Posted on December 3rd, 2014

Harvey Perera 

I wish to continue my earlier article since there is a lot more that can be written of MR’s achievements. The purpose is to remind people of the good done by MR and to suggest some ideas to bring peace to the entire country for the future.

  1. In the teeth of opposition from the Common Opposition MR handled many issues quite well. The thousands of soldiers who were incapacitated and injured in the war were treated with compassion.  The thousands of Tamil refugees from the war front as well as the defeated LTTE cadre were cared for.  They were well looked after by GOSL and Gota.
  2. With so many developed countries trying to pin false ‘war crimes’ charges on him, MR has been courageous. The Common Opposition was none existent when it comes to defending the Nation, the Armed Forces and the President against these so called ‘war crimes’.  Some even promoted that ! They also did not provide GoSL with any constructive criticism in the post-war stage as a effective and dynamic Opposition should have.  They have been counter productive as an Opposition.
  3. I would like to reiterate that MR has achieved a great deal in spite of unending opposition from within and outside the country. He has a vision for development of the country and has carried out his vision with dynamism. The work done in development of the roads, infrastructure, and the cleaning up of the major cities is incredible. People take it all for granted now but forget the troubles and what it was like in the so called ‘good old days’ under other leaders.  It was a problem for ordinary citizens of Lanka to carry on their daily lives, not knowing if they could return home safely after leaving home in the morning.  Such was the fear and uncertainty.
  4. MR created a viable foreign policy and has reached out to all the countries West and East alike to obtain the maximum assistance to the country. He stands well above the average world leader.
  5. I would suggest that if he and his Government can do the following it would be the greatest service to the Nation.
    • Remove the 13A since his coalition party has the 2/3 majority.
    • Take strong action against the TNA since they are not a registered party. They have spoken about Separatism with Foreign countries (legal for him to do so under Amendment 6). They should be banned in Sri Lanka.
    • Take urgent steps to fight the false propaganda of the LTTE diaspora.
    • Take action against Ranil W for speaking against the country in foreign countries.
    • Appoint a  Commission to inquire into why Ranil W when he was PM allowed the release of the names of the long range intelligence group to the public.
    • Take strong steps to curb illegal activities of some of his party members.
    • Change the laws in the country so that there is one law for all. Right now we have one for Muslims which lets them marry up to 5 women, Thesavalami law for Tamils which prohibits Sinhalese and others from buying property from Tamils.
    • Pass an anti Burqa law like in France and Netherlands so that terrorists cannot move around the country disguised as Muslim women.
    • Stop all illegal migrations. Deport those who came during the last 30 years of LTTE domination of the north and the east, and ship them back to India. Prime Minister Modi has already invited those of Indian origin to come back to India. What are they waiting for when their home land is calling.  Strong Anti-Separatist Laws must be there on a forever basis.
    • Create a large reserve army which can be called up any time there is an emergency. It will give good discipline, training and equipment for many of the young people, for life. We will have to maintain a core strong army, navy and air force also to ensure the security of the country as is done is USA, and many developed countries. In Switzerland every citizen is a trained Militia man so that they can call up 2 million soldiers to duty in a couple of days. This is the only way Sinhalese will be able to survive against Tamil Nadu machinations in the future.


It is apparent that the Common Opposition is well funded to win crossovers. I wonder from where all that money is coming from? Even if MR wins the election it will be only for another 4 years. What will happen after that? MR and the GOSL has to ensure that there is peace in Sri Lanka for generations to come.


Abraham Lincoln said on June 18, 1858,  A House divided against itself cannot stand”,  referring to the state of America’s seemingly intractable internal divisions at that time. The same applies to any country even today.  If serious divisions continue, confusion, chaos, disorder and anarchy results, then outside sources will govern.



  1. Lorenzo Says:

    “I would suggest that if he and his Government can do the following it would be the greatest service to the Nation.
    » Remove the 13A since his coalition party has the 2/3 majority, etc.”

    I’ve been saying this for the past 5 years and NOTHING HAPPENED.

    In my view, nothing will happen.

  2. Ananda-USA Says:


    So let me get this straight:

    1. Because MR’s UPFA Govt has not REPEALED the 13A and never will (according to you)

    2. You are ADVOCATING replacing MR and UPFA Govt with the “Common Opposition” primarily composed of the UnPatrioticParty (UNP), the Tiger Nominated Agents (TNA), the Sri Lanka Muslim Congress (SLMC), Sarath Gonseka’s Democratic National Party, in UNHOLY alliance with the “Ship-Jumping Patriotic Elements” of the SLFP ship-jumpers, the JHU and possibly the JVP, in the VAIN HOPE that they ACTING TOGETHER, will REPEAL the 13th Amendment?

    In this UNHOLY ALLIANCE, the PARTIES with the biggest electoral support will RESIST PREVAIL AGAINST REPEALING the 13A, no matter what the smaller “Ship-Jumping Patriotic Elements” may say or do.

    Therefore, what makes you support this UNHOLY COMMON ALLIANCE if REPEALING 13A is your greatest concern?

    ONCE AGAIN, you are CONTRADICTING YOURSELF and ADVOCATING unworkable non-solutions! As a RATIONAL person capable of Logical Deductions, don’t you think it is about time you listened to REASON?

    How about a “Mea Culpa, Mea Culpa, Mea Maxima Culpa”? This is as good a time as any; it is time to shed your liabilities.

