A Vote for President Mahinda Rajapakse is a vote  for  progress  and a united unitary Sri Lanka.
Posted on January 7th, 2015

By Charles.S.Perera

I was seated outside the house surfing the internet for latest information enjoying the welcome  warmth of the sun after months of rain, when my neighbour  the teacher  walked in complaining of a headache .  She was looking sad and depressive I proposed  a panadol.

She refused and said it is all because she is  discouraged and  disappointed. Many of her  colleagues she says are stupid and do not understand what really is at stake in this Presidential election.   She says that they  form into groups and discuss  the coming elections.  She had asked what they propose to do, and they had said in one voice they were voting for Sirisena.

She was surprised and asked them why  what is the reason.  The had said because they did not get the Rs.3000,00 increase they were promised, therefore they do  not trust the President Rajapakse.  My neighbour was flabbergasted, and had said that  it is an egoist  and not so important a reason to  vote against the President who removed terrorism and developing the country.  They had said, terrorism is over, now it is time to look after our personal interests”.

I consoled her saying that  there are those who put self before the country.  They little realise that voting for the President  is to  vote for Sri Lanka,  to allow it to remain a unitary state  and  not to break it up to satisfy the Tamils  who wants the North and the Mulims who want the east.

Nevertheless, I said she should not worry as I just read in the internet  about a poll  carried out by the University of Jayawardhanapura according to which  the President  will receive 54.5 per cent of the votes and that with a margin of error between 3 and 5. That cheered her up a little but she asked to what extent can  one depend on polls ?

Just then I had a call from my niece a teacher at a Montessori  School in Colombo.  She related a  story similar to that of my neighbour the teacher with a slight difference. The teachers in the school she said want to vote for Sirisena, asked why they had said can’t you see how these Ministers live ? They live comfortably well, and have every thing while some  others have nothing, nothing even to eat .

It is really disheartening.  I told her to say that under the President Rajapakse we had not heard of any one who had died of starvation. Despite all the talk about corruption, nepotism and lack of good governance the ordinary people  live better than they were before even if their living conditions may have not improved as they should be.

But it is pathetic that it is only these so called educated middle class  that cannot think beyond their  stomach  and a few more rupees in their pay packet, who are disgruntled as nothing can satisfy them. They do not know that they should be ever grateful to the President Mahinda Rajapakse who has given them peace and security with which they live happily without fear of bombs, massacres and assassinations.

There are on the contrary the very poor who offer merit to President Mahinda Rajapakse who they say has given them peace and security above all their personal deprivations.

While I was still with my neighbour –the teacher, a man came looking for some work .   Having told him that I have nothing to give him immediately promised him some work after the election. I casually asked him to whom he may cast his vote.  He told me that he had not decided; and just then the domestic help of my brother came with my lunch.  She heard the man say that he is still not decided, and said in her own way that  she will definitely not give her vote to that chap (aththatama  mama okata mage chande denne ne).

The man asked who ? Sirisena” she said  and added, ” that ungrateful chap had even eaten hoppers with the President until late in the night and gone away to join the President’s enemies the following day, how can we trust such a man to be our President ?

These are simple people but their sincere feelings come from down their heart. She told me later that her whole family and her neighbours will vote for the President. But she told me also that she did not like the speaker at  President Mahinda Rajapakse’s  meeting who said that Chandrika will have to go naked after the election.

These are excesses that speakers at the President  Mahinda Rajapskse’s meetings make carried over by their own rhetoric. I have noticed many speakers even Wimal Weerawansa attacking the common Presidential candidate of the opposition, Ranil, Chandrika and Champika Ranawaka.  Though they are  in fact worthy” of such bitter criticism, one should know where to draw the line and tell the people of more important issues that theymay not know.

They speak less of the intervention of Western political forces against  President Mahinda Rajapakse and his government, and that these western forces are using the opposition to the President for a regime change” in Sri Lanka.  In reality they (the West and EU lead by USA)  are the invisible hand behind Ranil and Chandrika to promote  Maitripala Sirisena as the  common Presidential Candidate to form a West friendly puppet regime in Sri Lanka.

If that had been well explained in simple language for the ordinary people to understand it would have changed many dillydallying persons to turn away from Maitripala Sirisena to vote for the President Mahinda Rajapakse.

