President Rajapaksa the last Executive President of SL
Posted on November 27th, 2014

When all international challenges, the LTTE threat and the threat of separatism ends, President Mahinda Rajapaksa will himself declare that he is the last Executive President of Sri Lanka, SLFP Treasurer and Youth Affairs and Skills Development Minister Dullas Alahapperuma told the Daily News yesterday.

Minister Alahapperuma said the day President Rajapaksa announces an end to the Executive Presidency will come definitely before 2020 (2015-2020). Till then Sri Lanka will go forward and thrive with the Executive Presidency and defeat all existing challenges in the next few years,” he said. The minister said there is a major difference between unity and organising things as a gang.”

No one can call the current behaviour of the Opposition ‘unity’ because this is only ‘hanging around’ or a herding together to achieve a target which is the election victory, he said.

Minister Alahapperuma pointed out that the life expectancy of such gangs or herds end after the decisive day or after passing a deadline.

There will be no gang or a herd after the Presidential Election day. This happened during the 2010 Presidential Election. Even a new political party, the Democratic National Alliance (DNA) was formed and a new alliance was formed. But after the Presidential Election none exist. Everything vanished into thin air,” he said.

EP cannot be abolished on a whim

Common candidate Maithripala Sirisena will not abolish the Executive Presidency even if he is elected accidentally, International Monetary Cooperation Senior Minister and Deputy Finance Minister Dr. Sarath Amunugama said.

He was addressing the media at the Sri Lanka Freedom Party headquarters yesterday.

Dr. Amunugama said though he promised, while introducing himself as the common candidate, (Sirisena) he cannot abolish the Executive Presidency even if he became the President by some chance, since this should done through Parliament.

The Senior Minister added that a two thirds majority is required to abolish the Executive Presidency and it definitely will be a

miracle to obtain a two thirds majority within 100 days to abolish the Executive Presidency. He said under the present election system, obtaining a two thirds majority is not easy and therefore the common candidate will not abolish the Executive Presidency. Moreover, both, a two thirds majority in Parliament and a referendum are required for amending certain sections of the constitution,” Dr. Amunugama said.

He added that what he (Sirisena) can do is to resign from the Executive Presidency rather than abolishing it since he definitely won’t have a two thirds majority and a referendum. Minister Dilan Perera said it was peculiar that he (Sirisena) wants to transfer powers to Opposition Leader Ranil Wickremesinghe within 100 days for the latter to become an Executive Prime Minister.

This is while UNP General Secretary Tissa Attanayake has asked the common candidate for an immediate transfer of power within 24 hours. This is really contradictory because how can the common candidate hand over power to Ranil after abolishing the Executive Presidency within 24 hours? Beside, no one will be ready to vote for the common candidate if he is going to hand over power to the UNP and Opposition Leader Ranil Wickremesinghe, who lost 28 elections consecutively.”

Minister Perera added that the main desire of the people is to change the election system than abolishing the Executive Presidency.

However, the present government is genuinely attempting to abolish the Executive Presidency through the Parliamentary Select Committee (PSC). It is regrettable that the UNP or the TNA is not attending the PSC.”


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  1. Lorenzo Says:

    What a joke!

    Just put it to parliament. Let the parliament decide.

    PSC has NO POWER to abolish EP.

    IF govt. puts it to parliament ALL can see who REALLY support abolishing it. SOME in the opposition although SCREAM of abolishing it actually want it for them!

  2. Lorenzo Says:

    IF genuine, make it 2014.

    Don’t wait till 2020 what you can do today!!!

  3. NeelaMahaYoda Says:

    In any parliament system, the (PSC) parliamentary select committees are generally responsible for overseeing the work of government departments and agencies, or reviewing general issues, such as the constitution. That is another vehicle through which the constitution can be reviewed and amended and then ultimately prepare the constitutional amendment bill to the parliament for approval.

    What they say is there is a PSC already set up for this purpose and opposition is constantly refusing to sit in the committee, because TNA is not willing to participate in it.

