A Foreign hand in The Presidential Stakes 2015
Posted on January 4th, 2015

By Garvin Karunaratne

There is many an indication that outside forces are at work within our shores with sinister ideas of controlling our country today.

In our living memory many are the instances where outside forces did interfere with us. This has taken different forms. Denying us Aid is an indirect interference. The USA is a master in this. In my words, Various ploys are in place like the PL480, a Scheme to give flour at low interest, at discounted prices and even at no interest to countries till the peoples palate gets used to flour as their staple diet” and stopping supplies when it suits them.”(From Karunaratne: How the IMF Ruined Sri Lanka, Godages). At the other end is direct armed intervention, forcing our rulers and direct invasion. Sri Lanka has seen all these forces in action. The irony of all this is that we come to know what happened very late and  we get fooled.

Take the days of Prime Minister Sirimavo. The country faced many problems caused by forces from beyond. The bread queues at that time were not created by Dr N.M.Perera who was the Minister for Finance, as generally believed. Instead it was created by the USA which refused to give our country flour at the concessionary rate at which  they were giving us for a long time earlier.  The socialist policies in housing, in land acquisition that our country pursued were frowned upon by the USA and they decided not to give us flour at the concessionary rate under the PL 480    Programme. We were forced to pay at the commercial rate which we did. As we did not have sufficient funds there was a shortage at times which caused the bread queues.

The United Kingdom did not like our acquisition of estates and insisted that if we were to acquire the estates full payment should be made in foreign currency.  The country had no option and we did pay the compensation.

The Arab Oil Sheiks had increased the prices of oil threefold and we had to pay them hard cash which we did.

It is to the credit of Dr N.M.Perera as Finaince Minister that we managed to face it without falling into debt. We managed to face the foreign interference. Sirimavo handed over a country that had no foreign debt to President Jayawardena in 1977.(The $ 750 million debt we had was on project development, where the project would have earned us an income. Then no loans were given for luxury living expenses- to live beyond one’s means like in the post 1978 period.)

Next we come to the 1971 JVP Rebellion. I served as the Government Agent at Matara  The Government of Sirimavo was voted in at the General Election of 1970.  The JVP youths were instrumental in the victory  and they did rightly demand employment opportunities.  The Government was also interested in creating employment and head hunted no less a person than Professor HadeS Gunasekera, the eminent professor of economics at the University of Peradeniya to tackle this problem of youth unemployment.  They were discussing and putting plans- the DDCP- the Divisional Development Councils Programme into action when on April 5 th the JVP cadres tried to wrest the country by force.

If it was a genuine attempt by the youth of the country, they had not given enough time for the Government to finalise a development programme. Actually their attack in April delayed development activities and all entrepreneurs- estate owners, rice millers etc.left the rural scene and took refuge in cities. Its effect is felt even today.

On 5 th April 1971 it  was an attack of all police stations and Army installations on one day- April 5 1971 and it did not succeed because of the failure of a communication link which made their cadres attack the police stations at Monaragala and Wellawaya on the 4 th April which gave a fore warning  for all other police stations to be ready to meet an onslaught.

Later it was found that the North Korean Embassy had been engaged in doling out vast sums of money and organizing the rebellion. The North Korean Embassy was closed down and the diplomats ordered out.

At Matara on about the 6 th April we spotted through our field glasses a very large ship very close to the Dondra shore unloading something to boats. It was beyond the range of our machine guns. The Army sent a message to Headquarters and one of our planes came did a reconnaissance circle over the ship and machine gunned the boats. It was a tense moment watching the machine gunning that went on for a full fifteen minutes. We were worried that the air plane will be attacked by the ship. The plane left, the boats were not to be seen and the ship too vanished.  I am certain that the ship belonged to a foreign force. We never had a ship of that dimension. At that time we were controlling only the Matara Town and in Dondra we controlled only the premises of the Police Station and we did not know anything more. As the Government Agent I had to forbid the fishing in the sea for around two weeks.

