How many UNPers will vote for a Farmer from the Opposite Camp?
Posted on November 23rd, 2014

 Shenali Waduge

The UNP – is a party where CLASS factor is undeniable – it is why Sajith will never be accepted, it is why Dayasri left, it is why Premadasa had to be excepted because of no other choice but why Maithripala will not be accepted (strange that NO UNP sat at the press conference announcing Maithripala’s candidature as common candidate)

 Will UNP voters fall for trap – Remember the trishaw driver Municipal elections in 2006? Sirisena Cooray asked UNP votebase to vote for the trishaw driver claiming he would hand over power once elected. That did not happen and the UNP voters foolishly voted for a trishaw driver!

 Ranil chickened out of contesting the last presidential election and Fonseka fell for the bait and again UNP voters fell victim and faced disappointment.

Now the question is knowing that a large number of minorities vote for the UNP –

will the Tamils vote for Maithri?

will the Muslims vote for Maithri?

will the Christians/Catholics vote for Maithri?

will the high class UNP vote for Maithri knowing that passing power is quite a questionable scenario?

As for the President… it is good to take stock of what is taking place around him

 who are his stalwarts, how reliable are they, have the loyal been rewarded or being discarded because the make-believe loyals have money though not loyal but money cant buy or give loyalty

 what will tip the balance again in favour – abolish 13a, adjust provisions in it, safeguard the interests of the nation and not personal gains, give opportunity for competent people not people pretending to be doormats and then leaving camp…take the honest one’s into one’s fold and get rid of the useless…

this election is all about revenge and nothing to do with national interests of the nation…. these factors need to be brought out into the open… just imagine a Maithri Govt and the demands that will be made from those supporting him foreign funds that bought MPs will demand their piece of Sri Lanka the federalists will want division of SL  the CFA promoters will tie deals of separation should we look at another terror situation – there are enough un-rehabilitated LTTE cadres around already a reversal of all that the country has gained just to satisfy the petty personal agendas of a handful

A good question for the people to ask themselves is how much is the public affected in their day to day lives because of the office of the President – is it they who want it abolished or is it just a political slogan for politicians!  what do the public want that a President can and should deliver – is it political slogans or the leadership to keep the nation and its people safe and secure and uplift the masses and develop the nation what a chaos the country will land itself in…. voters must decide and voters must not fall prey

25 Responses to “How many UNPers will vote for a Farmer from the Opposite Camp?”

  1. Lorenzo Says:

    This is true.

    COLOMBIANS will NOT vote for this farmer.

    But you never know. DISASTER after disaster makes STRANGE BED FELLOWS!

  2. Christie Says:

    History repeats. SF was paid and funded by India, Indians, Indian colonial parasites, same goes for SWRD. Chandrika is running the errands for these Indian interests. When it comes to Mahinda the Indian interests failed. It is these Indian interests that supported Mahinda over Ranil in the first place. Mahinda did not become a puppet of India so India keep changing the puppet.
    Recently Emperor Modi visited Fiji and promised $ 75 million and while in Australia he was begging for funds to provide toilets for half of his population. How much India will spend on island nation’s presidential election? I would say about a billion dollars.

  3. Independent Says:

    will the Muslims vote for Maithri? yes. Look at the man sitting next to him and teaching him ( not the woman on the other side).

  4. NeelaMahaYoda Says:

    He is not a farmer He, together with his son and his brother were the political thugs who were terrorising and intimidating other businesses in Polonnaruwa district. The Corruption Queen has selected the correct counterpart from Raja Rata to contest Mahinda.

  5. helaya Says:

    They will vote for him. After his victory Chandrika and Ranil will run the show. They will never scarp 13A. Ranil will give North and East on a silver plate to TNA. LTTE will be re-born again. History will repeat. It is time for Mahinda to think hard. Change the behavior of his fellow politicians.

  6. Nalliah Thayabharan Says:

    A CID team led by inspector Gunasinghe, has left for Polonnaruwa to arrest a brother of Maithripala Sirisena on a complaint (no. CR321/2013) to Polonnaruwa police with regard to the setting fire to a wildlife office.

  7. Nalliah Thayabharan Says:

    The Tamil National Alliance (TNA) has expressed confidence in common candidate at the next Presidential election, Maithripala Sirisena honouring the pledge made by him yesterday.
    TNA MP, R. Sampantha has told BBC Sandeshaya that he believed Sirisena would honour his word and abolish the executive presidency is elected to office.

