Posted on November 25th, 2014

Lakshman I.Keerthisinghe LLB, LLM.MPhil, Attorney-at-Law

Never stifle conscience for when it speaks you are in the path of danger; only when you are safe is it silent, yet none the less watchful, unsleeping. Never try to displace that judge who never leaves his seat, but sits moment by moment weighing every thought and action in his balance.

– Edward Clodd – Conscience

On 24th November 2014, newspapers revealed, a sinister Tiger plan to hang President Mahinda Rajapaksa stating that in the event the common candidate defeats the incumbent President Mahinda Rajapaksa, he would be taken to the international criminal court for alleged war crimes committed as stated by Suren Surendiram, spokesman and Director of the Strategic Initiative for the Global Tamil forum. This was stated while participating in a television interview with Al-Jazeera television.

Suren, a LTTE supporter also had said that an investigation has already been commenced by the United Nations Human Rights Council in this regard. If Rajapaksa could be removed from his government as President, he could be taken to the war crimes commission. Adding further Suren had said “The day that Rajapaksa is beaten in an election, and he is no more the Head of State, he will be taken by the international criminal court like Charles Taylor and Milasovich”. It was also stated that at this interview Rajiva Wijesinghe had been quoted as stating that if the people come to know of this, they would vote for Mahinda Rajapaksa to make him win. ‘In this context it is not good to mention this before a presidential election’ he had said. With this story the cat or rather the tiger has jumped out of the bag.

In the meantime UK Tamil News had reported that ‘When the Chinese submarines arrived in Sri Lanka, Suren Surendiran, the spokesman for the Global Tamil Forum arrived in Tamil Nadu claiming that he was on a private visit. However, he had addressed a number of meetings in Chennai stating that India should assert her role as the regional leader.

Sri Lanka issued the gazette notification banning the Tamil Diaspora in March 2014. The government announced that it was done in accordance with Resolution 1373 of the United Nations Security Council. Accordingly fifteen organizations affiliated to the Tamil Diaspora face the ban. Any transaction with those organizations is viewed as promoting terrorism.

The Global Tamil Forum tops the banned list. The government published that gazette notification before Prime Minister Modi assumed office with the belief that India will accept it even in an unofficial manner. When the Global Tamil Forum Leader, Rev. Fr. Emmanuel tried to enter Tamil Nadu earlier, the then Congress Government did not permit him. Instead, he was turned back from the Chennai airport. The Colombo government hailed that decision that was taken by the Congress led government. The Colombo government would have thought that Modi’s government would follow the same pattern with regard to the gazette notification published in Colombo in March this year.

Global Tamil Forum

India which earlier banned entry to the Global Tamil Forum and Rev. Fr. Emmanuel to Tamil Nadu has now permitted Global Tamil Forum spokesman Suren Surendiran to hold meetings.

However, Suren Surenthiran in an interview with Indian Deccan Chronicle newspaper had stated the following: Chennai: Global Tamil Forum spokesperson and its Director of Strategic Initiatives, Suren Surendiran, presently in Chennai on a private visit, speaks about the Sri Lankan Tamils gaining new hope from change of regime in Delhi.

When Surendiram was asked “The TNA recently met Indian PM Narendra Modi. How do you view this development?” Surendiran replied that: ‘Global Tamil Forum (GTF) believes that Modi meeting TNA members, who are the democratically elected representatives of Tamils in Sri Lanka, is a significant step.

On the day after his taking charge as PM, Modi had met President Rajapaksa, who was an invited guest at his inauguration event. However, before meeting a formal Sri Lanka’s government delegation or the official opposition party in Sri Lankan Parliament, PM Modi choosing to meet the TNA underscores the significance.

Regarding subsequent events, Rajapaksa has maintained the status quo. He has not made any efforts to engage the TNA in any constructive way. The large military presence still continues in the Tamil-dominated North and East. Land-grabbing and government-sponsored colonization of the Tamil areas with the clear intent to change the demography is still continuing.