In two weeks time the Government sent reinforcements for the Army and it took three weeks to bring Deniyaya back under our control. The JVP cadres took to the Sinharaja Hills. Strangely it was reported that a jeep belonging to an European  Embassy was visiting Sinharaja. We informed the Army Headquarters and I informed the Ministries. We did not get any reply, but the jeep came again and again and because it was a DPL Jeep the Army and Police  were vary of stopping to inquire what they were doing.. Finally I gave instructions for the Army Unit at Deniyaya to be on the watch out and follow the DLP jeep closely wherever it went, to be within yards to make it very obvious surveillance and to do some sabre rattling. This did the trick and the Jeep never came again

Next is the interference by Rajiv Gandhi, the Prime Minister of India  to send  sorties of fighter planes to fly low over Colombo and to drop food parcels in Jaffna. Finally Prime Minister Rajiv Gandhi compelled President Jayawaredena to accept the 13 th Anmendment to the Constitution of Sri lanka. The agreement was to send the Indian Army to defeat the LTTE in Sri Lanka.  The IPKF ruled the North and parts of the East but never defeated the LTTE. I once spoke with an high ranking officer of our armed forces that had to work with the IPKF and his opinion was that the IPKF was not interested in defeating the LTTE, but working on a plan to introduce a third force which they could not finalise as President Premadasa ordered them to leave.

Let us get down to the LTTE Rebellion.

This was organized by India who took the LTTE cadres to South India, trained them in army camps and sent them back, with state of the art sophisticated weaponry  to destabilize Sri Lanka. There were talks that India was training the cadres but no tangible evidence was found. The first evidence was a publication by Denzil Peris, the Sub Editor of the South, a UK Magazine. The article contained firm evidence of the Army camps where the LTTE was trained. Not long after,  Denzil Peris  died very strangely at a Restaurant in London. When he left for work that morning he was hail and hearty, suddenly taken ill at his restaurant meal. Our intelligence was even unaware of this.

Indhira Gandhi, the Prime Minister of India did totally destabilize Sri Lanka.

Next comes the nefarious activities of Norway in establishing the Red Baana Colonisation Schemes in the area between the Northern and Eastern Provinces, taking Tamil youths from the Hill Country plantations and settling them down there. It had gone on without the knowledge of our Government.  This happened during the days of President Jayawardena and no action was taken to destroy the settlements and send the settled youths back. No action was taken against Norway. The fact is that the settlements were in that section right between the Northern and Eastern Provinces, the area that had to be bridged with Tamil people to justify the merger of the two provinces. The youths that were settled are there even today.

Next we have the Cease Fire Agreement of 2002, where Mr Ranil Wickremasinghe forged an Agreement between the LTTE and the Government of Sri lanka without Cabinet approval or the approval of Parliament, by which the LTTE was accorded an equal place to the Government of the country and the LTTE was accepted as the ruler of that area. This was also brokered by the Norwegians.

Next comes the ISGA- the Interim Self Government Agreement  also brokered by the Norwegians agreed by Prime Minister Wickremasinghe without the approval of Parliament. By the ISGA the LTTE was accorded the power to collect taxes and run the administration, was authorized to borrow money from abroad. It was a path to an independent state.

Next we have the PTOMS- the Post Tsunami  Operational Management Structure also brokered by the Norwegians and furthered by President Kumaranatunge without the approval of Parliament.  By the PTOMS the Government of Sri Lanka was accorded a subservient place to both the LTTE and the Muslims.

(For more details on the CFA, ISGA and PTOMS, please see my paper in the Lanka Web of January 1, 2015

It is also important to note that a Japanese Tsunami vounteer force  in 2005 carved out an under water tunnel  that would have enabled LTTE cadres to escape unobserved to the outer seas.(From the Island.lk) At the last stages the sea front was  fully covered by our Navy and this under sea tunnel was never used.

Finally in 2009,  on the  eve of finally defeating the LTTE, we have many Superpowers insisting on President Rajapaksa not to fully defeat the LTTE but to talk peace and allow them to continue. This was the French Foreign Minister Kouchner and the Foreign Minister of Britain David Milliband. President Rajapaksa stood to his guns  and had finally to tell David Milliband that Sri lanka is no longer a colony of Britain.  He is the one and only leader alive who never betrayed his Motherland.

Next we come to the Presidential Election 2015 which is proceeding.  The manner in which our discredited leaders who have sojourned in foreign countries have come back to hold the reins  to control the steed– the Common Candidate and how the Common Candidate is dancing to the tunes played by the UNP and former President Kumaranatunge tell me that a foreign hand is at work. Of that  we shall see more  if we are alert.