I wanted to meet either the President or some one in-charge of the organisation of the meeting in support of the President Manhinda Rajapakse held in Kandy on the 1st January.  But I failed in my endeavour.  I finally contacted  a man close to Lohan Ratwatte the MP for Kandy, and got the opportunity to meet him at a lunch that had been arranged for him in Madawala.

I think he came very  hungry as he sat for lunch immediately on his arrival and made a sign for me to come and sit by his side.  I was not going to have lunch, so I told him while he was eating the importance of telling the large crowds of people coming for the meetings in support of the President, more about foreign forces” at work against the President and his government, as very little is said about it though much is said about corruption, good governance etc.

He admitted that it is so and asked me to write down what has to be said and give it to him or send it to him.  It was a Sunday and I could not get a printout, therefore I promised to send  it to him through his friend I know and left.

But it was too late then and the Presidents last meeting  also went off  with the usual speeches  by the speakers.

Pakiasothy Sarawanamuttu says that the army in the north will deter the people from coming to vote  in he mean time  Amnesty International and EU have issued instruction to Sri Lanka requesting that the government should allow free elections.  The NGOs and the International gangs are watchful.

Latest I heard is that some people say that we should re-elect  the President Rajapakse, as  a new government coming will only increase corruption as those who had failed to earn money from commissions and bribes  will out do what the President Rajapakse’s government is accused of having done.

Let us wish good luck and  pray for the blessings of the Triple Gem for the re-election of  our President Mahinda Rajapakse, because Sri Lanka needs  him as the President for another term, more than ever before.

28 Responses to “A Vote for President Mahinda Rajapakse is a vote  for  progress  and a united unitary Sri Lanka.”

  1. aravinda Says:

    Sri Lanka will re-elect Mahinda Rajapaksa today. He will secure 55%.(District sample size 2000,Sampling Error 2.2%. ). See my detailed analysis on 3rd January 2015. (14 polls since 25th November 2014).

  2. Nimal Says:

    He will win.

  3. Hiranthe Says:

    Thank you Aravinda,

    One good thing is all the traitors are in one camp and the whole country could see them naked in front of Mother Lanka.


    Can some one tell this clown. Sri Lanka does not want John Kerry to tell Honorable MR how to conduct the election. I am a Sri Lanka born American, and as an American I ask John Kerry did Honorable MR tell you to conduct fair and free elections when President Obama was elected for the second time? Sri Lankan constitution was put to gather by the great visionary J.R. Jayawardana and a team consisted by all political parties (UNP was one of them). The constitution has weathered very many tsunamis from internally and externally but with stood as solid rock SRI PADA, and did not move a micro meter. So John Kerry, put your tail between your hind legs GET LOST. Opps! what about your US anti-corruption law that came in to effect in January 2015. Looks like there are no Corrupt politicians in US Senate and the Congress!

  5. mario_perera Says:

    One good thing is all the traitors are in one camp and the whole country could see them naked in front of Mother Lanka.- Hiranthe

    Who are these traitors?
    Who are the whole country?

    Surely the whole country is NOT going to vote for MR
    This would mean that those who do not vote for MR are traitors themselves.

    So according to Hiranthe’s logic, those classified as ‘these traitors’, and that part of the whole country who do not vote for MR are both in ‘one camp’, which in turn means ‘the camp of the traitors’.

    So, once again according to Hiranthe’s logic, the two groups mentioned above who form the ‘one camp’ which does not vote for MR are traitors.

    Also once again the practice of universal franchise as on the occasion of this presidential election is an exercise to determine who are traitors and who are not.

    In other words, once again according to Hiranthe’s logic, this election is not the exercise of ‘democratic rights’. Democratic rights are for citizens having the right to express their choice by saying YES or NO. Such an exercise is not to determine who are traitors and who are not.

    Yours is a fantastic logic, Hiranthe! If MR wins you will surely be accorded the professorship in LOGIC in the University of Hambantota. Your ‘aula magna’ of that university will be filled to the brim with an exotic crowd of students all sporting horns on their heads and herded into your classroom by the wild life authorities of the Yala National Park.

    Well done Hiranthe. Keep up the fantastic work! If all goes according to your plan the bus loads of tourists will not need to spend heavy fees to visit Yala, but they will view the proceedings within your classroom from the balconies.

    Also Hiranthe, you write of your subconscious yearning of seeing naked people. I know of one who expressed the desire of seeing a former woman president stripped naked and made to run on the streets, no doubt in full view of what you call ‘Mother Lanka’. I am sure he will apply for an associate professorship in your faculty at Hambantota.

