Posted on December 28th, 2014

Ranjit Wickremeratne

Judas drank wine at the last supper with Jesus and betray him by informing his whereabouts to Israelis for few Gold coins so was Aiyo Sirisena.  He has eaten Appa (Hoppers) with the leader and then stayed sometimes with him before he too betrayed his Master, day dreaming of be-coming the President of Sri Lanka. Judas and Sirisena both are same . Two human beings with same mentality. Judas thought that he will get more than the Gold coins and Sirisena also thought that he too will get more than what he had in the past. Judas repent and died for what he did and Sirisena too will rest in peace after 8th of January for sure. Both were traitors and there will be no place for traitors like him in Sri Lankan politics. They will not survive long. They will be rejected by the people and sent them to exile sooner or later.

This gang of twelve (Sirisena family Mafia) wasn’t innocent as we thought. They were same like Colombian drug Mafia owning every businesses in their territory. Innocent small businesses was closed down by force by this gang of thieves in Pollonnaruwa. Nobody dares to challenge them as they were the Masters of everything. After 8th the Pollonnaruwa innocent people can have some hope of getting their businesses open back again after MR wins and have a peaceful country for everyone to live. Judas Sirisena has done nothing to this country and he won’t be able to do anything in the future too as he will be defeated by the only people’s Podu Apekshakaya Mahinda Rajapksa.

Captain can help his team by bat and bowl well if he can and do an allround job to win a match but he cannot bat for others or bowl for others, Batters must bat well and Bowlers must bowl well and perform their duties as well as the captain then only can get good results.This Aiyo Sirisena was given one of the most important portfolio in the cabinet and if he couldn’t perform well the captain or the President was not to be blamed. This bullshit guy was crying and telling to the whole world that he couldn’t perform well because of outside interference from the Govt. Can you believe it?  Why we need such Niwata people as Ministers or as a President? This guy was brought by the enemies of my homeland to bring back Prabakaran’s ghost to haunt us. Already we know who will be financing his election campaign. We know who are his partners in this dirty game. We know what he is offering the nation if he wins(That will never happen) We know his ambitions and who will benefit most by his win. Are we ready to hand over our Motherland to a traitor like Judas? Are we ready to give our Motherland back to L.T.T.E. sympathizers? Are we ready to break the country in to pieces and divide among different races or religions? This evil team has one thing in their mind not the country or the people but to get rid of one man and that is Mahinda Rajapksa nothing else. This group is financed by evil western Govt’s to take revenge for what the President  did during the war. They were not happy with him for killing their most favorite butcher Prabakaran. They didn’t like ending the war. They didn’t like scrapping ranil’s peace treaty and throwing in to the garbage. They were not happy with the way Baiya from south Governs and hated his guts and straight forwardness. Their main aim is to put a Pambaya like person and to get rid of our Sinhala hero from the political scene. Their ambitions will not succeed as long as we have people who loves our Motherland.

Who are the traitors in his team? Chandrika Chowra Rajina or the Bandit Queen? Who is she? She is one of the failed leaders who governed our Motherland for twelve years. Has she done anything to the country? Yes Thousands of our heroes were allowed to be killed by the terrorists during her time. They were allowed to attack our religious places,Move around the country as they pleased, Killed young boys and girls in thousands during her time. Strikers were baton charged and terminated from their jobs. A reputed drunken with bad behavior late to office,late for appointments etc. She escaped death when suicide bomber  detonated his bomb near her stage during a public meeting. She is a power hungry woman who has come back to take revenge from our President with the LTTE Diaspora and her Western financier’s backing.

Ranil once a Prime Minister In Chandrika’s cabinet. Darling of the west. Tie coat gentleman loved by L.T.T.E. Diaspora. Responsible for getting killed our most well guarded Intelligent officers during the war. A man of bogus promises. A man who have lost 29 times in local elections. The man who gave in writing half of our beloved Motherland to Prabakaran’s hand in front of his western backers and traitors.

Can this Judas win against the President? What will be his position if he wins by any chance? (No way he will win but if) Will he allow Mahinda Rajapkasa to be taken to courts? Will he allow to take our war heroes to courts? Is he going to give what TNA demands? What will be the position of North and East? Is he going to give Hakim what he is asking for? As a citizens I need to know the answer’s for all these questions. Hey JUDAS let the citizens know what you are up to.We need to know the truth. Tell frankly about your foreign Financier’s and what you have promised to L.T.T.E diaspora. Be truth to yourself and to the people of Sri Lanka same like the President Mahinda Rajapksa. He has a vision not like you. He loves the people and the land he was born not like you. He is a man of peace and harmony not like a divider like you. He do not take revenge like you. You and your whole team is evil and revengeful and you will be defeated and sent home on 8th BE READY JUDAS.