It is up to our voters to expect the unseen hand of foreign forces at work and to identify our leaders who worked with the sinister outside forces to the detriment of our Montherland,  betraying  us.  Otherwise our Motherland will be lost. This time it is my thinking is that it could be lost for ever. 

The price of peace is eternal vigilance

Garvin Karunaratne, formerly of the Sri Lanka Administrative Service,


6 Responses to “A Foreign hand in The Presidential Stakes 2015”

  1. sena Says:

    Question for the writer, why the present government is following JR’s “luxury consumption on borrowed money” policies, ten times augmented, rather than following Sirima’s self reliance policies, which is very appropriate to recover from huge cost of war ?

  2. Christie Says:

    Thank you Gavin, at last I others are talking about the truths. “A Foreign hand in The Presidential Stakes 2015″ and it is India from the time Mohandas Karamchand Gangdhi” arrived in the island invited by Tamil Socialists. SWRD was financed by Indian interests. Take Bharat from Guyana an election monitor sent by the Commonwealth Secretary Kamalesh and one Cooke from Australia who came as an election monitor representing the Commonwealth in 2005 presidential election. Are these independent or are they agents of the Indian Empire?
    Don’t forget Shunmugadasan was an Indian and S D Bandaranayake was selling stuff from North Korea for the JVP. The last thing is presidential candidate Sirisena is an student of Shanmugadasan.

  3. Ananda-USA Says:

    To the ALWAYS FAITHFUL Patriots,

    A Heartfelt Tribute in Gratitude!

    Semper Fidelis, Patriots of Lanka

    By Ananda-USA

    Our Motherland, resplendent Sri Lanka,
    Hallowed be thy name!
    Thy children flock today to vote,
    To preserve thy immortal flame!

    The Lion Flag flutters proudly aloft,
    To remind us this freedom’s day!
    Our duty to keep thee, safe and strong,
    As our forefathers did yesterday!

    A Mahinda Rajapaksa by deed and word,
    Strode forth boldly to eternal fame!
    To lead his people to a safer world,
    When all others retreated in shame!

  4. Nalliah Thayabharan Says:

    If we know what truly happened during the Boer War, then we will understand how governments and the media collaborate to manufacture “history”

    The Boer War was the first historical incident that was completely different to how the accepted history tells us it was. The actuality of what happened to provoke that war and who was behind it wasn’t hidden very deeply, in fact it was barely hidden at all. Cecil Rhodes provoked it by sending 500 heavily armed British mercenaries into the Boer state (The Jameson Raid) in order to provoke a rebellion against the Boer government by the British settlers and merchants living there. The Boers surrounded this group well short of its objective, forced its surrender and humiliated Rhodes and the British Government. Rhodes knew that all he had to do to conquer the Boer state was provoke war, that was the reason for sending those 500 men, he knew they would not succeed, but he knew that sending 500 Britishers to start an uprising of Britishers in the Boer states would provoke the Boers into taking some action against it’s British minority.

    Rhodes could then use his cosy relationship with the British press to spin this into Boer attacks on poor innocent British settlers and that would soon have the
    British public clamouring for it’s government to send troops to teach these damn Boers a lesson for daring to lay hands on British citizens.
    This event fits exactly into the standard model of regime change that we have seen implemented many times since 1945 by the CIA-M16-Mossad (in reality, they largely operate as a single agency). Let us lay it out in it’s basics:
    • Send foreign mercenaries into the victim state to foment ‘revolt’.
    • Provoke the victim state into using its armed forces to oppose the foreign invaders.
    • Have the media present this lawful defensive action by the victim state as the cruel oppression of a dictatorship.
    • Send your armed forces to complete the job of regime change.
    • Establish a new puppet regime with a banking system consisting of a privately held central bank that issues currency on a debt basis, thus enslaving the population.

    It really is that simple, and it has been carried out so many times, currently it is being done in Syria, a couple of years ago we saw an absolutely blatant and textbook case in Libya, before that Iraq and Afghanistan. In the case of the Boer War, the motivating factor was two-fold, firstly, the Boer states were sat on top of one of the largest gold deposits on the globe, with the extra benefit of their being lots of diamonds and other precious minerals. Secondly, the Boers were a group of Europeans (Dutch Calvanists, French Heugenots, German Protestants) who had turned their back on the established order and had established for themselves an independent homeland outside of the global financial system, they had a government owned and controlled central bank that issued debt-free currency backed by gold, which meant they had zero inflation and zero interest on credit.

