Victory for the traitors and LTTE rump? I hope not
Posted on January 9th, 2015

By Sarath W

 Financed by Ranil’s backers, the ‘regime change’ specialists and Chandrika’s backer the Indians, well supported by the minorities, Colombians and the Catholics Sirisena has become the president of Sri Lanka. The majority of just over 450,000 votes has made him the president of the ungrateful Tamils and Muslims.

Does this means Sirisena has to give into Tamil and Muslim Demands, and be a puppet president? His main promise to the Sinhalese who voted him was to create a 5 star democracy and eliminate corruption. He can keep most of his promises by inviting the honest and decent SLFP members to join him. He should dissolve the parliament soon as possible, get rid of the thugs like Mervyn, Sajit Vas, and other old and incompetent members and invite some decent competent people to contest the next election. Dr Chris Nonis to be the next foreign minister?

He should do more for the rural Sinhala masses. Mihinda’s mistake was to concentrate more development to the north and east neglecting his Sinhala voters and he dearly paid for it. Tamils will never will be grateful to you unless you give

I hope he will not remove the armed forces from the north and east, keep the high security zones and never even think of giving the police and land powers to the provincial councils and be a puppet like Ranil.

I think you should remain as the executive president and let a newly elected parliament decide about the constitution and elect the future prime minister.

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  1. Ananda-USA Says:

    Palwatte Gamaralage Maithripala Yapa Sirisena has WON the Presidential Election by approximately 450,000 votes in a shocking demonstration of COMMUNAL POLITICS at work. He wwill be sworn in as President TODAY.

    He won because the Sinhala Buddhist vote was SPLIT RIGHT DOWN THE MIDDLE, while minority communities (Tamils, Muslims and Christians) voted in monolithic BLOCKS!

    SPLITTING the Sinhala Buddhist Vote was the STRATEGY of the FOREIGN REGIME CHANGE ARTISTES all along, and they succeeded with the aid of a few Sinhala Buddhist DROHIYAS.

    All the CRAP about “DHUSHANA” and “YAHA-PALANAYA” was just a PRETEXT & SMOKE SCREEN to do their DIRTY WORK, to undermine the Sinhala Buddhist community by splitting their vote, and GRAB the REINS OF POWER.

    Sadly, MANY SINHALA BUDDHISTS fell for it, while many hidden agitators, including those who abandoned LankaWeb for more fertile pastures on Facebook, worked assiduously to promote it on the Internet.

    The SAME TREACHERY that enslaved our Motherland in 1815 has WORKED AGAIN: Sri Lanka will now be ruled by those BEHOLDEN to Separatists, Foreign Puppets, and Religious Minorities.

    A new dark age will descend on our dear Motherland for the NEXT SIX YEARS of the new President’s term as he dismantles our nation to satisfy the destructive demands of those centrifugal forces who brought him to power.

    I HEREBY ACKNOWLEDGE that my PREDICTION of a 62.5% victory was COMPLETELY WRONG, and my CONFIDENCE in the GOOD SENSE of the voters of my country, especially the Sinhala Buddhists, was GREATLY MISPLACED.

    They were COMPLETELY OUTWITTED in this Election, and allowed their vote to be SPLIT IN THE MIDDLE by a devious Machiavellian plot headed by a NEW Pilimathalawa in 2015, that manipulated them to DIVIDE & RULE!

    In particular, now expect to see the following as CONSEQUENCES of this DEFEAT of the PATRIOTIC FORCES of Sri Lanka:

    1. Police and Land Powers will be given to Communal Provincial Governments in the North (Tamil) and the East (Muslim), and perhaps MORE.

    2. The ARMED FORCES and MILITARY CAMPS will be withdrawn from the North and East giving FULL OPPORTUNITY for exclusive ETHNO-RELIGIOUS states to be AGAIN setup in those areas, and Provincial armed forces to be surreptiously created.

    3. Border protection against ILLEGAL SMUGGLING of commercial goods, arms, and Indians from Tamil Nadu wll begin anew.

    4. NGOs will run amok in the country with restrictions against their anti-national activities removed and/or not enforced.

