Posted on January 6th, 2015


Not only my sincere wish but majority of the citizens wish is for you to win this election and become the President of Sri Lanka for the third time which is a new thing for the country. No other leader has come forward for a third term except you and I wish that you will serve the country democratically and good Governance for another so many years to come. Every citizen’s wish is good Governance. People like to live a decent life without any bad habits in the society. People like to live in Peace,to have good education for their children,good jobs with good salaries to take care of their families, to have good environment,to move around freely without any harassment, live in Harmony with other races and religions, to have drug free society, to live in a better world as good human beings etc. So I wish and Hope the same way you won the dirty war of thirty years you will make the environment for the people to live freely and happily and make our land prosperous again. Make our land free of drugs,Murders,Corruption and show the world that a tiny nation like Sri Lanka can stand alone against the evil odds if the whole nation unite together as one nation under one flag. We love all people.Our Blessed nation was visited by Lord Buddha three times and he will never allow our country to fall to our enemy hands again. We must unitedly save our country of birth irrespective of color or race from the evil within and abroad.

Now after the election is over and you become the President you must take a little rest and think hard and analyze the whole scenario from the day you gave nominations to contest the Presidential elections. You must think why you had to face a situation like the one you faced during the campaign. Why the people were blaming you and slinging mud at you and your family after all the good things you have done as President? Is there any truth in their accusations? Are they accuse you for the sake of accusing or are they accusing for personal gains? I haven’t seen anything like this before in any election. This is the second dirty election I saw in my whole life. Those days it was carnival atmosphere and people were very excited in election time but not now. After 1977 everything was changed. People started killing each other,destroying properties,burning election offices etc. You Mr.President must change all this like you changed many things in the society which I like to point out here like “NO SMOKING” on the public transport system,stopped drunkards roaming on the roads and harassing the public, People were fined for throwing  garbage on the road, Stopped under age children from smoking or buying liquor from wine stores etc.  We know that you love children more than anything and children too loves you the same way. You are a God Father to them. We haven’t seen a leader so close to the children like you in all my life. That is good. If you have an election for under 18 you will get 100% votes for sure. So Mr.President during your third term please do everything good thinking of our children and their future. Build new schools with all facilities.Train good teachers in all subjects, upgrade old schools in remote areas and mostly listen to the educated voice not to drug lords or traitors to our land.

Build Hospitals and make available drugs for the patients as per their needs. Do not allow hospital staff to go on unnecessary strikes putting innocent patients in jeopardy. We should have a law to protect innocent patients who comes from far away places to take medicines. Must punish severely those who break the law irrespective of their connections. No one should be allowed to act above the law. We know that you are a kind person and a person who listen to everyone before taking any decisions. You have very good qualities in you but we are angry with you sometimes when you take bad decisions. I was against you for giving that Hakim bloke the Justice Ministry. When we have good quality patriots why we should give an important  position like that to a traitor like Hakim?” The most important thing you should remember this time Sir is ” DO NOT TAKE BACK ANY TRAITOR AND GIVE ANY PORTFOLIOS OR EVEN A PEON JOB IN YOUR GOVERNMENT THIS TIME” Let the traitors go and learn a lesson for betraying the most popular leader of all time. You must disciplined your team.They should be an example to the country and to the society. They should abide the law in the country same as the ordinary people like us. Anyone from your party caught or accused for Corruption,Murder or Theft etc should be sacked immediately from the party and from his or her position. We do not have a place for wrong doers anymore. Be strict Mr.President and all will love you.Be an example to all of us as a leader.

Lastly I would like to point you out about the elections. We saw how the Opposition was created. We came to know that foreign hand was behind the elections.We saw TV clips about a coup  against you by the Opposition clique. We saw in the news regrding money laundering  by the Opposition. We saw Champaka’s photo trick. We saw Thuggery and intimidation by the Opposition. We saw LTTE Diaspora and the Foreign Embassies involvement in this election. We saw so many political frogs jump from one party to another for cash. We saw so many irregularities which we haven’t seen before. So what action you will take to punish those who were involved in those activities? Will you take action or not? Then why? We as citizens and as a voter should know the real truth but nothing like the truth. Please Sir, let us know and hope you will clean up the mess and seelct good educated sons and daughters of Mother Lanka to serve you and the nation. We need a peaceful,Prosperous Lanka for all of us to live in Harmony as one family. My prediction is that you will win with a majority of 25 lacks and May God gives you strength, Wisdom, and will power to Govern our little Paradise for a better future. Long Live the President MAHINDA RAJAPAKSA.


  1. Nimal Says:

    I too wish the same.

  2. Ananda-USA Says:

    Aiyoo, Palwatte Gamaralage Maithripala Yapa Sirisena!


    In 2015, 200 Years after that YEAR OF INFAMY 1815, you have chosen to deliver Mother Lanka BOUND HAND & FOOT to her ENEMIES!

    But, FEAR NOT PATRIOTS, the same fate that befell the Arch-Traitor Pilimithalawa in that year of 1815, will befall the backstabbing traitor Palwatte Gamaralage Maithripala Yapa Sirisena in 2015!

    Aiyoooo Sirisenaaaa…..What have you done to yourself and to our Motherland!

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