    Quite obviously, such a state and financial system is diametrically opposed to how the banking systems of all other countries work (at the time of the Boer War, both Britain and the US had currencies backed by gold but neither had a state-owned and controlled central bank) and was not acceptable to the international bankers who control the world – The Rothschilds and their partners/vassals.

    It was no secret that Cecil Rhodes worked for the Rothschilds and they were the ones who financed all of his murderous, grandiose plans for imperial conquest and exploitation of native peoples. Therefore the Boer war is a straightforward case of an agent of the Rothschilds using Rothschild money to arm a group of mercenary terrorists then sending these gangsters to attack a state from the inside thus provoking war between the state and the state controlled by the Rothschilds (Britain). It is no secret that the Rothschilds loaned the British Government money to finance the war so the 1 million British and Empire troops who served in South Africa were effectively mercenaries hired and paid for by the Rothschilds.

    Hundreds of thousands of soldiers and civilians died as a result, no-one knows how many Boer civilians died, but at least 30,000 died in the British concentration camps alone, no-one knows how many were killed on their own farms and homesteads.

    Boer War helps us to understand how wars are planned, organized, provoked and financed, and who is behind this evil mechanism that slaughters innocent people en-masse in order to funnel all of the world’s gold into the hands of a handful of families who control the world’s financial system.

  5. Nalliah Thayabharan Says:

    The past history of American wars tells us that, when the war-going begins to get tough, the professional p.r. campaigns get going, often with wholly invented stories. For example, when in 1990 Defense Secretary Colin Powell was expressing doubts that the United States should attack Kuwait, stories appeared that, as revealed by classified satellite photos, Saddam had amassed 265,000 troops and 1500 tanks at the edge of the Saudi Arabian border. Powell then changed his mind, and the attack proceeded. But after the invasion a reporter from the St. Petersburg Times viewed satellite photos from a commercial satellite, and “she saw no sign of a quarter of a million troops or their tanks.”
    Hawks in Congress, notably Tom Lantos and Stephen Solarz, secured support for the attack on Iraq with a story from a 15-year-old girl, that she had seen Kuwaiti infants snatched from their incubators by Iraqi soldiers. The story was discredited when it was learned that the girl, the daughter of the Saudi ambassador in Washington, might not have visited the hospital at all. She had been prepped on her story by the p.r. firm Hill & Knowlton, which had a contract for $11.5 million from the Kuwaiti government.
    The history of American foreign interventions is littered with such false stories, from the “Remember the Maine” campaign of the Hearst press in 1898, to the false stories of a North Vietnamese attack on U.S. destroyers in the so-called Second Tonkin Gulf incident of August 4, 1964. We know furthermore that in their Operation Northwoods documents, the U.S. Joint Chiefs of Staff in 1962 proposed a series of ways, some of them lethal, to deceive the American people in order to engineer a war against Cuba.
    Since the fiasco of the false Iraqi stories in 1990-91, these stories have tended to be floated by foreign sources, usually European. This was conspicuously the case with the forged yellowcake documents from Italy underlying Bush’s misleading reference to Iraq in his 2003 State of the Union address. But it was true also of the false stories linking Saddam Hussein to the celebrated anthrax letters of 2001. (Their anthrax was later determined to have come from a U.S. biowarfare laboratory.)
    Again we heard the recurring history of falsified stories to justify interventions during the bombing of Libya that Gaddafi had been using rape as a method to fight insurrection, and had been guilty of raping victims himself. This reminds us of the sorry record of the U.S. mainstream media in circulating past false stories to justify war. It is painful to say this, but virtually every major U.S. military intervention since Korea has been accompanied by false stories.
    Now we hear lots of false stories in Sri Lanka to change the regime with puppets.

  6. RohanJay Says:

    Yes the writer is correct, the USA and Britain are grand master chess champions. When it comes to interference and manipulation of other nations based on their geo-political agendas. No two nations do it better than these two, on the world stage.

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