India says Eelam includes Greater Tamil Nadu – Sri Lankan Voters Beware of CBK-Maithri-TNA MOU
Posted on December 18th, 2014

Shenali D Waduge

India has sent out an important message. LTTE is not dead after all though its leader and key ground force leaders were eliminated in May 2009. People had forgotten about those that funded the LTTE, those that ran propaganda for the LTTE and the minds that strategized LTTE’s terror as well as people in office whose personal ideologies lends support to creating separatism. Rewind our memory and relook at the Greater Eelam agenda and realize why India palmed off Eelam to Sri Lanka to avoid calamity on home soil after crushing the We Tamil movement. LTTE was the creation of that pass-the-buck exercise later to be adopted by European sources, the same players out to create a regime change in Sri Lanka not caring for Sinhalese, Tamils or Muslims a reality people need to understand. The 2015 Presidential Election has seen separate secret MOUs amongst selective groups in the same camp. One such MOU is between CBK-Maithri and the TNA promising to give Tamil support for a half-way Eelam that would still enable them to keep the dream alive and continue the fundraising from foreign shores as well as secure their political careers amongst their own. Eelam driven by Europe is nothing that India’s Central Government is likely to want to toy with knowing the Yugoslav and Russian example and the Taliban raid on a Pakistani school killing over 126 children shows Sri Lanka needs to do much to secure the country from terror by LTTE and future likely terror too.

Ban on LTTE continues

The foreign nations that have banned LTTE continue to do so even after 5 years of LTTE defeat. It signals their own awareness that LTTE’s brains are very much alive though LTTE’s limbs are no more. India too has chosen to continue the ban. In fact both the Central Government and the Tamil Nadu Government told a tribunal that the LTTE continues to nurture a ‘greater Tamil Nadu’ an objective that has been voiced far before LTTE rose to prominence. That Greater Eelam includes the states of Tamil Nadu, Kerala, Karnataka, Andhra Pradesh and North and East Sri Lanka. It has been reinvented to be the West’s ideal base in South Asia and the perfect centre for the Christian movement steadily based via NGOs and other charities which the Indian Government is well aware of and have documented.

Thus, Sri Lanka must note that the Home Ministry has requested that India continues to declare the LTTE as an ‘unlawful organization’ for the next 5 years and the Delhi High Court Tribunal has upheld that request. The LTTE threat in Tamil Nadu comes through the Tamil National Liberation Army. Needless to say, scores of Tamil Nadu politicians openly support LTTE and do not seem to fear regular lock ups in detention for singing praise to Prabakaran.

What is important in India’s realization that LTTE continues to pose a threat to India and the recently signed secret MOU between CBK-Maithri and TNA is the contents that takes us back to the time of the cease fire agreement and the manner CBK was willing to sign ISGA/PTOMs virtually handing over Eelam to the LTTE on a platter wherein even direct trade, direct disbursement of funds, direct dealings with foreign nations was accepted. The current MOU which TNA is pushing in exchange for the assurance that TNA would demand Tamils to give their vote for Maithri is the agreement to remove military bases and reduce them to a small insignificant number, close down all non-Tamil settlements and even accept accountability as per allegations of war crimes. Having played no role in the defeat CBK and Maithri would have no qualms about signing such an MOU that would charge all her enemies with war crimes though the status of Sarath Fonseka would pose a problem. Secret meetings in Singapore between CBK-Maithri-Mangala-Ranil and the Transnational Government of Tamil Eelam suffices to say that they are upto no good.

The sole reason to remove the military from the North obviously is to relaunch Eelam by bringing in all the LTTE cadres that have fled and who now live on foreign shores as refugees. Unrehabilitated they remain deadly even without guns and the ploy is obviously to bring them back and reengage them in guerilla warfare. These are factors that the voters cannot afford to ignore whatever change they are dreaming for. Change if at all will come in return to a pre-2009 stage wherein the same players that handled the LTTE are prepared to fund Part 2 of that same plot.

