Rathika Sitsabaesan, Canadian MP puts her Foot in her Mouth re LTTE Heroes Day
Posted on December 2nd, 2014

 Mal Munasinha

Office of the Hon. Steven Blaney

House of Commons

Ottawa, ON



Honourable Steven Blaney,

I was very happy to hear your rebuttal on Rathika Sensebastien’s speech in Parliament. I agree that the speech she did about the Tamil Tigers comparing them to the Remembrance Day, is nothing more than a insult to the soldiers who fought and died for the country, so there will be unity and peace What this New Democrat Party member was trying to do was, encourage more violence and give credit to the very leader who carried out a suicide bombing, and bombing and assassinations in Sri Lanka for 30 odd years.

Her speech was not of peace, but more venom to bring out the Tamil Tiger war fare in Sri Lanka. And by that, use the very poor people and children to continue a another massacre. Children would be drawn out to be used for war.

With much gratitude, I end this letter.

Yours truly,

Mal Munasinha

2 Responses to “Rathika Sitsabaesan, Canadian MP puts her Foot in her Mouth re LTTE Heroes Day”

  1. Ananda-USA Says:

    Well Said, Mal Munasinha & Thank You Mr. Blaney!

    Here is another Patriot who takes personal reponsibility for Sri Lanka’s security! Bravo, Mal!

  2. Ananda-USA Says:

    As I had PREDICTED, HERE COMES the TNA bearing aloft its SEPARATIST DEMAND FOR FEDERALISM to the Common Opposition!

    Thinking that the SINHALA Vote will be SPLIT 50-50 as in the BAD OLD DAYS, when the Federal Party was KINGMAKER deciding which major party will rule the Nation, the TNA is ALREADY exploiting its electoral leverage to BLACKMAIL the Common Opposition into granting its SEPARATIST demands!

    We OWN Colombo and the Northern Province, they say, GIVE US FEDERALISM and we will MAKE YOU KING!

    I FERVENTLY HOPE & PRAY that the Patriots of Sri Lanka RECOGNIZE these moves for what they really are, as DAGGERS POINTED at the heart of Sri Lanka’s Integrity & Unity.

    I hope they will DEMOLISH by Leaf, Branch, Trunk and Root the TREACHEROUS “Common Opposition” move for Regime Change, that will REVERSE the Victory of May 18, 2009, and HALT the TRANSFORMATION of our Motherland into the New Wonder of Asia!

    Sri Lankan opposition candidate rejects Tamil federalism plan

    ColomboPage News Desk, Sri Lanka.

    Dec 02 (AP) In an agreement with a major Buddhist political party, an opposition presidential candidate in Sri Lanka said on Tuesday that he opposes a proposal from Tamil leaders for a federal model granting greater autonomy to Provinces to solve the country’s decades-long ethnic conflict.

    Maithripala Sirisena also agreed with the National Heritage Party, led by a Buddhist monk, to preserve the constitutional prominence given to Buddhism.

    The two parties made the pact as opposition parties try to unseat President Mahinda Rajapaksa in the January 8 elections. Mr. Rajapaksa has ruled for 10 years, and is going for his third term in office.

    Leaders from the ethnic Tamil minority have proposed making Sri Lanka into a federal state that would grant significant power to Provinces.

    Mr. Sirisena also promised to resist attempts to prosecute Mr. Rajapaksa for war crimes allegedly committed in the final months of the civil war.

    The United Nations Human Rights Council is investigating the Sri Lankan government and the defeated Tamil Tiger rebels for possible war crimes but Mr. Rajapaksa’s government has refused to cooperate.

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