    So, the whole issue of abolition of EP is a farce, they try to make mountains out of mole hills.

    Abolition of 13A should also be delayed until all international arm twistings and investigations are completed. That is the main reason why even JHU is not talking about it now. It has to be put it on the back burner for a while.

  4. Lorenzo Says:


    May I respectfully DISAGREE.

    The parliament can do it. There is nothing to discuss. Just SCRAP 13 amendment. There is NO NEED to rely on the PSC. JHU LEFT the PSC because PSC was NOT working to scrap the 13 amendment.

    Yes; I see JHU as crooks now. They are thinking what is BEST for them personally.

    As the president is UNWILLING to scrap 13 amendment, the parliament should be empowered (there should be NO power ABOVE parliament). Then it will scrap 13 amendment.

    You may recall even GR and Lalith Weeratunga BLASTED 13 amendment.

    BTW I thank Lankaweb for publishing my comments. My ONLY concern is the continuation of UNITARY SL.

  5. Ananda-USA Says:

    OMG, Wonders will never cease, Lorenzo … that uncritical fan of the JHU …. now declares:

    “Yes; I see JHU as crooks now. They are thinking what is BEST for them personally.”

    This shows ONE MORE GOOD QUALITY of our dear friend Lorenzo; he is unafraid to admit “Mea Culpa, Mea Culpa, Mea Maxima Culpa” … when he is!

    But whisper to me softly Lorenzo Effendi, WHAT ELSE are you wrong about?

  6. Lorenzo Says:


    JHU are crooks for stopping the demand to scrap 13 amendment. I have PASTED their original 19 amendment in LW MANYTIMES which called for scrapping 13 amendment!!

    But they are GREAT for pressurising MR to empower the parliament so that parliament can SCRAP it without a president over shadowing. SL parliament NEVER promised Monkey Boon or ManMoron Singh for the full implementation of 13.

    So NO Mea Culpa situation here. If it is I would say so as I have.

    BTW I don’t regret working HARD for MR’s re-election in 2010. I had many websites, a facebook campaign and poster campaigns to support MR in 2010. (Actually mostly to bash SF).

    MR changed, NOT me.
    SF changed before him. I praised him until October 2009 and started bashing him thereafter. Who changed? Not me!

    The problem with you my dear Ananda is you are attached to a PERSON whereas I’m attached to a NATION. A nation has MANY PERSONS at its disposal and would NOT hesitate a second to DISPOSE OF them if needed.

  7. ranjit Says:

    As for me all are crooks to leave the Govt at this stage. Who has the charisma like the current President and has the will power and strength like the current President to lead the country? The current system should be there to contain all our enemies within and foreign. Like President said why dont these rascals tell to TNA & Diaspora to stop canvassing for a separate state? How come this new Apekshakaya agree with TNA demands? What they were asking does all these traitors know about it? How these hypocrits sit to-gether in one platform when they do not agree each other in so many issues.Who are they going to cheat? They do not have any program for the people of Sri Lanka but they sit together to take revenge from this great leader. Who is the blind guy who will use his or her valuable vote to oust this people’s leader?

    Sobitha and some yellow robe clowns must stop doing politics and acting like rowdies, They belong to the Temple. Their duty is to advise leaders,politicians and the public to be good and promote Buddhism as per the Lord Buddha’s teachings. Some of the Monks are disgrace to our religion.They act like gangsters and talk like gangsters and it’s a shame. You cannot topple a strong Govt by telling lies and slinging mud at people. All the Opposition lunatics have different views at each other and how come they can beat a united strong Govt? This is all nonsense and laughable.

    All must do now is to be united and tackle the LTTE problem. Although LTTE murders have vanished from the earth their ghosts are all around. Each citizen must know what these traitors are doing in foreign countries and who are the local traitors who are supporting them. Without greedy for power, help to safeguard our Motherland first. We all must help the current President Mahinda Rajapksa to win this coming elections and then all must sit down and discuss this so called important issues and solve it without any delay.He has the majority and he can and will do it otherwise he should understand that he will not get another chance so easily.

