Common Opposition Presidential Candidate Sirisena says Probaharan was killed while he was acting as the defence Minister and the acting defence Minister during the last few days of war against LTTE
Posted on December 18th, 2014

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Addressing a campaign meeting held at Nikaweratiya yesterday, the Common opposition presidential candidate Maithripala Sirisena  admitted that LTTE supremo Probaharan was killed while he was acting as the defence Minister, indirectly admitting that if there is any war crime during last few days of Probhaharan’s rule as alleged by TNA, LTTE diaspora and the international community he is also directly responsible for any alleged war crimes.

8 Responses to “Common Opposition Presidential Candidate Sirisena says Probaharan was killed while he was acting as the defence Minister and the acting defence Minister during the last few days of war against LTTE”

  1. Nalliah Thayabharan Says:

  2. Susantha Wijesinghe Says:

    INDIRECTLY SAYING, I WILL BE THE BASTION, THEY WILL HAVE TO STORM ME FIRST. I love you, hate you, I love you, hate you.
    Assuring kindness to the opponent, that is mai3.


    What is this CLOWN talking about? There was no defense minister, only one man giving orders, but the time MY3 talking about he was in a diabetic coma and was carried on a stretcher by his followers. MY3 must be questioned about this statement.

  4. Lorenzo Says:

    I said this 2 weeks ago.

    But it is PARTLY false. VP was NOT killed when he was the ACTING DEFENCE MINISTER. When MR landed on May 16 afternoon from Jordan (attending G-11 summit) he took over the ministry again. VP was killed on May 18. Very good work by security forces for getting rid of the CANCER in a crossfire.

    MR declared a ceasefire for May 12 and 13 which ended when he was abroad on May 14. ALL the FINAL ground work of beating the LTTE to surrender happened when My3 was the acting defence minister.

    BOTH MR and SF were abroad at that time! GR is only a civilian official (a ministry secretary) and NOT part of the chain of command. NO deputy defence minister. So My3 is responsible for the conduct of war from May 14 to May 16 afternoon 2009.

    In addition he stood for acting defence minister on 4 previous occasions.

  5. Vimutti Says:

    Lorenzo Says:
    December 18th, 2014 at 1:52 pm

    This is TOTALLY FALSE! There is simply no way ANY person can plan and execute a war strategy in the few days MR and SF were gone on a trip. The strategy was already set before the trip, and the troops were already executing the strategy well before MR went on the trip. Maithripala, at best, was SEAT WARMER like most acting administrators, with no real power to change what had already been put in place or over-rule the decisions of MR had already made. It is sort of like saying MR didn’t build the expressway because he went on a trip and missed the ribbon cutting ceremony to mark the opening of the expressway and had Maithripala take his place at the ceremony. But Maithripala did not plan, secure the funds, and hire the contractors to build the expressway, he just showed up at the end for the photo-op.

    Maithripala is trying to get UNEARNED ACCOLADES just like his Harvard health award, as this is fatal flaw in his character. He is also trying to deflect attention away from his SECRET DEAL WITH THE TNA that devolves police and land power and de-militarizes the North and East by falsely suggesting that he personally fought against terrorism and won.

  6. Wickrama Says:

    You are spot on !
    I am amazed how Lorenzo can be so naive !

  7. Vimutti Says:

    Wickrama Says:
    December 18th, 2014 at 3:31 pm


    It is actually worse than I imagined – there is a photo in a recent LankaWeb article entitled, “President Receives US Warning through SFLP Gen. Secy”, that clearly shows Maithripala hugging the president when he arrived at the airport on May 17th from his trip, two days before the LTTE leader was killed on May 19th and only two days after leaving Sri Lanka on May 15th.

    According to Channel 4, the government had been cornering and trapping the LTTE command in so-called “safe zones” for several months, not two days, so Maithripala’s claim that he was the one that defeated the LTTE because of his two-day stand-in duties as acting secretary is totally absurd.

  8. Lorenzo Says:


    I don’t want to mix national security with politics. I don’t wish to sling mud at ANYONE because ALL of them together won the war.

    I state only FACTS. What we consider credit is blame for Tamils. It is disadvantageous for My3 from his 1m+ Tamil voters.

    1. MR declared a ceasefire for May 12 and 13

    2. The ceasefire ended on the 13th and war restarted on 14. Defence Minister was My3 as MR was participating in G-11 meeting in Jordan.

    3. USA, Norway, Endia, etc. demanded that the 48 hour ceasefire be extended by another day. Under the instructions of the action defence minister, the army refused it. BR also refused it but BR was not within the CHAIN OF COMMAND.

    4. On May 14 and 15 war turned FIERCE and LTTE lost ALL hope and decided to SURRENDER.

    5. MR arrived in the afternoon of May 16. By then LTTE was begging to surrender. My3 was relieved of his acting duties.

    6. Palitha Kohonna and BR talked over the phone with Nadesan and TNA MP Nehru who was the go-between.

    7. SF arrived on May 17 and took charge of matters again.

    8. It is true GR was the strategist but read the war laws to understand CHAIN OF COMMAND. A civilian official does not have the chain of command responsibility. It rests with the army and the political leadership.

    The POLITICAL responsibility for NOT extending the ceasefire, restarting war and the happenings of May 14, 15 and 16 until afternoon lies with My3.

    At least for the sake of the nation, lets not split the leadership that won us peace. Its collective teamwork that won the day.

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