  8. Marco Says:

    Arresting Priyantha Sirisena is only likely to benefit the Common Candidate campaign.

    re TNA- MS also stated that the 13th Amendment is to be abolished.

  9. Leela Says:

    All die-hard anti-Rajapakses will gladly vote for Maithree or anybody for that matter. They do not think about the country. They think only about how to topple Rajapakses. Keeping that in mind, Shenali should have pondered what percentage of each one of those categories are anti-Rajapakses?

    I have deliberated the worst case scenario this way: Most traditional UNPers venerate the elephant symbol. For that reason, if an outsider wants to tap a good percentage of UNP votes, he will have to contest with the elephant symbol. For obvious reason, Ranil didn’t give Fonseka the elephant symbol. And he didn’t get even close to what Ranil got in 2005. Ranil doesn’t want to give the elephant symbol to Maithree as well. Consequently, the traditional UNPers I am talking about may not go to the polling booth. On the other hand, SLFPers and leftists who hate elephant symbol will not vote Maithree not because they don’t like him but they do not want Ranil to be the executive Prime Minister. Of cause, a few Chandrika’s vociferous awalams who rode thavalams and separatists and evangelists and that type of lot will gladly vote Maithree just the same way they did Fonseka. But that won’t take Maithree even close to 50%. So, end of the game.

    Important point: I do not believe Maithree left because of revenge. I think the man has been ambitious. And ambitious people get frustrated. Nothing wrong with that really. Unless such ambitious people in the government foresee they have a chance to reach to top there will be more Maithrees. Venomous bandit queen must have taken this man along the garden path. Others may have left for combination of factors. If MR has eyes in his back as he said, he should have noticed the apathy of the genuine ones and attended to them. MR should have listened to Janaka Bandara earnestly and not the thugs. Its not too late even now.

    About that advice, ‘Take only honest people’. Yes; but honest doesn’t mean only those who sing ‘yes sir no sir three bags full’ and do all the dirty thing with a MR’s mask.

    It’s a different story that a hypothetical ‘Maithri Govt’ cannot last, what matters is that such a course would set the country on an irreversible destabilizing route as Shenali says.

  10. Leela Says:

    If what Nalliah says is true, opposition camp may strengthen their determination to win. That’s not the way to win election these days.

  11. sena Says:

    sadly all this b’s MR surrounded himself with incompetent opportunists and thugs and he protected them from the law openly. It became a self defeating proposition and his friends are his worst enemies. Naturally this balatant disregard is what people remember. Otherwise could have been a much better outcome and a historical perspective

  12. Marco Says:

    I do hope the Budget will be not defeated with the crossovers. MPs need to take stock of what is good for the people of Sri Lanka and not make political points. Most Sri Lankans believe the Budget is a good one.

    You make and gain political points by advancing and recognising the good of your political opponents and strip them on the bad ones.

  13. Lorenzo Says:

    “opposition camp may strengthen their determination to win. That’s not the way to win election these days.”

    Leela is RIGHT.

    These tactics only fuel the opposition and shows MR is in FEAR.

    e.g. Yesterday the govt. BLOCKED a tv program by the name “SATANA” and now EVERYONE is watching it!! It has gone viral in the internet and those who don’t have internet get to hear it from friends and through newspapers and radio.

    Can the govt. BLOCK them all? NO!

    A very bad move. It gives credence to the JVP allegation MR is a “dictator”. It is NOT true but if MR keeps attacking the opposition and blocking news, PEOPLE will think he is.

    FOREIGN CONSPIRACY is not a seller anymore. People DON’T buy that nonsense. People know who are the US CITIZENS and who are SL ONLY CITIZENS.

    I hope MR will not score OWN GOALS.

  14. Susantha Wijesinghe Says:



    There is a saying:- Believe nothing of what you hear, and half of what you see. Does that apply in this era ?

  15. SenaD Says:

    Last time SF competed with all the opposition parties supporting him. As a war winning general he presented himself as a worthy contender and it was not for somebody else to reap the benefit.

    I believe there will be defections in the other directions too because MR is not going to be idling during the next 6 weeks.

    A long standing SLFPer asking the SLFP voters to elect RW through this scheme might be heeded only by the people who have allegiance to him for personal reasons; even some of them might not heed his call. Why would SLFP voters vote for him to bring in RW who could not win.

    In the end most probably winners will be RW and MR, just like the last time.