There are some matters that the TNA has overlooked or taken for granted?

How many Tamils does the TNA actually command power over? If they did have power over 75% of the Tamil people in 2012 that figure has today diminished to less than 50%. The TNA has itself to blame. All Tamils should look at the number of times the TNA MPs have either taken flight overseas or the times they have been out of the Northern peninsula to realize that the TNA Provincial Council has not done justice to the Tamils except by mouth only. No Action and little sincerity in looking after Tamil interests by Tamils can easily be proven in the manner the TNA has not spent the funds that the TNA themselves requested for in the Northern Provincial Council budget. If the TNA does not spend funds that it requested and the Government allocated it is not the fault of the Government that the TNA has ignored looking after its people but have been ever ready to complain about what TNA is not given. No one has the pluck to ask the TNA to first start showing that it can administer the North instead of claiming to want a separate administrative unit. Of Rs 5,831 Million allocated by Govt for North, the TNA Provincial Administration has utilised only 25.17% up to Sep 30th 2014.

Moreover the Tamils themselves have issues of their own to deal with. Top on that is the re-emergence of caste factors, families are now discovering that marriages pre-2009 have been with low-castes and these have become major issues for families. Then there are the Vanni families who are now beginning to realize that it was their children that became the pawns for the LTTE killer machine – which translates for the need for us to understand that in terms of real suffering it was only the Vanni Tamils and the areas from which LTTE plucked out other cadres that actually suffered. These Vanni Tamils denied electricity, freedom of movement and other benefits that majority of Tamils enjoyed under LTTE rule are now realizing the bad deal they got from their own people. Thus, all is not as honky dory in the North at people level and the fault for that lies in the Tamil social system and has nothing whatsoever to do with administration at the Centre. The submissions being sent by Tamils to the UN investigation panel will reveal the extent to which Tamils in the Vanni had suffered. Sadly, the Tamils in the rest of the country have not cared about their plight. Their stories are eyeopeners as to who the LTTE really was and will reveal the extent of their crimes upon the Tamils as well as the entire nation. What the Tamils suffered or are suffering, what the Sinhalese suffer or are suffering or what the Muslims feel is none of the concern of those wanting to use puppets to create chaos in the country.

 This is what the people in the country need to be aware of. We are into just 5 years of peace following 30 years of terrorism. The people have had no time to even enjoy their freedom because the UNHRC/UN have been breathing down the country with allegations most of which they have yet to even prove but between themselves they are funding awards, reports, accolades and cheering themselves on about figures they cannot even give a name or number to. The pressures and fear psychosis have had their toll on the Government but this election is crucial for people need to think not twice but thrice about the scenario that would ensue if foreign collaborated new Presidential Team were to win elections. At a selfish level the people will need to first question how far will peace prevail in the country if the Maithri team with their bag and baggage of skeletons with no vision or plan take reigns of a country that is moving forward. Let us not be naïve to dream that removing one corrupt government is not likely to create another corrupt government – the players are afterall the same and surprisingly the majority of them were in the Government, so where’s the difference?

 For the voters, the only thought should be will our vote create chaos in Sri Lanka leading to terror once again?

 The nation must ensure that TERRORISM IS NOT ALLOWED TO RAISE ITS UGLY HEAD AGAIN… the little coffins of dead children in Pakistan is a reminder of all the years that we suffered and we do not wish to return to those times…..even for CHANGE.

 Shenali D Waduge

10 Responses to “India says Eelam includes Greater Tamil Nadu – Sri Lankan Voters Beware of CBK-Maithri-TNA MOU”

  1. Lorenzo Says:

    When it comes to national security, politics must be set aside.

    There is a danger EITHER WAY.

    The north has been demilitarized. Sinhalese have been prevented from resettling. Now there is a TNA controlled NPC. Top LTTE leaders are still alive.

    The real news is “Govt told tribunal LTTE still wants ‘greater Tamil Nadu'”.