When Suren Surendiran was asked: ‘What will the efforts towards success in the Sri Lankan Tamil issue look like, say about 18 months from now? And what would be the impact, if these efforts fail to yield fruit? He replied that ‘The Indian foreign policy towards Sri Lanka corrects its course and takes more of a regional leadership role than being the subdued equal partner role. In this process, India uses all levers at her disposal with specific timelines set to achieve lasting peace in the region. India and the international community maintain pressure on Rajapaksa to deliver on his promises and articulate consequences for non-delivery.

Tamil leadership in the North/and the East and around the country, including the plantation workers and the leadership of the Tamil-speaking Muslims should find convergence on the important issues faced by their communities.

The same should be achieved with the like-minded Sinhala Buddhists and Christians. While the Tamil Diaspora is accepted as a stakeholder by most of the international community, India’s recognition will be fundamentally important to strengthen the moderate voices within the diaspora.

This, in turn, will broaden the stakeholder base that can add capacity and capability to the struggle, in the most constructive way. Suren was asked “LTTE chief Velupillai Prabhakaran was the sole voice representing the Tamil people of Sri Lanka until his death in May 2009.

Now the Tamil voice not only sounds weak but also is badly divided.” Suren Surendiran replied that: “The TNA, the elected representatives of the Tamil people in the island, and the GTF that is an umbrella body in the diaspora with significant influence and contacts with several international bodies and governments, work in conjunction.

There has been a program run by the several representative bodies to consolidate even further, which work is in progress. TNA has also taken steps to explore possibilities of convergence with the leadership of Tamil-speaking Muslims in the island. I am more positive about my community than less!”

International criminal court

From the above media reports it is crystal clear that the Tamil Tiger Diaspora in order to avenge the death of their diabolic blood thirsty leader Prabhakaran and the decimation of the barbaric LTTE that brought misery, death and destruction to our beloved motherland has laid out a sinister plan to remove the incumbent President from office and with the assistance of the international criminal court to hang him for purported war crimes. This is indeed not a far fetched idea as what happened to Saddam Hussein is one clear example.

The common candidate seems to have innocently fallen into this trap. There is a saying that love of money is the root of all evil. Love of money has lured many persons including seasoned politicians and persons holding high office in to parting with principles and becoming ungrateful to the very people who assisted them to come up in life.

The writer does not wish to cast aspersions on any person without concrete evidence in this regard but all Sri Lankans should beware that such a fate as described above does not await the courageous leader who vanquished the LTTE and brought, peace, tranquility prosperity and hitherto unseen infrastructure development to our motherland.

As Buddhist philosophy teaches no man is infallible except those who have attained enlightenment. All others are prone to greed, hatred and stupidity.

History reveals that the British executed our national leaders such as Keppetipola Dissawa, at a later time Lieutenant Henry Pedris and many other national heroes who did not opt to toe their line, while the Sri Lankans watched in helpless silence and utter despair.

Are the Sri Lankans including the common candidate so ungrateful as to subject the incumbent President to such a fate at the hands of foreigners for the purported ‘war crime’ of ridding our beloved motherland from three decades of deplorable despicable terrorism by annihilating the diabolic blood thirsty villain Prabhakaran and his barbaric Liberation Tigers of Tamil Eelam. (LTTE)?

In conclusion it must be said that undoubtedly, the grateful Sri Lankans would return the incumbent President to a third term in office thereby foiling the sinister plans of the LTTE sympathizers and placing our motherland on the road to future prosperity.

As Edward Clodd stated and quoted at the outset of this piece, if all Sri Lankans act according to their conscience this would be a foregone conclusion.

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  1. Susantha Wijesinghe Says:

    “”THE COMMON CANDIDATE SEEMS TO HAVE INNOCENTLY FALLEN INTO THIS TRAP”” Oh NO, NO. He is a hypocrite who parachuted to the UNP to install an imbecile who has been a born loser to sit on the Prime Ministers chair, for money, money. A die hard crook who used his position to abuse the rules and system. A back stabber. POX ON HIM.

