Flooding in Controversial Aralia hotel after downpours in Rajarata
Posted on December 9th, 2014

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Flooding hit parts of controversial hotel Araliya illegally built on the bank of the Parackrama Samudraya following heavy rain overnight into Monday morning.

It is reported that Heavy rain sent lake water pouring through the hotel’s ground floor from front to back.

The report further says that the presidential candidate Maithripala Sirisena’s brother has begged Gotabaya Rajapakse to open the flood gates to lower the water level to save his hotel.

Incomparable Family Bandyism -Corrupt Sirisena responsible for lowering normal level of Parakrama Samudraya by a half meter to save their hotel from going under water
Posted on December 4th, 2014

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Not one drop of water must flow into the ocean without serving the purposes of man
King Parakrambahu the great (1164-1196 AD), the builder of rainwater reservoir Sea of Parakrama”

The vision of the King Parakrambahu the great is now overridden by the bandyism of  Sirisena family in Polonaruwa  to save their hotel illegally constructed on the bank of Parakram Samudraya from submerging.

According to irrigation department Parakrama Samudraya is a shallow reservoir with an average depth of 5m and a surface area of 26,500,000 m2 supporting to  irrigate over 18000 acres of paddy land, By lowering the normal level by 0.5 m  7500 acres of paddy land will be deprived of their vital water supply.

The report says After the hotel expansion work in 2009, the sluice gates were secretly opened every night on the instruction of the area Irrigation Engineer escorted by the police. The fishermen who went fishing in the middle of the night in Parakrama Samudraya have seen this and when they exposed it farmer organisations protested against this unscrupulous act. By this time heavy rain fell causing floods in Polonnaruwa during 2010- 2011 that made some unknown party to break the sluice gates,” farmer organisation sources claimed on condition of anonymity.

The sources further claimed that the tank that can retain 110,000 acre feet of water now holds only 80,000 due to lowering the water levels. According to the sources, around 7,500 acres of paddy lands could have been cultivated with the 30,000 acre feet deficit of water. They also said how the hotel sewerage pipes are diverted to the tank underneath.

This has deprived the downstream farmers of enough water for their paddy cultivation. This was clearly evident by the way the Irrigation Department did not allow the farmers to cultivate paddy in all their paddy lands during the recent drought but half or one third of their lands due to lack of water. As a result the country faced a severe rice shortage during the past few months and had to import rice from India, Bangladesh and Pakistan. Even the sewerage tanks were overflowing very often due to high water levels,” sources claimed.


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  1. Senevirath Says:

    වැව් තාවිලුවල හෝටල් හදන්න අවසර දුන්නු උන් සහ හැදු එවුන් මරා දැමිය යුතුය් තේවතු නිසාද කඳුකරය ගිලාබසිමින් ඇත. මේ සියලුම විනාශ කාරී ”’සංවර්ධන”” නම් විසන්වර්ධන නවතන කෙනෙක් රටට අවශ්‍යය.අම්මලාගේ අක්කලාගේ ‘පතුරු ගියත් මැදපෙරදිග සල්ලි ගෙන එන්නේනම් එය සන්වර්ධනයකිය් කියන උන් තමය අද වෙන තුරුත් රට පාලනය කලේ උනුත් එකය් මුනුත් එකය්

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