    5. Foreign powers inimical to Sri Lanka, even military and intelligence units, will move into Sri Lanka from the West and from India with their kit and baggage to setup PERMANENT and CONTROLLING intelligence, military and economic presence that will TRANSFORM Sri Lanka into a Foreign Colony.

    6. The security restrictions against the award of Dual Citizenship to enemies of Sri Lanka residing abroad will be relaxed and citizenship will be awarded and/or sold to all for the price of asking, compromising the inalienable rights of the citizens of Sri Lanka.

    My STUPID countrymen that WILL RUE THIS DAY that they handed their Resplendent Motherland, bound hand and foot, to its ENEMIES!

    In particular, I want to say:

    Aiyoooo Sirisenaaaa … What have you done to yourself and to your Motherland! How will you be remembered in posterity?

  2. Vimutti Says:

    It will take about TWO YEARS for most Sri Lankans to realize they have been taken for a fool by Ranil/Chandrika/Maithripala, but by then most of the damage will have been done – some which may be irreversible.

    Sri Lanka will go from the Miracle of Asia with 7% growth to NEGATIVE GROWTH, as China is forced to scale back its investments, and no new money from the US-EU-India to replace the multi-billion dollar level of investment China was providing. Roads will start to crumble again with no new money to repair them, a major devaluation in the Sri Lankan rupee will occur within the next two years, and real estate prices will skyrocket as Ranil let’s the foreigners in to drive up the price of real estate so that it is out of reach for the vast majority of Sri Lankans. Like before, the UNP will try to keep the ship afloat with IMF (mostly American) loans that come with loads of ‘internal meddling’ strings attached and far less than what Sri Lanka will need to develop the economy, and when Sri Lanka can’t pay back these loans, the Americans turn the screws like they do all over the world and Sri Lanka becomes a worthless dependant county again.

    The most disturbing and irreversible change, however, will be the loss of nearly one-third of the country to Tamil and Muslim bigots in the North and East who have a problem living with the Buddhist majority. First, the military presence decreases, then the removal of high security zones, then devolution of police and land power, and then finally demands for separate states or face more terrorism again.

  3. S.A Says:

    ගරු මහින්ද රාජපක්ෂ මැතිඳුනි.
    පරාජය වූයේ ඔබ නොව සිoහල බෞඨයින් වන අපය.
    ඒ අපේ එවුන්ගේ කුහකකම නිසාය.
    ඔබ කල සේවයට අප ඹබට සදා ණය ගැතිය.

  4. Marco Says:

    People have given the green light for a bold new step to do away with the executive presidency. The next 100 days are crucial as the form and shape of the new presidency emerge. The Maithri manifesto talked about a redefined presidency representing national unity and taking on other responsibilities as needed. Mr. Maithripala Sirisena has the ability to make it much more.
    If executive presidential powers are given away as promised, it will give the new President a moral authority like no other president will ever have. Going beyond the curbing of corruption, rule by family and friends and other ills, he can be the upholder of values of the nation to guide the new regime from that vantage point and, more importantly, help us rebuild our values as a people.
    Ironically, Mr Mahinda Rajapakasha lost because he unwittingly gave the space for a consciousness about values to rekindle.
    He ended the war and got infrastructure master plans rolling. Good roads, decent electricity and water supply we could rely on.He tried to control the the media, but social media thrived because we could still plug in our mobiles to talk, sms, tweet or email. Absence of war and the growth of infrastructure enabled us to talk and reflect. MR provided fodder for the talk. As he broke all rules that govern civilized behaviour, some protested, some even applauded, and most stayed put as if anaesthetised.

    True, when MR started we were already at low base of a national sense of values. Years of war had done much damage. The nature of the second JVP uprising and the reaction to it was such that people learned to go about their business stepping over swollen dead bodies. People even resorted lighting fire-crackers when President Premadasa died. They may have reasons to hate him, but, you don’t light fire crackers when a leader is brutally killed. Prabhaharan’s ruthlessness raised the level of national meanness further.