    It is the LTTE that wants it. Not others. Where are the top LTTE leaders?
    IF they are with My3, that is an act of GREAT TREASON. My3 must be hung for harboring INTERPOL wanted LTTE terrorist leaders. Treason should NEVER go unpunished.

  2. Susantha Wijesinghe Says:


  3. Vimutti Says:

    >>>For the voters, the only thought should be will our vote create chaos in Sri Lanka leading to terror once again?

    The nation must ensure that TERRORISM IS NOT ALLOWED TO RAISE ITS UGLY HEAD AGAIN… the little coffins of dead children in Pakistan is a reminder of all the years that we suffered and we do not wish to return to those times…..even for CHANGE.<<<

    I could not have said this better myself! Stability vs. Chaos, Unity vs. Separatism, One Country vs. Two Countries, No Terror vs. More Terror, Development vs. Non-development, and Independence vs. Foreign Control – this is what this MR vs. Ranil/Chandrika/Maithripala election comes down to in very simple terms.

  4. Lorenzo Says:


    Further to our discussion yesterday.

    Here are the fastest growing FB pages in SL.

    1. My3 – 14,647 new likes a day
    2. Rajitha – 1,332
    3. MR – 1,221
    4. Daya Gamage – 1,141
    5. Sajith – 1,052
    6. Ranawaka – 1,011

    source: socialbakers (as of yesterday)

  5. Lorenzo Says:

    Why is Daya Gamage getting so popular? No one knows him!

    (This excludes likes purchased from Turkey by 3 top politicians. Since exposing them, Facebook has deleted these additional Likes of 2 of them.)

  6. Hiranthe Says:


    Welcome to the sense big brother.

    It was sad to see that you were supporting the unholy My3 camp. I was thinking what made you go that way… Now we are talking..!!

    I heard Reginald Cooray was telling the old village story.. that we should not through away the baby along with dirty water for the reason that the water in the baby’s bath was dirty. Let’s protect the baby for another day.

    If Bandit Queen has gone in any direction, it is wise to avoid treading in that path as the entire atmosphere including the plant and animals and even the hungry ghosts will tune to her frequency and will become evil and anyone tread unknowingly will fall into the pitfalls..

    Patali had the potential of becoming a good national leader. Now he is infested with Ebola from BQ.

  7. Vimutti Says:

    >>>Lorenzo Says:
    December 17th, 2014 at 8:35 pm<<<

    Again, Lorenzo, Facebook is not a serious place to get a handle on voter sentiment. Anyone can ‘like’ someone, even if they are not eligible to vote in Sri Lanka and are getting paid to ‘like’ someone by some organized effort.

    You really have to do REAL POLLING WORK by getting out the voter rolls from the last election, preparing unbiased questionnaires calculated to capture the range of sentiment (for, against, leaning for, leaning against, and undecided), using well-trained phone-bank personnel to call voters on the voting rolls, and use modern probability and statistics to interpret the results. There really is no other way.

  8. Christie Says:

    What sacred bull dust; India still wants Trinco and the island. Who is funding the CBK venture.

  9. SA Kumar Says:

    voter sentiment
    2/3 of Tamil & Muslim vote for MY3 & 1/3 Sinhalese .
    1/3 of Tamil & Muslim vote for MR & 2/3 Sinhalese.

    so 50% – 50% neck & neck ,marginal change in Sinhala peoples mind will decide who will win (not Tamil s or Muslim)

    We have to wait for 09th Jan 2015 .

    For Tamil ,MR is better than MY3 because MY3 have too many cooks (Ranil/Chandrika/Maithripala /SF/ other J cow boys)
    at least We know very well MR won’t give any thing else ( Already given NP&EP).

  10. Mr. Bernard Wijeyasingha Says:

    Article starts off with “India sends out a message” Really? India also has supported pro LTTE organizations AFTER THE WAR ENDED. TESO, TELO, PLOT have been thriving since 2009 in Chennai and in the open and under the watchful eye of New Delhi. who is India trying to fool?

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