LTTE, TNA and Sirisena
Posted on January 3rd, 2015

P.Ariyasinghe, Melbourne

TNA leader Sambandan, in an interview with the Daily Mirror had said that, ‘the LTTE has now been destroyed and in such a scenario how can the TNA be its proxy. The TNA has never been an LTTE proxy..’ But during the hey days of the LTTE, TNA had openly declared that the LTTE was the sole representative of the Tamils. And at present even though the megalomaniac is dead, the LTTE is not.

The LTTE is very active overseas. Therefore, a Tribunal appointed by the Delhi High Court has found that LTTE has links to anti-national organisations  in Tamil Nadu, Kerala, Karnataka, Andra Pradesh and that the LTTE demands for a separate state in Sri Lanka remains. Based on the decision of this Tribunal, the Indian govt and the Tamil Nadu govt has declared that the LTTE is an unlawful organisation had had banned it for the next five years. If so, how can Sambandan say that the LTTE is destroyed? The TNA has still links with the LTTE. And now, Sirisena, the Common Opposition Presidential candidate is in alliance with a party which is associated to a terrorist organisation, the LTTE.

At a media interview this week, Sambandan has said that, what the TNA wants is to achieve their final objectives under a future ‘Maithree’ govt. TNA’s final objective is a separate state.  And also when he was asked about Rauf Hakeem’s demand for a separate Muslim Administrative District, his reply was, ‘It is not wrong on their part to make this demand…’ So based on this Sirisena is for  separate states for the Tamils as well as Muslims.

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