    Mario Perera

  6. SA Kumar Says:

    mario_perera – cool down , voting started now !!!
    Tomorrow We all get Idiyappe & seenisambole .

  7. Ananda-USA Says:

    Well said, LANKAPUTHRA!

    We don’t nee John Kerry and the Puppet Ban Ki Moon to tell us how to conduct free and fair elections!

    No “Hanging Chads” in the ballots to confuse the election in Sri Lanka as it did in the US Presidential Election in Florida!

    Let the US get the required expertise in how to conduct elections fairly and efficiently from Sri Lanka!

  8. Ananda-USA Says:

    To the ALWAYS FAITHFUL Patriots,

    A Heartfelt Tribute in Gratitude!

    Semper Fidelis, Patriots of Lanka

    By Ananda-USA

    Our Motherland, resplendent Sri Lanka,
    Hallowed be thy name!
    Thy children flock today to vote,
    To preserve thy immortal flame!

    The Lion Flag flutters proudly aloft,
    To remind us this freedom’s day!
    Our duty to keep thee, safe and strong,
    As our forefathers did yesterday!

    A Mahinda Rajapaksa by deed and word,
    Strode forth boldly to eternal fame!
    To lead his people to a safer world,
    When all others retreated in shame!

  9. ranjit Says:

    Before these white pigs advise us they should learn to respect others. How many blacks were killed during the past months in America. They put their hand to everything while their country is burning with hatred for each other and cold blooded murders on daily basis. We can stand strongly if all the Sinhalese get united and face the enemy together. Sinhalese must understand that we have only this land to call our home so our duty is to save this beautiful land not sell it for few green bucks like our dirty politicians do.

    We don’t need this dirty politics. Our country should take a lesson from Japan. We are a Buddhist nation same like Japan. So why can’t we be like them? They don’t have traitors like in here who go behind the western pigs? Politicians respect each other and they talk only about their vision to the people, not throwing mud and tell lies to get votes like in Sri Lanka. They do a clean campaign very peacefully not like us here. I thought our country will learn a lesson after the war but unfortunately they haven’t. Some cannot see progress, some think only their stomach, some only themselves, Actually it’s unfortunate. No country in the world like ours so beautiful and Peaceful only the people haven’t changed. I am sad about it.

  10. Ananda-USA Says:

    Embala Sinhalayeni!

    Apey Mau Bima Deshadroheegen Rakeemata Athigaru Mahinda Rajapaksa Janadhipathi Uthumata Ada Obey Chandaya Denna!

    Eddath, Addath, Hetah Ohu Apey Mau Bima Rakeemata Sudusu Rana Viruweki!

    Ratna Deepa, Janma Bhumi
    Lanka Deepa, Vijaya Bhumi
    Mey Apey Udaara Wu
    Maathru Bhumi-yayi!
    Maathru Bhumi-yayi!

  11. mario_perera Says:

    While saluting the poetic talent of Ananda, USA, I thought of using my humble skills as well in that noble art !!

    Our Motherland, resplendent Sri Lanka,
    Now bearing the Rajapakse name
    Thy children flock today to vote,
    Wading through fire and flame

    The Lion Flag flutters sadly aloft,
    With thoughts of a distant day
    When freedom was so safe and strong
    In conditions so different from today

    A Mahinda we thought by deed and word
    Would stride boldly to eternal fame
    But he led the people to a darker world
    Of thuggery, corruption and shame

    Mario Perera

  12. Ananda-USA Says:


    Why don’t you pen your own completely novel poem to convey your viewpoint, instead of defacing my poem?

  13. mario_perera Says:


    I did not deface your poem. I merely updated it.

    Kind regards

  14. Ananda-USA Says:


    The views expressed in your mangled version of my poem, demonstrates what is wrong with the Common Opposition you apparently support.

    For over 30 years of murder, mayhem and mis-governance in Sri Lanka, this motley crew of so-called “leaders” and outright traitors who are collaborating as the “Common Opposition” to topple the UPFA Govt of Sri Lanka, didn’t have a clue how to rescue the nation from the grip of terror, or how to grow the nation into a thriving modern state.

    Now that they have been given a classic lesson in how the “impossible” can be achieved, they have suddenly become the experts, spouting “human rights”, “democracy”, “good governance” and economic theory.

    Bah .. utter stuff and nonsense from petty and greedy men colluding with separatists!

