Posted on December 10th, 2014

‘He used his power to prevent action being taken against his son’

How can Sirisena be squeaky clean when he is in tow with Chandrika Kumaratunge?

Maithripala Sirisena the so called common opposition candidate is attempting to portray himself as squeaky clean, but people need to jog their memories, said H.L.D Mahindapala, former Editor-in-Chief of the Sunday Observer.

He said that when Mr. Sirisena’s son Daham assaulted a DIG’s son near the Maalu-Maalu resort on the East coast, he apologized at first but then recanted. (Please see pages 6,7 for full story). He used all his power to prevent any action being taken against the son, and finally there was no inquiry, or any legal remedy available to the victim.

He said this speaking to Rajpal Abeynayake Editor-in-Chief Daily News on the morning program People’s Power on SLBC yesterday.

He also said that though Sirisena has said he is a wele, elle, pele (rustic man of the earth) type, his brother has made billions with a rice monopoly.

“Nobody can make 3 billion without exploiting the people of Polonnaruwa and so much for the ele, wele, pele credentials of Sirisena,” he said.

He said Sirisena should know this having been initiated into politics in the Marxist tradition, having had close ties with the Peking Wing of the Communist Party.

Mahindapala also said it is laughable — hilarious really — that Sirisena says he is squeaky clean when he is in tow with Chandrika Kumaratunge who was called the most corrupt politician ever in Sri Lankan politics, in Victor Ivan’s book Queen of Deceit. He had written that there was 3 billion stashed away in the Suduwella Branch of the Hatton National Bank in the name of Sunethra Bandaranaike, Kumaratunge’s sister. This has been revealed by Anurudda Ratwatte when he was interrogated by the CID, Ivan wrote.

“Will Sirisena who says he will appoint a commission to deal with corruption investigate these corrupt acts of leaders of the past, he asked?

He also said that Sirisena could not lay claim to the SLFP’s Bandaranaike legacy when he is in cahoots with all the traitors who stood for everything the late Bandaranaike stood against. He is now in tow with Tamil racist elements on his platform, and those who openly condoned or campaigned for the bifurcation of the country.

Courtesy The Daily News

26 Responses to “SIRISENA CLEAN? HA HA HA”

  1. Lorenzo Says:

    A clean campaign? HA! HA!

    LSSP Vasutheva has said he supports MR. Of course.
    Vasutheva’s SON IN LAW is none other than that TNA Vigneswaran!!

    IF MR goes, TNA Vigneswaran goes and the dear son in law loses his very imporant post!

    Victor Ivan has and is going much more than the book Queen of Deceit. You can read his RAVAYA online and see how many books and crooks are there. Lets read ALL Victor Ivan. Not just one book.

    Please Google “ravaya” to learn more about Bandit, My3 and others.

  2. Hiranthe Says:

    Change the regime from one set of brothers to another set of brothers??

    This is similar to changing one’s pillow to get rid of the head ache!! Known Yakka is better than the unknown Angel it says.

    Known yakka will not sell the country to separatists. Unknown angle is teaming up with separatists.

    Leave the personalities away. We should support the team who will protect Mother Lanka. Everything else is just temporary and short term. Our life is short, but our Motherland should stay as one country and we should protect her for the future generations.

    Although no one came forward with evidence so far that Rajapaksa brothers are looting the country, what I would say is, even if they did, that money will be kept in SL and will contribute to the wealth of the country.
    The day they will move the money outside the country, It will become the news. The West must be carefully watching to get some evidence.

    However, if MS wins, the Bandit Queen will sit in the driving seat and start looting and send the country’s wealth to UK and France where she has her interests. So we will lose the money for ever.

    So, we are better off with local thief than the international thief.

  3. Vimutti Says:


    You are not dealing with the obvious – why is the US trying to bribe ministers to crossover to the opposition if the UPFA is in their camp? Why would they push for war crimes against the UPFA if they are in the US camp?

    Who are YOU trying to fool, and why?

  4. Lorenzo Says:


    “why is the US trying to bribe ministers to crossover to the opposition if the UPFA is in their camp?”

    Where is the evidence? NO evidence. Just newspaper mud attacks. IF you have evidence PLEASE BY ALL MEANS present them to court and charge them with TREASON (an offence in SL law). Why GOSL is NOT doing it? Because they have NO evidence!

    I can tell you who US, UK, Australia citizens/green card holders are.

    1. So and so (a senior minister)
    2. So and so’s brother
    3. Ali Zahir Moulana
    4. Milinda
    5. Kohonna
    6. Dallas
    7. CBK

    (SF is not a US green card holder anymore as he didn’t renew it.)

    Except one, all the others are in one camp. Which camp do you think they are?

    “Why would they push for war crimes against the UPFA if they are in the US camp?”

    Have they? NEVER! NO ONE has ever pushed for war crimes against UPFA! MR, BR and GR made several trips to USA and NO war crimes nonsense happened (thank god). Everyone knows they have done NO war crimes. It is just a beggar’s wound and a Tamil Elamist belief.