    MR arrived on the scene annihilating Prabhaharan, but, his governing too was a battle to annihilate opposition. He used power and money to turn parliamentarians into monkeys, the parliament to a house of monkey antics, and artists, university teachers and government officials into either thakkadiyas (rascals) or nivatayas (weasels). Ordinary people learned to go easy on violence, thieving, gross indecencies, untruths, drunkenness and unruly behavior. In other words, people learned to recite the Panch Sila and break or condone the breaking of all silas with no conscience. Essentially MR stripped the national conscientiousness bare naked.

    Then he called an election two years of ahead of time. People got a chance to awake from their slumber. The brazen display of power, the naked desire to pass on power to progeny and the exposure of the idiocy of the intended heirs perhaps turned the tide in this election.

    A new president is to be sworn in soon. May he have the strength to build on the momentum and help us be a better people.

  5. Ananda-USA Says:


    BOLD or NOT BOLD, doing away with the executive presidency is IMPOSSIBLE without a 2/3 majority in parliament and a referendum submitted to the voters.

    If you are counting on defection of over 75 MPs from the UPFA to manage that in the current parliament, or a 2/3 majority to be won in a general election for a new parliament … FORGET IT, it will never happen given the BROAD SUPPORT BASE the UPFA commands among the voters.

    Remember that MS won in a nationwide vote because of overwhelming support in minority districts, while MR won a far larger number of districts with smaller majorities. Therefore, it is highly unlikely that the Common Opposition will win a 2/3 majority in parliament in new parliamentary elections.

    So, there goes your VERY FIRST ASSUMPTION out through the window!

    NOW, let us have YOUR SECOND ASSUMPTION for dissection please ….

  6. Ananda-USA Says:

    India MP Sakshi Maharaj: Hindus must have more babies
    January 7, 2015

    A hard-line Indian MP has sparked outrage by urging Hindu women to have at least four children “in order to protect the Hindu religion”.

    Analysts say the comments by Sakshi Maharaj, from the governing Bharatiya Janata Party (BJP), are aimed at stirring up tension with Muslims.

    Opposition Congress party spokesman Sanjay Jha called his comments “ludicrous and provocative”.

    Last month, Sakshi Maharaj said the killer of Mahatma Gandhi was a patriot.

    The hardliner, who dresses in saffron robes, is known for creating controversies.

    “The concept of four wives and 40 children will not work in India,” the MP is reported to have told a gathering in an apparent reference to Muslim men, who are legally allowed to have four wives.

    “The time has come when a Hindu woman must produce at least four children in order to protect Hindu religion.”

    The BBC’s Geeta Pandey in Delhi says hard-line Hindus regularly accuse Muslim women of being “breeding machines” who have lots of children in a bid to overtake the Hindu population.

    More than 80% of India’s population is Hindu, while Muslims make up less than 14%.

    But the Hindu nationalists insist there is a real threat of the minority community becoming a majority, our correspondent adds.

    Sanjay Jha wrote on Twitter: “There is only one way to describe Sakshi Maharaj’s ludicrous and provocative call for Hindu women to have four children; beyond a boundary.”

    Priyanka Chaturvedi, also of the Congress party, wondered if women were born only to have children.

  7. Nalliah Thayabharan Says:

    Same old circus with same old clowns will not bring real CHANGE in Sri Lanka !!!

  8. Samanthi Says:

    Aiyo, Lanka Matha! What an ungrateful bunch of sinners are we?

    In its history, Mother Lanka experienced numerous betrayals, back stabbing etc but every time it was defeated it came back more and more powerful. As long as the Holy Triple Gem is in Sri Lanka no one can completely destroy our beloved motherland. Sooner or later, we come back again with more vigour…. until then…….!!


  9. Marco Says:

    A short charming inauguration ceremony open to the public for the first time.
    Historic 81% turnout in yesterday’s vote, against corruption & autocracy, a vote to keep lights on in Asia’a oldest democracy.
    The Supreme Court (under instructions from Mohan Pieris) said MR can stay. The Parliament (under instructions from MR) said MR can stay.
    But the Sri Lankan people disagreed! Democracy reborn!
    First time in SL Presidency electoral history that an incumbent has lost a election

    Re: your comment above. All I will say at this moment in time is WAIT and WATCH.
    Not sure it’s worth my while to debate this any further following your 62% victory figment.
    I did not comment (allowed to) on your prediction of 62% victory for MR. Seriously, Ananda 62%?. Which country were you thinking of?
    No UPFA Minister or MP predicted such a large margin as you have done and I’m sure they would be delighted to hear the basis of that %. (Weerawansa came up with 58%- highest)

    Be that as it may, frustrated as you maybe, may I suggest you take a leaf out of Mahinda Rajapakse and accept defeat magnanimously instead of coming out with spurious regime change, division of the country diatribe.

