.

    Huawei’s Chief Executive Officer, Mr. Daniel Sun said the “NBN is a timely requirement for SLT which you have chosen Huawei to supply and implement this project. Such forward looking initiative in the event of initiative magnifies the uniqueness of the SLT. ”

    “Every day we have more and more people connected through the internet. It makes our corporation with telco operators much more significant and prominent. We all need to taking care of responsibility to continue our best efforts in bridging the digitally divided communities and promoting all with the equal opportunities brought about by the internet”

    “The SLT’s visionary, participatory and inclusive process plays a critical role in driving the Sri Lanka to info educational hub in south Asia which is clearly bringing new social and economic opportunities to so many people in this country” Mr. Sun Added.

    The Chinese ambassador Mr. Wu Jianghao highly praised this project’s high-quality and efficient fulfilment as the example of cooperation between China and Sri Lanka.

    He also conveyed that “with the fast economic development in Sri Lanka, more and more high-technical telecom requirements will be necessary in future. We all truly believe that Sri Lanka, the pearl on the Maritime Silk Road, will be the HUB not only for oversee shipment, but also for international telecommunication. Wish sincerely the deep cooperation in more and more areas between Huawei and SLT be successful, which can bring practical benefits for the Sri Lanka people.

  59. Nanda Says:

    “100 Gigapascal Ultra Strength National Backbone Network” – needed immediately, to be installed in the backs of our foolish selfish leaders.

  60. Lorenzo Says:

    “Sri Lanka Telecom launches 100g ultra speed national backbone network”


    I wonder why the govt. DELAYED this for so long. INSTEAD of DAMN reconciliation, this should have been done in 2010. Then it would be ready for the 2015 election.

    “8 Terabits per second”

    I don’t believe it. I think it is IMPOSSIBLE to achieve and sustain such a speed. IF TRUE, fantastic.


    Even better!

  61. aloy Says:

    With this kind of development we will be a leading nation in the IT sector. This sort of things can better be done without the thug culture that prevails in parliament and GOSL. Unless they reform, there is need for a change in the direction; sooner the better. If not, to hell with UNP& SLFP both of which are the same. The only difference I can see is their clour, therefore they are readily interchangeable.

  62. Lorenzo Says:

    Please don’t take in Mangala, Kiriella, Wijedasa and Ravi K to UPFA. REJECT them.

    These losers are now trying to crossover to UPFA. GOSL should NOT accept these TOP CLASS TRAITORS.

  63. aloy Says:

    We are digressing from the thread. But cannot help it. Both Ranil and Sajith are trying to out do each the other. Both wants to be the leader of opposition in the next parliament. Perhaps that is the reason for the above crossover.

  64. Marco Says:

    Excellent speech by AKD. Certainly hit a few raw nerves which was quite evident from Aswar doing his “jack in the box” act.
    The speech has gone viral.

    Further to a comment I made earlier on this tread regarding the legality of the Third Term, the President has sought the opinion of the Supreme Court and submissions can be made to the Courts by 3 pm on Friday.

    This would indeed be a litmus test.

  65. douglas Says:

    Marco: Thank you. I hope this subject matters that were highlighted by AKD will “open” the alarming eyes of all concerned people of Sri Lanka and those patriots living abroad. In fact some of the “die-hard” SLFP and UPLF people were so taken aback with revelations and it was creditable of some of the media channels in Sri Lanka to have brought it out. That “kack in the box”, your would have observed how he degraded himself in the eye of a very large population who watched in “HORROR” how the public money was plundered by the “Authorities”. I hope our friend, Charles will get an opportunity to “listen” or at least read in the Hansard, of course the unedited version.

    The Supreme Courts has written to the Bar Association already asking for submissions, that also giving time till 3 pm on Friday. This yet another “PLOY”. Do your remember how Minister of Economic Affairs sought clarification on the distribution of the financial hand out to the people affected by the drought in Uva during the election time. Prior to him this clarification was sought by the Commissioner of Elections from the Supreme Courts, when the complaints were received that the Government was to distribute the moneys during election time. The Supreme Courts, even without calling for submissions from the person who went “First” to the courts, gave permission to the Ministry of Economic Affairs to distribute the money. We saw how the “Samurdhi” officers walking around and handing over actual cash to the people of Uva where an election was to be held.