    TNA should be banned and 13 amendment should be abolished also the Manapa Karumaya. Because of this so called Manapa friends become enemies and fight each other. We need a clean system which suitable for our beautiful Motherland with everyone’s consent and approval. MAY LORD BUDDHA PROTECTS OUR BEAUTIFUL HOMELAND SRI LANKA.

  8. Independent Says:

    Please visit BBS web site and vote for President. This site is possibly visited by NGOs and LTTErs only.

  9. Ananda-USA Says:


    My dear chap, you protest too vigorously for it to sound TRUE.

    OK, then … let us accept that you are STILL a die-hard fan of the erring JHU, and let me take back my high praise of that ONE GOOD QUALITY of yours!

    Actually, the problem with you my dear Lorenzo, is that you FORGET TOO EASILY the SACRIFICES that these LEADERS have made on our behalf. Such INGRATITUDE is a destructive personality defect.

    Sit down and contemplate at length the FOLLY OF THAT INGRATITUDE, and its CHILLING EFFECT on the willingness of future national leaders to sacrifice themselves on behalf of the nation.

    I know this well through bitter experience. One such experience I had was in rescuing a stolen community temple building at the behest of pleading “friends” who claimed there was no one else willing to help, bear the costs and take the risks. However, soon after the job was done successfully, driven by jealousy, my “friends” promptly ganged against me. I resigned leaving things in their hands. Later, when they arrived again pleading for more help when the very same thief engineered a coup-de-etat and became king of the temple, I refused all help. In my book of life, ingratitude deserves no compassion.

    If we abandon the Rajapaksa Family forgetting their SACRIFICES and RISKS on our behalf, making mountains of excuses out of molehills of defects to CLOUD the issue and justify INGRATITUDE, no one within living memory of that MONUMENTAL INGRATITUDE will take the same risks again on behalf of the Motherland and our people.

    Fortunately, the UNGRATEFUL are usually highly educated and wealthy; but the GRATEFUL are mostly the citizen voters among the common folk of Sri Lanka. They will remember what the Rajapaksa Family have done, come January 8, 2015.

  10. SA Kumar Says:

    but the GRATEFUL are mostly the citizen voters among the common folk of Sri Lanka-Agreed this is included Tamil living in Mother lanka.

    MR deserve 3rd Team for liberate 297,000 people from Vanni otherwise these people never see a plan & train in their live time !

    at least 1/3 of Tamil & Muslim , 2/3 Sinhalese vote for MR on 08/01/2015 .

  11. NeelaMahaYoda Says:

    Dear Lorenzo
    There is no provision for scraping of section of the constitution where executive power (EP) to the president is defined just like that. If you need to abolish EP, then that requires an amendment and amendments cannot be enacted unless they have passed a special procedure that is more stringent than that required for ordinary legislation. I e this can be done either direct approval by the electorate in a referendum, or by ratification with two third majority in the legislature.

    My question to JHU and Sirisena is this. When they ratified 18th Amendment in the parliament last time did Sirisena, Rathana and Champika Ranawake cast their vote to support this amendment. As far as I can remember they did. Now they try to disown it. So to me, they are the political charlatans of first grade because they should be accountable for what they have done in the past.

    When we’re making a choice as to whom we chose as a leader it is worth to take into consideration the basic criteria of accountability. Accountability is crucial to effective political leadership , as without this, there will be no respect from the followers. A good political leader is someone who will be honest and responsible for their own actions and decisions and who is willing to admit when they have made a mistake. They will focus their energies and time on representing the people rather than spending all the time “covering their backs” and criticising others.

    A good leader helps people understand that they are accountable for their society and its outcome
    Most important leadership quality that Sirisena and JHU lack is ability to take responsibility They are very adept at pointing the finger at everyone else and none of them accept responsibility for their mistakes, admit their political failures and acknowledge their own contribution to the problem.