    With regards to 13th Amendment, i agree with you MR should have repealed the 13th using his 2/3rd majority. I have mentioned countless times as to why he did’nt (or could’nt) do it. It is a total waste of tax payers money.

    It would have made no difference to the electorate and the outcome of the election. Far from it.
    Vast majority of the voting electorate don’t even know the effects of what the 13th or for that matter 17th or the 18th Amendments. To them what matters is what they see and feel. Cost of living rise hitting their pockets when they see politicos running around in fancy cars as if they own the streets, law and order issues when they read and see politicos getting away at times with rape & murder. They have no idea of the 13th Amendment and its implications.
    So to blame the 13th for MR defeat is rather laughable or did you undertake a consensus of electoral opinion of the 13th Amendment at the same time when you came up with the 62% prediction.

  10. Ananda-USA Says:

    Marco asked

    “did you undertake a consensus of electoral opinion of the 13th Amendment at the same time when you came up with the 62% prediction.”

    No, not on the 13tA, but yes on the Presidential Election, although the sample base was in the hundreds rather than thousands, just as I did in 2010. In 2010, my prediction was spot on and much more than those of the “experts” … as Lorenzo (under a different name) could confirm, and is recorded in the archives of my blog at Clearly, the fading memory and gratitude of the Sinhalese played a large part in confounding my prediction this time.

    If it gives you any comfort, two other predictions by reputable newspapers predicted 63% and 64% respectively within the last month before the election, and they had far greater resources than I had.

    Finally, if it gives you a warm feeling, go ahead and have a good laugh at my expense; I don’t mind you laughing because HINDSIGHT, of those who dared not to make their own predicttion, like yours is ALWAYS 20/20! In my book, it is better to have tried than not to have tried at all.

  11. SA Kumar Says:

    Be happy
    god bless United mother Lanka !

    MR Completed his job from 2009 to 2014!
    Thanks MR & his brothers you done it!
    We Lankan can live happy forever until Eelam war 5.

  12. Marco Says:

    Many thanks for your comment.
    It’s not in my nature to have a good laugh at “gaffs” although I did smirk when you copied and pasted your prediction on every single thread at Lankaweb, which I must say is rather annoying and counter-productive (similar in nature to all the Cut-outs and posters of MR one sees in Colombo and outskirts). It’s your prerogative.

    Perhaps, you should have mentioned your sample size (Random?)was in the hundreds to put it into perspective.
    I seem to have missed these reputable newspapers predictions of 63% and 64%!! I wonder if their reputation is still intact.
    It is equally of no concern to me whether you or any other experts predicted the outcomes of previous elections.

    Thank you – I did have a very warm feeling that MY3 won. The last time I felt so was in 1996 when Sri Lankan won the World Cup and in 2009 when LTTE was defeated.

    Although I voted for MY3 (having voted for MR on the two previous occasions) I felt (not a prediction) that MR would win by 52% but did not shout it out from the roof tops. It was merely a well informed (not so now) opinion.
    I was wrong but elated with MY3 victory.

  13. Marco Says:

    Wow! Colombo Telegraph unblocked in Sri Lanka. No more proxy servers!

