Does Udaya Gamanpilla deserve a responsible position after the Election? My answer is NO.
Posted on December 19th, 2014


 December 13th Sunday Leader had an editorial and a heading Give Udaya Gammanpila a chance”. Infolanka web site published it. I tried to locate it on the 14th but could not, so I do not have a URL. 

 Sincere advice to Udaya, it is up to you to take it or leave it.

  1. First you must denounce JHU for what the party has done over the years. Few months ago Champica went to UK to address JHU overseas members. Who funded this trip, his money or JHU money? My understanding is that every month there is a dinner party at one member’s house and at the end they collect money. Again my understanding is that the figure varies between 500 and 800 British pounds. Where does this money go; Champica’s private bank or to JHU treasury in Sri Lanka”?
  2. Next is; you MUST denounce and state within reason, that Champica and Rathena Thro are common law crooks. You must be careful doing this because one has to have solid proof. You are a qualified attorney and you have some idea of law of deformation. What you should do is to request Honorable MR and ask one of his attorneys on staff, that your statement going public does not violate the law of deformation. I have no doubt he will oblige. Why because you did not get out of JHU for a request by SLFP or Honorable MR, request boost the number of elected members. There must be plenty of books published on this subject in Sri Lanka, but you do not have time now for this kind of research. Let’s start with Rathana thero he is an agent for Dali Lama. Dali gave Rathan thero to build an Ashram for Buddhist monks coming from abroad and local monks coming to the big city. (He is now talking about how Chinese Company over charged SL Government almost on all contracts). Who pays for the daily maintenance and security of this place?
  3. I know you had major surgery few months ago. Now how do I know it? I telephoned your office, after few tries some in your office answered phone and told me that you are in hospital. Then form a third party, I found what it was. Since it was major surgery you should take it easy. When you feel comfortable, you should go on the election campaign. This is what I read today Ceylon Today December 17th 2014:  Lanka another First shuts out EU monitors. BY Rawan Jayakody. Campaign For Free and Fair Elections (CaFFE). You must make a statement supporting the SL government stand and ask the question why Sri Lanka should stand on the side lines when; Saudi Arabia, Myanmar, China, Egypt, and Albania has done so”. Daily Mirror December 17th Reported in Daily Mirror. Nirusha Attukorala Said that Udaya Called me several times join him.” If it is not true then challenge Nishantha. Also you have to challenge how Champika turns the very statement he made to a statement; as it is form the SL government and then turns around and goes on a platform to state it is very wrong to say so. Wimal Weeravanse challenges all the statements My3 states. You have to do the same.
  4. When you do the above, Honorable MR will automatically recognize you and find you a better position than you had before. One has to do something to get something. Examples are: Tissa Attanayke and Wimal Weeravanse. Next is you must go and look around material that will help Honorable MR’s campaign; this is what I found. ASIAN TRIBUNE”. LTTE WANTS A GREATER TAMIL NADU, INCLUDING NORTH EAST OF SRI LANKA-TAMIL NADU GOVERNMENT. December 17th 2014, Asian Tribune. WHILE SEEKING TO EXTEND THE BAN THE LTTE, THE INDIAN CENTER AND TAMIL NADU GOVERNMENT TOLD A TRIBUNAL THAT THE BANNED OUT FIT NATURES AN IDEA OF GRATER TAMIL NADU, WHICH INCLUDES STATE OF TAMIL NADU, PARTS OF KERALE, PART OF KARANATEKA, PART OF ANDHRA PRADSH,NORTH AND EASTERN PARTS OF SRI LANKA. DELHI HIGH COURT TRIBUNAL WAS SET UP THIS YEAR TO REVIEW WEHTHER THE BAN ON LTTE SHOULD BE LIFTED. ON NOVEMBER 20th 2014 TRIBUNAL HEADED BY HIGH COURT JUSTICE G.P. MITTAL UPHEALD THE BAN FOR ANOTHER 5 YEARS. (Only person who called Tamil Nadu politicians Jokers is Sarath Fonseka. Do we have anybody else today, to call Tamil Nadu Politicians Jokers) Thanks to Asian Tribune for publishing this report.
  5. Now to something that UDAYA is not exposed to because of Champik’s disinformation. Increase the number of ministries and add more junior ministers. Now what is the justification? And it is as follows; Running of SRI LANKA by the president is like running a large corporation. In US, smaller divisions of the company are better managed than one or two larger divisions. In this way the president can audit by himself the small departments managed by junior ministers. Put this idea in front of the president and I will guarantee he will respond favorably.
  6. Udaya MUST explain this to the public: Who are the JHU members shaved their heads and took DASA SILL”? Did any females shave their heads and took DASA SILL”? The, e-mails floating about indicated that an Australian group supporting Champika told him that the income tax department is about to raid his house and office and repossess new lap tops and desk tops he purchased with government funds. And only way to avoid this was to take DASA SILL. Honorable MR assuming that the Buddhist majority will not like someone taking DASA SILL to be arrested and charged with fraud. So he stopped the income tax department raid. But at the same time, he told B.P. Jayasundra carry out his investigation. (Remember Champika Ranawake wanted B.P. Jayasundra, head of the treasury, removed). So he did, but was asked to carry on the investigation. When he produced the report Honorable MR knew Champika is a crook and he removed him from the Minister of Power.
  7. Conclusion: Udaya, does the above make any sense to you? If so positive or negative please add a comment. It took some time to put this together because I like you and your wife very much. Remember when you started you did not have a car. Now you have all the luxury of cars, chauffeur driven, which you certainly deserve.                                                    

5 Responses to “Does Udaya Gamanpilla deserve a responsible position after the Election? My answer is NO.”

  1. Susantha Wijesinghe Says:


  2. Lorenzo Says:

    I agree.

    At last people come to realize Udaya, Katagoda and Tissa are Trojan horses or feelers planted in the regime by the opposition. When some news is too good to be true, it probably is.

  3. Independent Says:

    He has called many of JHU members informing he will become Chief Minister, according to JHU.
    He will get this job but will have to adjust his style and ethics training to suit the new job to run it in a way acceptable to the president.

  4. rohanana Says:

    Whoever is this Lankaputhra talks rubbish about money collected and pocketed or banked. First of all persons who don’t identify themselves are dishonest people. and I know personally how Champaka came to Australia. I am not a supporter of his but I can’t keep quite when I see this rubbish being published in the name of freedom. So don’t try to con people and before that it is easy to find out Rajapakshas and Chandrika’s foreign earnings and bank balances. I think that will be more useful for people to make a decision in the upcoming election.

  5. Independent Says:

    After reading is Q&A I have a feeling that he may join back JHU later. One of his original writings was in Lanka kaweb. His answers agree well with that writing. Only question is why he did not raise any concern.

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