    With that background and in environment of making “Judicial Decisions” in like manner, do you really “TRUST’ that there will be a “JUDICIOUS” decision coming out on this referral. I do not think so. Well the Bar Association could still record its opinion so that it will go “on record” to say that it did in fact dealt with the subject “Judiciously”. That is all we will be left with.

  66. Lorenzo Says:

    What madness is this! Why supreme court has to SEEK the opinion of the Aluthkade UNP bar? If they want they can submit their view point voluntarily.

    “The Supreme Court has referred two questions to the Bar Association of Sri Lanka to get its consideration and for an opinion in order to elucidate whether President Mahinda Rajapaksa have any impediment to be elected for as further term.

    In a letter addressed to the Bar Association, the Chief Registrar of the SC has requested that the membership of the BASL be informed that written submissions with regard to the mentioned questions will be entertained at the registry of SC until 3 p.m. of the 7 November.”

    – adaderana.lk

  67. Lorenzo Says:

    Anura Kumara is a cunning power hungry politician who has a NO CONTEST AGREEMENT with LTTE-ISIS-UNP (TNA-SLMC-UNP). If he is GENUINE why not he contest the presidential election and face the people?

    Don’t be fooled by these politicians. Talking of poor people but they are obese. Talking about communism but they are capitalists travelling in luxury vehicles and living in luxury houses.

  68. Nanda Says:

    “Don’t be fooled by these politicians. ” -Lorenzo

    Yes. It is also true for the President. He is leading by example. So, don’t be fooled by him in particular.
    Nevertheless, regardless of the person, we must look at the facts presented by the politician. If he is making wrong allegations or hyprocratic surely he will be challenged or in trouble sooner of later. This is what happened to Ponseka. While he collected his bribes in Australia and USA ( even though not in huge amounts) he claimed MR’s “corruption” openly.
    Anura Kumara has been telling truth for long time now. His agreements with LTTE-ISIS-UNP is to be considered if he is contesting, but the truth he exposing will still be a truth and shall be respected and taken into account as facts. You can’t just condemn someone and get away from the problem.

    I have been condemn as a LTTe’r , Mangala supporter, UNPier and even the good moderator appears to be believing it. That is how powerful the evil is. But how many of the “Jayaweva” patriots ( with no citizenship of Sri Lanaka) disproved me than giving me those unjust affiliations ?

  69. Marco Says:

    The distribution of the hardship “hand out” and the drama at the Supreme Courts prior to the local elections is very clear in my mind and its what is expected from the current Govt. The behaviour is unsurprising to hood wink the local populace.

    The 18th Amendment is far more important (has recently been internationalised) and any Supreme Court judgement/opinion in relation to it will set a precedent which will have an effect in the long term to the country.- post Rajapakse era.

    Firstly any citizen of Sri Lanka may make a submission to the SC prior to 3 pm on Friday. I’m led to believe that the reason why the Supreme Court wrote to the Bar Association requesting submissions is because the Bar Association sent the written legal opinion of Professor Suri Ratnapala, a Constitutional expert to the Chief Justice.

    It does not come as a surprise that President Rajapakse did not think it appropriate to change the 18th Amendment with “express words” to lift the bar retro-respectively when the 18th Amendment has come under the scrutiny of the UN and other International Organisations. Instead, he has opted for his trusted and “independent” Judiciary for what he needs.
    This again is hardly surprising when one can cast ones mind back to how the 18th Amendment was passed without a referendum in 2010 when his now bête noire Shirani Bandaranaike as Chief Justice dismissed the petitioners on the enactment of the 18th Amendment without a proper public debate.

    If i may cast ones mind back. President Rjapakse had just won the Presidential election for the second time in 2010. The electorate was in a buoyed and in no mood to consider elections for some time. President astute politician as he is, took advantage and rushed through the 18th Amendment (warts and all)

    Here is how the process of its enactment panned out:
    The President placed the 18th Amendment before the Cabinet on Monday 30 August. Since the Cabinet declared it as urgent in the national interest the Amendment bill was automatically referred to the Supreme Court, the following day on Tuesday 31 August. Those who were fortunate enough to have had access to a copy of the Amendment, intervened before the Supreme Court. At the Supreme Court hearing, it became apparent during the Attorney General’s submissions that the version of the bill in possession of the intervening petitioners was different to the version relied on by the Attorney General [Mohan Peiris, P.C., the current Chief Justice]. When the intervenor petitioners objected in court, the Attorney General turned to them and stated “This is what happens when you have documents you are not supposed to have.” He subsequently relented however, and gave a copy of the Amendment to one of the intervenor petitioners who then asked his junior to rush out into the streets of Hulftsdorp to make photocopies of the Amendment for the others who were challenging the bill. Thus, the intervening petitioners were only given accurate copies of the proposed changes after the Attorney General had commenced his submissions.