  2. Ananda-USA Says:

    My comment on an Article by Shenali Waduge applies here as well, and echoes this authors sentiments.



    I agree with your list except the following:

    1. The 13th Amendment IN ANY FORM is INIMICAL to the SURVIVAL of Sri Lanka as a UNITARY State; so it should be abolished without further ado. Also, it was imposed by India. Abolishing it would give notice that Sri Lanka will not ACCEPT FOREIGN DICTATS now and in the future.

    2. The 18th Amendment can be APPROPRIATELY modified in consultation with patriots; but the number of terms SHOULD NOT BE ARBITRARILY LIMITED to 2 terms.

    Such a limit would eliminate EXCEPTIONALLY ABLE Presidents from continuing to serve the Nation just as the EXCEPTIONALLY ABLE US President Franklin Delano Roosevelt did for 4 terms until his death while holding office.

    Let the President be FREE TO SEEK RE-ELECTION if he remains medically fit, and let the People decide whether to retain his services via Presidential elections. For example, it would be ASININE to EJECT President Mahinda Rajapaksa, the “greatest achiever of our time” in the words of H.L.D. Mahindapala, from office, just because he has served 2 terms, while there is MUCH LEFT TO DO to achieve the Vision of Sri Lanka becoming the New Wonder of Asia and transforming Sri Lanka into an ECONOMICALLY VIBRANT, MILITARILY IMPREGNABLE NATION beyond the grasp of its enemies.

    Furthermore, are we such UTTERLY CRAVEN and DESPICABLY UNGRATEFUL cowards to leave OUR HEROIC LEADER and his Family vulnerable to threats by Neocolonialist Powers and the Eelamist Diaspora seeking to prosecute him in the ICC because of his ENTIRELY LEGITIMATE actions on our behalf executing his BOUNDEN DUTY in the service of our Motherland.

    When we needed deliverance from terror, he and his Family RISKED ALL FOR US; NOW it is OUR BOUNDEN DUTY to stand by them and not cast them off like a used vestment!

    If we were to abandon our hero like that, who will rise up defend the Nation in the future, knowing that his craven people will abandon him afterwards? Which IDIOT will come to our aid THEN? Who?

    We must long remember, that it took 30 long years of pusillanimous ineffective leaders to find a family, the Rajapaksa Family, to lead the NATION TO VICTORY, while others like Chandrika Kumaratunga Bandaranaike took fright at the FIRST REVERSE and FLED TO THE REAR demonizing the Sri Lankan nation in search of Personal Safety!

  3. Hiranthe Says:

    If the worst happens and if they prosecute the President.. we cannot help because that is how the system works unfortunately. Our President will die like a HERO. He will be ever remembered like weera Keppetipola etc.

    Next thing happens is, Sri Lanka will get rid of the Ealam dreamers completely. People will get the law and rule into their hand and finish the Ealam dream, finish the Thesawalamei, Waddukodai and everything. This will be the day our motherland gets full freedom after may be 500 years from Yapa Patuna to Dewundara.

    What a good solution… I cannot wait for that day to sigh a big relief. Our motherland will be free from parasites.

    For this, not only human power, unseen Rawana power also will work. Then we should get rid of “SRI” part from our country’s name and call it “Lankadweepaya” or “Lanka” if want to be simple.
    Ever since we got this bloody “Sri” part we are having blood baths everywhere… We want that peaceful Lankadweepaya back.

  4. Independent Says:

    Well said. Very logical than just listening to the same song.

    What a foolish thing to even think that all the ranawiruwos, Sinhala people of Lanka (say 17 million ) simply allow this to happen. Some aliens form USA flies in, Ranaviruwos run away and they go and grab our beloved President and hang him.

    No one dreams this. Even Runil, or even Chandrika , all the Maha Sangha – they all sleep.