    They, like you who plagiarized and parodied my poem without creating your own, know only how to copy and how to tear things apart. But, when they had the opportunity to do their own thing in ample measure, over 30 years of misgovernance, neither Chandrika, nor Ranil knew what to do., or you to pen your own poem.

    After copying what has been done by the UPFA Govt so far, will they run out of new ideas and know not how to confront and overcome the new challenges that will surely arise, without letting the nation be torn apart by the centrifugal, mutually contrary, forces that form this jury-rigged political frankenstein called the Common Opposition. It has in common only their utter jealousy and undying enmity towards President Mahinda Rajapaksa!

    The election of Palwatte Gamaralage Maitthripala Yapa Sirisena will sound the DEATH KNELL of Sri Lanka sinking it back into the morass we emerged from only a short 5 years ago through the herculean efforts of those leading the current UPFA Govt at the helm.

  15. douglas Says:

    Mario & Ananda: Thank you both for “opening” the dialogue that we lost in this web since the declaration of the Presidential election. The “Election” is over. Let us get back to our normal routine of engagements.

  16. mario_perera Says:


    You have even canvassed the Gospels to buck up your much self adulatory poem.

    The ‘Hallowed be thy name!’ addressed to ‘Motherland…Sri Lanka is the stanza that glorifies the Christian God who is in heaven! : Our Father who art in Heaven, hallowed be They name.

    But I do not think that Mathew, Mark, Luke and John are going to level accusations of ‘plagiarism’ at you.

    If all your predictions have been spot on, then no none will grudge you tucking in a couple of drams of the liquid that cheers, tonight when the final result is in..

    That will surely bring out the best in you, both in poetry and verse.

    Best wishes to you

  17. stanley perera Says:

    Mr is destined to loose. Corruption, thuggery, murders,abductions,Kudu horu, bycycle hora, palath baba are responsible for MR’s defeat. Why MR did not take action on all those above-mentioned crimes and wasted colossal amount of poor people’s tax money? That why Sirisena became popular despite his 11 brother’s corruption. MR was good until his second term. He forgot the fact that Sinhala buddhists voted him in to power.He thought he can hang on to the power for many more years. I am not a Sirisena fan. But I like the change. reluctantly though I had to support MS and RW. All the minority parties are against MR. One good thing Sinhala, Tamil and Muslim communities are together. Douglas Devananda’s thuggery in the North is contributing to the anti MR factor. There is development in the country. At what cost? If Gota contested today he would score more than MR. Voter unfriendly BR is also helping anti MR factor. Destiny of Rajapakse dynasty is already resolved.

  18. Ananda-USA Says:


    Where in the world does “Hallowed be thy name” as I have used it refer to any God, although it is part of the Christian prayer “Our Father, who art in heaven, Hallowed be thy name”.

    My use of it does not glorify the Christian God, but “Our Motherland …..”

    Again, this only exposes your biased state of mind that misinterprets everything, to your advantage.

    BTW, Ratnapura District results were just released with a 56.6% victory for MR. Jayawewa!

  19. stanley perera Says:

    it is all over. Landslide victory to MS. The war between jada palanaya and yasa palanaya. first 100 days will see how it goes. I have faith in RW as he is not a thief. But the elephant in tie and coat who sold the cwe for two dollars will remain a thief. Whoever comes in you and I are the loosers.

  20. Dilrook Says:

    Victory of Sirisena is going to be far more decisive than I predicted (50.7%). From the looks of it he may even cross 54%.

    Please note there is a higher number of north and east election results released so far.

    Gampaha, Kurunegala, Anuradhapura and Galle which were supposed to be Mahinda strongholds are collapsing.

    For a meaningful debate we need more dissenting views. Apart from Mario no one dared to make them including me. Had Mahinda listened to us this disaster would not have happened. I blame Basil and Namal for most woes and congratulate Champika and Venerable Rathana Thero – the only politicians wise enough to lend us an ear and make a bold move knowing very well the threats and challenges that awaited them.

    I thank Lankaweb for publishing our articles (and going the extra mile of protecting our rights as writers) which fell on deaf government ears. Patriots did their very best but the government totally disregarded them. As such patriots have no regrets.

    A very sad way for the exit of Rajapaksas despite winning the war. They wasted 90% of borrowed funds on north and east and the little done elsewhere didn’t touch the masses. The best of a bad situation is for Mahinda to retire immediately and appoint Gotabhaya as the SLFP leader and prime him for the general election.