Ranjit Wickremeratne

9 Responses to “JUDAS SIRISENA”

  1. jay-ran Says:

    That’s why after MR becoming the President was able to DEFEAT THE MURDERES LTTE WITHIN A PERIOD OF LESS THAN 3 YRS!!!
    Once a certain Buddhist Priest who visited Texas from Florida made a very valuable comment about MR? Since many were falsely accusing MR of corruption, the Priest said,” EVEN IF THESE FALSE ALLEGATIONS ARE TRUE,MR NEEDS TO BE RESPECTED FOR HIS GENUINENESS AND DEFEATING THE LTTE MENACE.HOW PEACEFULL AND HOW HAPPILY SRI LANKANS NOW LIVE PEACEFULLY NOW”-THAT ITSELF IS ENOUGH FOR MR’S VICTORY!!!

  2. Christie Says:

    It is highly unlikely this coolie of Chandrika the puppet or the agent of India will win. This is the third time failure for India since Mahind’s win. Mahinda won because of Indian interference but he did not become a puppet of India. Then India got Sarath Fonseka and now Sirisena. The difference between Fonseka and Sirisena is Fonseka was directly connected with India but Sirisena is not and is managed by Chandrika on behalf of India.

  3. SA Kumar Says:

    THE VISHNU DEIYO need to help MR to win this illegal third team .
    We-Tamils, Muslim, 1/3 SLFP , 2/3 UNP & J clubs will vote for MY3.

    Game start now . We-Tamils second step ( first step NP & EP election) to achieve our day dream
    Naalai pirakkum TE.
    live & let live until Elam war V .( Please let us know if you have found our Thesiya Thalaivar’s underwear(kachchai) lost at Mulli Vaikkal on 19th May 2009).


    I do not think there is an external interference to our politics. There are businessmen who are financing their favourites from time to time. No doubt and we all know that Malinda with Gota’s hard work must win again. Once back in control, Mahinda must groom a young person to become his successor, may be Namal and get rid of people like Mervin and others and the inefficient and sickly. May Triple Gem bless father Lanka!

  5. Senevirath Says:

    strong Buddhists believe in Buddhist gods not in hindu gods Indians hindus or hindu gods will never like Bu ddhists they are ”misaditu deviyo” we have ”’samyak drushtika deviyo. like ”naatha ‘deviyo ” why should hindu saasanarakshaka deviyo ”’ protect budhdha saasana. indian Brahmins who became Buddhist bikhus made made everything a ””””’kanda haliya ”’ කැඳ හැළිය

  6. Hiranthe Says:

    May be you have not paid much attention to it. Previous US Ambassador Scisson planted the seed in right spot and now you can see anti Srilankan web sites in their 100’s. They trained and funded the project just to slang mud to the GOSL.

    Arab Spring project did not work in SL despite JVP and UNP were working overtime to get it successful.

    Now there are 7 Foreign services are monitoring and following our election activities closely. Please see the following Head Line in Sunday Divaina dated 28:12:14

    ජනපතිවරණය පසුපස
    බටහිර තානාපතිවරුන් 7ක්

    කීර්ති වර්ණකුලසූරිය

    බටහිර තානාපති කාර්යාල හතක දේශපාලන කටයුතු භාර නිලධාරීන් ජනාධිපතිවරණයට බරපතළ ලෙස මැදිහත් වන බව බුද්ධි අංශවලට අනාවරණය වී ඇත.

    මෙම නිලධාරීහු බුද්ධි නිලධාරීන් මඟ හැරීම සඳහා පෞද්ගලික කුලී රථ භාවිත කරන බව සනාථ වී තිබේ.

    එක් බටහිර රටක තානාපති නිලධාරීන් දෙදෙනකු රැගෙන ගිය කුලී රථ රියෑදුරෙක් මේ බව බුද්ධි බලධාරීන්ට දැනුම් දී ඇත. මෙම විදේශ නිලධාරීන්ගෙන්

    Divaina will not publish a false statement specially now as they are 50% in support of My3 probably due to Bandit Queens influence after the death of Seevali Ratwatta. Last time they were supporting MR against Gonseka and this time they are not influencing the floating votes… It is a hard ride for MR.

    But at the end of the day, this Island has to survive for another 2,500 years to preserve the Dhamma as wished by Lord Buddha.. So nothing will happen. Separatists will all be in one camp and get defeated.. Hak-Kim jumped today.. What a blessing to MR. Now he does not need to please all these separatism supporters..

    MR will definitely win…and scrap 13A eventually and bring the Grama Sabha. He has hinted it in the new Mahinda Chintana in section 20.. if I am correct. That ‘PALA BABA’ money we save will go long way…


    Hiranthe is quite correct as the Bandit Queen is an agent of the west.

  8. Nalliah Thayabharan Says:

    M3 campaign steered by Bandit Queen whose son is ashamed to be a Sinhalese and a Sri Lankan…. and she says she is proud of them!


  9. Samanthi Says:

    Hiranthe, I think the new Sinhala daily newspaper and E-paper “Rivira” does the balance 50% of what “Divaina” did in the past. It is very professional looking and also there’s room for putting your comments. Soon, I am going to try its interactive capability!

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