    Problem is , as we see, we don’t have brave leaders who are really ready for this and get ready for this. If this is the case , our president , if he has a little brain, should get ready and prepare the armed forces with his brother. He can do it.

    Soon Runil wants to do it he can capture power , easily. President is also SLFP anyway.

  5. OaO Asithri Says:

    Lakshman, a good analysis, a good revelation – thanks! I saw the Al Jazeera interview and was nauseated to see Rajiv W and Harsha D-S basically being side-swiped and caste aside like damn malnourished street “Balu Kukkas” by that Suren Surendran of the racist-Tamil separatist GTF, the GTF which GOSL considers as an arm of the modern and ‘undercover’ LTTE. Of course, it seems that was the intent of traditionally anti-SL Al Jazeera, but what amazed me was how these two unsuspecting balu-kukkas got sucked into a debate that was well aligned to benefit the GTF! Indeed, these two balu-kukkas, in the presence of that GTF skunk who was ready to run away with the cake, all they did was look up at the sky and spit ravenously and copiously and it was pathetic to see one trying to out-do the other in that dastardly act! Damn shame! Abjectly damn shame indeed! If this is the kind of “opposition” we have in Sri Lanka, I think all Sri Lankans should stick with the GOSL under MR until he is 300 years old…still in nauseating spasms…yikes, poor me!

  6. Independent Says:

    All the candidates do not love Lanka. They love themselves. We fools say jayaweva since 1948. Maithree is like a suicide carder. He wants to sit on the chair for 100 days like a kid, hand over everything to king Runil and kill himself. Does not make any sense. Same with the president. He can be the king for another 2 years but he is scared, so waiting for king Runil to come and hang him early than waiting for 2 years. Does not make any sense. Still , foolish people say Jayaweva.

    Jayaweva !

  7. OaO Asithri Says:

    Hiranthe “If the worst happens and if they prosecute the President.. we cannot help because that is how the system works unfortunately” Not quite. If you mean the Pro-LTTE infiltrated UN “system” or the Western influenced any other “system” (out to punish Sri Lanka for getting too close to PRC) for that matter…well, things are not that black & white anymore when it comes to these “regime changes” on earth anymore. Syria and Ukraine I think were two good cases that showed, yes, even the weak party can and does survive – simply because not everyone on earth likes to fall in line with one person’s thinking/ideology and militarily it is not a “bulldoze over” threat also anymore just because you are militarily known to be strong.

  8. OaO Asithri Says:

    Susanthan – “THE COMMON CANDIDATE SEEMS TO HAVE INNOCENTLY FALLEN INTO THIS TRAP”” Oh NO, NO. He is a hypocrite who parachuted to the UNP to install an imbecile who has been a born loser to sit on the Prime Ministers chair, for money, money. A die hard crook who used his position to abuse the rules and system. A back stabber. POX ON HIM. KUDOS! How true! I could not have summed it up better!

  9. OaO Asithri Says:

    Susantha – “THE COMMON CANDIDATE SEEMS TO HAVE INNOCENTLY FALLEN INTO THIS TRAP”” Oh NO, NO. He is a hypocrite who parachuted to the UNP to install an imbecile who has been a born loser to sit on the Prime Ministers chair, for money, money. A die hard crook who used his position to abuse the rules and system. A back stabber. POX ON HIM. KUDOS! How true! I could not have summed it up better!

  10. Lorenzo Says:

    Dear MR, as you fear war crimes BS, we GENUINELY fear about SL from the dangers of 13 amendment. You SCRAP our fear, we SCRAP youurs.

    This daily news article is FALSE.

    1. Maithri comes from an area Tamils (LTTE and others) used to HACK Sinhala villagers to death REGULARLY.
    He will NEVER send any of our war heroes anywhere NO MATTER WHAT.

    2. Run-nil will NOT be the leader. As I explained Run-nil will be the PM in a parliament that will be DISSOLVED SOON! He cannot do any of this in that short time. After that PEOPLE decide who the PM is going to be and SLFP will win the election, NOT UNP. RW will NEVER join SLFP and so he CANNOT be that PM.