    I am really baffled by the fact that how everyone in Sri Lanka is now blaming government for our constitution. It was given to us by none other than Ranil and his mafia group. The constitution of the country does not belong to the ruling party, it belongs to everyone. It is the responsibility of both government and the opposition to propose and ratify any amendments when and where necessary.

    They should not take this issue to discredit the government, if they do, they fail in basic criteria “Accountability” to qualify them to be good and effective political leadership.

  12. aloy Says:

    Our constitution is as good as the person who is in charge of the country. Those who framed it, would have done so with all the good intentions. Even those who voted for the 18th must have done so thinking that MR would act as before. As far as I know he was carrying on with good governance until he won 2nd term. Now many who voted for 18 regret as MR is not accountable for any thing he or his ministers do. It appears that most of his ministers cannot work independently as their secretaries take orders directly from MR. It seems to me their job is to work for the campaigns. Recently I was sitting in the lobby of a top civil servant’s office for about half an hour. What I saw during that time puzzled me. People who looked like agents would go inside the room with heavy bags and come out leaving them. I have worked in Africa where corruption is rampant. Even there I have not seen such things happening.
    Though I live overseas I am in contact with my friends and relatives at home and according to them people have decided to vote for Sirisena as they are fed up with the current setup. I know he is an efficient person; at least he replies when you write to him. Quite recently I wrote to him appreciating the good work his ministry is doing with regard to Dengue eradication program in my area (close to town hall) and gave some suggestions. He replied saying that he had instructed his officials to look into them. MR or his brother wouldn’t do that.

  13. Lorenzo Says:


    No dispute there.

    They voted for 18 and now 18 has turned sour. Same with people like LALITH ATHULATHMUTHALI who helped JR create this Frankenstein monster but 14 years later BIT him.

    Also MR voted for the 17 amendment in 2001. He DILUTED it in 2010.


    But glad JHU opportunistic MPs have finally realized the mistake.

    The danger of MR defending JR’s EP while all others call to SCRAP it is, he will be seen POWER HUNGRY by the people.

  14. Lorenzo Says:


    People were grateful to him in 2010. He got the HIGHEST EVER vote percentage at ANY general election. That is ENOUGH.

    Now he has to WIN the legal war against separatists by SCRAPPING 13 amendment. Is it too much to ask?

    Look how many SIMPLE things he didn’t do.

    Sinhala and Muslims IDPs NOT resettled.
    Vesawalami law still continues.
    LTTE Hack-him was made the justice minister!


  15. NeelaMahaYoda Says:

    This is a Reply to Aloy
    So in order to eradicate corruption you really like to elect Sirisena and JHU and hand over the power to them.

    That’s laughable

    For your information Sirisena is the most corrupted politician in Raja Rata area. All underhand money went to his brothers. His family used thugs too to purchase one of the best hotels in Polonnaruwa for Rs2.5 laks from hotel corporation auction.Thugs prevented other bidders.

    He has given preferential Gov monetary help to purchase the biggest and the latest Rice Mill in Polonnaruwa district to exploit poor rice producers.

    According to e-news report published in Jan 2014 President Mahinda noted this only during opening ceremony of one of the tourist hotel purchased by his brothers for USD3.5million i Nuwara Eliya. The e-news report says President has told those close to him, “Younger brother has not wasted what the elder swindles from multinational companies.” That was the begining ofthe trouble Sirisena had with MR

    I hope somebody should republish these reports already available on the internet. Health ministry was a gold mine for Sirisena as he was responsible for the sole supplier of pharmaceuticals, surgical consumable items, laboratory chemicals and equipment to all institutions administered by the health ministry

    We don’t have to elaborate JHU corruptions here anymore.

    It is already discussed in the parliament when one of his coal purchasing company mishandled coal purchase and lost Rs1.5billion and how Rathana got government funds to build his bungalow like temple within Colombo city limits.