    Within a day of the hearing the Supreme Court issued its opinion in a judgement consisting merely of few pages, holding that the Amendment did not affect the entrenched provisions of the Constitution, and thus, did not require a referendum. The Government was able to secure a two- third majority and passed the bill in to law few days after the Supreme Court hearing.

    Four years later we appear to have discovered a “wart” in the hurried and rushed 18th Amendment.
    In the long term interest of the Country, i would rather see the 18th Amendment changed to include the “express words” as it was originally intended as opposed to the SC coming up with a spurious opinion (as its more likely to do) which would set a precedent and likely to do more damage in the future.

  70. Lorenzo Says:

    Selective amnesia is funny.

    For the forgetful fools who cry foul about 18 amendment, let me REMIND them how the DAMNED CURSED 13 amendment was passed.

    Endia invaded SL in June 1987 with ROTTEN PARIPPU drop in Jaffna to SAVE Tamil terrorists from Vadamarachchi SL force operations. After that Endia invaded SL in July 1987. UNDER ENDIAN INVASION, Endia forced JR to pass the 13 amendment. ALL MPs opposed it. But JR threatened them to kill them unless they voted for it.

    Then ALL UNP MPs were CORDONED OFF in a hotel with their families and FORCED them to vote for 13 amendment or die. NO ONE had seen the text before a few hours earlier.

    Supreme court was given a TAMPERED COPY and judges were threatened with DEATH unless they supported it. SC was divided. But the govt. LIBERALLY interpreted the verdict and ILLEGALLY passed 13 amendment. The country was on FIRE. PEOPLE protested in BOTH the north and the south. Curfew was imposed to SHUT the people out. Even MR vehemantly opposed it!

    This was how the DREADED 13 amendment was passed. So 18 amendment is a SAINT compared to the devil of 13 amendment.

    SCRAP 13 amendment BEFORE 18 amendment.

  71. Lorenzo Says:

    Why we should SCRAP 13 amendment BEFORE 18 amendment.

    13 amendment allows another PERUMAL to declare UDI and attack non-Tamils in the north and east. It happened before.

    18 amendment gives the president the power to STOP them in their tracks. This is ESSENTIAL.

    So first remove the CANCER (13 amendment) and then the TREATMENT WILL STOP (18 amendment will automatically go).

  72. douglas Says:

    Lorenzo: “Anura Kumara……………………………..who has NO CONTEST PACT WITH LTTE…..” Let me refer you to some of the views expressed by Mr. Tilvin Silva of JVP at an interview on YaTV aired through News Room on infolanka.lk web on 3rd February 2010. The interviewer asked Mr. Tilvin Silva when he first met General Sarath Fonseka and for what reason. Mr. Tilvin said: The time frame was when the Government decided to recruit 120,000 youth to the Army and that was his first meeting with the General to assure that JVP was prepared to get that required number to the Army to fight the LTTE menace. No doubt ,this view expressed by Mr. Tilvin Silva had a direct impact on the future of General Sarath Fonseka and I have no doubt that he paid a heavy price. Of course, for very many, that situation and facts have got buried in the sand of history.

    Reference, SC seeking the opinion of the “UNP” BA. This is yet another “PLOY” played by the SC hand in hand with “Petitioner”. The decision is already “written and whether the Official Bar OR UNP Bar makes submissions is no matter of concern. You would have already read the detailed drams explained my Marco, how the 18th Amendment came before the SC and how the then AG (the present CJ) acted in getting it through the courts. So do we OR can we expect anything BETTER in this case too?. This is like “Horage Ammagen Pena Ahanawa Wagi”. Time will tell the truth. So let us wait and see.

    As Marco said, the Official Bar has already received expert opinion and that is in the hands of the CJ and that was also available to the public. This referral to the Official Bar is a “Jilmart” to throw wool over the eyes of the International Institutions dealing with Judicial Systems.

    I know Charles is also an expert on “Constitutional” matters. Perhaps, he will educate us on this subject with his next contribution to this web page.

  73. Lorenzo Says:


    Allow me to give some FACTS.