    To the credit of this foolish traitor, he DID NOT sign the ROME STATUTE in 2003 which saved SL.

    But the immunity of KP cannot be guaranteed. He has done war crimes and he may pay for them. I think this is the REAL REASON for govt.’s fear.

    3. As Hiranthe explained well (I FULLY AGREE) SL people will NOT SPARE ANYONE who betrays our war heroes. It will be total chaos and ALL politicians are aware of that.

    4. So this is only election propaganda. ALL army, navy, air force, defence secretary, president, personnel are aware they are safe from ALL forms of harassment and BS charges.

    GTF clowns are nobodies.

    IF MR wants to AVOID all this fear, SCRAP LTTE empowering 13 amendment. Otherwise don’t complain. 13 amendment will eventually DRAG ALL our heroes to a war crimes tribunal.

  11. Lorenzo Says:

    Like a stubborn baby, MR refuses to SCRAP 13 amendment but cries about war crimes allegations fears.

    SL GENUINELY fear 13 amendment the SAME WAY MR fears war crimes allegations. So why not save MOTHERLANKA from this fear by scrapping 13 amendment? Then MOTHERLANKA will save you.

    Patriots must stand firm and demand him to SCRAP 13 amendment or go down with it. Its now or never.

  12. Ananda-USA Says:

    Tomorrow, the uncommonly “Common Candidate” Palwatte Gamaralage Maithripala Yapa Sirisena is meeting the Maximum Leader of the UNP at Rankotha.

    It is highly likely that an “equitable” division of foreign financing for the Regime Change activites will figure prominently in the agenda.

    Quoting the news report “The UNP said measures have been taken to warmly welcome the presidential candidate.”

    I propose that crowning the poor sucker with an “anthattuwa” and lighting some festive firecrackers between his legs would be an appropriate reception, at least to give him a taste of what is to come in the days ahead!

    I would not trade places with this deluded man, conned into serving as the sacrificial lamb, for all the gold in the world!

  13. Lorenzo Says:

    “lighting some festive firecrackers between his legs would be an appropriate reception, at least to give him a taste of what is to come in the days ahead!”

    Stop spilling the govt. beans!! We KNOW violence will be used against him because he is an innocent man (when it comes to violence).

    He survived 2 LTTE bomb blasts DIRECTED at him. Please don’t kill or harm him.

  14. Ananda-USA Says:


    No violence was intended; only levity …. don’t take everything so literally!

  15. Independent Says:

    Those who support our beloved President are invited to visit Bodu Bala Sena web site and support him. They are testing what people want. At the moment President has got 12% only , 60% is asking BBS to field own candidate. Probably this website is visited by NGOs , Jihadists and LTTErs. Otherwise why the popular president has only 12%. Please help !

  16. Ananda-USA Says:


    Which decent person would want to visit the BBS site and be tarred by the same black brush?

  17. Sooriarachi Says:

    The GTF. the TNA, South Indian communal parties and all LTTE front organisations around the world must be feeling quite guilty and nervous that they fit the criteria to be taken to a War crimes Tribunal, just like the Liberian President, for sponsoring, aiding and abetting a terrorist movement in another country. These guilty conscious people are trying to console themselves, pretending that President Rajapakse fits this criteria, when in fact President Rajapakse is far from it as he only rescued the nation from terrorists who committed crimes much much much worse than the ISIS Muslims. Good luck to guilty conscious jokers like Suren Srediran.
    Also, may I know who are the following people supporting the Presidential candidate Sirisena, which I heard in a café where a group of people were chatting jokingly. They reckon Sirisena might be good but he will lose support if he gets the backing of Chaury Rajina, Batalanda Veeraya, Sun God’s followers like the TNA etc Who are these people?