    My final question for you is “Have they ever try to introduce any single new legislation at least to reduces the loop holes available for these corrupted politicians carry out their corrupt deals”.
    If you have worked outside, then you know what sort of legislations available for you to prevent corruption in your country like “conflict of interest”.

    As I said in an earlier occasion Unfortunately, the Politicians on both sides of the parliament in Sri Lanka are very reluctant to introduce new legislation to arrest these major social menace.

  16. aloy Says:

    I have a friend (a Sri Lanka professor) where I am working. According to him Sirisena’s brother was one of the two tenders they called on a world bank loan scheme to process rice in a scientific way. According to him it was he who discovered why our small time rice millers process and produced smelly rice. I remember those day when we biol rice a bad ordour comes out. He had discovered a method to process it and wrote to WB to get help from them to establish large scale processing. Both the tenderers got the loan and Sirisena’s brother must have done it successfully. We must be proud at least his brother along with another doing it successfully in our country. It seems Thailand has adopted the same technology and is doing extremely well. This is an area where we might have advantage as we have many traditional varieties with good medicinal values (anti-oxidents and steriods) and can export these and get good prices.

    It appears MR allowed all ministers to practice corruption. I heard one of them (who got blown into pieces) used to get the contract award letter signed by the CEO and dangle it in front of the tenderer who won it and demand 25%. In case he failed to produce the money he would cancel the tender and re-tenser it. This is how our country has been running.
    Neela, I am sorry to disagree with you.

  17. Christie Says:

    If we are to succeed we should not change the captain and the team. Take Singapore and Malaysia for example.

  18. NeelaMahaYoda Says:

    It is still considered as a corrupt deal under the conflict-of-interest crimes.

    If we had a legislation similar to the federal bribery, graft, and conflict-of-interest crimes contained in Title 18, Chapter 11 of the United States Code, 18 U.S.C. §§ 201–227. He should be given at least 30 years of imprisonment for getting a massive government grant being a brother of a senior minister.

    I have been working for an American engineering company for 38 years (Now I am retired) and for example I had to refresh my knowledge on these legislations every year by following e-course, sitting for multiple choice tests with about 500 questions, scoring more than 80% marks and getting a certificate to make it eligible for me to take part in activities such as tender evaluation etc.

    There is no point on blaming one side where it should have been a joint effort to introduce these legislations. So, a strong national code of conduct should be introduced making everyone aware of the legality related to conflicts of interest specifically in dealing with financial transactions both in public and private sector.
    We don’t expect Sirisena or UNP to introduce such legislations. They are kingpins of corruptions. See what happened to our corporations like Tyre, steel, textile, MD factory, marketing Department and Pharmaceutical Corporation. Instead of improving the management, they completely sold them to their henchmen for a song.

  19. Ananda-USA Says:

    S A Kumar,

    You said “Agreed this is included Tamil living in Mother Lanka.”

    I Agree! During my visits to the Norther Province, I spoke to many Tamil residents who CLEARLY VALUE their Liberation from the dictatorial slavery under the LTTE, and support the President and the UPFA. I found photos of MR hanging in their drawing rooms; not placed there to impress me, but of longstanding judging from the dust free area behind them!

    This gives me hope that the grip of the TNA upon the Tamil people can be loosened and demolished in time by improving their lives with infrastructure development, and jobs creation in the North …. as the President is now doing.

    This will be accelerated by the migration to, and settlement of, people of other communities in the North.

    I look forward to the day when Sri Lankans form ONE Sri Lankan Nation, of ONE Sri Lankan People, sharing ONE Sri Lankan Destiny, in mutual friendship amity and complete security, irrespective of their communityl differences.

  20. Lorenzo Says:

    Corruption will NOT REDUCE under any other ruler.

    To reduce corruption we have to REDUCE the gap between the rich and the poor and NO ONE will do it. Certainly NOT the UNP.

    But there are MANY OTHER issues to be fixed.