    1. “Government decided to recruit 120,000 youth to the Army and that was his first meeting with the General to assure that JVP was prepared to get that required number to the Army to fight the LTTE menace.”

    NOT true. The army was 110,000 strong when SF took over during war (after he came from Singapore). Army recruited 60,000. MOD NEVER went through JVP or anyone else for that! It was transparent and OPEN JOB ADVERTS. Tilvin’s claim is FALSE.

    2. Lets not forget the CHIEF JUSTICE when 18 amendment was TICKED OFF by the SC was none other than the DARLING of the BAR ASS-O-CIA-TION Shirani Bandaranayaka!

    The SC judge who was SO UPRIGHT (according to the BAR) that the BAR went on rioting to reinstate her when “wrongfully” impeached!!

    Mohan was only the AG and AG has NOTHING to do with the JUDGEMENT which was given by Shirani the CJ.

    Now the BAR is challenging their own darling’s judgement. With a A/L 4 Fs people at the BAR what would you expect. Konawala Sunil had better A/L results than a president of the bar. Some BAR presidents are UNP candidates.

    3. “This referral to the Official Bar is a “Jilmart” to throw wool over the eyes of the International Institutions dealing with Judicial Systems”

    I FAIL to understand what the INTERNATIONAL COMMUNITY got to do with an amendment to the SL constitution! Didn’t SL gain independence in 1948? Our constitution is our business. UNHRC demanded that we SCRAp 18 amendment. What’s their problem?

    I’m not happy MR extending his terms from 2 to 3. GREEDY man! But we should not be ruled, judged and hanged by the BAR.

    4. Give Charles a break. He is entitled to his opinion. Too bad not too many SLs share his opinion.

  74. Ananda-USA Says:


    You said “Too bad not too many SLs share his (i.e., Charles’s) opinion”

    How did you come to that conclusion? Are you concluding that from the commenters haunting LankaWeb, or is it based on an broad-based survey of voters in Sri Lanka?

    If you did such a survey, you would be surprised by the results to learn that the MAJORITY of people in Sri Lanka share Charles’s opinion!

    This will become CRYSTAL CLEAR in the upcoming Presidential Election, my friend!

    More Power to Charles, for forging ahead in shark-infested waters here!

  75. Ananda-USA Says:

    Now, who was it that DOUBTED the Northern Expressway would EVER BE CONSTRUCTED?

    As in all things, Le’ audace’ ! Le’ audace’ ! Tourjours Le audace’! wins the day, Mon Ami!

    Construction of first phase of Northern Expressway in Sri Lanka to commence this week

    ColomboPage News Desk, Sri Lanka.

    Nov 09, Colombo: Construction work on the first phase of Sri Lanka’s proposed expressway to the North is scheduled to commence this week, the Project Minister of Highways, Ports and Shipping Nirmala Kotelawala said.

    Minister Kothalawala said that the first phase of construction work will commence in Galewela, Galagedara, Rambukkana and Kurunegala next week.

    According to the Minister, the foundation stones will be laid on 14th November at Senkada interchange, Rambukkana and Galewela interchange.

    0n the 15th November the foundation stone will be laid at the Kurunegala “Abiman” interchange.

    The 300-kilometer long highway will be constructed under four stages and the first stage of the project from Enderamulla to Ambepussa is expected to cost US$ 1 billion and it would be completed with Chinese assistance.

    The 52.8 km Enderamulla-Ambespussa stretch will have five interchanges, 50 overpasses and 30 underpasses.

    The Outer Colombo Circular Road, constructed from Enderamulla will connect to the Northern Expressway to Dambulla covering the main towns of Meerigama, Pothuhera, Kurunegala, Melsiripura and Galewela, under the first phase.

    The entry way to Kandy will also be constructed as a part of this phase. It will begin from Pothuhera and end at Gannoruwa.

    The second phase of the project would see the extension of the expressway to Pallendeniya in Kurunegala. It will cover a distance of 39 km with three interchanges at Pothupitiya, Dampalassa and Pallendeniya. There will be 30 overpasses and five underpasses.

    The third and final phases of the project will include the extension of the expressway from Pallendeniya to Dambulla and connecting to the A9 road to Jaffna from Dambulla.

    When the Northern Expressway is constructed, Kandy – Colombo and Colombo – Dambulla travel will take only one and half hours, according to the Minister.

    The four lane expressway will be built at a cost of approximately US$ 4.5 billion and is scheduled to be completed by 2018.

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