  21. Independent Says:

    Can you please stop censoring me ? I never broke any of your rules. Election now over and you don’t have to worry about my comments affecting your like of votes.
    I just want to come back to the forum live.

  22. Independent Says:

    Well done Sir.

  23. Independent Says:

    My final prediction published on Lankaweb was 54% my3. My final calculated prediction was 56.9% My3 and 42.8% for MR ( as on January 1).

  24. Independent Says:

    Regardless of the results, Percy Mahinda Rajapakse has destroyed Sinhalaya to a certain extent by not continuing next 2 years keeping few good ministers he had. Even if he wins , who are the minister he has ?
    60% himself who does nothing for Sinhalaya and 40% fools.

    A great leader Mahinda has already become a second JR. This election brought him down to Mervyn Silva level.

    Dear readers,
    If he wins as per your wish, please do not praise all his wrong doings. But let us unite and rehabilitate him.

  25. Marco Says:

    Would your censorship apply to me as well?

    Only a rumour -a txt from Dinouk Colombage (FT)
    MR has summoned a cabinet meeting with senior ministers for 8 am

  26. Marco Says:

    Army personnel holding up counting at D S Senanayake school

  27. Nimal Says:

    You met the wrong guy in Kandy, while having lunch,perhps with you was planning to cross over to his aunty the bandit queen.We got egg on our face for supporting MR.Didn’t you not notice in Kandy on the 1st of Jan when Presz was there all the buses were commandeered by him and my staff was furious that they couldn’t get to work. Didn’t you not notice the cops forcibly shut all the shops for that event, resulting in one time friends and followers have been abusive to our families and none in droves voted for the other side.
    We expressed our displeasure when the president visited a funeral house, days after the event and he got the authorities to close the whole main road for hours where the business life was severely impeded. He repeated again. My four business were severely impeded on the 1st of Jan where we expect the employee to do the best on that day while the government in power put a damper.
    You people living in Suda countries like Aus have no clue about the country and it’s suffering people.
    I was nearly killed two years ago by the goons of the same party and last year a trooper guarding the President pointed a powerful machine gun on my head while I was working on my roof and do you think it is a joke, fortunately I had quick access to my friend the CM and got those fellows from the top of that building to move away.I doubt any leader in future or any party in future will ever put our country right.
    MR and his associates have done well for themselves and thrown out their supporters to the wolves will live a good life like you in the west and give the humble people endless hog wash from the comforts of the Western countries.
    I have never seen a country where the expatriates living in the comforts of the Western countries berating the colonials, who have given us a civilized infrastructure that is still there in pieces that have led to regime change today and I doubt that the new regime will ever bring comfort and true security her people unless we bring back the colonials or some like them.I doubt the colonials will ever step in.
    I am proud to be a Colombian, paying taxes and giving much employment to my people back home and my white friends in UK appreciates my dedication to a poor country, as it is imbedded in their culture to be generous, considerate and charitable and we need them back to sort our people and our country. The people of this regime is laughing all the way to the Western countries and making us all suckers.
    Now it is the turn of the others to rob and cheat.

  28. RohanJay Says:

    @Stanley Perera, “Mr is destined to loose. Corruption, thuggery, murders,abductions,Kudu horu, bycycle hora, palath baba are responsible for MR’s defeat”

    Yes, what else is new in not just Sri Lankan politics but global politics. However despite these short comings, MR seems to have given Sri Lanka back what it didn’t have before. STABILITY and a FUTURE. Now both those two factors are in jeopardy. Because, people with your view point can’t take the long term view ie thinking about future generations 20,30,50 years from now where would SL be. For that MR was the best choice in my opinion. Under MR Sri Lanka enjoyed 5 good years of peace and development. MR was correct to forge a close relationship with China. Australia’s economy would be in a terrible state if it didn’t forge a close business relationship with China. The only western country to wether the global economic crisis better than other countries in the west. In my personal opinion SL was going in the right direction with MR and if MR was re-elected no doubt would have joined the breakaway BRICS nations, which is forging a new economic future. Now stability and a prosperous future for SL are in doubt because MS is now leader. I must admit I feel quite sad this morning at this election result. I don’t think its the path Sri Lanka wants to go. It should have continued the path the BRICS nations are going in which MR despite his short comings was taking SL in. It looks like the good years 2009-2014 are over. SL of the 1990s and early 2000s is back. Quite sad today. Sri Lanka deserves better.

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