    To be FAIR by both, a COMPARISON of DUDLEY SIRISENA and BR would show the latter is MORE corrupt. In addition there is GR, NR, etc. also facing corruption allegations. Some years back NR BORROWED the ASTON MARTIN of a friend’s dad and drove it around the city. Within a few years he could afford his own LAMBOGINI, etc. without doing ANY JOB.

    Sajin was a WARF CLERK and struggled to pay the lease on his old VOLVO 10 years ago. Now he has many luxury vehicles.

    Sports minister’s wife divorced him and based on his wealth and income demanded 2 BILLION rupees in settlement.

    The COST of the president’s office is close to 9 BILLION rupees a year.

  21. Ananda-USA Says:


    You said “People were grateful to him in 2010. He got the HIGHEST EVER vote percentage at ANY general election. That is ENOUGH.”

    Yes, indeed the people were grateful to him then.

    BUT, that is NOT ENOUGH, because

    1. What they did in Wiining the War and Developing the Nation Rapidly was not a mere flash in the pan to be rewarded with support in ONE election and a “Thank you, Goodbye”, but a huge undertaking transcending ANYTHING & EVERYTHING any government has done within our lifetimes.

    2. The CONSEQUENCES and PERSONAL LIABILITIES of PROTECTING the nation the Rajapaksa Family INCURRED on our behalf, will CONTINUE through their ENTIRE LIVES because of the Eelamist Diaspora, and the Western Neocolonialists exploiting the issue for their own gain.

    So, not only the Rajapakas, but we as a NATION, have incurred a Long Term National Mortgage in exchange for Preserving the Territorial Integrity and Sovereignty of our Nation, the Lives of our People, and gaining the FREEDOM to Rapidly Develop our Economy by allying with whomever we choose (e.g. China).

    Part of paying back that Long Term National Mortgage WE INCURRED is to PROTECT and DEFEND our HEROIC LEADERS who led the Patritic Forces towards that LEGITIMATE goal, executing their SWORN DUTY to PROTECT, DEFEND and UPLIFT their NATION and their PEOPLE.

    We SHOULD NOT, we MUST NOT, indeed we CANNOT, DODGE that Ethical and Moral DUTY by chanting a litany of overblown often fabricated PRETEXTS to abandon them, and hand them over to the tender mercies of Sri Lanka’s AVOWED ENEMIES!

    We should be CONDEMNED to ETERNAL SHAME as CRAVEN COWARDS if we abandon our HEROES!

  22. aloy Says:

    There is no conflict of interest here as tenders has been called publicly, only two responded and both got the loans. After Maithree became an MP his family might have become a prominent one in the area. In rural set up when one party is prominent naturally there are others who oppose them and there will be struggles among themselves some times resulting in violence.
    This is not confined to Sinhalese. I recently saw the members of a local body in muslim east using the chairs to beat the opponents.
    Nobody is perfect in this world and I believe the people will decide who is relatively better.
    I think the name of Ven. Rathana will go down in our history as some one who tried to convince the public who is better at this crucial juncture and his team consisting of Patali and Gammanpila as the architects who planned and broke open the door of the gal lena (or hora guhava) of rulers and corrupt officials for all to see.

  23. NeelaMahaYoda Says:

    The whole tender process is corrupted. In any country including UK, Europe or America, in order to make a valid and legal tendering process you should get at least minimum of three companies to respond. If you don’t then you have to re-tender and start again. In this case you are offering two loans, then minimum of five companies should tender their proposals to qualify for legal tendering process.
    I know, these conditions look very strange to Sri Lankans. That is the main reason why we are in the top of the world corruption list.

    Now you are trying to justify corruption by saying “After Maithree became an MP his family might have become a prominent one in the area….Nobody is perfect in this world and I believe the people will decide who is relatively better.”