    RW appears to be happy as long as he could stay as the leader of the opposition.

  16. Ananda-USA Says:

    Shenali said “just imagine a Maithri Govt and the demands that will be made from those supporting him foreign funds that bought MPs will demand their piece of Sri Lanka the federalists will want division of SL “

    That is my basic fear also.

    Sri Lanka will again be governed by NGOs, foreign powers will hold sway, separatists will reign, the country will be partitioned, Sri Lanka’s sovereignty will become a joke, and the country will be governed to serve the rich, the minorities and the educated Colombians as it was before SWRD’s Revolution.

    With the Sinhala Buddhist vote split, minority parties will become the kingmakers as in the past, dictating who will rule at the centre, and what they can doo. They will halt all national projects; the current national infrastructure development will come to a screeching halt under various pretexts, and the government will focus on making the rich richer, private schools will thrive at the expense of public education, and providing foreign exchange to the children of Colombians who want to go abroad will become the national priority.

    Maithripala Sirisena will be a HELPLESS PUPPET of Ranil, CBK and the TNA if he wins; he CANNOT and WILL NOT REPEAL the 13th Amendment as he has promised, relying as he must on the UNP and the TNA. That is like asking the fox to look after the chickens! Fortunately, there is NO POSSIBILITY of Maitripala Sirisena winning the Presidential Election. His excessive ambition, like that of the treacherous Gonseka, that led him to betray his friend and colleague of nearly 50 years … will consign him to the DUSTBIN of Sri Lanka’s history.

    However, Shenali, please don’t disparage “Farmers” as Maithripala Sirisena has been labelled. He should be proud of his farming heritage. I am a farmer too, a gamarala iif you like, who loves gardening and food production for personal pleasure, and has run a commercial agricultural part-time business in SL all my life.

    Farmers are the salt of the earth … who comprise the Govigama Goviyas of our nation. The greatest of our kings have been farmers (and irrigation engineers, I might add) who made Sri Lanka the granary of the region and discharged their duty providing food for their people. In the not too distant future, as the population of the world increases without bound, food will become scare and more valuable than gold. Then those who are farmers that we disparage today, will again inherit the earth.

  17. Susantha Wijesinghe Says:



    WHY DOES RANIL WANT TO BE “”EXECUTIVE ” PRIME MINISTER ? We never had Executive Prime Ministers before ! He is suffering from an inferiority complex. He does not want Executive Presidency, but still want the Executive Title, to be Executive Prime Minister EH ? Trying a Monkey Prank. Wants to put old wine in a new bottle.

  18. purohithaa Says:

    Hypothetically, say MS wins and then he has to use the executive powers to appoint to install Ranil as the PM with all executive powers while he assumes the ceremonial position of a President. All Presidents thus far since JR (except) pledged to abolish executive powers prior or while in Presidency just to create a sense of sincerity in voters merely to win the Presidency!

    MS should realize he is just a pawn in a chessboard, very well positioned to sacrificial moves for Ranil to Checkmate! Let’s assume MS will be meek as a mouse and relinquish the powers.

    Knowing that he has no ability to conduct in the position of a President he may have chosen to spent his twilight years seated in an easy chair with his legs resting on the folding of the chair twiddling thumbs having no burden of running the country, meanwhile Ranil holding Guinness book of records in losing elections who has no chances of getting to the top position in the country and who has been deserted by the most experienced senior members of the party at last will get the throne effortlessly!

    Mark my words, no sooner he assumes the throne Sobitha & company will be relegated to nothing and he will be a ruthless Dictator worse than the uncle JR. We all remember fate of the Judiciary and the civil rights of Mrs.B.

    A period will come to realize what democracy and freedom really means!

    I only hope we will not witness chaotic bloody scenes that we daily see on TV in the Arab zones!


  19. Leela Says:

    There is an interview with Champika Ranawake published in today’s ‘Irida Divaina’. Please read it and tell us whether he is talking sense.

    I watch tv through dialog. Last evening I was watching a non political program about a ‘East coast coconut grove’ in Derana TV. All of a sudden images started to freeze on and off. I turned to other channels. Except for government channels all others had the same malady. I checked the cloud but there was none. I telephoned the Dialog. They said they’ll check it but never got it right. And that’s unusual for Dialog. By 7pm News time, all channels including Hiru had the same problem but not the government channels. I also have an easy access to a normal antenna. So, I switched to that and everything was ok. I knew some government idiot tried to con the public.