    I worry about war crimes advice from the 3 PRO-US prosecutors appointed by SL in 2014 against our SOLDIERS AND OFFICERS. This panel must be dissolved IMMEDIATELY!

  5. Independent Says:


    They say they have identified the people ( implying mainly Shavendra , my guess).
    Will those 3 PRO-US prosecutors appointed by SL in 2014 against our SOLDIERS AND OFFICERS confirm this and close the case ?

  6. Independent Says:

    I have already proved that the big mud attack of Araliya Hotel incident contained massive inaccuracies.
    You can Google Ivan’s ( irrigation Engineer/ secretary concerned) CV and confirm yourself or prove me wrong.

  7. Lorenzo Says:


    As far as I know, the 3 PRO-US war crimes prosecutors appointed by us have advised the missing persons commission to note down who the alleged ARMY DIVISION is when Tamils give evidence.

    The 11,000 released terrorists have also given “evidence”. Their evidence is considered “first hand”.

    Have you heard the school time story of a stupid SL king? Where he investigates who is accountable for the collapse of a house? Finally he captures an innocent but FAT meat seller and puts him to death by his elephant.

    The FINAL target of the PANEL is none other than My3 along with divisonal commanders!!

    My3 was in charge of defence until May 17 when the defence minister, commander in chief AND the army commander were all abroad.

  8. Independent Says:

    If that is the case My3 along with divisional commanders are the Ultimate Heroes. No so called patriot will cry for them.

    But believe me, he has good friends now ( not the odd couple). There could be a blood bath. Why don’t they bring it up now ?

  9. Christie Says:

    It is political arithmetic. The Sinhala vote was divided since 1951 when SWRD left UNP government to form SLFP; thanks to India, Indian colonial parasites and vermin. Podda (common candidate), and his creator Bandaranayake-Kumaranatunga have worked out the simple arithmetic. Divide the Sinhala vote and add the Tamil block vote and you are a winner. India did it and MR won and now India wants to use the same arithmetic to kick MR as he did not become a puppet of India.

  10. Vimutti Says:

    >>>Where is the evidence? NO evidence. Just newspaper mud attacks<<<<

    The bribe attempts by US Embassy staff were recorded and the tapes will be released at the appropriate time.

  11. Lorenzo Says:


    Release them NOW to the COURT.

    Otherwise it is a BIG LIE.

  12. Lorenzo Says:

    “No so called patriot will cry for them.”


    Isn’t this what SLs did to Prince Gamunui (Dutugemunui), Anagarika Dharmapala, Denzel Kobbekaduwa, Janaka Perera, Sarath Fonseka?

    We are brainwashed to HATE them. When Janaka Perera was killed the whole country should have mourned. But NO ONE did except for his children who had already suffered SO MUCH. I know because we are family friends.

    When SF was jailed we clapped. We were ELATED!

    Why? Because we have been brainwashed to HATE our heroes over POLITICAL matters. We don’t SEE the obvious.
    This is exactly what will happen to ALL our 2009 heroes soon if it goes like this.

    Look what we did to DISABLED soldiers. Their services were terminated and they protested in front of Temple Trees last week. Condom theory.

  13. Independent Says:

    So, Vimutti has all these. Good. have you played those records personally ?
    If so, can you give us a summary please.

  14. Lorenzo Says:

    This remainds MANGALA S inventing a KOTI STORY in 2001 against Run-nil.

    But alas! The SAME MANGALA joins Run-nil 5 years later!!

    Now it is clear who is winning the election.

    (BTW Mangala was the CAMPAIGN MANAGER of MR in 2005.)

  15. Vimutti Says:

    >>>Release them NOW to the COURT.

    Otherwise it is a BIG LIE.<<<

    Go get them from the Weerakoon – he says he has the recordings and I believe him. I think releasing them in about three weeks will absolutely kill any chance of MS recovering in time for the January 8 election. It will be obvious to EVERYONE after the tapes are released that MS and the entire opposition coalition is being sponsored by the United States of America because they can't control Rajapaksa.

  16. Independent Says:

    Who is Weerakoon ? what is his relationship to you to trust so much and spread like you have played those ?

  17. NeelaMahaYoda Says:

    Please read Sri Lankan Newspapers before you argue on Sri Lankan politics. Weerakoon is the Minister who claimed publicly that US embassy was trying to Bribe him to leave the government and support Sirisena. He claimed he has confidentially taped this conversation. I am sure they will not publish the tape to avoid direct political confrontation with US government and a protest may have been already made through the diplomatic channel.

  18. Independent Says:

    ” Deputy Secretary of Jathika Hela Urumaya (JHU) Udaya Gammanpila has become the latest politician to switch sides ahead of Sri Lanka’s presidential election. Gammanpila, who resigned from his Western Provincial Council minister post last month in support of the opposition, has jumped back to the government side today and pledged support to Sri Lankan President Mahinda Rajapaksa.”

    may be he will reveal more. I would like to listen to him.