  3. Vimutti Says:

    Harvey – you forgot the MOST important suggestion: RESETTLING THE NORTH AND EAST WITH BUDDHISTS. This single action exposes the “federalism-only” scheme of the TNA as a fraud, as no one who is ONLY interested in federalism and not a separate Tamil state would resist resettling of the North and East with Buddhists who lost their homes, land, and businesses to the LTTE. And while it will be difficult to get the same families who were forced out by the LTTE to resettle in the North and East, MR can incentivize (below market rate government housing, interest free home and business loans, etc.) new settlers to move there according to a regional plan developed by the government to ensure that the region as a whole prospers for all ethnicities and generally reflects the ethnic and religious mix of the entire country.

    Otherwise, Sri Lanka will continue to face the prospect of separatism, war, and terrorism, even if the 13A is abolished. It has to be CLEARLY established in the North and East that these regions belong to SRI LANKA as part of one contiguous country, and do not belong to the Tamils, the TNA, or Tamil Nadu.

  4. Ananda-USA Says:

    Everyone should view the Indian Rajya Sabha TV video discussion of the upcoming Presidential Elections. There is a link to that youtube webpage on the LankaWeb homepage.

    I would like to draw your attention to how these Indians hope the TNA would minimize Sri Lanka’s links to China, and their support for full-fledged Federalism within Sri Lanka.

    If Palwatte Gamaralage Maithripala Yapa Sirisena wins, eliminates the powerful Executive Presidency of Sri Lanka, and hands over Sri Lanka’s Governance to traitors and separatists, the Ship-Jumpers of the SLFP and the JHU will have done through their JEALOUSY and STUPIDITY what the late unlamented Sun God, Velupillai Prabhakaran of the LTTE failed to achieve with 30-years of UNREMITTING murder and mayhem.

    ALL ENEMIES of Sri Lanka are LICKING THEIR LIPS, in ANTICIPATION of eating TRIPE CURRY after disemboweling our Motherland!

    And, if you think there is too much Foreign Interference in Sri Lanka’s INTERNAL AFFAIRS NOW, if the “Common Candidate for a 100 days” wins the Executive Presidency, Sri Lanka will become a VASSAL STATE of its enemies near and far.

    Fortunately, come January 8, 2015, that particular NATIONAL DISASTER will be DEMOLISHED for ANOTHER 6-years!

  5. AnuD Says:

    Indian Diplomats in Indian News discussions say that Mahinda Rajapakse is AUTOCRATIC.

    That is how experiences bureaucrats from neighbouring countries see Sri Lanka.

    what does Autocratic means ?

    Is it different from the dictator ?

  6. helaya Says:

    To my understanding I agree with you on most points. One bad thing. He appointed many unqualified people as Ambassadors and State DEpartment became a subject of jokes.

  7. dingiri bandara Says:

    It is so sad that the Sinhalese people are divided, At least now all Sinhalese should unite irrespective of religious or other differences. The religious differences were created by the foreign invaders. After all religion is a state of mind only. One must realize that that first you are a Sinhalese and then you belong to a religion.
    I have said this several times before. Sinhalese , PLEASE UNITE. This goes for the politicians as well. If the Christians who are controlled by Vatican( Catholics) and others by their respective churches do not want to unite, at least the Buddhists should unite. I know this so difficult due to corruption and greed, any way I thought to mention it all the same.

  8. NeelaMahaYoda Says:

    People should watch that interview and understand what India is expecting from Maithripala. According to the news circulated in Sri Lanka, there is sufficient evidence to prove that Chandrika was instigated by India to hatch this plot against MR by transferring Rs200 million and providing satellite telephones to those who have involved in the plot.

    From the Interview it is very clear that
    1. Indians are against Buddhist Sinhala inspiration in Sri Lanka
    2. Indians are against Mahinda because he refused to implement 13A fully
    3. Indians are trying their level best to introduce federal system through 13A
    4. Indians are against Mahinda because we get preferential financial support from China
    5. Indians are in the opinion and expect whole heartedly if Sirisena wins there is a high chance that Mahinda will be taken to Haag for war crimes.
    6. In order to achieve these objectives Indians have successfully carry out the plot to ousted Mahinda Rajapakse.
    7. Indians want implementation of 13A and convert Sri Lanka into a Federal system
    8. Indians want control Sri Lanka politically and economically through Tamils

    It is unfortunate that some of the Sri Lankas are still supporting this traitor Maithripala Sirisena

    As e-mail circulated today by patriots, In terms of family bandyism Sirisena has beaten the Rajapaksas even before he could get into power

  9. Vimutti Says:

    Ananda-USA – just saw the Rajya Sabha TV video on the election and it is clear that India and the TNA expect Maithripala will devolve more power to the Tamils than Rajapaksa because of Ranil and Chandrika’s influence over him. In Ranil’s case, it may not matter what Maithripala thinks if they are able to abolish the Executive Presidency and make Ranil the Prime Minister. The 100 day promise therefore appears to be a threat by Maithripala to DISSOLVE PARLIAMENT, as this is the only way I can see it happening for Ranil in 100 days according to the Sri Lanka Constitution. With Parliament sidelined after being dissolved, Maithripala and Ranil would be able to do a lot damage before new Parliament elections are held, and maybe this damage could not be undone if the new Parliament doesn’t have 2/3rds support to reverse Ranil/Maithripala’s actions.


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