    I am beginning to wonder whether MR is surrounded by the wrong people as Champika said in his hard hitting interview in that Irida Divaina. Surely MR should see that with his thugs and fool, he is making incorruptible and sensible people his enemies. Not a good sign at all.

  20. Lorenzo Says:


    That CANNOT be done without 2/3. It requires changing the constitution.

    MR plans to DISSOLVE parliament if he cannot have enough support.

    Run-nil only wants to keep his OPPOSITION LEADER post. He may be PM for a few weeks until the general election.

  21. Eusense Says:

    MR him self is to blame for this debacle. After an excellent job getting rid of terrorism and standing firm against foreign influences why on earth did he allow this kind of corruption and thuggery to take root? Today every element of Sri Lankan life is filled with corruption. Why did he look the other way? Why did he allow his family to have so much power and money? Most Sri Lankans are now well informed of all this. MR has a tough time winning this one. If he wins I hope he will hit hard on corruption and thuggery.

  22. Eusense Says:

    Shenali talks about foreign funds. Is there any concrete evidence that it is really happening? I thought GR is having an eagle eye on what money comes in to the country.

  23. Leela Says:

    Do you seriously believe foreign funds are behind JHU leaving the government. I doubt it very much.

  24. Ananda-USA Says:

    Leela, Eusense and others,

    Today I watched the video on the Sirasa TV sponsored interview of Maithripala Sirisena (MS), Dr. Rajitha Senaratne (RS), Anura Kumara Dissanayake (AKD), and Ven. Athuraliye Rathana (AR) regarding their defection from and opposition to the Government.

    1. MS stated that the UNP leaders had assured him that all the necessary funds would be available for the election campaign and even a referendum. Can those great gobs of ready money at short notice be coming from foreign sources; sources that Ranil was lining up during his foreign trips to the UK and US in the not too distant past? This addresses the question raised by Leela and Eusense on foreign funds.

    2. The overall impression I got from their comments was that they, especially the defecting Ministers, felt they had been PERSONALLY EXCLUDED from exercising power by the President and his Family. They said all the functions of the Ministries were controlled by the Rajapaksas, and that there was nothing for the Ministers themselves to do except rubber-stamp the decisions of the Rajapaksas. They said the President had too many Ministerial portfolios and exercised total control over the budget.

    3. Another impression I got was that their own ambitions had been checkmated by the Rajapaksas. Perhaps that control and intrusion into their Ministries PREVENTED them from profiting from their departmental budgets, and of exercising POLITICAL PATRONAGE by distributing benefits to their own followers. Clearly, part of the reason for Champika Ranawaka’s defection could be his demotion to a less important Ministry with a much smaller budget.

    4. Anura Kumara Dissanayake was easily the best and most aggressive speaker, as most JVP leaders tend to be. His remarks reminded me of the “class struggle” spouting JVPers of my day at the U. Peradeniya, who resorted to the argument of force when they could not convince the people through the force of their arguments. Those viplavakarayas were either killed or are in hiding abroad to this day. I would not trust his newly discovered commitment to democracy even to save my life … for I know this type of frustrated revolutionary very well.

    5. If I were the President, and had a Band of Able Brothers like he has, I too would use them as a defensive phalanx for protection against the totally ungrateful and treacherous politicians driven by unbounded ambition and greed that proliferate like snakes in Sri Lanka. What would you do in the President’s position surrounded by internal and external enemies?

  25. Independent Says:

    If one could trust one politician in Sri Lanka he/she is Patali. Do not sling mud at him. Surely he is annoyed of transferring him to a different ministry as he sacked the President’s man for a reason. Have any of you read his book? But even the other ministry he got he totally rejuvenated it , go school children to get involved and educated them in economics. President did not like it either.
    If any of you know the PM personally, he has been a thug since 1970’e , interfering with every ministry in his electorate Gampola. He had connections with Muslims too. Now he has turned a drug dealer + thug and our President is shielding him.
    What Eusense said describes it all. Quote- MR him self is to blame for this debacle. After an excellent job getting rid of terrorism and standing firm against foreign influences why on earth did he allow this kind of corruption and thuggery to take root? Today every element of Sri Lankan life is filled with corruption. – unquote.
    I agree with above description of Anura Kumara Dissanayake . When he was with the President, he did his job very well with zero corruption charges. President is famous of getting rid of good people and bringing in people of Mervyn Silva’s calibre.

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