  19. NeelaMahaYoda Says:


    This is exactly what he said in the press conference

    මෛත්රිපාල සිරිසේන මහතා විධායක ජනපති ක්රමය දින සියයයෙන් අහෝසි කිරීම ගැන හෙළ උරුමයේ හාමුදුරුවන්ට කියන්නේ ඇත්ත නම් එක්සත් ජාතික පක්ෂයට කියන්නේ බොරු බවද, එම පක්ෂයට කියන්නේ ඇත්ත නම් ජාතික හෙළ උරුමයට කියන්නේ බොරු බවද මන්ත්රීවරයා කීවේය.
    මන්ත්රීවරයා කියා සිටියේ යහපාලනය පිළිබඳව රටතුළ අවංකවම ප්රශ්න ඇති බවද, මේ නිසා ඇමති තනතුරු පරිත්යාග කර යහපාලනය ගොඩනැඟීමට පොදු විපක්ෂයට එක්වූ බවය.
    එසේ වුවද මෛත්රිපාල සිරිසේන මහතා ජනපතිවරණයෙන් ජයගත හොත් හෙළ උරුමයට පොදු විපක්ෂයේ යහපාලනය නැමැති බස් එකෙන් බහින්න වෙන බවද මන්ත්රීවරයා පැහැදිලි කළේය.
    යහපාලනය පිළිබඳ බස් එක ඒ 9 පාරෙන් ද්රවිඩ සන්ධානයේ උවමනාවන් සඳහා යාපනයට හැරවුවහොත්, එදිනට ජාතික හෙළ උරුමයට අපි දින 100ට ආවේ කියා බසයෙන් බැහැලා යන්න වන බවද හෙතෙම පැවසුවේය.
    මෙම තීරණය ගැනීමට තමාට දින දෙකක් නොනිදා කල්පනා කරන්න, සාකච්ඡා කරන්න සිදුවු බවත්, තමන් මම මතු කරන ප්රශ්නවලට පක්ෂයෙන් පිළිතුරු නොලැබුණු බවත් හෙතෙම පැවසීය.

  20. Ananda-USA Says:

    At least ONE JHU leader has COME TO HIS SENSES in TIME to SURVIVE the coming Landslide, aware of what is AT STAKE for the Nation as a Whole!

    Let those NURSING GRUDGES against President for DEMOTING them live in Virtual Reality Land until January 8, 2014, after which they will WITHER and FALL AWAY like drying leaves!

    There will be QUITE A FEW MORE joining the UPFA soon! Stay tuned folks, as the Ship-Jumping Tournament continues. You will see Forward Jumpers, Reverse Jumpers, Double Flip Jumpers, and Triple Flip Jumpers! Please place your bets on Ship-Jumping candidates NOW!

    Now, Udaya Gammanpila is what we call a Double Flip Jumper: One Forward Jump + One Reverse Jump.

    What has he gained, except an armed guard at his office to see that he does not execute a Triple Flip Jump? BLOODY FOOL! He should not have done the Forward Jump in the first place!

    This is the guy who published an article in Lankaweb, trying to CONVINCE US to JUMP over the CLIFF with him, without the aid of a parachute! He must be a war-games expert … like Lorenzo! Ha! Ha!

  21. Vimutti Says:

    >>>Who is Weerakoon ?<<<<

    the Resettlement Minister that the US Embassy folks tried to bribe.

  22. Independent Says:

    Thank you NMY.
    What he says is fair enough. He is not certain about the future of JHU. But besides this, he may have been promised a Ministry to contribute his “yahapalanaya” and depending on where the bus going he will jump the bus again.
    He is the one said the Bus is going down the Palllama.
    But I am happy at least one good man there. Whoever wins, if good people come to power it is good for the country.

  23. helaya Says:

    Talking about MS corruption, he has the monopoly of sand business, where he supplier of sand for Colombo construction. He destroy Mahaweli river and earned billion of dollars. He is not Mr. Clean. Thanks Gamanpila taking a good decision.

  24. Lorenzo Says:


    So it cannot be revealed to court! Because there is NO admissible evidence!

    Gammaniplla crossed back AFTER Hirunika left. he crossed back for the chief minister.

    Even during the last phase of the war at some point Tamil IDPs who came to govt. side went back to LTTE side complaining “harassment”. Similar thing.

  25. Lorenzo Says:



    Will MR give him the WPC chief minster post?

    IF NOT he will jump again.

  26. Vimutti Says:


    So it cannot be revealed to court! Because there is NO admissible evidence!<<<

    I do not know about admissibility in a Sri Lankan court, but simply posting the audio on YouTube and Facebook, and handing over copies to the local Sri Lanka media at the appropriate time would be sufficient to expose the regime change crap the US is trying to pull in Sri Lanka.

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