  24. SA Kumar Says:

    I look forward to the day when Sri Lankans form ONE Sri Lankan Nation, of ONE Sri Lankan People, sharing ONE Sri Lankan Destiny, in mutual friendship amity and complete security, irrespective of their communityl differences !Great

    We all Lankan Tamil know our day dream of TE gone Since VP killed Rajiv Gandi.
    Only Our Self claimed Thesiya Thalaivar VP want to TE that dream also finished on 19th may 2009.
    it does not mean We (I)lanka(I) Tamil do not have our dream of TE now you Sinhala people have a golden opportunity now to share power to make us proud to be Mother Lankan.

    sort out our ethnic problems with our NP CM ( Retired supreme court judge) forever !

    I am so confident with MR He will before 2020 !!!

  25. Ananda-USA Says:

    SA Kumar,

    Sorry … but “We (Ilanka(I) Tamils” will never get an Eelam in Sri Lanka …. because it does not fit into the Democratic Unifying concept of ONE Nation, ONE People sharing ONE Destiny.

    The majority Sinhala Community will gladly give EQUAL RIGHTS in ONE Nation, of ONE People sharing ONE Destiny, to ALL citizens, but not ONE IOTA more to ANYONE. No special rights will be given to ANY COMMUNITY based on communal attributes.

    THAT is what President Mahinda Rajapaksa, and Patriots of Sri Lanka, offer, NOTHING ELSE.

    In the FULLNESS OF TIME, he will REPEAL the 13th Amendment as well, and most Tamil People WILL NOT OBJECT because they will have EVERYTHING that every other communities have, but NOTHING that other communities don’t have.

    If that does not satisfy you, and you have “aspirations” above and beyond that, TOO BAD for those SHOULD NOT, WILL NOT and CANNOT be satisfied in Sri Lanka, and you will REMAIN AN UTTERLY FRUSTRATED Eelamist till the end of your natural days.

  26. Lorenzo Says:

    I too am confident our president Rajapaksha will grant all Tamil aspirations by 2020. He is the BEST and ONLY leader for Tamil aspirations. Others don’t understand Tamil aspirations. Only the great MR understands them.

    Tamil aspirations already granted by his excellency the president include.

    1. DEMILITARIZATION of the “Sinhala” army from the north. Only 13,000 remains in Jaffna. There are more Tamil Nadu traders in Jaffna than that. They too are confined to barracks.

    2. NOT resettling Sinhala and Muslim “colonizers” who “occupied” Jaffna in large numbers before 1977.

    3. Continuing with Tamil Elam national law “VESAWALAMI”.

    4. Making YARL DEVI Tamil only.

    5. A TNA controlled NPC. LTTE Recruitment Manager’s wife is the second highest vote winner in the election.

    6. Restarting the Tamil Nadu-Karainagar boat service to bring relatives of Jaffna Tamils to SL.

    7. Releasing Tamil Nadu drug dealers who use drug money to promote Tamil Elam.

    8. Releasing 11,000 LTTE “freedom fighters” along with their top leaders.

    9. Saving LTTE KP anna from the INTERPOL chauvinistic bigots.

    10. Inviting Kanimozi, Pon Thirumalavar, etc. to SL to see the progress in Tamil Only areas.

    11. Inviting Channel-4 team to SL to gather evidence of “genocide”.

    12. Allowing Tamil hero father Rayappu Joseph Goebbels to lead a happy and safe life and continue his “humanitarian” mission.

    13. Appealing to Canada to release 10 LTTE purchasing officers imprisoned by the genocidal anti-Tamil western groups.

  27. SA Kumar Says:

    you have “aspirations” above- NO ,We do not want any extra We want to live in United Mother (I)Lanka(I).
    eg: like our neighbour Indian ( Kerala, TN, Kanda etc …)

    fully implementation of 13A & 6A(separation is illegal like 16A in India ) & Sinhalese & muslim to live with us in N&EP as like other Provence ,no more no less !!!

    We want to live in Our Mother Lanka as proud Hela Demilaya !!!

    is not that too much to ask ???

    if is too much than let me go back to our day dream , Naalai pirakkum TE .

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