  14. Sunil Mahattaya Says:

    One of the outcomes of this Election funnily enough is a line in a verse adulated by Tamils~ “Sinhalayo Modeyo Kavum Kanda yodeyo “as those Sinhalese who helped to oust the President bought the kavums handed out by the connivers of the opposition and with a little help from the frustrated Muslims and vindictive, ungrateful Tamils who parade around Sri Lanka in the freedom the President gave them from the oppression of the LTTE.
    But this is the dog eat dog type of politics one has seen in Sri lanka for generations! where pulling the wool over the eyes of the voter has always prevailed! While it is deplorable that the likes of Ranil and Chandrika, and the rest of the worthless deadbeats who joined forces were instrumental towards what one might term a dangerous impasse in the aftermath of this election these were the very same individuals who once nearly betrayed the Nation into the hands of the terrorists with a little help from India and ursurpers from the West who ironically now have a chance to play with the integrity and security of Sri Lanka which hopefully will be temporary until the next general election at least! when the ‘eyes of the Modeyo’ will in all probabilities be wide open to the reality that their choice was indeed wrong!
    ‘ Already some blackguards from Tamil Nadu are calling for the incarceration of the former President hardly realising the dire reprisals it could have within the Nation or the adulation he still enjoys amongst a vast number of Sri lLankans but a President who made the gravest error of calling an early election, not addressing the needs of the rural impoverished adequately, leaned towards patronage and was also lenient to some who blatantly displayed their capacity to be harmful to the nation and tolerated with impunity.
    It is a shame some Lankans have short memories and are easily hoodwinked into believing lies and innuendo and most importantly have swallowed what could in the end be to their own detriment a poison and what could plunge them deeper into turmoil. and away from the progress the Nation has made under the previous President Time will tell!
    It will not be unfair to suggest that Sri Lanka already has a new puppet of a President as it appears who, if he does not prove his net worth to the Sinhala Nation in a hurry will soon be dangling on a string manipulated by the Nation’s adversaries and those with vested interests languishing in the West! That will be the time the net value of President Rajapaksa will truly be felt beyond the shadow of a doubt!

  15. Ratanapala Says:

    Sarath W,

    “Tamils will never will be grateful to you unless you give!”

    They were given much so that they could have an economy going at over 20% in the North. Were they ever grateful? However much they get will they ever be grateful. They will be happy only when they get whole of Sri Lanka sans Sinhalese sans Muslims and sans everybody except they themselves and their low caste servants.

  16. SA Kumar Says:

    Sinhalayo Modeyo Kavum Kanda yodeyo “- it was true until 19th May 2009.
    Nw Modaya , Sakliyas & Sonis can live happy forever in United Mother Lanka until Eelam war V ( will be 100 more years later because We Sakliyas need to recover from Mulli vaikal insitent )

  17. Mr. Bernard Wijeyasingha Says:

    The defeat of Mahinda Rajapakse is much more than this article:

    Indian papers covering this election often pointed out to President Rajapakse’s close connection to China and how that connection was a security threat to India. that is one issue

    From Chennai to New Delhi charges of human rights violations brought upon President Mahinda Rajapakse were also meant to include the military. Those charges brought by the UNHRC failed but then an investigation was brought up by the United Kingdom and Ban Ki Moon. Again against the office of the President and the Minister of Defense which also meant the Sri Lankan military. After the election of Sirisena this issue seems to have vanished out of the Indian media. but it has not.


    Replacing President Rajapakse IS THE FIRST STEP.
    Now comes the purge of the military. It is essential that the new government of Sirisena remove any military personnel from the highest level (President Rajapakse, his brother Gotabaya Rajapakse included) and all the military personnel faithful to him. It was on this issue Mahinda Rajapakse won the election, defeated the Tamil Tigers and the concept of Elam and created an infrastructure for the military for future wars. THAT HAS TO GO.


    -PURGING THE MILITARY (If this happens the Buddhist Sanga must be prepared to absorb these highly trained people)
    -PURGING THE BADU BALA SENA- this is essential for no matter the differences between the BBS and Rajapakse both worked together.
    -PURGING THE SINHALESE NATIONALIST MOVEMENT- The biggest impediment to the “Elam Tamils” and the writ of rule by Chennai and now New Delhi under the BJP.
    -PURGING THE SIS. the new Secret Service organization of any affiliation to the Rajapaikse administration



    This is a summary of what can be expected. I hope I am wrong. I believe I am right. Please consider the above and what further actions will the new government take in order to remove any vestiges of Mahinda Rajapakse and the rise of the TNA.

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