  18. Independent Says:


    I am born black (among fair skinned siblings ) and proud of it ! Honestly, BBS I thought is the voice of Buddhist being supressed for long. Sorry, probably you don’t like it. Some Buiddhists and most Muslims and Christians think they are extremist. But I have checked it out and their demands are justified.

  19. Lorenzo Says:

    “Kawda kotiya?”

    “Seruwila Pradeshiya Sabha member K. Sivalogeswaran of the Tamil National Alliance (TNA) has defected to the United People’s Freedom Alliance, this morning.”

    Too many LTTE/TNAs in UPFA now.

    1. KP anna (INTERPOL arrest warrant)
    2. Karuna Amman (800 Sinhala policemen killed but NO APOLOGY SO FAR. A simple apology would be nice gentleman.)
    3. Pillayan
    4. Daya Master
    5. George Master
    6. The TNA MP from Amparei
    7. K. Sivalogeswaran
    8. Koti Ganesan
    9. Koti Hack-him
    10. Minnal Ranga
    11. Geneva Thurairajah

  20. Nimal Says:

    Separatists are happy when MR is defeated and is that good for the country?
    I doubt our two bit care for the country, but for themselves. They will pole vault for their personal benefit.

  21. Ananda-USA Says:


    You said “I am born black (among fair skinned siblings ) and proud of it ! ”

    Bravo, I am glad you are; everyone should be proud of their own skin … no matter what the color is.

    But, you got the wrong end of the stick here, old chap. You taking things literally instead of figuratively.

    My reference to “being tarred with the same black brush” has NOTHING to do with SKIN COLOR!

    It is a common English IDIOM referring generally to being placed into the some undesirable category with others, in this case the rabble-rousing category of the BBS. I thought that was amply clear!

    No aspersions on skin color, your’s or anyone else’s, is intended!

  22. Susantha Wijesinghe Says:


  23. Independent Says:

    MR. USA,
    I can see you read my comment on Chnadrasiri’s writing and came back here to answer it quickly. Cunning ? Am I right ?

    Anyway, no big deal friend. I value what Susantha says , he seems to be a poet.

  24. Ananda-USA Says:

    Mr. Dependent,

    Actually, you are WRONG again. I replied to your comment here.

  25. Independent Says:

    Having read your beautiful poem, may I ask you what do you feel when you read one of the following in our news papers today.
    Quote – The Indian PM has thanked the Sri Lankan leader for pardoning and subsequent release of five Tamil Nadu fishermen, who were sentenced to death by a Sri Lankan court on drug trafficking charges last month. – Unquote

    I feel ashamed. He we have two heads of states going against a court ruling. That means these are Kangaroo courts.

    You know how we Buddhist released cows to save people’s serious “Maranthika Apala” ( or astrological prediction that one may die”). There should be even better results when one releases “humans” on death row. Not one by many.

    There is no way to touch our President by any tiger.

  26. Susantha Wijesinghe Says:

    INDEPENDENT ! Yes Iam a Poet. Iam a recipient of the Shakespeare Trophy of Excellence for my Poem, ” Ode to a Teacher” at the famous Poets Convention, held at the Reno Hilton, in Nevada, in 2004, and The Shakespeare Trophy of Excellence, and poet of the Year Medallion, and Editors Choice award for my Poem, ” ists and ism ” at the same location in 2005. I have many publications in ” The International, Whose who in Poetry, ” Great Poems of the Western World ” and “Colours of Life “. Lorenzo also wrote some poems in this forum.

  27. Independent Says:

    Good to here that Susantha. We need the service of people like you forever , for the betterment of the world and humanity!
    Thanks . Mother Lanka needs your service more than ever.

  28. Susantha Wijesinghe Says:

    Independent ! I have already given my point of view on the subject you are asking me, in this forum.

    You cannot have one stream of Justice for five individuals, and another stream of Justice for three individuals, who have committed the same offence. IT IS A DAMNING TRAVESTY OF JUSTICE. Five are free, and the other three are languishing in Death Row.


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