OPEN LETTER – 01 February 2012
Posted on November 20th, 2014


Dear Editor,

We, of the World Alliance for Peace are committed to find a rational answer to a burning query: How in the world did Norwegians happen to get involved in Sri Lanka’s issues, and what was Norway’s factual agenda in the island?

We found we needed to float a commission and identify a person; who knows the Norwegian culture intimately, be associated with Sri Lanka and knowledgeable of the history of the terror campaign unlashed on the Sri Lankan nation, to carry out such a mandate.

While there are experts who specialize in each such field, the person we were considering needed some additional qualities such as; being devoid of fear to ferret out the covert facts and give a cogent interpretation of  what is uncovered. Indeed he should be capable of wading through tons of information, penetrate the subtle psychology of the important players and reach out and grab from history the vital essence of what has occurred, and juxtapose those to paint a broad canvas.

Indeed his literary abilities should be beyond dispute. More than that, his integrity and passion for the truth should incite him follow the facts where ever that may lead him.

In fact his mandate was quite explicit; to investigate historical facts and produce a rational report to quench our curiosity; as to why and how of Norway’s involvement.

The expert, who fulfilled all of the above described conditions and much more, was none other than Mahinda Weerasinghe.

After 5 months of research, deliberation and ferreting out the facts, he tabled his answer with the following report; which he termed; ‘PAWNS OF PEACE-EVALUATION’ AND, LESSONS UNLEARNT !

This report simply gave me the jitters. Indeed it hit me like a ton of bricks.

He has not only fulfilled its mandate 100% but went way, way beyond. It brought some terrible uncanny facts to the surface, which we never imagined in our wildest dreams. How a kind and tolerant cultures (such as Norway) be subverted by a band of holy Christian worriers thus affixing themselves as financers of terror.

We own a huge debt to Mahinda for applying himself overzealously in order to uncover this ‘pit of snakes’. Mahinda’s sir name appropriately defines what he is (Weera-Singhe), brave- lion.

Now that we are aware of the facts the world at large should be made aware of it too. If Catholic terrorist Prabkaren was in Norway with Hans Westborg when Tsunami hit Sri Lanka, (on the 25th of Dec. 2004) this report’s veracity is established instantly therewith.

WAPS demand that government of Sri Lanka summon the Ambassador of Norway, and insists on an answer to this burning question. For it is of national interest as thousands of Sri Lankan laid their lives while defending the nation from peace facilitators financed terror. What’s more Norway should compensate Lanka for its earlier Prime Minster Kjell Magne Bondevik program of destabilization and transgression of the Sri Lanka nation.

We would give out the Sinhalese and the Norwegian translations to make these people aware of how Lanka was living at the edge of an abyss for decades.

The expert, Mahinda Weerasinghe has opined; real information does not reach the Lankans and Norwegians alike and gets buried. This blocking of real information should be thought through carefully, if Lanka is to avoid a re-run of history.

Under the circumstances we thought of going public with report, so as to create an awareness of a very grave aspect of Norway’s hidden agenda.

Under the circumstances Lankaweb is the forum to give out this information first. We it should be mentioned, hold the exclusive rights to this report.

While we recognize Mahinda’s painstaking research and his incredibly astute analytical powers, our organization wishes to send him a special vote of thanks for his labor on behalf of the truth seeking peoples.

Best regards,

Ranjith Soysa




Dr. D. Jayasuriya

President of Society for Peace Unity and Human Rights for Sri Lanka (SPUR)


President – Sri Lanka United National Association (SLUNA) of Canada

President – Society for Peace, Unity and Human Rights of Sri Lanka (SPUR), NSW, Australia

President – Western Australian Society for Peace Unity and Rehabilitation, (WASPUR) in Sri Lanka, Australia

President – Sri Lankans Against Terrorism- NSW, Australia

President – Sinhala Cultural and Community Services Foundation of Victoria, Australia

President – Apey Shakthi- New Zealand

Coordinator – Hela Muthu Ketaya, New Zealand

President – Canadian Association for United Sri Lanka-Canada

President – Sri Lankan United National Association-Canada

President – Sinhala Centre- United Kingdom

President – The International Campaign for the Liberation of the Sinhala Nation- United Kingdom

President – Sinhala Association of Sri Lankans in the United Kingdom

President – New York Society of United Sri Lankans-U.S.A

President – United Sinhalese Association in Italy- Rome, Italy

President – Pacific Alliance for Peace in Sri Lanka, Vic (National Office), Australia

President – Alliance Against Tamil Domination, United Kingdom

President – Veera Parakramabahu Foundation (VPF), NSW, Australia

President – First Society of Sri Lankan Professors in American Universities, United States of America

President – First Society of Sri Lankan Professionals in Japan, Japan



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